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BODY 👏 SWAP 👏 TROPE 👏 Hcs for members switching bodies with another member for a day what would they do 👻 You can pick who switches with who ~ love you 💕

i am loving this freaky friday shit

Yoosung in Jumin’s body

  • suddenly sleep deprived gamer boy has to play head of a massive corporation for the day?
  • he hates it
  • FIRST OF ALL, he cant understand anything anyone is saying
  • he cant even enjoy all the luxury of being Jumin, he’s too busy answering confusing phone calls that he has to clumsily stutter his way through
  • “Mr. Han, did you look over the marketing teams newest proposal for re-branding products to better appeal to a wider range of potential clients?”
  • “um…yea it was good. sounds like a good idea”
  •  “excellent. when you have time today please email me with-”
  • “yea sure tell Jaehee and i’ll do it”
  • “Mr. Han, i think-”
  • he hangs up, and that happens a few times before he even gets to work
  • gets lost like three times looking for his own office
  • as soon as he sees Jaehee he runs up to her and hugs her
  • “Jaehee oh my god this has been the worst morning ever everyone talks like their 50 years old and i-”
  • “Mr. Han? i dont think this behavior is-”
  • he lets go and brushes himself off, clearing his throat
  • “, of course. i’ll be in my office…..assistant Kang…”
  • tries to pull his office door open, discovering that its a push door
  • all day:

Zen in Jaehee’s body

  • first of all
  • he knew Jaehee was a fan but like….
  • not this big of a fan
  • he is both overwhelmed by how thankful he is to have so much support and…a little freaked out?
  • also, he thinks Jaehee is attractive but who are we kidding, when he looked in the mirror and saw not himself, he was pretty upset
  • also pretty disappointed in Jaehee’s fashion sense but thats another subject for another day
  • there is no way in hell Zen was gonna go play Jumin assistant all day, he would rather die probably
  • and Zen knows better than anyone just how desperately this poor girl needs a break
  • so he decides to have a little treat yo self day!
  • he goes shopping and drinks fancy starbucks coffee and even gets a massage
  • he even snags a few cute boys numbers
  • (which yknow….Jaehee doesnt really need….but anyway)
  • he isnt really giving Jaehee a day off by doing this
  • but at least the massage will leave her feeling good in the morning!!

Jaehee in Seven’s body

  • cleaning
  • just, so much cleaning
  • also leaving the house to buy groceries
  • then getting a violent reminder that Seven is a very busy person when his boss calls
  • he sounds so scary and keeps talking about a “hard deadline” and someone named “agent vanderwood”
  • isnt that Sevens maid or something….?
  • well, no one can work on an empty stomach. not even the defender of justice
  • when she returns, agent vanderwood is there but she doesnt know its him
  • probably goes all martial arts on him, thinking its an intruder
  • vanderwood is a trained agent so he fights back a bit before being like SEVEN WHatTHE FUCK WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME ILL LITERALLY TAZE YOU
  • “taze me? arent you here to clean?”
  • “just do your work, alright?”
  • “um…yea…of course….”
  • Jaehee has no idea whats going on but she knows how to make it sound like she’s doing shit
  • starts working on C&R projects at one point

Jumin in Zen’s body

  • first thing he does is wake up and chop his hair off
  • all that hair just gets in the way?? he hates it??
  • that will be a nice surprise for Zen the next day :)
  • he knows that Zen probably has rehearsal and stuff but he’s not an actor
  • and he has a more important job to do anyway at C&R 
  • uuuggHHHH why doesnt Zen own any NICE suits??!
  • spends Zen’s money on a 3 piece suit
  • much better :)
  • then he tried to go into work just, as Zen
  • so many people tried to stop and ask who he was but he just walked past them
  • theres no time to try and prove his identity, he has to start the work day
  • finally he gets to his floor, where Jaehee is working at her desk
  • “assisstant Kang, i will be working in Zen’s body today. please forward my massages”
  • but?? is that zen???
  • so upset because he has to reschedule all his meetings for that day
  • “i cant meet with the board looking like this”

707 in Yoosungs body

  • he has so much fun being Yoosung
  • hates Yoosung’s laptop so much
  • he misses his high performance laptop
  • finds a planner with Yoosungs class schedule in it
  • Yoosung doodles all over his planner, thats so cute
  • alright, he has to do everything he can with his one day back in college
  • upon entering his first class, he finds they’re taking an exam
  • its calc 2 so he aces it, of course
  • you’re so welcome, Yoosung
  • acts like a total smart ass all day
  • after classes he plays LOLOL for like 6 hours straight
  • Yoosung is literally so lucky to have me inside his body today
  • (lolololololololol)
  • also does all of Yoosungs homework for him
  • thinks to himself all day wow Seven, you’re such a saint


edit: i love you too

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Can you make a imagine with one of the twins please?? Where like you're at a party and someone won't leave you alone so you ask him to help you get the guy awake. And you say something along the lines like,"There’s a person who won’t stop bugging me will you pretend to be my partner so that they’ll back off?"

There was a party at the Gryffindor tower that Weasley twins and their best friend Lee Jordan had thrown. I was dancing along with everyone and noticed one guy staring at me. I wasn’t completly sure was he looking at me or someone else at crowd since i haven’t never even seen him before. I kept dancing for a couple of songs and tried to ignore the staring guy still trying to tell myself he wasn’t looking at me but it still started to feel really uncomfortable so i decided to leave and go get some butterbeer. When i got the cup the same guy came to talk to me “I saw dancing out there. You looked really beautiful from afar but i gotta say you look even better from close.” I smiled and thanked him thinking for a way to escape from him. “What do you say beautiful should we have some fun together?” And tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear and apparently tried to look attractive but i only saw him as disgusting. “Öhh.. Maybe not..” I say and quickly run away from him. He tried to get to me come with him and just hit on me for many times after that so i got an idea. I went to twins and said to them “Hey guys i have an problem do you wanna help me?” “Of course we will always help you what is it?” I started to explain the situation about the guy to them. “So like i was thinking.. Maybe if one of you could like.. pretend to be my boyfriend so he will leave me alone..” I said not sure how they will react. They started smiling and looked at each other before turning back to me. “Are you serious?” “Yes.” They were still smiling and Fred said “Okay then let’s do it. Where is he?” I told him that his not really far away from us and that hes looking at us. Not only looking but he started walking to where we were coming to us. Fred noticed that and grabbed my waist but the guy still came there. “So.. What’s going on here?” He asked us. “Like that would be any of your business what i do with my girlfriend.” Fred said. “Girlfriend ha? It’s hard to believe that you’re dating since last time i checked today you were only friends.” He said looking completly serious. “Are you pulling a prank on me or something?” He added. “You think we are not really dating?” He said and didn’t give the guy any time to answer before starting to kiss me intensively. I didn’t pull back and just started kissing back. The guy looked little shocked and quickly left. We still didn’t stop kissing until both of us were out of breath and after that his face was really red. “Umm.. I’m sorry.. I should’ve asked you before doing that..” I smiled and tol him it’s okay and gave him another kiss where he responded without any hesitation. “Maybe i should stop pretending dating you and start doing it for real.” He said now confident smile on lips. “Yea that sounds really good” I smiled him back.

Project talk ∾ m.dl.c

posted 8/27/17

request? yes
   “ Hi i saw your prompt list post and was wondering if you could do a monty x fem!reader one with 2 & 27 where the reader is just super sassy and funny :) thank you!!

prompt #2 & #27: “are you even listening?” “yes, it just takes me a while to process so much stupid all at once.” - and -  “if i could, i would throw you off a cliff”

pairing(s): montgomery x fem!reader


“And Y/N, you’ll be partners with Montgomery.”

You roll your eyes as you hear the group of athletes snicker. “Monty got the hot girl.” Bryce whispers, giving the brunette a high five as the bell rings. You grab your bag and walk out of the class, eager to get some lunch and get the rest of the day over with.

As you were putting things away into your locker, a figure leaned next to you, causing you to turn and face the ever so famous, Montgomery de la Cruz.

“Jesus Mon, what do you want?” you ask irritatedly, rolling your eyes as you slammed your locker shut. “I just wanted to talk about our project.” he answers innocently, a smirk plastered onto his face.

“Fine. Spill.”

“Well, I was thinking that we can do the project over at your house and you can get the supplies ready, like glue, paper, whatever. I’ll come over with snacks and movies.”

You roll your eyes once more and start walking towards the cafeteria, Montgomery still talking a mile a minute the whole walk there.

After a moment of only ‘yea’ and ‘sounds good’, Montgomery stood in front of you, resulting in you stopping in your tracks. “Are you even listening?” Montgomery inquires, looking down at you. “Yes, it just takes me a while to process so much stupid all at once.”


“Harsh? Please. If I could, I would throw you off a cliff.”

You walk away and leave Montgomery standing there, dumfounded. “Jeez, all I wanted to do was talk about the project.”

Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 5. [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

       But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut

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         You stepped out of the shower when you heard the ringing of your doorbell. You hadn’t expected anyone to come. Hurriedly, you wrapped a towel around yourself and padded outside to witness Jimin throwing up, wincing at the gross scene.

           Tae carefully guided him around the puke, ushering a limp Jimin into the house.

           "Good Lord, Jimin.“

           You gasped as you grabbed hold of him while Tae went to grab something to clean up the mess. Jimin stared down at your cleavage and groaned, realizing you were simply just in a towel. You were torturing him.

           He whined and leaned into you as you dragged him to your couch. He lay down of his own accord, hugging his favorite pillow tightly. You sniffed him.

           "How much did you drink? Wow.” You wafted the air playfully.

           He cried, kicking his feet cutely. “My head hurts and my stomach. Wahhh!”

           You rolled your eyes and sighed. “Let me go get you stuff.”

           Kicking your garbage can next to his head, you waltzed to your kitchen humming happily. You were used to taking care of Jimin, considering at least one of you was plastered every time you came home from a party in college. That is, if all three of you came home together at all. Contrary to his usual suave and friendly demeanor or even his flirtatiously seductive one, Jimin was an absolute child whenever he wasn’t feeling in tip-top shape.

           Jimin glared at Tae who was kindly cleaning up the mess he had made on your doorstep. The two of you seemed so domestic already, he wanted to insert his head into your trash can and barf all over again.

           His expression immediately contorted back into one of pain when you appeared beside him with water and medicine.

           "Y/N.“ he whined.

           "Yeah, yeah. I’m right here. Stop calling for me.” You exhaled. “Up.”

           He pushed himself up and opened his mouth. You popped the pill in and shoved the glass into his hand.

           "Why’re you here?“ You hissed as you checked that Tae wasn’t within earshot. "You are killing the mood!”

           "Why is HE here?“ Jimin eyed you.

           "He turned out to be V.” You whispered timidly. “We had sex last night…twice.”

           Jimin  began choking on his water violently. You patted his back.

           "Easy there.“ You chuckled.

           "You what?” he stated lowly. “What about the Maroon mask guy? Was he there?”

           "Yeah.“ Your eyes looked around. "I’ll tell you about it another time. Are you really not feeling well?”

           Jimin frowned and held the end of her towel cutely.

           "Fine.“ You believed him. "You stay here. You know where everything is. Walk around with the trash can if you get up from the couch.”

           "Wh-what…?“ He blinked.

           "Tae, you wanna go out somewhere to get ourselves hungry for dinner?” You called out.

           "Yea, sounds good.“ Tae giggled. "I just need some clothes to change into.”

           You glanced down at Jimin, and he shook his head threateningly. Ignoring his gesture, you stood up.

           "Yeah, Jimin left some here just in case he comes back here plastered. He and our close friend Hoseok used to crash here since my house is the closest to the Club. It should still be here from back then.“ Your eyes widened sternly towards Jimin so he wouldn’t refute your statement. Then you gestured for Tae to follow you. "I don’t know if it’ll fit you since you’re taller than him.”

           Jimin’s eye twitched angrily at the comparison.

           "I’m sure I can rock showing my ankles. I don’t mind.“ Tae giggled and your room door shut.

           Jimin scrambled off the couch and tiptoed to your room, pressing his ear against the door.

           "They’re just sweats, but try them on.”

           "Okay.“ Tae beamed and slipped out of his pants as you blushed, averting them respectfully as he changed nonchalantly. You sat on the bed holding your towel together.

           "Good?” he smiled.

           Although, it was oddly baggy but short in length, the style worked on him. You nodded in approval.

           "Lemme go shower first.“ Tae chuckled as he threw the clothes off until he was just left in his boxers. "Sorry, I have a dislike for clothes, especially shoes and socks.”

           You smiled timidly. “I don’t mind.”

           He giggled and came over to kiss you. You leaned back, letting him crawl on top of you as you mirrored the movement of his lips. Jimin coughed and gagged loudly outside, causing them both to jump, finally remembering they weren’t alone. Tae laughed and pecked you chastely before walking out of your room. Jimin hid until the bathroom door shut and the shower was on, and then he marched to your room.

           You raised your eyebrows as he lay on your bed in fetal position.

           "What’re you doing?“

           "If you’re leaving me here, I get your bed.”

           You rolled your eyes.

           "Is my little baby Chim Chims sulky because I can’t take care of him ~“ You cooed, going to pinch his cheeks but he swatted your hand away.

           "Btdubs, we had sex here and the couch.” You smirked.

           "Noooo!“ Jimin groaned and he hurriedly threw your sheets off your bed. "I’m going to do your laundry and wipe down your couch. COME ON! I SLEEP THERE!”

           "You have your OWN house Jimin. But you’re totally welcome to do my laundry when I’m gone.“ You snorted and stuck your tongue out. "Probably the only time you’d get to touch my lingerie anyway.”

           Jimin scoffed as he pulled off your beddings, shoving you off your own bed. “Sperm. Sperm everywhere!”

           "Oh jeez Jimin. Like you don’t have your own sperm.“

           "Yeah it’s mine! I don’t like sleeping in someone else’s!” he retorted.

           "Are we really having this conversation right now?“ You looked at him amused. "What’s really happening Jimin? You don’t like drinking alone.”

           "How do you know I was drinking alone?“ he moped, sitting in your now bare bed.

           "Well, for one, if Hoseok was with you, he would never have let you come over here wasted. And I was also preoccupied as you see, so your two drinking buddies were not available last night. You left a gazillion messages on my phone which meant you weren’t with a girl. So you were drinking your sad ass away.”

           "I wasn’t SAD.“

           You put a hand on his shoulder sympathetically. "Are you upset that I’m getting some action for free?”

           He lunged at you so that he was on all fours looking down at you. You crossed your arms over your towel, unfazed.

           "Are you frustrated over that girl that fucked you good last weekend?“

           He stared at you, debating on how to answer that and you immediately knew you hit the nail on the head.

           "Oh my gosh.” You grinned at his hesitancy. “You can’t forget about her!”

           You laughed out loud. “Oh my gosh. Park Jimin can’t get a girl out of his head. Oh wait – did you sleep with her?”

           "Well no…not exactly…“ he trailed off.

           "She REFUSED to have THE PARK JIMIN ram inside of her? Oh WOW.” You cracked up, smacking his chest happily. “You have found your challenge, sir!”

           He grumbled as he rolled off of you. “Get changed. Unless you’re planning to flash the entire neighborhood.”

           "Well I’m waiting for someone who’s supposed to be hungover to get out of my room.“ You slapped his arm. "I need to dress up decently for this date.”

           "Your date is wearing MY sweatpants. I wouldn’t dress up too much.“ he retaliated.

           "Well I don’t think a towel will be good either.” You argued.

           Jimin smirked and tugged at the end that was squeezed between your breasts to hold it up. You gasped, hugging the towel against yourself, and gave him a strong punch to the arm.

           "Out. Park Jimin. Be glad I’m not kicking you out after hacking on my door mat and ruining a perfectly good chance at afternoon sex.“ You retorted.

           "Well you still can. I’ll watch.” he teased.

           "Out. Now. Go clean the couch if you want.“

           "I’m going on your bed.” He grabbed your beddings defiantly, and scurried out the room.

           You rolled your eyes and locked your door, just in case he had any ideas.

           "Don’t stay too long.“You glared at Jimin. "You had things to do today right?”

           Jimin smirked. “What things?”

           "You know those things you were telling me about that you needed to GO HOME for?“ You gritted your teeth, sending threatening vibes to Jimin.

           Should the night end well with Tae, you didn’t want to be cockblocked in your own apartment. Nor did you want him to think anything weird about yours and Jimin’s relationship.

           "Have fun bro.” Jimin waved.

           "Thanks.“ Tae grinned, waving amiably in return.

           You gave one last pleading look towards Jimin, in which he simply blew you a kiss playfully. You rolled your eyes and shut the door.

           Jimin huffed and whipped out his phone. He had received a billion calls from Hoseok that he had completely ignored and now, his best friend was calling once again.

           "Yo.” he greeted coolly.


           Jimin sighed, figuring that you naturally told Silver, who told Hoseok, who quick-wittedly put two and two together.


           "That doesn’t mean you sleep with her too!“ Hoseok hissed. ” And YOU’RE the sketchy one! What the fuck are you thinking? This could ruin your entire friendship, Jimin.“

           "Well I’m assuming you haven’t told your girlfriend since I’m at her house and she’s still clueless. So as long as we both keep quiet, she won’t find out so don’t worry.”

           "What are you doing in her house?? Leave her alone! Why did you even do that in the first place?? And I didn’t tell my girlfriend because I DON’T WANT OUR FRIENDSHIP TO BE RUINED BECAUSE OF YOUR DICK!“ Hoseok yelled, causing Jimin to pull his phone away from his ear.

           "It’ll be fine, Hoseok. Trust me. This guy looks like he’s going to hurt her. He’s like too perfect. Nobody can be that perfect. So I need to stop that before something happens. And that’s why I’m here.”

           "Why on Earth would you do that? Neither of us have ever done that. Jimin, you need to let her LEARN on her own. She’s a big girl. If she gets hurt, then we’ll be there like we always have. Please, please, PLEASE stop this Maroon mask thing for my sanity.“

           "But you don’t see how into this guy she is. She’s buying the lie of this dating app and believing they’re the perfect match.”

           "And what if they are, Jimin? What if they’re not? Who are you to get involved? And none of this explains why you fucking slept with her!“

           Hoseok paused.

           "Don’t tell me…do you have feelings for Y/N?”

           Jimin cracked up. “What? Me? Oh please Hoseok, ask something plausible. It was all in good fun.”

           Hoseok sighed. “Well if you don’t want a relationship with her then stay the fuck out of her love life Jimin. It’s already messed up enough without you jumping in there.”

           Jimin hummed, no longer paying attention to his nagging friend.

           "And for goodness sake, get the hell out of her house.“

           "You two are close, huh?” Tae giggled.

           "Our friend Hoseok has a girlfriend now so Jimin’s still trying to cope with the loss of the trio.“ You explained shyly. "It was always us three getting into shenanigans since college.”

           Tae grabbed your hand and smiled. “You’re so sweet.”

           You grinned, glad he didn’t take it weirdly. “I’ll try to have you meet Hoseok soon. He used to work at the Club too.”

           "Oh, why doesn’t he now?“

           "Well we have rules in the Club.” You stated. “None of the hosts can be in a steady relationship. So when they find someone they’re really serious about, we call it ‘graduating’ out of the Club.”

           "Wow, that’s such an interesting concept.“ Tae blinked. "I think the whole place is pretty intriguing.”

           "I think so too. I’ll introduce you to the guys next time you swing by.“

           "I’d like that.” he giggled as he led you somewhere. “So I was actually going to take you here later on as well you, not Coffeegirl.”

           You blinked, urging him to go on.

           "I wanted to do something holiday-ie and I found that they decorated this park like a Christmas village. I wanted to see it with you.“ he blushed. "I had a bunch of things I prepared, but obviously, this was so unexpected…”

           You laughed.

           He took his scarf off and wrapped it around your neck, sweetly kissing you on the nose.

           "But I guess I’ll have to improvise.“

           He pulled your hand into his pocket and continued your stroll. Your grin widened, feeling immense butterflies at his romantic actions.

           "We’ll walk around and then grab hot chocolate with marshmallows!” he giggled.

           "I love those!“ You beamed, excitedly hitting his arms as he laughed.

           You leaned your cheek onto his shoulder as you walked through the Christmas village. His eyes twinkled enthusiastically as he watched children running around, playing with the fake snow. You were so busy admiring the intricate designs with the lights and the realistic igloos that you didn’t realize Tae gathering snow.

           "Y/N.” he called out.

           You turned your head and he threw a snowball at your face, giggling. You gasped and laughed in disbelief.


           You bent down to collect snow too and he skipped away, hiding behind the nearby children, and telling them to protect him.

           "She’s an evil monster! We must defeat her!” he cried out.

           The children innocently played along with Tae’s story, so you were pelted and tackled by the adorable kids until they were stacked on top of you, cracking up with glee. Tae snickered as he helped you up, after thanking the kids for their brave fight. You felt yourself melt at how he lifted one of kids up easily and made funny faces to incite fits of laughter from her. He caught you staring and after whispering something to the young girl, handed her over to you.

           "You’re really pretty.“ the girl blushed as you held her warmly.

           "Why thank you.” You smiled then whispered. “Did he tell you to say that?”

           "Yes.“ she laughed.

           "Yah.” Tae whined. “It was supposed to be our secret!”

           The girl squealed and wrapped her arms around your neck as Tae crept over to you two.

           "Run, run, run!“ the girl giggled and you scurried around playfully avoiding Tae.

           In no time, the girl’s mom came to take her, apologizing for the inconvenience.

           "Bye bye~” Tae waved and gave the girl a high-five then he pointed to you, giving the girl a wink.

           She grinned and beckoned you to come down to her level. Curiously, you did so. The girl leaned over and kissed you on the cheek. If you had the ability, you probably would’ve turned into goo at that moment.

           "He told me he’s been wanting to do that to you.“ she giggled.

           The mom scooped her daughter up and you blushed.

           "Kids.” Tae shook his head lightheartedly. “Too honest.”

           You chuckled as you intertwined your fingers into his. “I’ll pass it on then.”


           You pressed your lips onto his cheek, tiptoeing to reach him. Then you hurriedly looked down at the ground. Tae’s grin widened and he skipped to the next section of the village, giddily.

           "Thanks…for everything.” You blushed as Tae walked you out of the Lounge. But this time, your hands were interlocked with his. Everyone was envious of yours and Tae’s new public displays of affection. It was hard to hide how smitten you two were and frankly, neither of you wanted to.

           "I had fun.“ he chuckled. "I’ll see you tomorrow?”

           You nodded, a bit disappointed. But he leaned down and kissed you. You grabbed his shirt to pull him closer. He broke the kiss, smiling goofily, and waved before scurrying to his apartment.


           Dating didn’t guarantee you would have sex every day. It was about more than that. You shook your head, trying to shake off the feeling of disappointment that he didn’t invite you over or ask to stay the night again.

           This was going to be different than your other experiences, because Tae was different than all of the other guys.

           This was good.

           You slipped into your house and you were thoroughly impressed to find that it was spotless.

           "Must’ve been bored.“ You snorted, throwing your coat and keys onto the couch freely.

           Then you spotted a light emerging from your room so you padded over there. You chuckled as you found Jimin curled up inside your freshly washed sheets. Your laundry was neatly folded beside him and some late-night game show was playing on your television. Carefully, you removed your laundry and put them away in their appropriate places. Then you sat beside his peaceful figure, smiling at how innocent he looked for once.

           "Nobody would think you were the spawn of Satan and the enemy of women.” you chuckled as you pulled your blanket up to cover him fully.

           You caressed his shoulder, lulling him to deeper sleep. As you were leaning over to turn off your lamp, you felt his fingers curl around your wrist.

           "You’re home?“ he groggily stated.


           "What about Tae?“ he yawned as he rubbed his eyes.

           "He went home.” you chuckled.

           "Aww I’m sorry.“ he frowned. "It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to.”

           You laughed, knowing Jimin understood your struggle.

           "I know. This is just different. But do-able.“

           Jimin sat up. "How was it?”

           "Wonderful.“ You smiled fondly.

           "I’m glad.” he patted your hand. “Sorry about my freak out this morning and for intruding.”

           "It’s all good. You were just worried about me.“ You squeezed his cheek. "It was cute.”

           Jimin scoffed.

           "Well rest up.“ You urged. "You’ve had a rough day so get some good sleep. I know you have a special relationship with my mattress.”

           "It’s the best.“ Jimin exhaled as he sunk back into your pillows.

           You shook your head and stood up to grab your pajamas.

           "Just sleep here too.” he offered.

           You glanced at him before you stepped out of the room.

           "I’ll be on the couch.“

           Jimin exhaled as you lightly shut the door.

           "Where are we going Tae?” You giggled as he held your hand and gripped the steering wheel with the other.

           "I told you…“ Tae’s lips curled up as he turned into a new street. ”…it’s a surprise.“

           "I’m curious though.” You pouted and he laughed.

           At a red light, he leaned over and kissed you. You immediately deepened the kiss, but he returned to driving.

           "Okay, you’ve convinced me to tell you.“ he laughed. "We’re going to my workplace.”

           "The animal hospital??“ You gasped. "Oh no!”

           "What?“ he sounded concerned.

           "I should’ve dressed up more.” You teased. “What if they don’t like me? I should’ve brought some treats!”

           He giggled and kissed your hand.

           "They’re going to love you.“

           You smiled.

           Timidly, you walked beside Tae as people bowed to him happily.

           "This is Y/N.” he introduced you to his workers and some of the pet owners he knew well. “I wanted to show her my favorite patients.”

           He winked at you and you giggled as he knelt down and patted a dog that was lying down patiently in the waiting room. The dog perked up, recognizing him.

           "Hand.“ Tae held his hand out and the dog positioned his paw onto his palm obediently. "Good boy. I want to introduce you to my friend.”

           You knelt down, waiting for Tae to instruct you.

           "Here.“ he placed a treat in your hand. "You have to make a food offering first.”

           You giggled and placed your hand near the dog, waiting for it to take the treat. The dog cautiously sniffed your palm and licked the treat out of it.

           "Now you can pet him.“

           You grinned and scratched the dog gently, causing him to move over and lay his head on your lap, enjoying your action.

           "Wow, you’re a natural.” Tae laughed. “He hated me at first.”

           He whispered to the owner. “He knows a pretty girl when he sees one.”

           You cracked up. “Oh Tae.”

           "Come. I’ll show you the rabbits.“

           You perked up. "Rabbits?”

           Tae gave the dog one last treat to free you and took you to the back.

           "If we need to keep a close eye on the pets, they stay here for a couple of days. Of course, families can visit or stay with them.“ Tae led you to a room that was playing soft, classical music. "The music soothes my patients so I like playing it.”

           "Oh my goodness.“ You cooed as he led you to a pen of rabbits.

           Tae grinned as he watched you play with them endearingly.

           Later on, he took you to the hospital cafeteria, where you felt that all eyes were on you. Just like he was at Burlesque, he was probably the object of affection for a lot of his co-workers here. You giggled, reminded of Jimin and his office workers.

           "What’s funny?” he found a table for you two.

           "You must’ve gotten a lot of confessions while working here.“

           "Mostly anonymous though.” Tae laughed. “How’d you know?”

           "I sense these things.“ You flirted playfully. "Am I the first girl you brought here?”

           "Yeah.“ Tae smiled and you blushed, not expecting the answer.


           "Yeah.“ he giggled. "My workplace is important to me so I don’t bring people here casually.”

           You smiled gratefully, feeling extremely special and honored.

           "Let’s eat. Food’s great here.“ he giggled.

           You nodded and did so.

           "What made you want to be a vet, specializing in animal surgery?”

           He hummed as he chewed.

           "I lived on a farm in Daegu so I grew up raising animals. I found myself always wanting to keep them healthy and figuring out ways to help them if they got sick, and well it went from there. I commuted from home while I was working in a different branch of the hospital over there, but I really wanted to move to the city. I told you about my friends who own businesses right?“

           "Yeah, how you became a bartender?”

           "One actually paid for the down payment of my apartment while the other hooked up me with his new enterprise– the Lounge. So I’ve been saving up to pay them back and saving up to open my own hospital.“

           "Wow. You have fantastic friends.” You gawked. “I don’t know if I’d lend Hoseok and Jimin money…well probably, if I had it.” You contemplated. “They should be doing that for me! I’ve been jipped!”

           Taehyung laughed. “If they ever come to visit me, I’ll be sure to introduce you.”

           "I’d like that.“ you grinned. "I have to thank them for bringing you here.”

           You then cringed at your cheesiness.

           "Cute.“ Taehyung grinned as he continued chewing.

           A week later, you finally set up a double date with Hoseok and Silver.

           "You wanna come?” You asked Jimin after work, since the Lounge was closed for the day. “I feel like I haven’t seen you around.”

           "Sure, why not.“ he shrugged. "I don’t wanna miss out on the fun.”

           You smiled and stepped out of the Club, where you both found Tae waiting for you.

           "Chims!“ he greeted as he wrapped his arm around your waist. "Good for you to join us!”

           "Thanks.“ Jimin stated flatly.

           "How was work, sweetie?” Tae looked down at you fondly.

           "Good.“ You giggled as you two walked ahead.

           Jimin snarled and rolled his eyes as he was forced to watch you two act lovey-dovey.

           "Silver! Hoseok!” You beamed as they waved you down.

           Silver squealed and scurried to you, excited to finally meet your perfect match.

           "Oh my goodness. You must be V or Tae.“ she grabbed his hand and shook it frantically. "I’m so happy to finally meet you!”

           Jimin rolled his eyes as Hoseok shrugged apologetically.

           "I’m sorry. She’s just heard a lot of good things about you from Y/N.“ Hoseok appeased and they shook hands.

           You elbowed Silver and mouthed for her to calm down.

           "It’s great to finally meet you! I’ve heard great things about you from Y/N too! She said you really kept her sane throughout college.”

           "I really tried. Really.“ Hoseok snickered and you glared at him. He coughed and gestured to the table they had reserved. "Let’s sit?”

           Naturally, the couples sat in one side of the booth with each other and Jimin slid beside you, ignoring Hoseok’s dangerous gaze. Jimin noticed that there weren’t enough utensils and began cleaning the ones in front of him then sliding it over to you. You nudged him and Hoseok shook his head.

           "Oh no. There aren’t enough utensils!“ You moved the utensils back to Jimin sneakily.

           "Oh here. Have mine.” Tae raised his arm. “Can we get one more set of utensils here?”

           Jimin huffed.

           When the meals came out, Jimin unconsciously started moving the green peppers in his to your plate. It wasn’t until Hoseok kicked him lightly that he looked up to find everyone staring at him.


           He caught your threatening glare and he chuckled.

           "She just has an odd love for green peppers and I don’t care for them, so we like to give them to her. Right guys?” he glanced at Hoseok and Silver, who smiled weakly.

           "Oh.“ Tae laughed. "Then you can have some of mine too!”

           "Oh no. It should totally be fine. I’m not THAT obsessed. He just doesn’t like them so they automatically go to me.“ You nervously explained and glared at Jimin when Tae returned to his food.

           Jimin shrugged, amused, but remained silent the rest of the night, simply listening to you four exchange places you’ve gone to for dates. At the end, you all said your goodbyes. You and Jimin glanced at each other when Tae disappeared back to his apartment close by, and Hoseok had picked up Silver in his car since they parked far.

           "That was fun.” he stated sarcastically.

           "Sorry.“ You chuckled. "You felt a bit left out, huh?”

           He shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. Want me to drive you home? I actually brought my car today.”

           "Is it the nice one?“ you grinned.

           "Come on.” he chuckled, throwing his arm around you.

           "Is it?“ You nudged him as you both walked to the Club parking lot.

           And for weeks on end, there wasn’t a moment without Taehyung. He was in the Club randomly, and he walked you home or stayed over. The only time Jimin had with you was between clients– which was roughly 5 minutes if he hurried the deed.

           Even then, the banter wasn’t completely the same. You were preoccupied with your phone, smiling like an idiot. Your stories were all about what Taehyung did or said, where he took you. So he visited you less frequently, because frankly, he didn’t care for those details.

           Instead, he took on more clients and spent every night hopping clubs around Masquerade Boulevard. He’d sleep with whoever he could get his hands on, sometimes sleeping with two to three girls separately in one night.

           But almost every time, he would leave the girls and slip into your apartment since it was close by.

           "Holy crap.” You flinched when your front door opened as you were heading to the shower. “Jimin!”

           "Oh sorry. I didn’t think you’d be up.“ he chuckled. "It’s a weekend. Why’re you awake so early?”

           "I have work at the cafe. What’re you doing here?“

           "Just wanted to crash.” He stretched and you studied him.

           You smirked. “You got laid again, huh?”

           "Of course.“ he chuckled as he sat on your couch lazily. "When do I not?”

           You rolled your eyes. “And you left her again.”

           "I never said I was going to see them again.“ he yawned. "Why do girls assume things like that when guys sleep with them?”

           You exhaled.

           "Probably cause it’s a big deal to open up our legs and risk getting pregnant?“ You retorted, sitting at the arm of your couch to stare at him challengingly.

           "But you don’t have that issue.” he looked at you questioningly.

           "That’s because I can make it fun without them being inside me.“ You winked playfully and he chuckled, kicking you lightly.

           "You’re such an ass.”

           "Who’s the bigger ass out of us two, huh?“ You slapped his leg.

           "Well I think we have an equal amount of ass.” Jimin turned so that his butt was up. “What do you think?”

           You smacked his butt loudly. “Well if your ass wants to come with me to the cafe to grab breakfast, then you better be ready when I get out of the shower.”

           "Yes, mom ~“ he lounged on your couch, exhausted.

           After a few minutes, you walked into your room to find a half naked Jimin in the middle of it. You squinted your eyes at him and he finally took notice of you.

           "I swear I’m not seducing you.” he laughed then stepped closer. “Unless it’s working?”

           You rolled your eyes as you pulled up the towel securely around you. “Your clothes are in that drawer. Tae returned them and I rewashed them again cause I know you like my laundry smell.”

           "Thanks.“ he chuckled as he grabbed his change of clothes, walking past you and into the bathroom.

           You exhaled and hurried to change.

           Jimin was typing frantically into his computer. He was wearing his glasses and a furrowed brow as he read through lengthy business proposals.

           "I’ve never seen you actually working.” you chuckled as you placed his coffee order on his table.

           He smiled as he sipped it. “Now you can see why my co-workers fall for me.”

           "It is a kinda hott.“ You whispered into his ear playfully.

           He shivered as you walked away to tend to your other customers. His lips curled up as he eyed you before returning to his paperwork.

           Many cups of coffee later, he stretched and spared a glance over at you behind the counter. You were laughing about something your customer had said and he didn’t miss the way the guy’s hands covered yours when he handed you his card. He chuckled and rolled his eyes, taking a sip of his coffee.

           Typical move.

           "Hi babe.”

           He nearly choked when he heard a familiar voice greet you.

           "Hey!“ You beamed as Tae appeared in front of you.

           "I’ll take a hot chocolate.” he grinned.

           Jimin scoffed, judging his taste.

           "Sure thing. Jimin is over there doing some work, if you wanna go wait with him. I’ll bring your drink over to you.“

           Tae turned and waved enthusiastically towards Jimin’s direction. Jimin smiled weakly and raised his hand to acknowledge him.

           "Sounds good. I’ll keep him company.” he giggled and scurried over.

           Jimin was continuously chanting in his mind, don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t fucking come over, oh damnit.

           “You didn’t have to come over!” he greeted Tae, a little too enthusiastically.

           "It’s okay. She said to keep you company.“ Tae giggled.

           "Did she?” Jimin nodded, trying his best to smile. “What’re you doing here?”

           "I work at the animal hospital nearby.“

           "Oh?” Jimin nodded. “My co-worker’s cousin apparently works there too.”

           "Oh who?“ Tae tilted his head.

           "Here is your hot chocolate.” You grinned as you sat down with them. “And I am officially on my break!”

           Jimin smiled and closed his laptop gently. “Well I’m going to head to the office to pick up some things to finish this weekend. Thanks for the coffee, Y/N.”

           "Anytime.“ you grinned and he raised his cup gratefully.

           "See you Tae.”

           "Bye Chim Chims.“

           On his way out, Jimin was stopped by your trainee at the door.

           "Who’s he?” he questioned.

           "I didn’t think we were on 'sharing secret’ terms.“ Jimin smirked.

           "You gonna let him take her like that?” the boy hissed.

           "That is her real boy toy. I’ve been pulling your leg, kiddo.“ Jimin patted his shoulder.

           The boy grumbled under his breath as Jimin turned to leave. "I’d have preferred you better.”

           Jimin froze and walked back to catch up with the boy. “What? Why?”

           "Because I can compete with you, but that guy seems like a legitly good candidate.“ the boy stated nonchalantly.

           Jimin huffed. "I thought we could’ve been friends, but you just crumpled that up. I’m glad I played with you, you fool. Kids aren’t her type so move on.”

           The boy glared at him and Jimin laughed, making his way out of the cafe, catching a glimpse of you and Tae chatting happily with each other as he passed by.

           “Damn you’re so wet.” he whispered as he left open mouth kisses against your skin while digging his fingers inside you.

           "Add another finger.“ you breathed.

           And he stuck two more in there, stretching you out.

           "Fuck.” you writhed as he made his way down to your nipples, licking it tauntingly.

           "How bad do you want my dick inside you?“

           "Not bad enough.” You croaked, trying not to cave into his game.

           "Oh?“ he slipped his fingers out and sucked on it.

           He lined the tip of his cock infront of your hot, soaking entrance and pressed his taut muscles onto of your body.

           "Still don’t want it?”

           "No.“ You breathed although, he was already pressing inside you, and your hips were raising up to meet his.

           "No?” he pulled out. “What about my tongue then?”

           You swallowed.

           "You haven’t seen what I can do just yet.“ he rubbed his body against you as he crawled down. He blew into your core and you cried out of need. "I’m going to have you screaming my name.”

           His tongue licked you torturously slow as you exhaled at the immense pleasure. He stuck three fingers back into you and began ravaging your clit with his tongue simultaneously.

           You gasped and sat up, your core throbbing, and your heart racing. Glancing over worriedly, you found Tae snoring lightly beside you. You groaned as you gently slipped out of bed, naked from your session with Tae just hours before, and made your way to the bathroom. You fanned yourself and splashed water on your face.

           It had been weeks since your last encounter with Maroon mask, yet like a teen in heat, you continually had recurring dreams of having hot sex with him. Even with Tae sleeping beside you, you felt your body burn up and heat pooled down to your lower abdomen whenever you had the dream.

           What was happening?

           Things were so sweet with Tae. You two had a great time hanging out and dating. It was magical and he made you feel precious and wanted. It was everything you dreamed of feeling when you started seriously dating. He was great guy. He looked out for you, never forgot anything you said you liked, and he was incredibly attractive. You made love every so often, but for some reason, you would have hot, realistic dreams about the masked man.

           What was wrong with you? You groaned as you stared at yourself in the mirror.

           This was going to pass.

           It was a bit…hard that Tae seemed to be taking things slowly, but it was just a pace you weren’t used to. Maybe serious relationships started off like this then progressed.

           Right, you guys would grow together.

           Maroon was just a temptation of your old lifestyle. You hadn’t gotten to fully experience him and that left you with some unanswered fantasies seeping into your subconscious.

           It was perfectly normal.

           "Oh. Jimin.“ a high pitched whine emerged as she rocked her hips up. "It feels so good!”

           Jimin grinned as he pulled his face away from his latest conquer.

           "Want to try something for me?“ his eyes twinkled and the girl smiled enthusiastically.


           Jimin pulled out a blindfold from his pocket. “Be a good little girl and put this on.”

           Everyone was crowded in front of that motel room, wondering what the screaming was all about.

           "That was…that was the best sex of my life.“ the woman exhaled, panting heavily.

           Jimin smirked as he pulled the blindfold off her face and chucked out the condom.


           "How was it for you?“ she breathed.

           "Do you want the truth or what you want to hear?”

           The woman turned to him, seductively displaying her body. “Tell me what I want to hear.”

           Jimin traced her figure softly and leaned down to kiss her. “It was perfect.”

           "What’s the truth?“ the girl whispered happily, expecting a romantic line.

           "That it was okay.” Jimin pulled back and her eyes widened.


           Jimin shrugged. "I’ve had better.”

           The girl exhaled incredulously and smacked him with a pillow angrily. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

           "Hey, you asked for the truth!“ Jimin laughed.

           "You’re an asshole! Get out!” she screamed.

           "Was on my way anyway.“ Jimin shrugged, grabbing his pants.

           "No wait.” the woman’s eyes widened fearfully and latched herself onto Jimin. “No wait, I can do better. I promise! Don’t leave.”

           Jimin exhaled. “What’re you going to do for me?”

           The girl smirked as she shimmied in front of his cock and flicked her tongue out. He hummed.

           "Alright. Give it a try. Make me stay.“

           She pinned him against the wall aggressively and began passionately sucking his cock. Jimin put his hands behind his head, wondering how you would take his dick, or how you would do things differently than the stranger in front of him. Would you be good at that too? His body shivered as he ultimately knew you probably would.

           He felt sorry for the woman on her knees in front of him because she was just not getting him aroused. Closing his eyes, he let his imagination run wild to help get to his release faster. Afterwards, she clung onto him as he showered her with fake compliments until she went to sleep. Then as always, he pried himself off and made his escape.

           He stared at the texts he had received from you earlier.

           Y/N: Tae’s sleeping over tonight. You know what that means ;)

           Y/N: So don’t you dare come over.

           He chuckled and started his car to drive back to his house.

           Boy could he not be any more royally fucked up.

           Or so he thought.

           His incessant fantasies of how sex would be with you soon followed himm to the Club and his clients there. He would be in his head, pretending they were you, and then comparing them to how you would be. He was sure he was infatuated with the mystery and novelty of you, but he didn’t have a cure.

           And then he fucked up even more.

           "Y/N.” he moaned as he was grinding into one of his clients. He froze, immediately realizing that he had said that out loud.

           "Oh. My. God.“ you gasped, pulling off your earphones.

           You had been listening in to check in on him and you sat at your desk, stunned.

           Did he just…did you just hear…was that YOUR name??

           Your heart raced and you hurried to shut the monitor frantically to get rid of the evidence.

           As expected, that very client was storming out angrily and you jumped into action.

           "What happened?” you feigned ignorance.

           The woman was in tears. “I’m so embarrassed. He said SOMEONE ELSE’S name. That means he was thinking of someone else while he was IN me. I’ve been his long time client. How could he?”

           "Oh honey I’m sorry.“ You hugged her and gave a look towards Jin, who was eating sweets during his break. "He’s just a bit off today. You have to forgive him. Would you like to use the rest of your time with one of our best gentlemen personas? I’m sure he’ll cheer you up.”

           "Okay.“ she sniffled and Jin swooped in warmly.

           You exhaled, having avoided a crisis.

           "You.” You called out to another host on break. “Man the desk for a sec. I need to see Chims.”

           The host nodded knowingly and you marched to the room you know he had been in.

           But he wasn’t there.

           You hummed then knocked in front of his favorite room.

           "Don’t.“ his muffled voice was heard and you chuckled.

           "Chims, what happened?” You feigned ignorance, praying that it had just been some kind of joke or mistake. Like he was thinking about you because he wanted to eat with you at the diner. Or a funny story about college popped into his mind and he was laughing your name but then it turned into a moan. You shook your head, trying not to delve into it.

           "I said someone else’s name. I fucked up.“ he exhaled.

           You lay a hand on the door.

           "You’re human, Chims. You’ve never made a mistake with a client before, it’s about time.”

           "But that’s ME. I am good at this!“ he whined.

           "And you are FANTASTIC at this. This mistake doesn’t mean you’re sucky in bed. Come on. You know that.”

           He breathed.

           "Are you crying?“

           "Not cause I’m upset. My blue balls is fucking killing me.” he sniffled.

           You chuckled, amused. “I’m coming in.”


           Before he could finish his statement, you stepped into the dark closet and you felt something touch you as you did.

           "Oh shit.” You gasped. “Jimin! Your dick just stabbed me!”

           "I told you! Blue balls.“ he stated shyly as he turned his body away from you.

           "Wait– are you naked?”

           "Do you want me to answer that….“ he sniffled.

           "You’re naked in a dark closet, crying about your blue balls after messing up your time with a client.” You teased. “I can’t wait to tell Hoseok.”

           "Don’t you dare.“ he threatened.

           You laughed, "I won’t. I won’t. What happens at work, stays at work.”

           "Do you think I’ve lost my groove?“ Jimin mumbled.

           "Not from what I’ve seen.” You shrugged. “I’ve been getting great reviews about you recently.”


           "Yeah. You’ve definitely upped the aggressive factor.” You smiled weakly. “Though I was getting concerned about you.”


           "Are you sexually frustrated?” You whispered.

           "What?? I’ve been having plenty of sex!“ he said defensively.

           "I know, I know. But like GOOD sex.” You commented.

           Jimin stayed silent.

           "You know what’ll make you feel better?“ you chuckled. "It’s actually pretty dumb and I haven’t told anyone.”

           "What?“ Jimin murmured.

           You took in a deep breath and shut your eyes. "I’ve been having sex dreams about Maroon mask.”

           There was a dense silence in the closet.

           "Am I totally a terrible person?“ You asked meekly.

           Jimin felt his heart quiver with anticipation at the thought that you were thinking about having sex with him as much as he had with you.

           "It’s been happening almost every day regardless of whether or not Tae had had sex. And don’t get me wrong, the sex is very, very good with Tae. Woo his tongue!” You fanned yourself.

           "Okay, Y/N, Y/N. Focus.“ Jimin snapped his fingers to bring you back. "You’ve been having sex dreams about another man even when one is sleeping next to you.”

           "I can’t help it!“ You groaned. "It’s my dreams! I don’t know how to get them to go away. I tried masturbating. I tried porn. I tried even reading some boring textbooks, and having really, REALLY sweet sex with Tae when he’s over. But Maroon STILL appears. Like he’s lodged in my brain like an annoying tick.” You gushed angrily.

           After a few seconds of silence, Jimin blurted out.

           "Sleep with him.“

           "What?” You gasped then as if it really sunk in, you yelled. “WHAT?”

           "You’re having dreams about him because you want to know what he’s like. Or you have this idea of how well he’s going to please you that you want.“

           "Yeah but…”

           "Are you and Tae exclusive?“

           "No, but…”

           "Has he asked you to be his girlfriend yet?“


           "Then you’re JUST dating and you can just have one hot night of passion with this Maroon mask.“ Jimin emphasized. "You’re body is practically SCREAMING for you to do it. It’s perfectly normal for you to be curious about something you find mysterious. But it’s your human right, to go out there, unravel this mystery, and BANG him like you want to. ”

           "I…I don’t know, Jimin.“ You bit your lip.

           "I’m telling you. Just get it out of your system. One night. Hot sex. Probably multiple times. No strings attached. You don’t even know WHO he is!” Jimin urged. “Then you can find out whether he’s the best random sex you’ve had in your life and then happily settle for your sweet sex with Tae for the rest of your life.”

           You groaned.

           "You know I’m right.“ Jimin smirked.

           You covered your face with your hands as he waited for you to speak.

           After a few more seconds of silence, you looked up.

           "How do I see him again?”

           Jimin smirked triumphantly, not that you could see it in the darkness.

           You slipped on a tight, short black dress, feeling the tingling of excitement course through your body at the thought of what you were going to do.

           It was Friday night– Masquerade Ball night.

           Your dress exposed your collarbones and shoulders seductively and this time, you boldly displayed your legs. It had been weeks since you met Maroon mask. Would he still be interested in you?

           You lined your lips with an alluring red lipstick.

           It didn’t matter if he didn’t want you anymore.

           You would just make him want you all over again. You smirked at yourself in the mirror.

           This was your element after all.

           You adjusted your Gold mask and pushed up your boobs as you entered the Masquerade Ball. You could feel eyes on you as you walked in and you smirked. Surely, Maroon wouldn’t pass up a chance with you, especially if you were garnering this much attention in merely a few seconds. Then your heart sped up when you spotted him, sitting arrogantly once again at the bar.

           You made your way to him, ignoring the caresses on your hips, or the attempts of hollering at you. Your eyes never left him, afraid he was going to disappear and be a hallucination. Then your body heated up when he locked gazes with you. The corner of his lip turned and he chugged the shot in his hand, straightening up as he watched you strut to him.

           "I’ve been waiting for you.“ he smirked.

           You pressed onto him, cupping his face. "Let’s skip the pleasantries, shall we?”

           Immediately, your lips crashed onto each other’s hungrily. Both your hands were roaming any part they could get into, like you guys were on a ticking time bomb. He squeezed your thighs and knowingly, you wrapped your legs around him, neither of you parting from the heated kiss. Both of you were groaning desperately as he led you back into the stall from a few weeks ago. This time though, you jumped off of him, and unbuckled his pants hurriedly, wanting again to see the cock you had been taunting you in your dreams.

           You wrapped your hand around his thickness and began pumping as he moaned and stuck his tongue down your throat. You thumbed the head of his cock and covered your palm with his pre cum.

           "Leaking for me already?“ You smirked.

           "Are you just going to give me a handjob again?” He breathed.

           "Not a chance.“ You bit his bottom lip as you pumped him faster. "Better hold on long enough to see what I can do.”

           Maroon growled and attacked your lips hungrily, traveling down to your collarbones as you whined. You pushed him against the stall wall and kissed him senseless.

           "Me first.“ You raised an eyebrow as your hands traveled down his torso and finally, you knelt in front of him. "How do you like it?”

           "However you want to give it to me.“ Maroon whispered. "Show me what you can do, Gold.”

           "Don’t fall in love with me.“ you chuckled as you swirled your tongue around his tip.

           He groaned.

           "Already whining?” You traced his length with your hand as you continued to toy with the head of cock with your tongue. “Eyes on me, baby boy.”

           Maroon glanced down as you looked at him excitedly.

           "Watch how I take you.“

           His cock was so hard already, from the pent up fantasies and frustrations, and now the added reality of your fucking dirty mouth and tongue. But he watched as you sucked only a section of his dick teasingly, torturously. You swirled your tongue in places that he didn’t think could feel good.

           "You taste good.” You hummed.

           He swallowed as you finally pushed his entire cock into your mouth. He groaned as you swirled your tongue around and then hummed. The vibrations of your voice stimulated him and he bucked his hips forward. Your hands gripped his sides and you pulled away.

           "I move. You don’t.“ You demanded.

           "And if I don’t follow?”

           You stood up and kissed him. “Then you get tortured even more.”

           He exhaled as you took him in again and began bobbing your head. Then he moved his hips forward instinctively and he hissed at the lost contact. You smirked and began kissing his hip, flicking your tongue playfully. He groaned.

           "Get on my cock, now.“ he ordered.

           "I said it was me first. You can have me do whatever you want next.”

           Your voice saying “next” pulsated through his mind and excited him. You wanted a next part to this. This night was going to be longer than he hoped for.

           Taking him by surprise, you began sucking him speedily. He grabbed your head and pushed you forward to take him deeper. You didn’t mind that so you bobbed your head faster as you massaged his balls. He moaned.

           You pulled back, making a lewd sound at the end, and looked at him as your hand replaced your mouth.

           "Would like me to swallow?“

           You hummed as you kissed his hips, his lower abdomen, and his inner things teasingly. He threw his head back as the image flashed in his mind of you swallowing as he cummed.

           "Fuck yeah.”

           "Good boy.“ You smirked.

           "Your tongue feels so good. Don’t stop.”

           A few minutes of dirty talk and cursing later, he came in your mouth and you swallowed happily.

           "Now we’re even.“

           "Not yet.” he grabbed your wrist after zipping his pants up. “It’s my turn.”

           You inhaled sharply as he passionately kissed you and you felt like putty at the way his tongue worked your lips and the inside of your mouth. As if sensing your thoughts, he smirked.

           "I have a pretty gifted tongue.“

           Your eyes twinkled with mischief. "Let’s see if it’s up to my standards.”

           Maroon growled and you jumped back onto him; the tension between you still thick and the lust dripping inside you throbbing needily. With ease, he made his way to a room he had rented inside the venue, carrying your weight easily with one arm as you left love bites on his neck. You wanted to paint his untainted body, leaving your mark as deeply as he had affected you.

           He stumbled into the room eagerly and you both crashed onto the bed, lips still locked, not getting enough of each other.

           "Dance for me.“ Maroon whispered onto your lips and you got shivers from the request.

           "As you wish.”

           You climbed off of him. Luckily, the music from the Ball could still be heard so you swayed your hips, trying to recall moves you found particularly effective from your Burlesque routine. You pulled your hair up, exposing the nape of your neck, as you touched yourself while you danced.

           "Come here.“ he ordered with lidded eyes.

           You smiled and walked to him, but sat on his lap unexpectedly, rubbing your ass on his clothed cock. He groaned, getting hard again.

           "You wanted me to dance.” You flirted.

           You swayed your hips against him and then turned to straddle him. You grinded into him along to the faint music as you gave him a lap dance. His lips found your mouth in no time and you continued to push against him as he trailed your body with kisses. You succumbed your torso to him, but your waist-down was there to tease him.

           Your hands traveled down to his hips and you felt something in his pocket.

           You stopped and pulled out a silk fabric. Your lips curled up as he stared at you.

           "For me or for you?“ You asked before leaning over to kiss him, excitement bubbling inside you. You had had a good feeling about Maroon mask and this just confirmed he was as open to experiments as you had hoped he was.

           Before, Maroon could answer, you were already wrapping the blindfold around his mask. Almost immediately, his senses heightened.

           This was different.

           He got chills when he felt your breath near his ear, and you whispered. "Bet you use this for helpless girls looking for something fun, but you’ve never tried it yourself.”

           Maroon swallowed. She was right. I mean, it was his blindfold, why would he block his own sight?

           "Let me show you how it feels.“

           You licked his neck and he gasped. Without his sight, the rest of his senses were more sensitive. You worked his neck as you unbuttoned his shirt then you pushed him down, pulling his pants off once again.

           He was completely naked in front of you. He didn’t know where you were, what you were doing. His heart was racing.

           "Tell me what you’re doing baby.” he called out.

           "Detail by detail?“ You giggled.

           "Fuck yes.”

           "Tell me what you want me to do.“ you muttered seductively.

           "I want you to unzip your dress.” Maroon breathed and soon, he heard the sound of your zipper.

           His cock twitched, wishing he could see your bare body.

           "And then?“

           "Pull your sleeves down, very slowly, as you stare at me.” he wrapped his hand around his cock. Two could play at this game.

           You moaned as you saw him playing with himself.

           "What next?“ You asked breathlessly.

           "Step out of your dress.”

           He heard the dress lightly hit the floor.

           "And you’re going to come over here and straddle me.“

           The bed dipped and he felt you hover over him. You leaned down and kissed him as he continued to stroke himself. You hummed into his mouth.

           Soon, you felt his hands traveling onto your skin gently. You sighed into his touch as he found your clothed center and hooked his finger up.

           "So wet for me baby.” he smirked then slapped your butt. “Turn for me.”

           You obeyed and he sensually pulled down your underwear, then smoothed his hands out on your ass.

           "Sit on my face.“

           You inhaled sharply."What?”

           "Nervous baby?“ he teased.

           You scoffed as you crawled backwards so that your core was in line with his mouth. Feeling your body still, he flicked his tongue out. You groaned, your arms almost giving way. He gripped your hips and licked a strip into you.

           "Oh my god.” You cried, clutching into the sheets.

           He chuckled and stuck his tongue inside you, pushing in and out as you winced from pleasure. He tickled your clit with the tip of his tongue and you were panting already. You shivered when one of his hands left your hip. As you anticipated, he pushed a finger inside you and hooked his finger, causing you to scream.

           You felt him chuckle as he continued to suck at your clit, and his smugness irritated you. You smirked and he cried out as you dipped your head down his cock. Since he couldn’t see what you were doing, the wave of pleasure was unexpected and it sent electricity throughout his body.

           "Fuck.“ he hissed and he pushed a second finger into you. You groaned against his dick as he scissored into you. "Can you handle a third, baby?”

           "Please.“ You begged as you sucked him, his hips rising up into you. He added a third finger and you grunted, needing to stop to just take in being filled up. Then he began moving his fingers in and out. You gripped his thighs as you rocked into his finger. Then he pulled out and began expertly eating you out.

           You cried out and brought your head down onto his incredibly hard cock.

           With the blindfold, every sound you made, shot straight to his dick. Every moan, every cry, every curse. Then every swipe of your tongue felt intensely more pleasurable with his increased senses.

           "I’m so close.” You whispered.

           "Come for me. Come on my face.“ he smiled as he pressed his face deeper into you while his finger found your clit.

           "Oh fuck.” You hissed as you began riding his face aggressively, forgetting about pleasing him. You orgasmed so hard your body twitched involuntarily and your rhythm was erratic. After you finished, you spun around and reached for your purse.

           "What’re you doing?“ Maroon breathed, the cool air hitting his face now that you weren’t sitting on him, but his sight was still blocked.

           Suddenly, he felt latex roll over his cock and he licked his lips in anticipation. You straddled him, soaking and already stretched, and sat on his dick without a word.

           "FUCK.” You both sighed, neither moving just yet.

           Maroon sat up, reaching for you, and you met him halfway, crashing your lips into him.

           "I’m so close already baby.“ he hissed.

           "I just wanted to feel how you were inside me.” You replied and his mouth covered yours again.

           He flipped you over and bucked into you as you moaned. You were highly sensitive already, but you knew he was close. He couldn’t see your expressions of pleasure so you became more vocal.

           "You fill me up so well.“ You panted. "Keep going. Don’t stop. Faster.”

           Maroon groaned, remembering the last time you had said those words but playfully. Now, he was inside you and it felt incredible. You sat up and kissed his neck, continuing to whisper dirty statements as he continued to push into you until he came.

           "Well damn.“ he cried as he rolled off of you.

           You exhaled as you stared at the ceiling, exhausted. "Damn for real.”

           Maroon pulled off the blindfold, finally seeing your fully naked body heaving beside him. He groaned and threw his head back.


           He had slept with his best friend, and it was fucking fantastic.

           As he recited that realization in his mind, you also had yours. Gasping, you sat up and scrambled to grab your clothes.

           "Where are you going?”

           "I-I-…“ you stammered. "I’m sorry I need to see someone else. This was fucking amazing though, but yeah…”

           You stared at him as you attempted to zip your dress.

           "Okay I’m sorry. Can you zip me up?“ You questioned.

           He chuckled and walked over. "Yeah, of course.”

           "Yeah I’m sorry. I’m kind of seeing someone but I really just needed to get this out of my system and oh my god….“ You exhaled and smiled at him fondly. ”…that was great.“

           Maroon chuckled. "It really was.”

           "But I really like this guy and I don’t know you…“

           "It’s fine. Go.” Maroon stated. “I understand.”

           You grinned. “Thank you.”

           "Yep.“ Maroon waved as you rushed out of the room, disheveled.

           He grumbled as he fell back into the bed.

           It still wasn’t out of his system.

           Your heart was racing as you drove to Tae’s apartment. The sex was every bit as amazing as you had imagined – no it was even better, but it dawned on you that you wanted that. But you wanted that with someone that would hold you afterwards, someone that would chat about your days after giving each other multiple orgasms. You wanted that with Taehyung, and you might’ve just ruined your chances, but you didn’t want to hide it from him.

           You were still confused. Normally, you would have wanted Maroon mask. The bad boy– seductive, mysterious, and oozing sex, but then Tae was a great guy, warm, consistent, reliable, and his feelings were evident for you. You already felt yourself falling for him.

           Tae yawned as he heard frantic pounding at his door. His eyes widened when he found you, staring back at him with big, round, worried eyes.

           "Y/N.” he breathed as he cupped your face. “What is it? Are you okay? What happened?”

           You closed your eyes.

           "Tae, I need to be honest with you.“

           He ushered you in and served you hot chocolate while you frantically tried to collect your thoughts. You were worried he was going to end things, but you didn’t want to hide your confusion from him anymore so you just blurted it out.

           "I slept with someone else.”

           Tae stilled from where he was in his kitchen. He wasn’t sure how to react.

           "I met him when we were first supposed to meet. And I thought he was you so we kinda connected and did stuff.“ You explained. "Then when I actually met you, he was there. That Maroon masked guy that was dancing behind me when we were making out.”

           "Ah.“ he simply nodded, his expression unreadable so you continued.

           "And I just couldn’t get him out of my head. Because the me before I met you, well I slept around a lot and in fact, I’ve never been in a legitimate relationship so I’m not sure how slow or fast we’re supposed to be going.” You gushed. “But I’ve been having dreams about this guy and I just needed to get him out of my head so I found him today. And we slept together.”

           You chugged your hot chocolate, already feeling like a complete ass hearing the story come out of your mouth. You didn’t care that it was burning your throat, but you needed something to hydrate yourself before continuing your explanation.

           "I’m so sorry Tae. Oh my gosh. I just…we weren’t anything official and I didn’t want my dreams of him to come in between us so I was going to hide it, but I didn’t want to lie to you. I really like you, but I just feel like I’m so torn right now. It’s like my past and my future are going at it and making me crazy. I don’t want to lose you, but I know it’s also unfair to you that I’m being like this.“

           You surely felt wide-eyed and crazy at the moment.

           "Shh shh.” Tae smiled as he sat beside you and stroked your hair. “Calm down Y/N. I’m not mad and I’m not going to end things with you.”

           You stared at him. “Excuse me? What?”

           Tae chuckled, repeating. “I’m not mad and I’m not going to end things with you.”

           "But I SLEPT with someone else.“

           "Okay well, that hurt to hear and it was shocking– and the fact that you’re having sex dreams about someone else makes me feel a bit…inferior.”

           You frowned and reached out for his hand.

           "But it’s something we can work on, right?“ he stated. "And you’re right. We’re just dating too. We haven’t even talked about whether we were exclusive or not. I wanted to take it slow, because I also want to be sure about you– and about us– before I committed. I’m sorry for not explaining it to you sooner, why I’m taking things so slow. I think we’re just simply doing the figuring out part a bit differently from each other.”

           He squeezed your hand. “I’m so happy you were honest with me though. If you want and need to date and try both of us out, then do it.”

           You looked at him incredulously. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

           "I can’t say I’m completely okay with it…“ He scratched the back of his head. "But I really care about you. And I know I don’t like the pained look on your face right now, and if this is what’s troubling you, I want you to be able to figure it out so you can smile fully again.”

           Your heart clenched at his sentiment; you leaned forward and kissed him, gratefully and longingly. You had never met anyone like him.

           "I’ll still like you all the same.“ He grinned as he intertwined his fingers into yours. "And I’ll trust that we’re going to be the perfect match in the end.”

           You smiled and squeezed his hand, praying your chemistry with Maroon mask was simply just going to be a temporary phase too. He kissed your forehead and pressed his own against yours.

           "Try me and this Maroon guy out, Y/N.“ 


Request- There Goes My Lunch

There are only two things you do during summer, eat and binge as many shows as possible. Recently, you had moved to Riverdale, and you weren’t as enthusiastic about it as your parents had wanted you to be. The constant reminder of new beginnings and new friends were starting to get old, and you haven’t even made it to the friends part.
School would be starting in a few weeks and you had no idea who anyone was. Thankfully, you had moved in next to an attendee of the high school you would be going to. The one, the only, Mantle the Magnificent, is your neighbor. His words, not yours.
His initial curiosity is what brought him to your house, and his offer to help you move a dresser was definitely a life saver. After moving most of your house with him, you both decided you needed a well deserved break.
“Now, this is where I start asking you about yourself until I get to the question of whether or not you have a boyfriend,” Reggie said after a few minutes of exhausted silence.
“Ah, well then this must be the moment where I say no and get all flustered and giggly,” you said.
“I believe so. The questions will wait for now, let’s go get lunch and then move the rest of your stuff before your parents bring another truck,” Reggie suggested.
“I’m so down, do they have burgers? Because I am so ready for burgers right now,” you asked.
“Don’t worry, they have burgers. In fact, I think you can’t handle their burgers,” Reggie challenged.
“Really? Well, we’ll have to see about that,” you countered.
“I don’t think you can eat half of one, let alone an entire one on your own,” he said.
“If I eat two entire burgers, you’re buying,” you betted.
“Deal,” Reggie agreed.
“Oh, God. I’m stuffed,” you groaned.
“Woah, you’ve got quite the food baby. Tell me, is it a cheeseburger or a bacon burger?” Reggie mocked.
“You’re just jealous that I can eat so much and still be hotter than you,” you taunted back.
“Whatever, do you feel okay? Should we wait to move the rest until tomorrow?” Reggie asked.
“Yea, I’m done for the day. You wanna go in and watch a movie? I need some Netflix if I’m gonna birth the miracle baby burgers,” you asked.
“I’m down, how about some Disney?” Reggie asked.
“Yea, that sounds good,” you agreed.

You leaned out the window, feeling a familiar bile rise in your throat, and threw up whatever had been in your stomach moments prior. “Well, there goes my lunch,” you groaned, disgusted by your bodies reaction.
Cigarettes and Slow Dances

Characters: Steve Harrington, Reader
Word Count: 1,481
Warnings: Cuteness, I suppose. Smoking. That’s it really. lol
A/N: I finished Stranger Things on Monday, and I really feel like Steve just deserves all the things and the happiness, and love. This popped into my head. It is unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine, and I’m not even sure it makes sense.  haha Although it does make me want to fill in the backstory, so we’ll see. Anyway. This is for @escabell, because our conversation inspired it. I’ll also tag @trexrambling, since I know she binge watched it just as hard as I did, but I won’t tag anyone else since I’m not sure who all is about Stranger Things. Enjoy!

Originally posted by mikkeljensen

Steve watched as Dustin strutted into the school, and couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw him stop in front of the window next to the door and check his hair in the reflection. Dustin may be a little shithead, much like the rest of their rag tag group of friends, but Steve couldn’t help but like the kid.

Dustin disappeared inside and just as Steve shifted the car into gear, he saw Nancy laughing as she dipped punch into someone’s cup. He couldn’t see Jonathan, but he knew he was in there. Mike had complained how stupid it was that she was practically a chaperone, and Will had agreed because Jonathan was also going to be there. At least, that’s what Dustin had told him on the way over. His heart ached, but she looked happy. In the end, that’s what was important.

His eyes dropped to the steering wheel and he stared at his hands for a moment, his knuckles white as he gripped it tightly, and sighed. “This is stupid,” he muttered under his breath. He brought his eyes back up to the road, but noticed another figure; this time, sitting on the curb, alone.

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Title: At the poolside bar

Pairing: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus)

Rating: K+

a/n: I just really wanted to write something for my husbands again and spontaneously decided to go with @damasath‘s pool bar suggestion so here is something relaxing and nice (I hope LMAO)! <3 Also guys, check out her art blogs @damasath-art / @damasath-nsfwart !

The room was already drowned in bright summer light by the time the two men woke up a second time. The first time they woke up was when their inner alarm clock had roused them form their sleep, damn it, but one couldn’t say that it had something negative to it only. They had ended up conversing sleepily, cursing about the habit to wake up so early they relied on usually and then indulged in the realization that they had an entire week for themselves, in a hotel that could almost be considered a luxury before they cuddled and eventually fell asleep again.

Now their legs were entangled and they were practically holding each other. Laxus grumbled something and Freed was the first to move. Perhaps that was why Laxus grumbled.

“Hmm… good morning again,” the rune mage mumbled and nuzzled his boyfriend’s nose with his own, eyes still closed. It was so warm and cozy and it was a rare and pure bliss to wake up with the knowledge that they had absolutely no duties.

No work, no talking about jobs, no stress.

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The Things We Do For Love

A/N: My first ever Hotch x Reader! This is one where the reader and Hotch are dating and Jack wants to go to the beach. She doesn’t want to tell him because she’s afraid of the water and is not confident in a swimsuit, but she goes for Jack, and Hotch ends up helping her to swim and thinks she looks super sexy in her bathing suit. :) Also, Game of Throne title reference :D



“Please, Y/N!” Jack pleaded, giving you the best pouty face he possibly could. “I love the water and I want you to come with me and daddy.”

You’d been dating Aaron since last November and the weather had just started heating up - perfect beach weather. As you looked into Jack’s eyes, you knew you were going to give in, but you’d been dreading this. You barely enjoyed swimming in a pool, no less in the overwhelming openness of the ocean. There was shit in there. Like gross seaweed, and tiny fish that brushed up against your legs, and even sharks. Considering more than 70 percent of the ocean had yet to be explored, you were fairly certain there was something in there that wanted to kill you all. Plus, you hated how you looked in a bathing suit. Aaron knew how uneasy you were with your body and you’d gotten to the point where you were comfortable in front of him. He made you feel beautiful; but being in front of a ton of people you didn’t know - with your arms and stomach on display - kind of made you want to throw up.

But as you looked down into his son’s eyes, you knew you couldn’t tell him no. Over the past seven months, you’d fallen in love with the surly but sweet FBI agent, and his son had wound himself around your heart as well, so you agreed. “Okay, Jack, I’ll come with you and your dad, but you have to be patient with me. I’m a little scared of the water.”

He jumped up and hugged you, the excitement on his face exuding from every pore. ‘Don’t worry, Y/N. Daddy and I will help you not be scared.” Turning around with a flick of the cape he was wearing, he returned to his room, practically ready to go to the beach at that very moment.


After you’d agreed to Jack’s pleading and begging, you called Aaron and told him that Jack wanted you to come along.

“I was going to ask you that,” he said. You could hear the smile in his voice. “He’s been taking about it since the weather started heating up a few months ago.”

“I hate the beach and bathing suits,” you said, “but I just couldn’t tell Jack no. He looked so excited at the prospect of me joining you.”

“Well, he loves you, Y/N,” he replied, “just as much as I do.” You were so lucky. “So, this weekend?”

You were on your break at work and you could tell he needed to return to what he was doing. “Yea, sounds good babe. Love you. Talk to you later.”


The day you were dreading approached far too quickly, but you couldn’t be too angry, with Jack bouncing up and down in the back seat of the car. As you pulled up to the beach and Aaron looked for a parking spot, you mentally prepared yourself. Your bathing suit was pretty, highlighting the features you liked most and you could take baby steps when it came to the water. You just wanted to make your boys happy.

Jack spilled out of the car at light speed once the car had been parked, with you and Aaron following closely behind. “You’ll be fine,” he said, noticing the look on your face, “Take baby steps. And I’ll be right here.” He kissed you intently while Jack found a place to lay your blankets and beach umbrella.

“You can go put your feet in the water while we get set, Jack,” Aaron screamed after his excited son. “Don’t go into the water without us!”

The amount of energy he had could power cities. You laughed as he ran to the tide and kicked the water and sand up with his feet. Aaron slipped off his flip-flops and put on his sunglasses while you pulled the cover-up you were wearing off and placed it in your beach bag.

The bathing suit you’d picked out was a bright red, one of your favorite colors, with black color blocks on the side, which elongated your frame. The ruching hid the areas you wanted it to and the sweetheart neckline accentuated your collarbone and face, taking away from your arms, which you also wanted to mask as much as possible. When you looked up, you noticed Aaron had been staring. “You look so hot,” he said, gazing up and down your body, “You look amazing.”

You tried your best to ignore everyone else and only focus on him “You like?” you asked, twirling around for him to admire.

He approached you underneath the open umbrella and kissed you again. “I really, really do,” he smiled. “The bathing suit kind of reminds me of a picture I saw of Marilyn Monroe and she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. You ready for the water?”

Not at all, really. “Only a little bit at first,” you said looking at him with trepidation, “you go in with Jack first and I’ll work my way in slowly.” As you approached the surf, Aaron’s fingers disentangled themselves from yours and he coaxed his son into the water. At first, you just stood there, barely ankle deep in the water.

“You can do it, Y/N!” Jack encouraged from deep in the waves.

“It’s okay, baby, take your time!” Aaron screamed. You took a deep breath and walked a few steps further, feeling some seaweed hit your kneecap. Eww gross. The waves crashed against your legs, practically knocking you over, but you knew if you moved past your knees, it wouldn’t have the power to knock you over anymore. Oh god, this was scary though. You needed more encouragement.

“Boys, help me! I’m scared!” you exaggerated, calling for them to come over. Jack liked feeling like a hero; he wanted to be just like his father, who frankly could not have been a better role model.

Jack swam right up to you, with Aaron following closely behind. He gathered you to him and walked you up another couple of steps. Jack stayed close by, his head bobbing in and out of the water. He was definitely a waterbug. “You’re almost there,” Aaron said proudly. “You okay?”

“Besides the fact that I’m a little panicky and I can feel gross things touching my legs, I’m okay,” you whispered, not wanting to give Jack a fear that he obviously didn’t have. With all that he’d been through, he didn’t need to be afraid of the water - not when it made him so happy.

You did know how to swim, you just didn’t swim in the ocean, but before you knew it, you were floating with Aaron and Jack about 15-to-20 feet away from the shore. The undertow wasn’t too strong today and the waves were fairly tame. “Just bob your head under the water if a big wave comes by,” Jack said, dipping his head under to demonstrate.

He was too cute for words. “Like this?” you asked, dipping your head under. The worst was over. The gross, icky seawater was all over you, you were fully in the water and no one could see you in your bathing suit. You were still a little uncomfortable, but they both looked so happy.

As they splashed you and each other, over and over again, the smiles lit up their faces - they could’ve competed with the sun itself in regards to pure light. You bobbed up and down, taking in the sight before you, thinking that the panic you felt earlier was totally worth it. You’d do anything for your boys.

Title: Like A Virgin

Summary: Being the newest of Negan’s Wives and telling him you’re still a virgin.

Words: 541

Tags:  @scarygoodfanfics, @fangirlindenial, @skullripper9000, @coralpeanutsuit, @justalittlefangirlthing, @nerdy4itall, @katnisspeetaprim, @kleboldisbae, @roleplayeroftheyear, @anntmann, @deanegan, @buckythelittlepuppy, @sniper-knight, @deekaahtj@theroyaldixon, @carolmontt, @imslowlygettingbetter, @iamnothereimnotlistening, @caitydestroyz, @radpukee, @blackvipera, @brieregod-48, @izayo-i, @hellokittyswiftie, @fancybubble, @monetkiddie, @bobrossisbae, @my-amazing-nerdyness, @laurenvictoria-xo, @sea-blue-eyes, @thedeadwalks, @timetravelingsociopathicwalker, @amazinggabbyisonfire, @reedusslut4life135, @ansleylovesmattespinosa, @eziokeks, @multifandomimagines4everyone, @kathyjimenezg1, @bensrey, @laurenm383, @moonxlight101, @look-at-my-dirty-girl, @bands-messed-me-up, @superlucille, @bisexual-watermelons, @hoomygawd, @haunted-goddess, @cassidyfane1d


It hadn’t been but a couple of days since you agreed to marry Negan. You had no boyfriend amongst the Saviors and you definitely weren’t a fan of going out on the road. Negan took up your offer without a second thought. He always thought you were an attractive woman, and hell, why wouldn’t he want you as his Wive?

As far was you could tell, things were going to be a lot nicer as a Wive. Amber and a few other girls had quickly become your friends and taught you the ropes, although you hadn’t slept with Negan yet. They taught you how to act, the new do’s and don’ts of your new life.  

Upon your arrival, Sherry frowned at your presence. She understood the reasons for your choice, but she didn’t agree with them. Even though Sherry wasn’t much older than you, she cared for you like a mother would. You confided in her that you were still a virgin. She sent Dwight to get Negan immediately, hoping that he wouldn’t punish you for not having told him up front. 

Negan entered the Wives’ lounge, making his way to you. After pouring himself a drink, he addressed you. 

    “Dwight said you had something to tell me. Is that still the case? Because I hope I didn’t hike all those fucking stairs for nothing.” he said with a flirtatious and sly smile.

    “Yes, I-can we go somewhere private?” you asked.

Negan’s attention perked up at your request. “Shit, of course.” 

Grabbing your hand, Negan lead you to another room not too far away. After holding the door for you, Negan closed it, making sure you’re conversation was completely private. The two of you now stood in a well decorated room. 

Negan spread his arms, proud of it. “Pretty sweet, right? I’ve got the best room in this goddamn place.” 

You stood silently, unsure of what to say.

He sighed, rubbing his brow. “Shit, where are my manners? Have a seat honey.” 

You obeyed, sitting on an armchair across from Negan. 

    “So, what have you got to tell me doll face?” Negan asked. 

You swallowed hard. “Well, it’s just that I…” you trailed off.

His hazel eyes watched you. “Come on sweetheart, if you’re going to be my Wive then you need to talk with me.” Negan said.

    “It’s just- I’m still a virgin.” you said, the words finally falling out of your mouth. 

Negan said nothing. For a moment, the leader of the Saviors only watched you and was silent.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.” Your voice wavered. 

Noticing the worry in your eyes, Negan took your hand. “I’m not mad sweetheart. I don’t get angry over silly shit like that. We can play around, see what you might like. Practice a little bit and we’ll work our way up to the real thing. How’s that for a plan?” 

The tension in your muscles quickly dwindled into a calm optimism. “Ok, yea, that sounds good.” you said, a small smile pulling at the corner of your lips. 

To your surprise Negan kissed your forehead, his facial hair tickling your skin. 

    “Now if you excuse me, I’ve got a shit ton of stuff to do. See you later gorgeous”


Imagine Idubbbz// car rides part two

you sit in the drivers seat and wait for max’s signal, once you see his hand wave, you start the car up. it revs for a couple minutes making you a bit sad, but as it roars to life you cant help but laugh. 

“Leave it running for a bit alright?” you turn to the passenger seat and see Ian, you nod, its a good idea. you get out with a grin, and thank max and Joji for the jump.

“alright, were gonna head back, probably get some alcohol on the way. you riding with us Ian?” Max asks, Ian glances up with eyebrows raised.

“uh no i think i should stay on case it breaks down again” he says fleetingly, max nods agreeing, and you blush taking the jumper cables from him and walking to the end of your lift up the small latch to shove them under the floor of the car with the spare tire. you wave as max and Joji leave, and hear Ians footsteps rounding thecar.

“So i was thinking maybe we could go out to breakfast or something?” Ian says, you glance up with a cheeky grin.

“Ian are you asking me out on a breakfast date?” you say, he smiles and shrugs.

“yea, as a matter of fact i am, and dont act like you dont want to cause i know for a fact you love breakfast” he says you laugh a bit and sit down on the back of the car.

“yea breakfast sounds good” you agree, Ian smiles and takes a seat next to you, hes a little to tall so he lays look down and watch as he puts his arms under his head to brace himself. you lay back beside him, and lean into him a bit.

“George said he had a crazy dream” Ian says, you feel him tracing a line on the seem of your jeans. 

“about what?” you ask grabbing his hand and folding your fingers between his.

“a sex dream, he said it was like the noises were real” Ian says, you blink and it takes you a minute to realize Joji probably heard you and Ian… you cover your face

“oh God” you say Ian huffs a laugh as you cringe.

“how could we do that when they were just right there” you groan

“you regret it…?” Ian asks, you look up at him, shaking your head.

“God no…” you say he smiles, nodding.

“you just would have liked to have privacy? like this morning?” he asks, you blush, even though you know thats just what he wanted. Ian smiles and you look around…

“theres no one around right now…” you say. Ian glances up, now he’s blushing. you reach up and close the hatchback and Ian watches you, not protesting, but he looks nervous. 

“do you not want to…?” you ask feeling a bit rejected. Ian’s face lights up.

“no! i mean yea… of course i want to i just… never thought you’d be into a quickie in the back of a car” he says. you shrug.

“get in where you fit in Carter” you say leaning in to kiss his smiling lips. you find relief in the kiss, the truth is you’ve wanted more ever since you got your first taste. you kiss down his neck and run your hands under his shirt feeling his warm skin. you move down and fidget with his belt, feeling his buldge underneath already thick. you pull the pants down, and pull his boxers asidewatching as his thick cock is free. you look up at Ian and see he has that dark look in his eye Ian pulls at your arm, and you shake your head. you lean down and place a kiss on the tip of his dick. Ian sucks in a deep breath.

“fuck…” he whisps out. you like that, it fuels you. you swirl your tongue over the head, and smooth your way down the shaft of him, not quite making it to the bottom, you push your tongue against him as much as you can, watching as he runs his hand through his hair and rests his head on his hand, lips parted, eyes on you. you move up and down, the thickness is so pleasing. you didnt even know you liked this, but it was good, and you loved watching him while you do it. 

“oh fuck… youre… thats really good” he groans, you use your hand on the portion you cant suck and move along with it, he’s clutching the seat behind him now, groaning, writhing all because of you. you suck a bit harder, and lick at his tip, hes moving his hips up now, grinding a bit.

“fuck im close, im really close” he groans. you squeeze a little harder with your hand and smooth your tongue against him, he empties himself and you swallow around him. he groans wildly over and over, they grow softer, and die down as you sit up and wipe the corner of your mouth. your lips tingle and your sure your blushing like crazy. Ian is staring at you, which doesnt help with the blush. you wonder if you did well… Ian lunges forward and wraps his arms around you, kissing you deeply, you feel him lean you back, and rip at your panties under your skirt.

“you’re fucking insane… im fucking insane, youre driving me insane, do you know that?” he growls into your ear as he not so gently lays you on your feel a  bit flustered, you dont know how to respond to that..

“did you like it?” you ask in a soft voice, he looks down at you from between your legs.

“did i like it? of course i liked it i fucking loved it… couldnt you tell?” he asks, you shrug and smile a bit. Ian kisses you reassuringly, and kisses down your neck, lifting your shirt off, helping you shed it. he kisses down your stomach and then down to your legs kissing his way up your inner thigh.

“Ian” you say worriedly, he looks up at you.

“i… i’ve never had this happen so if its too much will you stop?” you ask, he raises an eyebrow and swallows hard. turned on by the thought of being the first one to lick you. 

“yea” is all he manages. you watch as he lowers himself and youre already breathing hard. the first kiss is intensely sweet, you let out a small moan feeling his tongue cirlce your clit.sliding elegantly against you.

“oh… oh my god… Ian… fuck” you moan as he licks your slit, flicking his tongue over your clit. you feel yourself unraveling already.

“fuck… dont stop, please dont stop Ian… oh Ian…” you cant stop the words now the pleasure is too much.  Ian looks up seeing your eyes tightly shut, you biting your lip, he moves faster. your hand is in his hair, you have nothing else to hold onto. you start to shake as your orgasm rips through you

“Ian!!” you scream, a wave of pleasure ripping through your center, Ian doesnt let up though he continues, and guides you through it. you grip his hair and beg him, you dont even know what for. after you cant take anymore, you pull at him lightly, and he stops. youre breathing hard, and you dont want to open your eyes and come back to reality. you feel soft kisses trailing up your cheek to your lips. you kiss Ian back needfully and sigh against his lips.

“that was…” you begin, you cant find the words though. “i loved it” you decide. Ian huffs a laugh next to you. you lay against him for a while. feeling him trace his hands over your shoulders, a thumb across your sensitive nipple, kisses against your neck.

you cant keep eye contact for more than seven seconds from across the booth table. you stare down at your food, pushing the blueberries around. you glance up and see Ian looking at you too, you blush and look over at the hot sauce, you grab it and pour some on your eggs, taking a big bite.

“you okay?” Ian asks, you look up and nod.

“you know whats cool about blueberries? on the outside theyre blue, on the inside theyre green, but when you mash them up theyre purple” you say squishing one. you look up, Ian has one eyebrow raised confusedly. 

“thats… neat?” he says, you blush.

“yea, pretty… neat” you say. you stop by mcdonalds and get some junk food for the guys on your way back. you continue babbling about random facts nervously as you pull into the driveway. Ian watches as you hop out, with the bags. you walk to the door.

“why are you in such a rush?” you feel Ian grab your arm, you turn and tilt your head as if you’re confused.

“the guys havent eaten” you say smiling softly.

“thats it?” Ian says, you nod with a more convincing smile and head for the door. you walk in and see the guys all laying lazily around the livingroom.

“food” you say tossing bags at everyone.. you walk towards the kitchen.

“what the hell took you so long” Max says.

“we stopped for food duh” you say quickly.

“it took you an hour to get mcdonalds?” Max asks, he isnt buying it.

“we ate there” Ian says, backing your story.

“yea right, took a little detour more like it” Chad says, you roll your eyes you dont want to deal with chads shit right now.

“fuck off chad” Ian says, annoyed by him as well. you feel like maybe Ian could sense your attitude and now hes a little irritated that you are acting strange. you walk towards the bathroom and stare at yourself in the mirror. you look at your lips, still tingling from his kisses, your neck, red in spots from kiss soft bites. you cant even look at the rest of yourself. theres just too much, too much shit. to much emotions, too much to figure out. what if Ian just wants to fuck, you could not do that, that isnt what you want. There are no signs in anything that this is serious… or even anything but sex. you cant blame him though youre the one that came onto him, after he had just been joking with you. you splash some cold water on your face and walk back out to the living room. you sit next to Joji on the side of the couch, even though theres a space next to Ian available, you try to ignore that hes looking at you, youact as if youre biting a nail, watching the movie completely interested, but youre not. youre going through your mind, stuck in your mind, looking for an out. the worst thing is rejection, the worst thing is wanting something more, and them not wanting anything more. 

you look up at the clock. theres exactly three hours until youve all got o head to the airport, youll take your flight to california… your flight with Ian… you came here on the same flight and youve got a returning flight with him as well. the flight here was fun, you stayed up with him while the other passengers slept. you talked about everything, and nothing, and anything that came to your minds. you grab your phone and go online quickly, changing your flight to one to sacramento airport instead of LAX. You set your phone down and look around. Ian looks up once he sees you move.

“oh i totally forgot, i have an earlier flight than you guys” you say, Joji and max look up as well as chad.

“i thought you and Ian had the same flight?” George asks, you shake your head.

“no i have a thing,i forgot about i rescheduled when we landed i thought i told you guys” you say, George and Ian shake their heads.

“fuck, yea my flight is in an hour and a half” you say standing and walking towards the room.

“well… why dont you switch you can do that right>” joji asks, you shake your head.

“i think they charge you” you say, shoving your things into your bag.

“no they dont” Ian says, you turn around and look up only for a second.

“well it doesnt really matter, i have that thing” you say, making sure everything is packed, you walk to the door and set it down.

“you’re leaving right now?” Max asks, you smile softly and nod.

“yea i wanted to buy a hoodie that says something cheesy about australia” you say he huffs a laugh.

“alright… well, bye” max says lenaing in to hug you, you hug him back and gearge is next, you hug him and then look up at Ian, you smile and reach up, hugging him lightly. you try not to breathe in his smell, or hug him too tightly, or hold on fro long either. you pull away and grab your bag.

“ill see you guys soon” you say smiling.

“yea, ill be in the states soon enough for a convention, we should all get together” Max says, you smile, though you dont agree. you walk through the doorway and out to your car. you open the hatchback and look down, everything is desheveled. you feel your heart thump loudly, and throw your bag in, closing it.

“hey” you hear from the door, you see Ian jogging out a bit, you swallow hard.

“im gonna be late” you say with a fake smile, opening the door. Ian grabs the door.

“you forgot your phone” he says blankly, you look down, its on the airport website ‘your flight change has been confirmed!’ is on the screen. you feel your heart sink. you dont even want to look up at Ian now, you’re too embarassed. 

“tell me whats up” Ian says, you place your hands on the steering wheel.

“nothings up, nothing is happening… we had fun but now its time to go home right” you say looking up at him, he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand. you dont like the way he’s looking at you.

“come on Ian… you dont date, its not hard to figure out what you’re into. i dont want to be anyones fuck buddy. i have to go” you pull the door away and start your car as he steps back.he runs his hand over his chin and you look away pulling out of the driveway. 

you sit in the uncomfortable airplane seat, your phone ringing beside you, for the third time. you turn it on airplane mode and shove it into your jacket pocket. 

“why are you so scared” Ian laughs, pulling up the plane window you shut it and push his arm back to the aisle seat.

“ive never been on a plane before and ive heard the scariest part is liftoff… i wanna pretend im in a small room, that is not mid air” you say he laughs.

“planes are safer than trains, and cars” he says, you shake your head.

“i do not believe that” you say he smiles.

“well i dont know, i was trying to make you feel better. youre such a pussy” he says. you shake your head getting memories out of your mind. you look over at the window… and open it as the plane takes off. you close your eyes.

baggage claim is the worst, theres nothing to do, and you feel weird being the only one not on your phone.  you dont want to turn it on either, and see all those missed calls. you see your bag and grab it quickly, youre tired, very tired and its late. you walk out the door and look around, there has to be a hotel somewhere… you hail a cab and he takes you to some decent hotel, you pay him and walk inside. its almost dead. you get a room, and lay on the crisp white bed. you stare at the ceiling, unable to sleep.its been hours already and its almost time for the sun to come up. you grab your phone and turn it on. dreading what it might say. 3 missed calls and four unread texts. you go to the texts and read them

“thats what you think? you think i just wanted to fuck you and thats it?”

“answer your phone”

“yea you know what youre right, i dont care about you at all. thats why i waited an hour for you outside LAX so we could have the same flight, thats why every time chad is even the slightest bit of a cunt to you i wanna strangle him. cause i dont care about you.” the last one makes your heart sink, even further

“ok, im done. have a nice flight” he sent all of those while you were still on your way to the airport, he didnt want you to go. you take a deep breath, and tap reply.

“why dont you date” you ask. setting your phone down. you dont expect a reply until the morning. but your phone digs pretty quickly.

“i dont like every girl i come across” he wrote, you calm down a bit, nervous that he replied quickly.  you prepare yourself mentally to respond.

“you dont have to like someone to fuck them” you say. you stand up and walk to the window, opening it and letting the cold air in. you grab your phone.

“i do” is all he rub your face and walk into the bathroom.

“so you liked me?” you ask

“liked? even though you’re a dramatic fleeting loser i still like you” you blush, now you feel a like an elementary school kid.

“you never told me that” you retort

“i didnt think i had to” he says back

“well you have to, i dont read minds. i may be a dramatic fleeting loser but youre a presumptuous jerk” you insult him back.

“okay, ill give you that one” he says. youre staring at your hpone as it starts to ring, you dont want to answer it.but you do.

“hello?” you ask

“are you talking on the phone while driving?” he asks first, you roll your eyes

“no” you say

“good, are we done acting like highschoolers?” he asks, you swallow hard and rub your eyes.

“im sorry…” you say. Ian didnt expect an apology.

“so you did all that cause yoou thought i was a douchebag?” Ian asks,

“no… i did all that cause i thought… i dont know” you stp, Ian sighs.

“cause you thought what” he asks

“cause i thought i liked you too much” you admit.

“so you like me too” he says

“of course i like you too, want me to write you a note? check yes or no?” you say he chuckels. you dont find it amusing, you made a big deal over your freak out just because you were afraid/

“might clear the air” he says.

“i was afraid that i liked you too much and you didnt like me as much, and i dont like rejection so my first instinct is to leave. im sorry i lied to you, and im sorry i lied to the guys but i was scared. i like you like alot, and im not sure how to handle that? ive never liked someone this much and all this happened really fucking fast yaknow?” you say, Ian doesnt respond for a second.

“where are you?” he asks. you sigh, and tell him which motel. you sit criss crossed on the bed knowing hes on his way. hes here faster than you thought he would be, you unlock the door and walk back to the bed. 

“this is a nice place” he says, you crawl on the bed, and back agaisnt the headboard, sighing a bit.

“cheap too” you say. Ian sits at the edge of the bed and lays back.

“my flight was boring, extremely boring. i sat next to this woman, who wouldnt stop talking about all of her sexual endeavors. she was probably around sixty?” Ian says you huff a laugh.

“the kind of person that tells you things even though you tell them you already know. she has three grandchildren, and one son, shes had seven miscarriages and considers her son a miracle child” Ian says.

“so you made a friend” you say he laughs.

“it would have been better you were there, then i could have made you sit by her” he says you roll your eyes and realize something.

“you switched your flight” you say he doesnt respond.

“Ian… im really sorry” you say he sits up.

“its fine. just be up front with me about… this. about how you feel. im crazy about you, i told you that.” he says. you remember now… him pulling you, telling you that you make him crazy. the way he looked, how he kissed you and pulled at you, it was all needfully. like he wanted more of you than he was getting, like he couldnt get slide down the bed and wrap your arms around his neck, he pulls you onto his lap and you sigh against his neck. you kiss him softly, and he pulls away from you for a moment, shedding his sweatshirt and standing up, you watch as he pulls the blankets aside and you duck under them. you face eachother,but your buried in the crook of his neck and shoulder. youre just soaking up the warmth. you fall asleep in his arms.

Brother’s Best Friend (Part 7) - A.I.

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Calum: We seem to have a bit of a problem.

Michael read the text to himself as y/n drove the small car towards the venue where the boys would be having one of their gigs at. It was just like any Saturday night: a nice eight song setlist, a quick chat with some of the fans, and a couple of beers back at Ashton’s. Although, it was still weird watching y/n curled up into Ash’s side, even if it had been a month of them dating.

Michael: What’s the problem, Hood? Forgot a pick again?

Michael watched y/n pull over into the parking lot right next to his girlfriend’s car making him smile to himself. Even if he wasn’t exactly fond of y/n for the first week or so since she had moved in, she was probably the best thing that had happened to him. She introduced him to the girl he had been crushing on for months, quickly finding out Crystal was not the girl she portrayed at school liking to keep her private life separate. And, she had even become one of his closest friends. It’s amazing how many things may occur that you find it’s easier to share with a sibling than it is with some of your best friends.

Calum: Britt’s here

Michael’s stomach dropped as the driver side door closed, Michael so caught up in his own little world that he hadn’t realized she was making her way into the building. They all knew Ashton wasn’t over Britt, no matter how much he had claimed to be, but it was a risk they all took going to a bar fifteen minutes from her Uni campus, clearly making the mistake of doing so.

Michael quickly hopped out of the car hearing it lock as y/n pressed the button on the key, praying to the gods above Ashton wouldn’t be stupid enough to talk to her knowing his girlfriend would be in the venue at any point in time. He walked through the door to see Luke and Ashton chatting away, a smile plastered on both of their faces as Calum stared at the blonde on the other side of the room, a frown clearly evident as he twirled the straw in his glass. Lily seemed to be whispering something in his ear, causing the tanned boy to nod or shake his head every so often. If Ashton was cheery, he hadn’t noticed Britt yet.

“Of course you’re last to arrive,” Luke teased, voice booming through the venue once he caught sight of Michael, Ashton’s head turning just in time to catch y/n before she could hug him from behind, Ashton’s hand finding her hips as he placed a few kisses repeatedly to her lips. Michael completely ignore Luke, eyes meeting Calums as they turned to face Britt just as she turned to see where the loud voice came from, color draining from her face when her eyes landed on the curly mop of Ashton Irwin.

“Well, this is going to be one hell of a night,” Cal muttered, sipping at his drink as Michael nodded, turning away from Britt when he felt arms snake around his waist instantly knowing they belonged to Crystal.

“Everything alright?” she asked, Michael tucking her under his arm to hold her tight to his body as he pecked her forehead.

“Not at all, love,” he said back, eyes flashing to Britt who had turned away, body language completely different than it had been only a minute before. “But we’ll talk about it later. Ashton needs to be in his right mind right now.” She nodded her head, pulling away from his grasp as Calum downed the rest of his drink before getting ready to head backstage with the rest of the boys now that Michael had arrived.

“I’ll see you after,” Ashton muttered, kissing y/n once again before pulling back from her, a wink dropping from his eye as she bit on her bottom lip, nodding her head softly.

Britt had ceased her conversation with her two friends after making eye contact with Michael and spotting Ashton. Her stomach churned just at the thought of him and how she wanted to go back to her Junior year of high school while they were still together. She had regretted leaving him in the beginning of her senior year for a guy she had met touring at her current university, only to have him admit to cheating weeks before the fall semester start and leave her for another girl, something she felt she deserved considering she had it all from a guy who had loved her unconditionally.

“Britt, are you alright?” her friend asked just as people started to cheer for the band walking on stage. Of course he would be playing tonight. She watched as the blonde searched the crowd a smile on his face until his eyes stopped on her, a look of shock now taking over before shaking his head, making his way to his drum kit to focus. Every fiber in her body told her to leave, but she was frozen.

“Thank you all for coming out tonight. We’re Five Seconds of Summer, and we hope you enjoy.”

The minute Ashton sat down behind his kit, y/n could tell something was wrong. He wasn’t as energized as he usually was on stage and his enthusiasm was lacking. So, when they boys had finished their set, she had made sure she was backstage with Lily and Crystal waiting for the boys to make their way down the hall and greet them, but Ashton had a different idea.

“Ash, you coming?” Luke asked as the three boys got ready to leave the dressing room as Ashton tugged on his shirt, pulling it off.

“No. I’m going to change first because of how gross I feel. I’ll meet you guys out there in five,” he said, a smile on his face as they all shrugged, buying his excuse, shutting the door behind them before he quickly changed his shirt, walking out of the other door, only to walk into someone. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fi-Ashton,” Britt said, smile tugging on her lips as she adjusted the bottom of her cutoff.

“Oh…hey,” he said scratching at the back of his neck, the idea not seeming so great now that he was in front of the girl who had single handedly broken his heart in one try. “What brings you here?”

“Well, this is my neck of the woods. You’re about forty-five minutes from home,” she interjected. “You played well tonight. Almost forgot how good you were on the drums.”

“I’m alright,” he muttered back, an awkward silence filling the space between the two of them. “You like Uni?”

“It’s okay.” He bit the inside of his cheek, looking away as she looked down towards her feet. “Listen, Ash, I-,” she started only to be cut off by Calum calling out for Ashton, clearly looking for him. He stopped in his tracks when he spotted the two having a conversation, concern flowing through his body as well as a bit of anger.

“Hey, man, the cars are all packed and the girls are outside waiting so we can go back to your place,” he said not bothering to acknowledge Britt. There was a time when he worshiped her, thinking that she was the best thing to have happened to his friend until she tossed him to the side for a guy that didn’t even appreciate her.

“Alright, I’ll be there in a minute,” Ash responded taking a glance back to the brunette who continued to scowl, his cheeks flushing a light red.

“Hi, Cal,” Britt muttered waving her hand towards the boy who just nodded in her direction not wanting to really associate with her anytime soon. “You should get going, Ash.”

“Yeah…it was nice to see you,” he said turning away ready to follow Calum as he left the backstage area, only to be stopped by Britt’s hand gripping his arm. “What’s up?”

“I…if you aren’t busy tomorrow, maybe we could grab a cup of coffee? Catch up?” she questioned, letting go of the burning skin coming from her ex as he bit on his lip, nodding in response.

“Yea, sounds good.”

“Cool…text me. My number hasn’t changed,” she said backing away, the smile finally breaking onto her lips. “And, Ash.”

“Yeah?” he questioned.

“You still look really good.” He watched her walk away, not exactly sure what to do, his mind in a bit of a jumble at the moment as he tried to think straight.

He made his way back to the group meeting the intense stare coming from Michael and Calum, Luke completely oblivious to what was going on as he chatted with the girl Maise from his math class who he had invited.

“Irwin, let me talk to you for a minute,” Michael said jutting his head away from the group before leading him to the parking lot. “You were talking to Britt.”

“We ran into each other when I was trying to grab some water,” he lied, sticking his hands in the pocket of his damp jeans.

“I really don’t think anything that has to do with Britt is a good idea.” Ashton furrowed his brows while looking at the, now blonde haired boy, glare still not leaving his face.

“And why is that?”

“Well, aside from the fact she broke your heart, now my sister’s involved. So, i swear to god, Ashton, if you break my sister’s heart, I’ll break your fucking neck.” The two glared at each other for another minute before Michael went inside to retrieve everyone else, y/n being the first to leave the building, still having yet to see Ashton since before he went on stage.

“Hey, Ash,” she said walking up to him, the blond looking over, a smile tugging at his lips. “You alright? You seemed off on stage.”

“I’m doing just fine baby. Even better now that you’re here.” He pressed a soft kiss to her lips, pulling back just in time to see Britt walking to her car, He leaned in again, pressing his lips harder against hers letting him have his moment. He needed to get Britt out of his head. “Let’s skip the after party tonight, yea?”

You winced when you saw his face appear on screen. “Please tell me that that’s just makeup.”

Henry chuckled, breaking the intimidating facade he was trying to present. “Yes it is. We’re continuing the scene after the break. Thank God, Jamie able to set up the laptop on time.”

You were about to ask Henry a question when the sounds of Ginuwine’s Pony blared through your speaker.

Henry frowned, annoyed at the interruption. There barely was time to talk this week and he really was looking forward to this, no matter how short it would be.

“Come on guys. I’m trying to have a conversation here.”  He turned around, talking to some guys who looked suspiciously like his co-stars.

“Whaaaa- Oh heyyy Henry. Didn’t see you there. We’re just, you know, running lines.” Nicholas said nervously while flipping through his script. Meanwhile, Glen, Logan and Neil were hanging around at the back, making small talk while actively avoiding eye contact with Henry.

“Uh huh, sure” Henry narrowed his eyes. Just as he was about to continue the conversation, the music stopped.

The 4 of them are now standing in a row with their backs to the camera. In one swift move, all of them dropped their pants; their bare butts gracing your screen.

You guffawed as Henry yelled “The hell -”

The guys laughed their heads off as they pulled their pants back up and sauntered off. Unfortunately, Glen was having a bit of trouble putting his pants back on. “Wait up, will ya?!”

Henry then turned back to you with the widest smile on his face. You’ve seen that smile. You know that smile. It’s a smile that means that he’s got something up his sleeve. And it will not bode well for the quartet.

“Henry…” you warned.

“It’s just going to be harmless payback prank babe, nothing too serious.”


“Maybe. Babe, I gotta go. I’ve got to retouch the makeup before shooting restarts. I’ll Skype you later again?”

“Yea, that sounds good. Oh and Henry?”


“If you could wear the uniform too?” you shyly asked, biting your lower lip.

Henry raised an eyebrow. “Liking the uniform, are we?” he smirked. “Tell you what, I’ll wear it IF you wear the lingerie I got for you.” He winked and closed the video session, leaving you blushing in the dark

“Winter in Piltover is a wonderful thing. Spiced sweet drinks start getting sold along the bridges. Thick, puffy blankets of snow cover the cobbles and sidewalks. Kids start running around having snowball fights. The frosty chem lamps along the roads get wrapped with colorful snowdown bows and ribbons. People, believe it or not, even get a little bit nicer here around this time of year. Well, I mean- I might not be able to say the same for myself, but it’s still pretty heartwarming to see everyone running around enjoying the holidays.”

“I think I might cozy up beside a window with a book and a warm drink today. There’s been some ice on my street this week. I think I can spare myself one day off to watch people slip on it and fall on their asses. Yea. That sounds like a pretty good day off to me.”