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Please feel free to slap me in the face for making you guys wait so long :<

SO YEA!! Break is here, updates can start up again and hopefully we’ll be able to get back on a regular schedule of sorts.

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I used to identify as bi but now I feel that the label lesbian fits me better... Should I come out again? Is that redundant? Idk :/ I don't want to feel like I'm making a really big deal out of the situation you know?

I feel like coming out again would be a really good step in accepting who you are. Coming out and saying “yea I’m gay” or “I’m a lesbian” is really freeing and could be a really big stepping stone for you. I don’t think it’s redundant at all and it would help your friends or family know so they don’t try to for instance set you up with guys or expect you to be interested in men, etc bc even if they don’t know it can be damaging bc then internalized homophobia takes the wheel and you’re like “should I be attracted to him?” “I think he looks cute but would I actually want to date him?” and it’s just a messy and unhealthy road to go down

How BTS would react to seeing their crush kissing a girl

Jin: He would stare in disbelief not believing what he was seeing.

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Suga: He would smirk and stare getting dirty thoughts in his brain instantly. 

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Rap Monster: He would be having lunch with you thinking about finally confessing when a girl came up to you and you greeted her with a kiss leaving him to stuff his mouth and stare wondering who the girl was.

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JHope: After you kissed the girl he would just say, “Oh so you’re a lesbian great, yea,  I need to go somewhere.” without waiting for an explanation. 

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Jimin: He would just smile and shift awkwardly in his seat trying to hide his obvious boner.

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V: “Wait you’re gay?” he would ask in shock. “No Bi.” you’d reply. “Good so I still have a chance.” he’d mutter to himself.

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Jungkook: You guys would be at a party when he started confessing to you, saying, “Y/N you know I have something to tell you I…”. He would be cut off by one of your drunk friends coming over and kissing you and you lightly kissed back making him laugh nervously and mutter, “Uhh never mind.” 

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“Hello cutie. Can I get you something to drink?” The man asked you at the bar who was obviously drunk by the way. he was slurring his words and swaying side to side.

“Oh no thank you” you said kindly looking somewhere else to distract yourself.

The man sat down down to you. “You’re very sexy you know that” he said taking a sip of his drink.

“Thank you” you said uncomfortably.

“Pretty girl like you shouldn’t be here all alone” The man said smirking.

“Yea you’re right excuse me” you said walking away and going straight to the bathroom. You called up the only person you knew who could protect you.



“Damon are you busy?” You said sighing.

Damon noticed the sudden change in your voice. “Whats wrong? Are you hurt?”

“Not really. But this guy at the mystic grill is kinda bothering me and can you just come? please.”

“Of course! On my way and I’m kicking his ass when I get there”

“Damon!” You laughed and you shook your head ending the call waiting for your knight and shining armor, damon to arrive.

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I have this friend who I date a few years ago. We are awesome together but we live far from each other so it was never more than a summer fling. I was afraid he wouldn't like me anymore after I told him in trans and started transition, but I cut my hair really short and told him last month. He looked at me and said "always loved you in boxer briefs, you make one hell of a guy" and yea its not poetry I know LMAO but it was so sincere and spontaneous, like he really meant it and I felt so great.

Oh and I’d say that was amazing to hear! So sweet 💙

thanks jae @ethereal-bellarke and @from-the-ashes-we-will-rise for tagging me!!

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a - age: 17

b - birthplace: winnipeg, manitoba (canada)

c- current time: 4:20 pm

d - drink you last had: mocha iced capp from the loml tims

e - easiest person to talk to: in real life: my best mates on here: hells yea my 💯 squad (y’all know who you are) + @bel-ami-blake + @sylvias-plath + i love to meet new people so hmu any time!!!!

f - favourite song: yikes i have SO MANY um but as of rn like castle on the hill - ed sheeran or guys my age - hey violet

g- grossest memory: we were traveling in europe on a school trip and we were like 30 hours no sleep and my friend had a jet lag/anxiety triggered puke attack and for like 10 minutes she was just throwing up out the train doors onto the tracks at the frankfurt train station so that was kinda rough (she was okay after)

h - horror yes or horror no: yes and no? i can’t do gory/bloody but i’m def’s not here for supernatural/jump scare type shit (but hard pass on human centipede NO FUCKING THANKS) i’m okay with it guess

i - in love?: lol not right now but i had to do some real self-reflection to figure out if i had ever been in love and yeah i guess so

j - jealous of people?: not really no

k - killed someone?: nah but sometimes people really test me 

l - love at first sight or should i walk by again: aye gimme that second glance chance 

m - middle name: don’t got one? (ik ik i’m weird)

n - number of siblings: have a younger brother 

o - one wish: t
o make as many people happy as possible (i guess that’s a life motto more than anything)

p - person you called last: my best gal shamu

q - question you’re always asked: “do you speak hindu?” (it’s hindi btw and yes)

r - reason(s) to smile: friends, family, (family) weddings, music, books, tv shows, bellarke lmao, FOOD, a gosh darn pretty view

s - song you sang last:  it ain’t me - kygo & selena gomez

t - time you woke up: 5:30 am AGH gotta love morning practices

u - underwear colour: black lol

v - vacation destination: amsterdam or greece!!!!!!!!

w - worst habit: over-thinking things, and procrastinating also bad jokes at bad times

x - x-rays: yeah had 2

y - your favourite food: this is SO HARD WTF TOO MANY THINGS like i love seafood but also pasta but also cheese but also nutella and crepes and perogies are amazing but like PIZZA right

z - zodiac sign: virgo (i promise i’m not a bitch)

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Happy Birthday (Baekhyun x Reader)

Characters: Baekhyun x You
Summary: You try your best to make it up to him, but he seems to really have moved on. Do you still keep trying, or give up ? (BGM)
A/N: It’s raining in my area >< it’s been raining, and so I’ve been listening to really sad music. And I got inspired to write with some of the songs I’ve been listening to ^ ^ And one more thing;; there are flashbacks;; I tried to write it as less confusing as possible;; but;; yea;; Oh and;;;;;; I quit trying to shorten my stories;; it doesn’t work;; my one-shots are at least 3000;; at most, who knows how much;;; and I’m sorry if you guys think it’s too long;; but it’s the only way I can provide a shot without thinking it’s trash;; so bear with me;; you don’t have to if you don’t want to;; Well then, enjoy ^ ^ (5.11.2016 a/n update;; this is a real piece of shit now that I read it;; but since I still wrote it;; yea;; 5.15.2016 a/n update #2;; SIKE !! YOU GUYS THOUGHT I HAD NO FICS FOR YOU RIGHT ? PFFF I had one… sorry;; it’s shit though;;;)
Word Count: 6400

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  • LD: This guy in the white shirt is killing me. You know, we need to hire only good looking musicians.
  • LBD: Yea man, we need those movie quality musicians, who are well dressed in sequins and what not. This is being filmed.
  • LD: Yea, this should be audio only which would really help with my lighting cues.
  • Student shadow: Man you guys are worse than some of us high schoolers.
  • LBO: Thank goodness it's like we never have to grow up in this business.
  • LD: It's like my union card is also my card to remain an adolescent.

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Heeeeeey~ I found your blog! Hi! Cmonster and Yandie and you are. awesome! You guys are so cool and gud at drawing. ... so Yea I'll just go follow you now. ... bye

Haha I know who you are triangle, I love the drawing you did of us!! And funny story I save all art that has been done of me and my friends went through my phone and really loved your drawing

  • JLaur: did you fuck our dear ham
  • TJeffs: I am in a committed relationship
  • JLaur: have you ever fucked our dear ham
  • TJeffs: ….I don’t know if i’d call it…’fucking’ per say
  • JLaur: r u sure it wasn’t hate sex
  • JLaur: ….
  • TJeffs: it was when we were in high school and one year after, shut up
  • JLaur: ohmygod
  • Hercthemerc: wWAI TWIAT WAIT why;’d you break up
  • JLaur: yea you guys hated each other I SQWEEAR TO GOD IF IT WAS YOUR FAULT THOMAS-
  • TJeffs: hear me out ok
  • JLaur: ...okay
  • Hercthemerc: alright
  • TJeffs: alex and I were intellectual matches, we were both friends with James, which is how we met. And then mid arguement...I don’t know who did it but, we kissed and then….yeah we kinda fell in love for a few years….and we had an argument when we were first living together -right out of high school...and….it wasn’t anything big, you know, just how much we planned to do with our lives….which kinda sounds big now, but then we still had college to attend, so it was distant….and i came home one day and he was gone with a note saying he had joined the army
  • TJeffs: and...we kinda just….fell out of love
  • TJeffs: or really, he met you guys and i had to
  • TJeffs: ...I could never hate alexander, even if he is a pain in the ass

yea idk if yall already know this or it’s obvious but drawing joji/ff/cc is going down a bit. ill probably draw him here n there and will dabble in the fandom but ive grown busy for once and wanna focus more on my ocs 

if ya stick around after this i love and appreciate you for doing so and hope to get things up n running soon for backstories n shit 

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I'm not sure if someone's said this before (they probably have) but I think that part of the reason the twins don't have girlfriends is because they'll lose their "selling qualities" if u know wat I mean. Millions of girls see them as these hot single guys who they could date and part of their brand is about being desirable, which would be partly if they weren't available and they might be scared they'll gain less/ lose fans .... Also the fans would hate on the girls sooo much which is sad :(((

Yea someone else has said this too! I do do agree! But stuff like this has been happening for YEARS!! Like back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and so on! You get told that if you want to make it, you have to be ‘single’.

Basically you have to string your fans along!

I don’t think it’s stopping them dating people, I think it’s just stopping them telling us.

Young boys in that industry are getting told to play the system basically!

“You can have girlfriends, but hide it! As you need to make yourself seem innocent, you make yourself seem likeable, you make yourself seem like you’re scared to talk to the opposite sex…. but, but when you’re 18, I’m gonna want to see photos of you everywhere with a girl”

Like look at the twins video now, in the ‘for only you’ Grayson pulled his pants down, Ethan and Grayson mooned in the video, and then in this week’s video, Grayson got naked… we would not have seen this years ago! Which means they are allowed to start being themselves and breaking away from the PG era.


“I don’t know, just some guy who lives in the building. I ran into him at the elevator.” She really only knew a handful of the people in the building. Amane had seen the guy before a couple times but didn’t know his name or even which number he lived in “And probably because he thinks you’re hot and is hoping you’ll call him.”

Demon arched a brow looking at the several digits on the small slip of paper they looked more like an access code or something, at the mentioning of this males thought about her made the female give an awkward chuckle rubbing the back of her neck.
“Really wow…uh should I?, what would I even say?….”.

  • *sounds are coming from the school tennis court*
  • Aries: What is that?
  • *screeching sound carries on*
  • Pisces: Idk.... Sounds like dinosaurs tbh.
  • Leo: *pops out of no where* did you say dinosaurs!? *starts naming dinosaurs*
  • Virgo: *death stare at Leo* dinosaurs are extinct you know.
  • Aquarius: Could be possible you know like they could be a mosquito who got fossilised and -
  • Gemini: Yea! And it could contain-
  • Taurus: That's jurassic Park you idiots
  • Gemini and Aquarius together: So....?
  • Capricorn: So it's fiction you dimmwits
  • Cancer: Which one is fiction and non-ficiton is it...??
  • Capricorn: *goes into how the words were formed into the English language*
  • *Gemini and Virgo seem interested*
  • Sagittarius: Fiction is the fake one!
  • Gemini: *looks worried* guys I just remembered the scorpio twins are at the tennis court.....
  • Aries: yes! Least we finally get rid-
  • Cancer: Don't be rude!
  • Pisces: Dw the dinosaurs will pooped them out because they taste weird
  • Taurus: Pisces.... How do you know how they taste? Acc no wait don't tell me.
  • Sagittarius: guys I'm going to investiagate. *walks off*
  • Libra: I want to know how the scorpio twins taste....
  • Capricorn: wait what?
  • Libra: I said I wonder how twirl tastes, you know the chocolate.... *runs after Sagittarius*
  • *Leo,Aries, Virgo and Cancer run after the others*
  • *the rest follow*
  • *everyone makes it to the bushes near the tennis court*
  • Scorpio 1: Rawwwrrrrrrrr
  • Scorpio 2: I can do a baby one! Rawwwrrrrrrrr
  • Both scorpios together: RAWWW- *both see the others staring at them*
  • Scorpio 1: uh....
  • Scorpio 2: Rawwwrrrrrrrr?
  • *the others all hit their heads (expect for cancer and Pisces who start rawring too) *
  • Scorpios, Cancer and Pisces: RAWWW-
  • Everyone: Rawwwwww
Character Alignments.
  • Lawful Good: That guy in that commercial: Yea. U know what I'm talking about. Haha lol. What an asshole.
  • Neutral Good: Ted Talks
  • Chaotic Good: illegally downloaded Ted Talks
  • Lawful Neutral: The designated Spider Killer in every relationship. We love you. We miss you. There's spiders everyfuckingwhere. Fucking help.
  • True Neutral: *nods slowly* Cacti
  • Chaotic Neutral: Fuck yea. You know those crossing guards who are totally like "I'm gonna fuck up your morning routine" yea
  • Lawful Evil: Y2K fear mongers. (Year 2000's gonna fuck us up)
  • Neutral Evil: Whoever invented the Pillow Pet. It's a pillow. It's a pet. Prepare to fucking die cuz it's got a laser. Fuck
  • Chaotic Evil: Those people who hug you for no fucking reason. Like fuck, I know I'm great but don't encourage me.
  • I'm a scientist: Reblog if u agree.
Annoyed Isn’t Even the Half of It

Word count: 1073

Request: Can I just have a fic where the reader is super upset and just spends the day in the shooting range and ends up crying and punching dean, the cute dude who gave me his number has a girlfriend and didn’t bother to mention that, so Yea im kinda pissed 

To the requester, I’m not sure how long ago you requested this but no guy that does anything like that is worth your time. If you’re reading this then I hope you know you’re better than him and you deserve better x

Author: Sam

Note: I have a week off from college so my plan is to get some fics written ready! I think if I manage to write 4 this week then I can try to post 2 a week since it’ll be easier to keep up :)

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