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So I really loved the “Bellamy negotiates with Echo” scene for a thousand reasons but one part in particular that stood out was the face Bob makes right before he says, “I wasn’t done talking.” Like, his expression shows he’s bracing for a hit. He knows he’s in for it once he grabs Echo, he knows he’s just put his life in danger. And I love this not because, as usual, he’s putting his life on the line or throwing himself in front of the metaphorical bullet for his people, but because this moment - this whole SCENE - makes it clear that Bellamy’s ~bravado is an ACT. It always has been. That bravado is something he puts on as soon as he says “I’ve got this” to Kane and you can SEE the mask fall into place. Because this is an act, yes- this isn’t who Bellamy really is - but it’s an act that’s so familiar to him, so second nature that it forms a core part of who he is. The Bravado act defined who he was on the ark, and when he first came down to the ground, and now he draws on it when he needs to buy time with Echo. So basically, this scene is a masterclass by Bob, but also, I don’t think we appreciate enough how far Bellamy has come emotionally. The fact that it felt like a change for Bellamy to flip this switch is a testament to how much more open and honest Bellamy has allowed himself to become since s1. Growth that, I think, is spurred in part by his love for his friends but also, in large part, due to his relationship with Clarke.


steve & natasha au! series / modern au! years after their breakup, steve stumbles upon natasha in a bar. 

saw you walk inside a bar
he said something to make you laugh
i saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
yeah you look happier, you do. 


Isn’t she cute? 😍

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