yea so i made more

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right
‘Cause now I’m shining bright, so bright

* You felt your sins weighing on your neck.

  • Aries: Stephen 'Godfather' Ferrando
  • Taurus: Antonio Espera
  • Gemini: Rudy Reyes
  • Cancer: Mike Wynn
  • Leo: Craig Schwetje
  • Virgo: Evan Stafford
  • Libra: Nathaniel Fick
  • Scorpio: Brad Colbert
  • Sagittarius: Ray Person
  • Capricorn: 'Doc' Bryan
  • Aquarius: James Trombley
  • Pisces: Walt Hasser

falling in love is hard



           Patient debrief: John Constantine

Intake interview proved extremely brief this person was committed to his own volition. He’s a chainsmoker with a history of violence [so a real charming gentleman]. He’s self-loathing banterism is insufferable. [A real corker for me now is] apparent schizophrenia that seems to be untreated most of his life, so he has developed an entire language and hierarchy for it as a coping mechanism. He talks with complete clarity about demons, angels, monsters and possessions...
       [Must be scary... living in a head like that...]

Red Dwarf asks

The Inquisitor: If you had to justify your existence to someone, how would you go about it? 

Timeslides: If you could go back to one moment from your past, what would it be? 

Queeg: Do you consider yourself bossy?

Quarantine: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever worn?

Camille: Describe your perfect partner

The End: How do you imagine the earth in 3 million years?

Confidence and paranoia: How is your self-esteem?

Rimmerworld: How would you feel on a planet populated only by yourself?

Parallel universe: What do you think of gender roles?

Me2: If you met yourself, how would you react?

Marooned: If you had to be stuck on a faraway planet with only one person, who would they be?

Dear Dave: Do you have/want kids?

Back in the Red: Would you ever lie and cheat to rise in social status?

Terrorform: If an environment represented your mental state, how would it look? 

Waiting for God: What is your religion?

Epideme: Current crush?

Trojan: Do you have siblings?

Better than life: If you could suddenly do anything you wanted, what would be the first thing you’d do?

Blue: Who was the last person you kissed?

Polymorph: What negative emotion are you most affected by?

Bodyswap: If you could be inside anyone else’s body, whose would you choose?

Demons and Angels: Describe a lower version of yourself and a higher version of yourself.

The Last Day: Have you ever been so drunk that you’ve spilled out your soul to someone?

Ouroboros: Do you believe in parallel universes?

Cassandra: Where do you see yourself in the future?

DNA: If you could be anything except a human, what would you want to be?

White Hole: Would you like any toast?

Back to Earth: How would you feel if you learned your life was a fictional story and your entire world didn’t exist?