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“Armie, I’ve had many scenes with him and he’s such a nice guy, he’s lovely. And he makes me laugh everyday, he’s really funny. I think he knows if we’ve been out in the cold, you know, we’ve done some tough scenes in the past couple of weeks now but he kind of keeps the mood up, he brings out his guitar…”  - Alicia Vikander

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Are you jealous of Jimin bcs he was ranked higher than you for abs?

Jin: Nahh not really

Jin: Since he has the nicest physique out of all of us and he’s always willing to pose for me when I need him to.. but that’s just because he’s a very nice friend and is willing to help me with my art struggles! 

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I’ve been writing a shit ton of smut and other imagines/one Shots and I wanna post some since I’m trash and wanna throw heaps of more garbage into fandoms.

Who would be interested in, like, GTA and RE7 smut??????? I’ll write more fandoms of course but those two are just so easy to write for me rn and I’ll be mass producing that shit

(P.S it’s mostly Trevor/Reader stuff but I am working on some Trikey and Lucas/Reader and Jack/Reader and one with both Lucas and Jack pretty much “playing” with the reader…. Man I just need more smutty self inserts in these fandoms….)


EYES.   when in conversation, will hardly ever makes eye contact. whether stranger or friend, will’s eyes will always be directly to the right of someone, just subtle enough that it could be mistaken as eye contact before someone really notices. will isn’t a fan of eye contact :  with his empathy already too much to deal with in his work, he doesn’t want to have to learn more about someone and empathize with them in ways he doesn’t even - on a personal level - understand, and more importantly, doesn’t want to understand for his own mental well being. despite this, will’s gaze - though not direct - is typically unwavering. he doesn’t blink a lot, as he tends to focus on one spot and concentrate on it as he talks. a lot of the time, will barely even recognizes what he’s looking at if it’s not what he’s thinking about (ie. the body of the week). sometimes people refer to it as a dead eyed gaze, a bit unnerving in its intensity. will tends to use focusing on objects while others are talking as an escape mechanism as well, letting his mind take in the information he’s hearing without having to look at the person saying it, and let his mind work in response and let his thoughts roam free without actively showing it on his face. however, his eyes will constantly move if someone tries to meet them. there are times where will meets someone else’s eyes straight on  — times where he’s furious, or curious, or in a rare moment of being at ease or comfortable with the situation. it doesn’t last long though. the only exception to this is hannibal. Tends to keep his head lowered and eyes cast down to further avoid eye contact, and due to his discomfort and lack of skill in talking to others.

HANDS.   when he walks, they’re always at his sides, almost like limp noodles save for the clench of his fists. will tends to feel awkward when he walks because of how acutely aware he is of his arms, and clenches his fists in an effort to do something with his hands instead of letting them hang uselessly by his sides. when will talks – when he’s lecturing, or when he’s discussing a case – his arms are always crossed tight over his chest, fingers gripping at the fabric of his shirt. he shifts his arms a lot, and the grip of his fingers.

MOUTH.  probably the most expressive part of his face. it’s the one part he can’t really control. oh, he has perfect control over his words and in what he wants to say – to inform, to divert, to manipulate, to dig and to discover – but as far as what his mouth achieves in expression as opposed to words is something will has never been able to control. frowns come easy to him, smiles are more difficult but exist, and the angry or confused twitches of his lips in response to certain comments (mainly, ones meant to dig at him in any offensive or prying way) happen often. for all his quiet demeanor and reserved nature when it comes to his words and the amount he says, will is very loose with his mouth, and the minuscule movements in response to things tell a lot about him that he doesn’t let his eyes or hands tell.

FACE. usually will has a very detached and blank expression on his face, in an effort to control the parts of him that he can as opposed to the parts he can’t (his empathy, namely). it’s also a tool of manipulation that he uses, never really letting anyone see the true emotions he feels under the facade. there are times where he’s too tired to try and reign in his emotions however, and his emotions are plain to see then, in perfect clarity. confusion, anger, despair, hurt, happiness.

SHOULDERS.   his shoulders are usually in one of two positions : hunched, or raised. his shoulders tend to be hunched when speaking to others, specifically those he doesn’t know. it’s not to try and make himself look smaller or nonexistent, but to help try and hide his expression, a defense mechanism to say ‘i’m not interested, you should leave’. it’s also a sign of his constant exhaustion. will’s shoulders are raised when he’s uncomfortable with a situation – when he’s faced with dealing with those he’s not particularly fond of (freddie lounds, for example) and those who raise the alarms in his head. it’s a warning sign, a precursor / sign to will’s incoming biting remarks and dismissive comments in an attempt to end the conversation or confrontation.

LEGS.  tends to shift on them a lot. when he leans against objects (desks, namely), his right leg tends to jitter, a subconscious action taken in response to his anxiousness and discomfort with social situations or moments where he has to peel his skin back and show parts of him he isn’t particularly fond of showing (being open about his emotions, or talking about a particularly difficult case).


will, as a person, is comfortable in his own skin. when left alone to his own devices, or when put in his element without having to worry about watching or prying eyes on him, will moves with ease and direction. it’s not a dangerous stalk, but a purposeful stride. however, when around others, will’s body language is much different. he tends to be tense – whether in the eyes, or in the shoulders, or in the clench of his hands. he stands stiffly, and keenly aware of how he stands stiffly. when will walks alongside someone else that he doesn’t know, he tends to trail behind. it helps hide his awkwardness, and he doesn’t need to be in charge of looking back or taking initiative of talking and stirring up small talk. it helps will take charge in his own personal way, able to deflect easily and hide his expressions. will tends to look around when he walks with others, especially on cases, taking in his surroundings and analyzing everything. when he walks with friends, he’s more comfortable, and tends to walk almost shoulder - to - shoulder with them. walks with slow, steady and unhurried steps.

HOWEVER ,   both will’s body movement and body language changes after he nearly dies at hannibal’s hands in season two. will, after his near death experience, undergoes a change, and as a result – while he still has many of the ticks he had before like poor eye contact and flexing his fingers and fists – his body language and movement becomes much more liberal and languid. it isn’t relaxed, but will doesn’t move as stiffly as he had, doesn’t shuffle or stand awkwardly still. he’s come into himself more, and experience has left him with less anxiousness as far as his (physical) place in the world. he walks with even strides, his movements are often slow and almost devil-may-care. it’s less the kind of body movement of a man who is uncomfortable with the world around him, and more the body movement of one who understands the world and isn’t really afraid of it anymore with regards to what he knows he can do now.
@criesandamens replied to your post “i might have been wrong about the muse’s sexuality. it is definitely a…”

Lenny can honestly fuck me up and I’ll let her/them.

         “ I can have SO MUCH FUN with you, heart eyes fuckin’ emoji. ”



Given that BTS will be abroad for the tour, I’ll be taking a semi-hiatus from this blog. Recently most of my stuff has been running on a queue, however now I’ll be stopping that as well. I will be checking in from time to time but not as frequently as I used to.

Having said that, I’ll probably be a bit more active on my new main blog which is @jveontae ! If you’re interested, you can follow me on there :)

I’m not going away completely but I guess I’m just getting bored of this blog, and in general not much will be going on with BTS during this time. You’re more than welcome to still message me/or send the occasional asks! 

Thanks for reading lol