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“Armie, I’ve had many scenes with him and he’s such a nice guy, he’s lovely. And he makes me laugh everyday, he’s really funny. I think he knows if we’ve been out in the cold, you know, we’ve done some tough scenes in the past couple of weeks now but he kind of keeps the mood up, he brings out his guitar…”  - Alicia Vikander

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Are you jealous of Jimin bcs he was ranked higher than you for abs?

Jin: Nahh not really

Jin: Since he has the nicest physique out of all of us and he’s always willing to pose for me when I need him to.. but that’s just because he’s a very nice friend and is willing to help me with my art struggles! 

warm, calm afternoon

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Hey, out of the boys , I know they all like Jin and such but is there like one person all the boys like low key feel like they're the one that's the closest and/or gonna date jin? 👀👀👀

((o h yess yes and that’ll have to be Jimin bc he was actually the first person that met Jin and introduced him to the rest… and he’s like first on the “Doing Things With Jin” chart

B UT knowing me i’m gonna make them all date jin bc i love jin harem))

some stuff

i just wanted to say THAKN YOU to all the people who sent me an ask or a msg over chat about my fake subs and how they made you laugh, or how much you enjoy them. 

thank you for taking the time to write out such kind words, i didn’t even think these fake subs could make people laugh out loud or cheer up so many shitty days so thats really cool. i dont reply to all of them but know that i read and appreciate every single one 

hope you’re all having a good day or night!!!

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Love your blog!! Could you rec some blogs similiar to yours?

hey anon!! thank you so much 💕💕 and here’s some blogs/bloggers that I think are really great:
@chwie @augustflyvnn @monstress @kalebkrychek @wesninskie @kaitegecko @katherineharker @lillabard @lilaabard @andrewminyardpng @maryamorvena @softproko @noahsweetwne @reneewvlkers @philosophium @lilabard 

TOUCH | Part IV. Awaken

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Eren/Mikasa (Eremika)
Word Count: 18,105

“[…] When this is all over. When we take it all back. What do you want?“

”…I don’t know if it’s something you could give me.“

A nearly fatally wounded Mikasa is tended to by a guilt-ridden Eren. The task leads to a conversation and chain of events that throws the nature of their relationship into question.

[Eremika. Canonverse. Eren POV. Smut.]

A/N: Without further ado…


And then the tip of his nose brushes hers, and he feels her ask, “What are you doing?”, the words a tremulous, warm breath on his mouth, his heart a war drum banging violently in his ears.

“What the hell does it look like I’m doing?” he manages to whisper back, feeling as though he might pass out from all the blood rapidly rushing to his face.

Read the rest @ [ | AO3]

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Sleepover Saturday I've got like no friends tbh no exaggeration, just people i talk to sometimes and it kinda sucks a lot but being in the BMC fandom kinda makes me feel like i've got a lot of friends??? At least sometimes it feels like that. But yeah!! this show means a lot to me

aaa!! yea same, i get that from some shows sometimes and it’s rlly nice, i’m super glad bmc can do that for you

if barba and carisi turned into animals