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hfkdjsfjskdfkd why did minhyuk lieeee saying that he doesn't usually find shownu attractive when he's like 25/8 up shownu's asssss djdndkjd i hate (love) him jsjsjsjkdkd

minhyuk: i dont usually find shownu attractive but-

me: actually, on october 31 2016, you said that shownu was monsta x’s top visual. Explain this

urusee, zenshin mikan yarou
(Literal translation: shut up, full-body mandarin bastard) 

Thought I’d write a quick post clarifying this line coz I laughed so hard. I fiddled with the words a little in the English translation so it sounds less awkward but retained the nuance and as much of the literal portion as possible. The word “Mandarin” is a bit unwieldy to use in a translation to English because it’s a fruit but also a language (amongst other things like the name of a garment, etc.) I did my best, not sure if everyone agrees with the translation I did but I wanted to retain the “mandarin” (mikan) part of it. So here’s the original Japanese for anyone interested.

dont know why i did this, guess i just liked the idea of an endless loop of jack saying “help me” torturing all of the anti fandom, as we still haven’t found a way to technically save him yet haha ;-; 

so one thing that i think about, when thinking about all of the clues jack himself has kinda supported (thru likes, reblogs, yt comments, etc), there are two words 

that he seems to put

an emphasis on quite a bit….

after asking for help 5 times, it’s no wonder why he sounds so desperate in the pax vid haha T-T

To cis allies

If you’re cis and you have a friend who just recently came out as trans, and they misgender themselves, can you please shut the fuck up. They know what they said, they noticed just like you did.

Do not correct them. Do no question their gender. It is so hard to change pronouns, it takes time, and it hurts to misgender yourself, so when your friend uses the wrong pronoun for themselves, just remember that it is a process, and shut the fuck up.


hunk and lance wearing shirts that say ‘if lost return to the aliens’ and keith wearing a shirt that says 'i’m the aliens’ please consider this

keith was so confused when they got them bc he is the Least Responsible out of all of them and hunk and lance were like “yea but like…. ur the only alien in this relationship :/”

i just found out what bothered me about a lot of indie horror games (besides the ‘jumpscares over atmosphere’ thing because everybody knows about that)

so incoming rambling

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i know everyone’s still on edge with the whole Anti thing that happened this week. but jack mentioned in the septicart video that he got a new audio mixer, so im pretty sure the distorted audio in the new video was just jack messing around with it :P (you can even see him reach over to it every time it happens, lol)

a.k.a. im pretty sure it’s not “anti” messing around with us, it’s just jack messing around with us like normal haha xD

EXO practicing for comeback... probably
  • Kai: Did you see that? That's the reason i'm the best dancer
  • Lay: Pfff yea i'm sure pretty boy
  • Kai: U wanna go?
  • Lay: ??? I already won and they all agree with me, right?
  • Sehun// panting in the bg: Did i do it right? ugh... my footing was off :( i'll work harder i promise
Missing Shiro
  • Keith: I once saw Shiro without eyeliner and it was like looking into another dimension
  • Lance: one time Shiro called me 'buddo' and 'pal' in the same sentence, I think he was trying to connect with me
  • Pidge: Shiro gives me free piggyback rides, he's literally my Dad 2.0
  • Hunk: Yea I'm pretty sure Shiro has patted my head and said 'Good job son'
  • All: *collective sad sigh*

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Is it just me or has Minhyuk been looking extra manly lately ">_>

(im pretty sure he didn’t shave before the airport pics from ?yesterday? and Oh my lOrd he looked hot-) YEs…. there is defeinitely Something happening lately idk how to classify it but he’s definitely extra something (extra Hot)…….. listen the other day i was looking at recent pics of minhyuk and i started thinking about how much i love this white/blonde hair he has right now and for a second a SPlit second i genuinely,, i genuinely thought that this could be a superior era above the dark hair eras….. that’s the power of how hot he looks lately,, hot and manly wow…..

Lightning Bugs

Lightning bugs swirled around me. Little golden lights brought me to life

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Ross AU Imagine- Eloping

“Are you nervous?” you asked Ross as you walked through the park. He nodded.
“Yes! Are you kidding me?” he exclaimed. You giggled.
“Why?” You inquired. Ross scoffed.
“Why am I nervous?” You looked up at him, and nodded. “Maybe because I’m about to ask the love of my life’s parents if I can marry her.” You giggled a little more, and grabbed Ross’s hand intertwining your fingers.
“Don’t worry, my dad can seem a little overprotective sometimes but, he’s harmless. What dad isn’t protective of his daughter though?” You said. Ross shrugged his shoulders.
“Yea, but I’m pretty sure that most parents don’t really look at me and see the guy they want their daughter to marry. One look at the motor cycle, and leather jacket, and they already want me out of the picture.” Ross admitted.
“Well they’re not like that.” You encouraged. Ross raised his eyebrows suspiciously.
“Are you sure? Remember the first time I came over for dinner to meet them.”
The front door slammed, and your dad walked in.
“Good, you’re here.” You acknowledged with a sigh of relief.
“Sorry honey I ran late at the office. I almost got into an accident on the way here.” Your dad grumbled as he gave you half a hug and set his coat on the coatrack.
“What happened?”
“Oh some hotshot on a motorcycle thought he was going to be cool, and cut me off by the gas station. I almost hit the dang fool.” He complained.
“You have to be more careful around those drivers! They can be reckless sometimes.” your mom scolded him. You gritted your teeth knowing Ross drove a motorcycle, they didn’t usually judge people on their appearance, but they did tend to be a bit old fashioned sometimes. Ross’s motorcycle rumbled outside your window as he turned into your driveway.
“WHAT THE HECK?” your dad spoke.
“That must be Ross.” You mumbled, slightly embarrassed. There was a knock on the door. You quickly opened it to see Ross standing there in his leather jacket.
“Sorry I’m late babe, some jerk in a red minivan almost hit me on the way here.” Ross explained kissing you on the cheek. You cringed realizing Ross must’ve been the guy from your dad’s story.
“Mom, Dad this is Ross. My boyfriend.” You sheepishly introduced.
“Crazy hotshot on motorcycle, nice to actually meet you.” Your dad said sticking out his hand.
“Angry red minivan that almost hit me, nice to meet you too.” Ross spoke shaking your dad’s hand. You put your hand over your face, and just shook your head.
You snapped back to reality.
“Oh yes, that was an interesting night.”
“Interesting, and awkward!” Ross muttered.
“Yea, but that was over a year ago, I’m in college now. It’s gotten better since then. I think they might be starting too actually like you.”
“I hope so.” Ross admitted.
“So Ross, how’s college?” your dad asked Ross after you all sat down at the table. You asked your parents to dinner at this restaurant with you, and Ross. You were both equally nervous.
“Actually I’m taking a break from college right now.” Your dad eyed Ross peculiarly.
“Really…huh.” You could feel your dad judging Ross across the table. You grabbed Ross’s hand under the table, and gave it a squeeze. He needed that reassurance. “Is there any reason why?”
“Dad, it’s not a big deal.” You cut in.
“It’s fine Ren.” Ross spoke. He looked back to your dad. “I have a stable job right now, and college is a lot of money so I’m just taking a break until the time is right.” Ross admitted. Your dad nodded his head. A small rush of relief washed over you. You were lucky that Ross was good with words.
“Still riding that motorcycle of yours?” More questions, your dad always seemed like he had to give Ross the third degree every time he saw him.
“Uh…Yes sir, she still works better than any car.” Ross replied.
“Didn’t get into any new accidents with angry minivans lately huh?” You rolled your eyes. He was never going to let that go.
“No sir.” Ross answered.  You looked over to Ross, and your eyes met. You signaled with your eyes, asking if now would be the right time to ask them. Ross sensed the message, and shrugged.
“Might as well.” He mouthed. You smiled.
“Mom, Dad, there was a reason we asked you here tonight.” You started.
“What would that be?” you dad responded. Ross cleared his throat.
“Sir, I love your daughter…” Ross looked at you and smiled. “And there is nothing I would ever do to hurt her.” He looked back to your dad. “I would like to ask your permission to marry her.” At the same time both your mom, and your dad’s mouth dropped open.
“Are you joking?” your dad asked.
“Not the answer we were really looking for.” Ross admitted.
“You’re serious?” your dad repeated.
“DAD!” you gritted your teeth.
“Rena, you can’t be honestly thinking about marriage right now?”
“Oh my goodness, are you pregnant?” your mom added.
“MOM!” you exclaimed. “No I am not pregnant! We are seriously trying to get your blessing to get married!”
“Sweetie, you are only 19, a freshman in college. How can you be thinking about marriage?”
“No offense to you Ross, but I don’t think you’re the type of person we want for our daughter.” You looked in Ross’s eyes. His soul looked completely shattered. How dare he say something like that to Ross?
“You realize it’s not really your choice!” you argued.
“Come on Rena, this boy drives a motorcycle, he’s not in college, and he doesn’t even have any money. How do you think he’s going to support a marriage?” You dad rudely input. Never in your life had you ever felt more ashamed of your dad in your life. He had no right to judge Ross. Tears started to fill your eyes. You stood up from the table.
“You know what dad? You have no right to judge. We came here asking for your blessing, not permission. I’m an adult I can do what I want.”
“You may be an adult, but you’re still going to school which I pay for, and you’re still living under my roof! Now while you are under my roof you will follow my rules!” Tears fell down your face.
“Come on Ross we’re leaving!” you demanded.
“Honey come back here, let’s talk about this!” your mom pleaded.
“NO! I’M DONE TALKING!” You grabbed Ross, and stormed out of the restaurant. Once you hit the fresh outdoor air, you wanted to start sobbing. You could never have predicted this was going to happen. Your parents were protective, but you never thought they were like this. You had to get away before they came, not time for excessive crying.
“Let’s go Ross before they come out here.” You said making your way over to his motorcycle.  
“Where do you want to go?” He asked.
“First home, I’m going to grab some stuff, and then we’re going to your apartment. There is no way I’m spending another night at that house!” Even though you were in college, you still lived at home because the college was so close. Ross had his own apartment just a few blocks away.
You woke up to the sunlight shining in through the small apartment window. You snuggled in closely to Ross on his bed. He had his arm wrapped around you, and you were facing him. Ross’s eyes fluttered opened, and smiled.
“I could get used to waking up like this.” He mumbled in his gruff morning voice.
“I guess you’ll have to.” You responded lightly kissing his on the nose. His grin shortly dropped.
“Baby what are we going to do about this?” He muttered.
“Couldn’t we just lay here a while longer?” You groaned. He lightly chuckled.
“I wish.”
“Well I don’t care what they say, they’re idiots, and we’re getting married now. I love you and I don’t want to wait.” You asserted.  Ross raised an eyebrow suspiciously.
“Wait you mean now? Like now, now?”
“Why not?” you exclaimed. We could elope without my parents knowing, and there is nothing they could do to stop us.
“Are you sure you want to elope? You don’t want a big fancy wedding?”
“I don’t care as long as I’m with you.”  
You held on tightly to Ross’s waist as you made your way down the highway. It was about a four hour drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. With the long drive, you surely had time to think. You started to second guess yourself. Not about Ross you had never been surer about anything in your life than him, he was the one. It was your parents that were roaming your mind. You loved them, and always respected them, but this time you couldn’t deal with them, they were being unreasonable.
Within a couple of hours you had finally made it to Vegas. Large lights flashed everywhere, boardwalks were piled with people, and there were buildings larger than life. You drove to a little chapel called “Graceland wedding Chapel.” There was a large dress shop next door the chapel.
“Let’s go in there first.” Ross spoke.
“Because if we’re going to get married like this at least you should have a dress. I want you to feel even more beautiful.” You blushed.
“Ross, you’re the best. I’m so lucky to have you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, and lifted your head up to kiss him on the lips. He smiled.
“I’m pretty sure I’m the lucky one.”