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Welcome to the deep end, kid

here’s a gif i made after talking to @rynnaminttea for a bit and seeing the gif that she was making of Killu, i don’t want to spoil since her’s is ssooooo cute but i got inspired! I feel like it’s moving a bit slow but idk (thank you Ryn for adding on my signature!)


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‘11 totally, super creepy questions asked by a very creepy-ass person who isn’t curious but is creepy asf as mentioned earlier’ (jk jk mama ily *kissy face* its 3am here so yea my truthful side slips out around this time *winky face*)

1. What is your mbti personality type?

- INFJ -A/-T (donnu what this means but oh whale)

2. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

- yess

3. What makes you sad?

- knowing that my mama doesn’t think she’s creepy and its a very real problem

4. Any hidden talents you have?

- does figuring out someone’s class schedule count, like if I had a talent it would to be to figure out your classes based on the given info and ooooh hold up, my personal fav is having the ability to overthink any and every given situation, for real like its a fav of mine (toxic levels of sarcasm)

5. Do you sing, dance, or talk to yourself when you’re alone?

- yea, mainly singing but I stop shortly after bc my singing voice is shit

6. Your ultimate bias?

- Park Chanyeol like look at the nxt Q

7. Favorite gif?

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*well fuck I’m dead, I’m glad I could expose my mama before I left, shes very creepy like holy sh00t

8. Three countries you would like to visit?

a. Japan

b. Italy

c. Denmark

9. Do you have any pets?

- not anymore, my lil baby girl passed away in Dec.

10. Current favorite movie?

- it was, is, and will always be, Paranorman and Coraline

11. Current favorite song?

- can I like…  not answer this question, its like.. much difficult ???

My 11 questions

1. What is your favorite season?

ex: fall

2. What is your favorite feeling?

ex: the feeling when I realize the meaning or significance of something, like finding out why something happens the way it does and being to be able to explain in my own terms

3. What is your favorite time?

ex: 3 am

4. What intimidates you?

ex: when someone types something in ALL CAPS and in Bold  together like THIS

5. What do you like to do when you feel overwhelmed?

ex: listen to my go-to playlist and try to clear my mind through the usage of some sort of medium such as writing or boxing

6. What kinds of hugs do you like to receive/give?

ex: the one when it feels like if you let go, you will lose something so you hold on longer

7. How does you dream home look?

ex: very aesthetically pleasing apartment over looking a very busy street in a large city, all alone with music always streaming in the background

8. What is your favorite view?

ex: the blank white skies with dark grey rainclouds

9. What is something you really want to do in life at this age?

ex: confess my feelings and make the first move or to learn calligraphy

10. What do you like about your handwriting?

ex: I like how I can combine 2 words using the last letter like the words whathe (what, the)

11. What is the biggest risk you took so far and what do you want to take?

ex: trusting someone and coming out to my family

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This sketch kinda escalated  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I was already working on the 1st style, when /certain people/ suggested to draw Iwa-chan in a leather jacket.
I like both looks and couldn’t decide, so, choose for yourself (´∇ノ` *)ノ

Also up on twitter!!

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introducing the New! DHMIS OC™, Hammy the Hamburger!!!!

Sorry to bother hehe. Can you maybe write one where Y/N and Robbie are watching OUAT and after the episode you beg Robbie to get into Character and he acts like Pan for the rest of the night? Thanks :) -Anonymous

just a warning, since i dont write smut, this might not be what you’re expecting. I hope you still like it though!

“Robbie, hurry up its starting!!” you yell to Robbie, who’s in the Kitchen getting the popcorn and soda. “coming, coming.” he says as he walks back to the couch “Someone is very excited today.” ‘well, duhh, its my all-time favorite show, and I get to watch it with my best friend, who also plays one of my favorite characters!“ He sits down next to you and the two of you start munching away on the popcorn. 

The episode goes by so fast, and you can’t believe its already been an hour. "geez, that was amazing” you say. You pull out your phone to text your 2 other best friends, just like you do every Sunday. The three of you are spouting out one word sentences. It all mostly goes like this: Regina!

No way!



so hot! 


cant wait till next week

did rumple..

You suddenly feel Robbie’s breath on your neck and look over to see that he has been reading all of your texts. “you think im hot?” Oh shoot, you kind of forgot he was there momentarily. “i think Pan, is hot, not you.” “yea, but I am pan. its my face on the screen” “yea, but his character is hot. I mean not saying that you’re not good-looking, but yea..” He stares at you and cocks an eyebrow. “seems like the same thing to me love” You smile as an idea suddenly pops into your mind. “Robbie, can you do me a huge favor?” “maybe, depends on what it is.” “can you please, please please, act like pan for a little bit” “pftt no way. that’s only for filming. and besides, you don’t even think that this,” he motions to his face “is hot." 

"okay fine if i say that your face is hot, will you act like pan? Pleaseeeee” “okay fine” “Robbie kay, your face is super hot” you say to him. he laughs and nods. “alright this is a bit weird, ive only done it on set” he clears his throat and looks at the TV for a few moments before looking back at you. He slightly narrows his eyes and you can see Pan’s characters on his face. “Hi, Peter” you say excitedly to him. He momentarily breaks character to laugh. “Why are you so excited to see me, girl?” he says in Pan’s voice. “because im a super big fan of you” “A fan? Do you realize that I am THE peter pan, the one who everyone fears?” “yes, but you’re also my best friend” “I love no one! THen how could i possibly be best friends with you? What are you talking about girl? And what are you doing here on my island?”

“My name is not girl. It;s (y/n). And im here because i want to be your lost girl” Robbie cocks his eyebrow and leans towards you saying “you’ve got fire, i like fire. You want to be my lost girl, do you? Well let me tell you that you may never leave, and that I will own you. You will do whatever i say. Understood?” by this time Robbie’s face is so close to you, and you can feel his hot breath on your face. You’re a bit shocked to see that Robbie is doing this. Gosh, he really lets go when he gets into character. “uhh…” “Did i make you forget darling? Dont worry, i tend to have that have that affect on people. SO, what do you say? Would you still like to be my lost girl?” by this point he is whispering to you and his lips are just a few centimeters away from yours. “Robbie…?" 

He suddenly laughs and pulls away. "sorry, love” he says, back to his normal self now. “I get really into character” you nervously laugh. “Bet you don’t want me to become pan again do you?” he says. He obviously knows that he caught you off guard. “but first..” he says leaning towards you. He switches back into his character, and in is oh-so-famous Peter pan voice, says “Peter pan never fails”. and then he kisses you on the cheek. 

Apparently Robbie was having a lot of fun acting as pan; he knew that it kind of turned you on. And he was anyways supposed to stay the night. So, he acted like Pan for the rest of the night, and it was kind of hot ;)

*sorry for that sucky ending and that its so short :/*