yea its my face

Welcome to the deep end, kid

here’s a gif i made after talking to @rynnaminttea for a bit and seeing the gif that she was making of Killu, i don’t want to spoil since her’s is ssooooo cute but i got inspired! I feel like it’s moving a bit slow but idk (thank you Ryn for adding on my signature!)

A while ago I posted a picture of my tattoo but then I felt ashamed of my scoliosis and took it down. It’s taken a long while but I’m not ashamed anymore.
It is a volcano. It’s symbolism for strength, perseverance, and passion/tenacity. In short, it represents me, and I got it on my back because my scoliosis is a part of me just like my hair or my eyes or my smile. I’m proud of it because it’s mine. And I want people with scoliosis to know it’s okay to show it. I want people with scoliosis to feel strong even when they feel ugly. Strength is more than loving yourself. It’s continuing on even when you don’t. Embrace the not so pretty parts of yourself. They’re what make us human, and that’s more beautiful than any body could ever be.


uhhhh uwu hewwo i was tagged by a bunch of pretty ppl but i’ll mention a few since i don’t wanna be annoying: @killv @groovyroomsgf @honeymatcha @moon4am @loveuhobs @midnight-offonoff 
(((ur all so beautiful ily and now ur tagged again!!1!)))

I, um, recorded a video of me speaking in Norwegian today while I was on a walk.

Would you guys be interested in me posting it here or no?


This sketch kinda escalated  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I was already working on the 1st style, when /certain people/ suggested to draw Iwa-chan in a leather jacket.
I like both looks and couldn’t decide, so, choose for yourself (´∇ノ` *)ノ

Also up on twitter!!

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