yea it would


i still can’t believe they just Killed him like that

so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

prints/mugs/totes and all that jazz are up on society6 and redbubble now!

haha wow

the aftermath

Marisha: That was a three hour battle.

Matt: Yeah.

Marisha: We did nothing but fight.

Matt: And honestly? Kinda mucking it up with archers kinda helped too, because they were all about to just start focus firing on whoever was visible.

Laura: Yeah. So I’m glad we split them up. Getting Grog out… 

Matt: Getting Grog out was key. 

Matt to Laura: If you hadn’t have pulled him out and taken all those attacks of opportunity-

Travis: That was it.

Matt to Travis: -you would be gone.

Travis: I was at 20 and then- I was like “that’s it.”

Matt: They weren’t gonna stop when you hit zero.

Travis: Yea-no that would’ve been it.

Matt: They were going to cut you up until you were dead.

Matt’s face immediately following that statement:

Liam to Laura: Look at that guy, look at that guy-


Travis, to Liam: You saw it too didn’t you!?

Liam, laughing: I saw it

Travis: The shadow of a man that wished he could have butchered someone and didn’t quite get to.

Taliesin: That is the face of the fucking devil.

Travis: The shadow of Craven Edge lives behind those eyes!

urusee, zenshin mikan yarou
(Literal translation: shut up, full-body mandarin bastard) 

Thought I’d write a quick post clarifying this line coz I laughed so hard. I fiddled with the words a little in the English translation so it sounds less awkward but retained the nuance and as much of the literal portion as possible. The word “Mandarin” is a bit unwieldy to use in a translation to English because it’s a fruit but also a language (amongst other things like the name of a garment, etc.) I did my best, not sure if everyone agrees with the translation I did but I wanted to retain the “mandarin” (mikan) part of it. So here’s the original Japanese for anyone interested.

Why you shouldn’t share the name of your companion!

So! Spirit companions are quite a popular thing in this community. They’re cool friends and are super great in general. Something you may have noticed, though, is that everyone seems to abbreviate their companions’ nicknames. 

Now why is that? 
Abbreviating the name of one’s companion is a safety precaution. As you probably have heard, names hold a lot of power, especially for spirits. When someone has the name of a spirit, that means they can potentially force conjure your spirit.

“What’s force conjuring?” you ask.
Force conjuring is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It where someone basically kidnaps the spirit via conjuring. They call, and the spirit has to show up. It is a very harsh method, so much so, my companions are shuddering with the thought of it. It’s a super not cool thing, but it could happen to your companion if someone decides they are mad at you and want to hurt you via your companion. This is one of the reasons why some spirits may not want to tell you their real name when you meet for the first time. 

So yea, don’t share the name of your companions. Aside from them possibly being uncomfortable with the whole world knowing their name, it can put them in a lot of danger! Be smart and stay safe.

Stay ‘ tooned ‘ kiddies!!~ Cause we got a brand new showing featuring your favorite little rascals, Bendy and Boris the Wolf!

I decided to draw Bendy in his little “ Dancing Demon “ skirt, and then added Boris because I feel like they’d dance together in that showing~

Bendy would just kinda bat some of those cartoony eyelashes you see sometimes, and they’d just end up doing this as a result (that cheeky lil devil!~)