yea it was love at first sight

Valentine’s Day Shenanigans


Tony stepped into his workshop and froze. There were dozens of flower arrangements scattered around the place. Even Dum-E had a single red rose clasped in his claw.

“JARVIS… what the fuck?” Tony asked.

It’s Valentine’s Day, sir,” his AI responded.

Tony thought he heard a touch of humor in his response.

“Is it?” Tony asked.

He walked over to the nearest arrangement and gently touched a petal. The flowers were very nice.

“Who did this?” he asked.

I believe there is a card on the one on your main workbench, sir,

Tony crossed the room and found that there was indeed a card nestled into the flowers. He plucked it out and opened it up.

Be mine because you’re fine.

Tony sat down and let out a long suffering sigh. A smile that he would deny until the end of his days crept along his face. Cheesy pickup lines were the best pickup lines.

“J, who did this?” he asked.

I have been sworn to secrecy,” JARVIS replied.

“What? My own AI conspiring against me? The betrayal,”

Tony slumped back dramatically, his arm falling over his eyes. One of the bots beeped curiously.

I believe, sir, that there are a few more cards,” JARVIS said, not sounding at all like he cared about betraying Tony.

“There’s a shit ton of college campuses just waiting for you J,”

So you’ve said,”

Tony swatted his hand in the general direction of JARVIS’s nearest speaker and started to hunt around his workshop for the rest of the cards.

In total there were seven more cards. Each of them had a ridiculous pick up line. Tony was torn between laughing at the ridiculousness of them, and groaning at how god awful they were.

Roses are #ff0000, violets are #0000ff. All my base are belong to you.

You know what’s on the Valentine’s Day menu? Me-n-u

Did you put snickers in your valentines? Because you satisfy me

Do you like cats? Because I’d like you to take meowt for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Dayyyyyyyum

You’re so sweet you’d put Hershey’s out of business

I’d melt in your mouth, not your hand

Tony wondered who could possibly have it out for him this bad to send him such wonderful/terrible pickup lines.

“I’m getting some coffee,”

Tony pushed away from the small stack of cards and headed up to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. There weren’t too many people in the Tower who would take the time to write out such thoughtful words.

Tony took a sip of his coffee and sighed contently.

“So Tony,” Bucky started casually as he walked into the kitchen.

“Yea Buckaroo?”

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

Tony almost spat his coffee out at the line.

“We’ve met already Bucky, it doesn’t work like - wait a shit…”

There was shit eating grin on Bucky’s face.

“How many more of these am I going to have to suffer through James?” Tony asked trying, and failing, to sound upset.

Bucky laughed and walked over to Tony, he stopped just short of the engineer.

“Be mine? Valentine?”

Tony groaned and tried not to laugh.

“If I say yes will you fucking stop?”

The shit eating grin was back on Bucky’s face.

“Yes,” he said.

“Then yes,”

92 truths

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Rules: you gotta answers questions and then tag 20 peeps


1.Drink: water

2.Phone call: mi madre

3.Text message: my stepmom lmao

4.Song you listened to: russian roulette

5.Time you cried: saturday when alex died in 13rw (leaVE ME A L ON E)


6.Dated someone twice: no

7. Been Cheated on: non

8.Kissed someone and regretted it:  boyo i havent had my first kiss yet

9.Lost someone special: yes

10.Been depressed: yes and still am ;)

11.Gotten drunk and thrown up: nein


1. pink
2: yellow
3: blue


15.Made new friends: YES!!!!!!

16.Fallen out of love:  no ? 

17.Laughed until you cried: yea boi 

18.Found out someone was talking about you: ya lmfao

19.Met someone who changed you: yes ! 

20.Found out who your true friends are: i d k ?

21.Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no lmao


22.How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: 85%

23.Do you have any pets: 3 cats !! 

24.Do you want to change your name: not really 

25.What did you do for your last birthday: nothing lmao

26.What time did you wake up: 6:25am

27.What were you doing at midnight last night: eating

28.Name something you cannot wait for : to go to a different school 

29.When was the last time you saw your mother: yesterday

30.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: no idea what the heck

31.What are you listening to right now: hold up by beyonce

32.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yea 

33.Something that is getting on your nerves: bitches talking shit and complaining when they get hit 

34.Most visited website: tumblr, youtube

35.Elementary: ya

36, High School: non

37.College: non

38.Hair color: light brown

39.Long or short hair: short lol

40.Do you have a crush on someone: 😬😬😬

41.What do you like about yourself: idfk 

42.Piercings: me ears

43.Blood type: O

44.Nickname: nanouk, noukie, nouk

45.Relationship status: 😬😬😬

46.Zodiac sign: taurus

47.Pronouns: She/her

48.Favorite tv show: 13 reasons why, criminal minds, gotham

49.Tattoos: yikes not yet

50.Right or left hand: rite


51.Surgery: havent had surgery yet i think???

52.Piercing: just ears

54.Sport: volleyball

55.Vacation: france !! 

56.Pair of trainers: ?wot?

57.Eating: atm?? nothing

58.Drinking: fiji water 

59.I’m about to: cry bc i have 3 chapters of math homework to finish due tomorrow and its 10:16pm and i havent even started yet

61.Waiting for: death   summer break

62.Want: to sleep

63.Get married: sure ig lol idk

64.Career: psychologist or translater person lol idk the english word


65.Hugs or kisses: both

66.Lips or eyes: eyes

67.Shorter or taller: i wonna b taller cos ya boi is only 4′8

68.Older or younger: idk ?????

70.Nice arms or nice stomach: on myself?? a nice stomach cos im phat lmao

71.Sensitive or loud: loud

72.Hook up or relationship: relationships wth

73.Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


74.Kissed a stranger?: nein

75.Drank hard liquor? : ya lmao

76.Lost glasses contact/lenses? : no

77.Turned someone down?: yea,,,,,,,,,

78.Sex on first date?: nO WHATTOHECK

79.Broken someone’s heart?: yeahhhhh

80.Had your heart broken?: no lmAo

81.Been arrested?: nah

82.Cried when someone died?: yeah

83.Fallen for a friend?: idk t b h 


84.Yourself?: nO LMFAO

85.Miracles?: bih it bs 

86.Love at first sight?: hoe no 

87.Santa Claus?: papi chulo 

88.Kiss on the first date?: sure lol

89.Angels?: idk yikes


90.Current best friend’s name: ya boi dont have a irl best friend

91.Eye color: hazel

92. Favourite movie: train to busan

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A- age: prefer not to say?

B- birthplace: ^^

C- current time: 10:10 PM

D- drink you had last: water

E- easiest person to talk to: umm Ceci, JJ, and Hannah!

F- favorite song: I really like Two Player Game!

G- grossest memory: I can’t think of one??

H- horror yes or horror no: yes but only with other people

I- in love?: aaaaa yea

J- jealous of people: not really?

K- killed someone: 😏

L- love at first sight or should i walk back by again?: walk back again

M- middle name: prefer not to say

N- number of siblings: zero!

O- one wish: to be happy and hug all my friends

P- person you called last: my mom!!

Q- question you’re always asked: why are you always listening to musicals?? (I mean not really but it’s been asked quite a few times)

R- reason to smile: friends and cool places!!

S- song you sang last: If I Could Tell Her from Dear Evan Hansen

T- top 3 fictional characters: yamaguchi + kuroo from hq!! and Michael mell from bmc

U- underwear color: white

V- vacation: London!!

W- when’s your birthday: November 13!

X- x-rays: only the ones for my teeth

Y- your favorite food: I really like spam with rice

Z- zodiac sign: scorpio

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A- age: 22
B- birthplace: toronto (scarborough to be specific)
C- current time: 6:37am (est)
D- drink you had last: water
E- easiest person to talk to: my bird 
F- favorite song: uhhhhhh probably the theme from howl’s moving castle by joe hisaishi
G- grossest memory: when i was little i threw up on the ticats mascot and at the time i was MORTIFIED but now it’s pretty funny 
H- horror yes or no: yea, gotta show my future ghost gf im down 
I- in love: with tracy @tessabonhommes (who i get to see i later today!!)
J- jealous of people: only of those who are dead
K- killed someone? whoever made this musta really blanked out on ‘k’ words
L- love at first sight or should I walk past again: i dont know romantic feelings as of yet so this whole question is a pass
M- middle name: nadja
N- number of siblings: one older brother and one younger bird
O- one wish: [ray j voice] if i had one wish it’d be honestly to not have arthritis anymore, no more joint pain!
P- person I called last: my mom (the only person i call) 
Q- question you’re always asked: how’s your foot? because lower body injuries are all im known for
R- reason to smile: tfc being first in the league :) 
T- time you woke up: 3:30 in the AM because i had an mri to do 
U- underwear color: white
V- vacation: trinidad, i just visited but im ready to go back!
W- worst habit: i procrastinate to the point where i just straight up don’t do shit  X- X Rays: whew.. more than one person should ever have in a life time. i cannot give you a number, but to put it into context, the last x-ray i had was two weeks ago 
Y- your favorite food: my dad’s curry anything tbh
Z- zodiac sign: im a fish man 

and i tag @flintsjames @lukeskyewalker @girlscouse @dallaskeuchel and @ anyone else just say i @’d you :) 

A Mistaken Identity

A/N: This little piece is for @sdavid09 TaleTeller’s Winter Writing Day’s. I promise, I didn’t kill anyone off in this one. This fic is all fluff. I wrote this one a little differently. It’s basically the reader talking to her BFF and explaining how her and Sam met. Oh, and for all you Sam girls out there, this is my first Sam x Reader! (I totally feel like I have betrayed my Dean!) Anyways, hope I did it ok. Leave me some feedback if you want.

PAIRING: Sam x Reader

PROMPTS: Mistaken Identity AU, ‘Whatever You Do’ by Ivy Quainoo

WARNINGS: none.. all fluff


Master List

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A - Age: 15, 16 this coming thursday (? i think)

B - Birthplace: lafayette

C - Current time: 7:22pm

D - Drink You Last Had: water

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: @tinycranberry

F - Favourite Song: i get to love you by ruelle or you by keaton henson

G - Grossest Memory: uhhhhhh next q??

H - Horror Yes or Horror No: depends on the horror but in general yes

I - In Love: nope

J - Jealous of People: generally yea

K - Killed Someone: no

L - Love At First Sight or Should I Walk By Again: love at first sight

M - Middle Name: trace

N - Number of Siblings: 2 brothers

O - One Wish: to never lucid dream ever

P - Person You Called Last: my dad

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: “what’s it abt” or “what’s she talking abt”

R - Reason to Smile: good ppl and friends

S - Song You Sang Last: something from khalid’s album or something from be more chill. mayb paramore.

T - Time You Woke Up: 7am

U - Underwear Colour: maroon??

V - Vacation Destination: indonesia

W - Worst Habit: talking too much

X - X-rays : ankles, wrist

Y - Your Favourite Food: indian food is p good

Z - Zodiac Sign: gemini

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A - Age: 16

B - Birthplace: sf

C - Current Time: 2:16 p

D - Drink You Last Had: bubble tea

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: ashkiebucky

F - Favourite Song: currently spicy boyfriend by shawn wasabi

G - Grossest Memory: ehhhhhh no thanks

H - Horror Yes or Horror No?: hell yea

I - In Love?: (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) ye

J - Jealous of People?: sometimes

K - Killed Someone?: hopefully not

L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: get to know them!! ffs

M - Middle Name: kathryn

N - Number of Siblings: zero

O - One Wish: infinite knowledge and money

P - Person You Called Last: luc

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: “are you ok"/ “are you a girl or a boy?“

R - Reason to Smile: ill get back to u on that

S - Song You Sang Last: caramelldansen

T - Time You Woke Up: 9ish

U - Underwear Colour: black

V - Vacation Destination: iceland, maui

W - Worst Habit: many…

X - X-rays: teeth

Y - Your favorite food: ice, chgiken nuget

Z - Zodiac Sign: leo

tagging: (if u feel like it) @saiharashuuiichi @makihaarukawa @ashkiebucky @cyr-o @w-i-s-s-l-e-r @yatesfluff @squash1-squash2-squash3 @sparkbunny @dakotahnova @gloe-m

New Beginnings

This is my submission for ChelsandFrenchy hit 100 challenge. This is actually my first time posting on Tumbler. I appreciate any feedback anyone cares to leave. Hope everyone enjoys this read!

Warnings: menge a trios

Characters: Dean, Sam, and Reader

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Lawrence, KS is a small town. It’s a town where everyone knows everyone else, and their business.. We know who skipped church, who’s battling a sickness, who’s doing who, and even who has been saved by the Winchester’s. Obviously, John and Mary Winchester always tried to keep the secrets hidden about the monsters of our world just like all the other hunters out there. In small town life though, there are no secrets.

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Alphabet Questionsss

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A- Age:

B- birthplace:

C- current time:
8:12 PM

D- drink you last drank:

E- easiest person to talk to:
Someone who can really carry the conversation and talks alot,, I never know what to say, ever.

F- favorite song:
My favorite song keeps changing, but currently it’s Attention by Charlie Puth

G- grossest memory:
dont make me remember something like that pls and thank u goodbye

H- horror yes or no?
If you want me to have 20 nightmares simultaneously, then yes, subject me to that.

I- in love?
Ya, with my girlfriend. <3

J- jealous of people?
I hate it, but yea.

K- killed someone?


L- love at first sight or should I walk past again?
Honestly, I have to know the person for a pRETTY long time to fall in love w/ them

M- middle name:

N- number of siblings:  
3 brothers and 1 sister,, all older.

O- one wish?
That I could stop being so anxious all the time.

P- person you last called?
My mom, but that was December last year lmaoo i never call anyone wow

Q- question you’re always asked:
“Why are you so quiet?” i hate that like lmao its cuz i have anxiety now pls leave me alone

R- reason to smile:
All 968390 of my sons, my friends, and my gf.

S- song you last sang:
It was only like 3 seconds of it but,, Handicap - Mafumafu

T- time you woke up:
5:20 AM  thanks school ilu2

U- underwear color:
Pink…. wtf why tho?? ? lmao

V- vacation:

I’d rather just stay home and sleep, but anywhere with friends is fine.

W- worst habit:
I pick at my face so much that it bleeds and scars. I’m trying to stop tho,,

X- x-rays:
Can’t even remember the last time i got one.

Y- your favourite food:
Mac n’ Cheese. I literally made some this afternoon, too.

Z- zodiac sign:

Guess I’ll tag.. @arphiercipher @prince-of-undreaming @gayllama-god @regal-taco @goldenpheonix5 , but only if you guys wanna!! ;v;

A- age: like 19 maybe you don’t need to know
B- birthplace: st.louis Missouri when it wasn’t ghetto
C- current time: 3:45 am
D- drink you last drank: water because I’m healthy
E- easiest person to talk to: my friend @morganic127
F- favorite song: L'Chaim from fiddler on the roof
G- grossest memory: eating matzah that I bought from the store and finding out it had ants in it because it was so old
H- horror yes or no?: yes
I- in love?: yes
J- jealous of people?: fuck yea
K- killed someone?: maybe
L- love at first sight or should I walk past again?: it depends on how you’re feeling at the moment idk 
M- middle name: grace
N- number of siblings: 3 all younger than me
O- one wish?: to be at an acceptable age to fuck Daniel Avidan 
P- person you last called?: myself so I could find my phone
Q- question you’re always asked: wow are you Chinese (no bitch I’m fucking not I’m Jewish Italian leave me the fuck alone)
R- reason to smile: being Jewish and being Jewish
S- song you last sang: L'Chaim 
T- time you woke up: 2 pm 2 days ago
U- underwear color: black and baby blue don’t ask
V- vacation: London forever
W- worst habit: breathing (tbh it’s actually writers block)
X- x-rays: nah but I broke a rib once and I didn’t go to the doctor so I think it mended idk I feel normal
Y- your favourite food: not pig or shellfish probably matzah or spaghetti idk
Z- zodiac sign: Aries

I tag @batbishopblackinc , @morganic127 , and @spontaneous-lizard so fuck you guys

j2kisses  asked:

All the Q's that end in 7 💕

7. What happened tonight? I ate a waffle and drank some tea

17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything? @mermaiddetergent probably

27. Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh? No because that would mean i am not enjoying myself, they dont need to tell jokes to make me laugh

37. Do you believe in love at first sight? A type of love sure! It would most likely fade as fast as it grew if not provided with further nourishment.

47. Who was the last person to call you? @sunny-lesbian

57. Do you believe in ghosts? I am not really sure if i do

67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds? peanuts

77. Ever been in love? yea!

87. Ever won a contest? Heck yeah i have!

Thanks for the ask!

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a - age: 18!!!

b - birthplace:  florida

c - current time: 5:02 pm/17:02

d - drink you last had: coffee

f - favourite song: santa monica dream by angus & julia stone

g - grossest memory: i vomited on a carpet

h - horror yes or horror no: heck yea!!! i love getting so scared that i piss myself, not really but to that extent or slightly below it

i - in love?: ive never been in love :O

j - jealous of people?: sometimes but i usually get over it pretty quickly

k - killed someone?: only with kindness…and my houseplants

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: i don’t think it exists, loving someone is a BIG deal

m - middle name: danger, but i spell it r-u-t-h  (bobs burgers ref)

n - number of siblings: deux

o - one wish: it used to be happiness but over time i kinda realized that for me, that’s unrealistic so, maybe that i don’t kill the next houseplant i buy?

p - person you called last: my grandmother ! <3

q - question you’re always asked: on tumblr? it’s usually just anon otayuri hate, irl, “what” because i always mumble

r - reason to smile: cats

s - song you sang last: i honestly dont remember! and i sing all the time so that’s pretty shocking. i think ed sheeran

u - underwear color: i had to peek cause i wasn’t sure lol. a blush-y color

v - vacation: DISNEY or the beach

x - x-rays: theyre cool?? lol just kdiing, ive never had one. i had an mri once for my brain!!

y - your favourite food: i hate this question because i can never think of an answer for it. maybe pizza if i had to choose on the spot, or olive garden breadsticks

zodiac sign: gemini

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clockworkclegga  asked:

So I have been following you for several months know and even though I'm not a part of any of your listed fandoms, I thoroughly enjoy reading through your posts. I was wondering how you met your husband. I heard "online" but I'm just curious as to what the whole story is. Thank you for being hilarious! :D

Thank you for laughing at my inane rambling :D

And yes, husband and I did meet online, over a decade ago in fact. Brace yourselves, this is likely not as romantic as you’re thinking.

We were both part of a sci-fi fantasy writing forum called Elfwood (Lord of the Rings was everyone’s jam, elves were in vogue) and I was using it to post creative fictional works, as well as rambling on about paganism and all sorts of other stuff. Mostly elves, probably. And courtship theories about dwarfs. Anyway.

Husband was one of my first readers, used to leave comments on things I wrote, and soon we started private messaging and became friends. I was in bad emotional place at the time. Things were a disaster at home, two of my best friends had died within six months of each other, and I was dating an abusive asshole who was also on the website. He liked to “check up on me”, you see, and as I later found out, would delete messages from certain people and call my writing pointless and useless. (I dunno if @ahzuri remembers him or not, but she’s also been with me since forever and was one of my lifelines at the time and I’m forever thankful for that <3)

So while I was dating Asshole, future-husband-to-be sort of filled in the void where emotional stability and support ought to be. Something which I was also doing for him too, because as it would turn out his own life was a bit of a mess and we just needed someone to be kind.

It was nice to wake up to messages every day that said “hope you have a great day!” It was nice to go to fall sleep watching the text bubble icon on Windows Messenger (yes, yes, I’m old) still fading over the screen, waking up at 3am to go to the bathroom and seeing the words “oh u fell asleep lol, good night xxx” waiting for you. It made me feel…like not wanting to hurt myself. Which was where I was in my world at the time. I was really, very deeply unhappy, and he saw that and did his best to help. He still does, every day. So never underestimate the simplicity of kindness of strangers, ever. Without it I might not be here typing this.

I still remember the first time we had a webcam chat and I felt my stomach drop away in the realization of “oh no he’s hot”, and tried valiantly to stop staring at his hands or the crook of his smile. And the man talks a lot with his hands and smiles a lot, so it wasn’t easy. I was still very much firmly in denial that I had feelings for him because nope nope nope, that just wouldn’t do. Besides, I was still dating Asshole and as much as I was desperately unhappy, I was just as equally desperate for his approval and affection and thought maybe if I just tried harder, I might deserve it.

Except things just kept getting worse and I latched onto the one positive thing I had which was the funny American sending me vaguely flirty but mostly benign friendly messages from over 4000 miles away, and who was always telling me I was smart and funny and he loved what I had written that day and how he always looked forward to talking to me. And then there was my actual boyfriend— who in hindsight, I am pretty certain was a bonafide sociopath— who got off on hurting me and made me feel like I deserved it. And he hated that I was talking to husband-to-be, hated. It actually resulted in an argument where he told me I was lucky he could bring himself to have sex with me because I was so fat and ugly and no other man could ever want me because how could they, I mean just look at me who would ever want that…and that’s when something white hot snapped inside me and I thought “fuck it, I have nothing to lose, I bet John would appreciate a picture of my tits.”

…Anyway, that went on for a while and I eventually found the emotional strength to break up with Dickbag and moved on with my life. I started going to college, made new friends…and still lived for those little moments when the $1 text message would show up every morning that would say “Good morning gorgeous :)” and still tried to convince myself I had no feelings for him beyond enjoying his attention and our meaningful conversations about love, life and the universe as a whole. We even talked to each other about other partners we had, we were just…the constant in each others variables.

And then my family decided they were going to go on vacation in the USA and we thought, hey great, lets meet up. He needed a date for a wedding, and I needed to not spend three weeks in Florida with my family, lets meet up.

So I’m getting off the airplane and I want to vomit. Like for real, I almost throw up I am so nervous which is ridiculous because I am meeting my friend. Sure I was only 19 years old and had just flown on my own for the very first time to meet someone who I’d never actually met before, but I had nothing to be nervous about. He was just a friend, who I had been talking to for years. And also sending the occasional picture to…but that was besides the point. And then I entered through the doors at baggage claim, and there’s a lull in foot traffic and of course he has his back to me and I get this overwhelming sense of calm wash over me. But he also has is back to me so I decide to sneak up behind him and surprise him because that’s the kind of person I am, except that didn’t work because he turned and somehow I’m off the ground and we’re hugging and smiling and it takes over a full minute or more before either one of us says anything and when we do it’s this giddy breathless hi/hello…you look, haha, no you go first, no YOU…how was your flight/drive, here let me get your bag/no it’s okay I, well if you insist

I’d like to say it was love at first sight but I’m not that much of a romantic. I mean it was something at first sight because on the drive back to his parents house we didn’t say anything, we just stared at each other, lust-struck and holding hands, which was bad because he was meant to be watching the road and driving, not watching me. But we survived, made it into his parents house, put my suitcase into the guest room, managed about…two minutes of polite conversation in the kitchen? And uhm *cough* yea, did I mention his hands yet?

It was one of the best weeks of my life and I finally knew we had something special. And not just because the final Harry Potter book came out that week and he let me read his copy before he did, but I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a big part of it.

Flash forward through five years of me finishing college and only being able to see each other once a year and trying to figure out where our relationship was going, he proposed via a treasure hunt and a mug of tea.

A year and a bit later we were married in Scotland with our friends and family around us, and a sizeable chunk of Internet friends who had been following our blatant denial for years, cheering us on from the sidelines.

We had another year of living apart due to immigration, but then I finally moved to the US, we bought a house, I got my green card, we’re talking about getting a puppy, we’re super crazy in love with each other, and he’s still my biggest fan. 

Even if he doesn’t understand hurt/comfort fic (ironic if you ask me) and rolls his eyes at my puns. But then I suppose no one is perfect.