yea im not gonna do it

A very sparkly and ver blue Aqua because I’m trying to figure this style out

You can get her on my RedBubble and TeePublic (MintySkulls on both)

I jumped on board the mermaid au but i made it shance kek 

This au has lance being an alien mermaid(man??) who was taken from his home and put into an exotic creatures exhibit (so basically a zoo) >>

So for the time being Voltron is formed (allura pilots the blue lion for the time being, but blue is constantly telling her she wants “her pilot” whatever that means) and during a mission to free the aliens and creatures in the zoo Shiro comes across Lance’s display, and lance is all like “ Heeeeey look at this nice piece of meat i like this…whatever this is” and shiro’s like “Hot damn this dude is cute shit”

so shiro pushes the gay thoughts aside and comes in like “Im a paladin of voltron here to save you!! … do i get you out….” 

lets just say it ends up with shiro busting the glass open and getting completely soaked ^^’ 

Anyways Lance is just like “My hero~ Please get me out of here now “

Sooo yea By then all the aliens are free’d and shiro comes back to the castle-ship with lance still in his arms cause of course he’s gonna make the MERMAID FUCKING WALK and then introduces him to everyone and whoops blue screams at allura like “THATS MY PILOT GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE”

and thats as far as i got >< I still have alot of shit i wanna do for this au ^ 3^ feel free to send me idea kek i love drawing mermaid lance and like im just super gay for shance anyway lelelelel


((so.. here it is.. i really do hope this helps and i hope i did a good job with this im never really good at making tutorials??? and stuff but i hope this helps and let you guys know what physical features i use to make them distinguishable

if you are confused on anything just let me know and i will gladly help))

Dragons are British

So i think you might like to hear what draconic langue in my game so my two players that are dragon borns got in a cussing match but the actual players use British slang and gestures so now the draconic langue is now British insults and hand gestures

For example the two were fighting over how to fight a boss
Gold (in common) im tired of ur shit man
Silver(in common) yea but at least im using my brain
Our cleric starts to get uncomfortable and looks like they are gonna cry
Gold(in common) lets use our native tongue to finish this
Gold(in draconic) oi mate ya fukn wanker at lest shes not a gerbil and my father dosent smell of elderberrys (flips off silver)

Yea so this is what our game is now

Bonus Theory

So at first glance, you could interpret “Always Watching” as Jack trying to make the pax video, but Anti interrupting and taking over the show.


Recall that moment in “A Date With Markiplier” where a screaming Mark pops out of Darkiplier?

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

Mark said in the charity livestream after this, that this scene wasn’t him escaping but rather Dark’s shell breaking for a bit. So what does this have to do with Anti?

With the theory that Jack’s been “dead” since Halloween, Anti’s been running the channel and pretending to be him for about 5 months now!! And with Jack trying to fight back in Detention and Darkiplier taking the spotlight on Valentine’s Day, Anti and his attention-seeking self needed a release.

And considering that Pax was the place where literally SO MANY PEOPLE came for JACK (where maybe Jack could’ve gotten enough energy from everyone to defeat Anti maybe?), the video was a perfect way for Anti to A) be his glitchy self again without blowing his cover, B) stand his ground against Darkiplier, C) divert everyone’s attention from Jack to him with the whole camera thing (while also reigniting the antisepticeye fandom), all while D) making himself stronger, and making Jack’s chances of getting saved even lower than before.

And because of this, it’s probably safe to say that Anti has enough strength to keep Jack down for about another 5-7 months

and we all know the holiday that’ll come up by then…..



I was thinking about this before part 3 came out today, and the new one just seems to reaffirm it so far.

I’ve said in the last one i did that it might be Jack and not Anti appearing in the glitches this time around, and he might be trying to actively communicate with us in whatever way he can.And the way I think he’s been doing so far is through WHEN EXACTLY he glitches in the videos.

Part 1 of detention: no actual glitches, except for the change of audio when Ray picks up the phone and “Jack” twitching his neck in the process. This occurs when he says “waiting.”

Part 2: There’s a glitch on “Uncomfortable” and his face pops up on “Afraid” and “Remember”.

Part 3: And now, with the newest ones, Jack pops on on “Inferno,” and “Weird and all over the place.”

So, what to make with all this you may ask?

Jack is almost definitely trapped in the glitched up place Anti was in before (or at the very least, definitely not with us rn). Jack wants us to remember that he was never saved after “SAY GOODBYE”. He’s been waiting MONTHS, tired afraid, confused and definitely uncomfortable in that inferno of a place.

He seems like he’s getting worn out and tired in the second pic. And as seen by the description, I think his spirit’s so broken rn, that the void’s starting to AFFECT HIM, MAKING HIM FEEL WEIRD AND POSSIBLY DETERIORATING THE OLD JACK TO A POINT WHERE HE’S ALMOST TOO FAR GONE TO SAVE?

SO, not only is Jack most likely trying to escape Anti, he’s also running out of time to do so before he becomes a broken shell of what he used to be. If we’re gonna save him, we have to figure something out as soon as possible.

before it’s too late…..

OMGOD I fuckinasdafas i said i was gonna be gone for awhile and here i am! goddamit!! I ALWAYS DO THIS asdf but OK just posting this and THEN im out for real this time asdkfgalf

but omg yea miraculous ladybug best show best show go watch it asdfghj

Its funny bc one of the most requested characters to return is Eva (and Katie and Sadie to a lesser extent)… like our girl is on nearly every list of wanted competitors for season 6… and we just know our unibrow goddess will get replaced by unibrow trash aka duncan…

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Kageyama for the character ask !!

My boy Kags!!!!!!

First impression

GREAT, HERE’S THE “ENEMY” TYPE CHARACTER WHO DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF. Obviously doesn’t play well with others. STOP YELLING. Volleyball prodigy! I didn’t hate Kageyama at first but I didn’t think he would become one of my favourite characters or anything.

Impression now

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS. THIS BOY HAS CHAAAANGED. Plays so well with his team, although some can argue he needs to work on his people skills a bit more lol. He’s an awkward, adorable bean who works so hard, is insanely talented, competitive, loves volleyball, loves milk. LOOK AT HIM RIGHT BEFORE THE SHIRATORIZAWA MATCH HE’S JUST SO HAPPY TO BE THERE, IM SO PROUD OF HIM.

Favorite moment

I could say so many “epic” Kageyama moments for this but honestly when Hinata hits him in the back of the head with that serve I cry laughing everytime 

Idea for a story

Kageyama…. at the olympics. Give me that good shit ♡‿♡

Unpopular opinion

I call him Kags 24/7. In the HQ subreddit someone was saying “I hate when ppl call Kageyama and Yamaguchi ‘Kags’ and ‘Yams’” and like 100 people agreed and I was like ……yea i’m still gonna do it. It’s cute and I don’t care lmao.

Favorite relationship


Favorite headcanon

Someone offered him almond milk once, he almost hit them.



tfw you try to be like suga

i love these volleyball idiots ⌒‿⌒

Thanks for asking!!

Zak imagine- Bragging

Imagine being pregnant with Zak’s daughter.. and him bragging about over and over again.

*Meeting fans*

Aaron: Yeah investigating is hard sometimes but like there are different contributing factors and–

Zak: *Cuts  Aaron* Yea Cuz especially when you have your girl waiting on ya. and then with a little girl on the way.. and then the stress of  becoming a father.. it drives u nuts.

Fan: Awwwww!! Thats soo sweet!

Zak: Uh– Yeah it is.. Just im the luckiest guy in the world…

Aaron: *scoffs*



Fan: So DJ Inferno where can I buy your tracks??

billy: My tracks are  free!! Heres the link: *inserts link here*

Zak: *Cuts in again* but! You can buy my tracks here!!! Im collecting money for my daughter’s nursery! Yea, im gonna be a dad!!

Fan: OMG Zak!!! Congrats!! Im gonna buy your stuff right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Zak: Thanks!!


*Infront of your friends who dont know you’re pregnant (cuz their nosey) *

Friend: So whats up!!?? Haven’t seen you in a while!!

Zak: Yeah, Just busy with the baby, like setting up the nursery, buying stuff,  and yea you know..

Friend: Y/N’s pregnant!?!?

Zak: Yup im a proud to-be daddy!!

You: *face palms*


*group chat with GAC, excluding Zak*

Aaron: This is getting outta hand dude

You: What??

billy: Zak!!! He brags about your daughter all the time!!!!!

Aaron: yea.. im gonna kill him

You: I agree!! He told some of my fake friends too!

billy: Fake friends

You: I dont like em.

Aaron: What do we do bout him.. if he brags again imma kill him.

You: Calm down !! lockdown’s tonight right, he’ll forget all about it!

billy: YES THANK YOU!!

Aaron: this convo is over

You: Delete is guys before “HE” sees it. Good luck with the lockdown!!

Aaron: Thanks!!

billy: Love ya!!!!



Zak: *To the camera* Ok so it lockdown time here at *insert fave location’s name* And thats Aaron-

Aaron: Heyy!!

Zak: and Thats Jay and billy at nerve centre!

Jay: *waves*

billy: ‘Sup!!

Zak: So– This lockdown is dedicated to my love.. this is her fave location.. and this is also for My little angel who’s gonna be here soon. No im not talking about Gracie.. Im gonna be a dad!!!!

Aaron: *face palms*

billy: Oh boy…….

Zak: And with that– ITS LOCKDOWN TIME!!!!! Aaron u excited cuz I am!!

Aaron: yay…. To the camera.. Y/N take a good last look at him cuz u wont see him again

billy: *over the walkie talkie* I’ll help…

Zak: You say something guys?

Aaron: Nope.

Zak: OK Lights out!!!!

Mean Fuck (Niall Smut)

Summary: basically mean jerk face horny Niall Smut

Pairing: Niall x reader

req: hellyea

Disclaimer: yall i’m not even going to censor my words(?) so yea gonna be short smut but im doing my best. thankies happy read


“UGH I HATE HIM!” I turn towards the voice. Ah just another one of his victim. Niall, talking about that particular Horan. Or should I say whore-an fits better. “Babe, I wouldn’t even go near him, I’m sorry” I said to the crying girl and offered her my sad smile. I do really pity her. But everyone knows his reputation, nonetheless it still his fault not the girl. All I know in mind is


I get why girls are all swarming around him. The blue eye? Blond hair now brunette? Fuck, even I would be flustered if only his attitude balanced his appearance. I really don’t understand what happened. His major personality  change is a typical story plot line. The good awesome sweetheart guy by 17, jerk horny asshole by 18. Or right about when he is accepted into the Beta Theta Pi. He became a jerk, a typical frat boy jerk..

Finishing of, I grab my book and turn to leave. Lecture today is so boring. I just wanna sleep.

As I turned right through a corner, there stands the whore-an himself. “Hi Y/N!” he chirped with a sweetheart smile. “Hi Niall.” I respond back politely. Gotta keep manners..

“Watcha doin? Wanna hang out?” He asked with the same smile. “Hmm, sorry but I’m busy Niall thanks for the offer tho.” I said and walked again. 

See Niall is the ‘sweet-friendly approach kinda guy’. not the ‘hey-babe-wanna-date-cos-i’m-so-hot’ type. The guy know what he’s doing.

“Oh c’mon Y/N.” “If I hadn’t known any better Ni, I would say your smile is genuine cute guy next door smile. Except it’s not.” I said. My bad mood is getting to me.

“Except I am the cute guy next door. Right about when we’re 3 until now eh?” He smirked.

“Yea and my parents still fall for that. Unbelievable, not me though.” I said now pushing him out of the way.

“Y/N” He called me again this time his voice deep and god, it’s like sex. control your whoremones Y/N. “What?” I turned facing him irritated. 

“Well you look so tense.” He said and put his hand on my back going up to my shoulders. 

“No shit. I’m in bad mood especially with you here.” I said flatly. 

“Want some relaxation?”

“No thanks amigo.” Wait what? Amigo Y/N? Really? hard to think because his hands is starting to work magic on my shoulders. His other hand starts to rubs my arm.

“Just relax Y/N. I can make you feel good.” He said getting close and whispering the words next to my ear. “Really good princess.” 

I just stand there unable to speak. I was actually getting along with whatever he wants to do. “I need to go home Ni.” I said. 

“Well let me drive you there then. I was gonna drop by anyway.” He said and lead me to his car.

This is not good. I can feel myself getting turn on.

When he parked, I immediately jump out the car. “Thanks, for the ride Ni.” I said dismissing him. “Oh no problem. I was actually thinking about saying hi to Y/M/N (your moms name). 

I opened the door and let him in too. “mom?” I called out. Just then I realised it was Thursday. She must’ve gone out with my aunt. 

“Sorry she’s not home.” I turned and said to Niall.

“hmm. Good. I was thinking of an excuse to be alone with you anyways.” The bastard. I think to myself. He planned this. 

“I can’t focus today in the lectures. I kept thinking about you. That body of yours.” Niall said his hand starts to roam down my back side. 

“and that mouth.” I let out a soft sigh. “I wondered what it’ll look like taking my cock in.” Niall said and his finger trace my lips. I licked his finger that was on my lips. 

Niall kissed my neck and led me back. When I opened my eyes we were in my mom’s room. The nerve..

“Be a good girl and suck my cock won’t you princess?” He said more than asked while pushing me to kneel. 

Unbuckling his belt I take out his hard cock and start to pump it slowly. 

“Suck it.” He ordered. Licking the tip I finally suck a little of it before going down as he want. His soft moans and grunts is making me really wet. Niall start to thrust his hips making me choke a little. 

“Just like that babe.” He cup my face. “Such a good girl. Does anyone know how dirty slut you are? Sucking me off like this? Right where your parents could be home and walk in right now? I bet that thrill you baby. Your sweet little pussy is dripping and wanting to be filled my cock right?.” he asked pulling my hair making me answer before back to sucking him again. “Yes Niall.”

“That’s right. Oh god, that feels so good Y/N, cmon baby I’m so close.” 

Right then i heard a car. Shit. Mom’s home. 

“Cmon babe. I wanna cum on your face before she walk in.” Niall pulled out of my mouth. “Open up.” He said pumping himself and cum on my face some in my mouth. 

“Thanks babe, That was good. gotta get going now.  ” He quickly pulled up his pants and jump of the window to the back.

“Well fuck me..” I said and head to the bathroom before my mom walks in.

Cleaning my face I think to myself why the fuck would i do that earlier. The prick was sweet talking me and i feel for it. Fuck!