yea im gonna do this

OK so im gonna do a quick analysis on jaune and tyrian

at the start of the fight, there was nothing really noteworthy until tyrian jumped on jaune’s shield. jaune looked shocked at first, and then turned angry. tyrian then leaned in close and had a good look at him before proceeding to kick rnjr’s asses. note that tyrian doesn’t look at jaune’s shield so much, but leans directly into jaune’s face while on his shield. this suggests if tyrian knows anything about jaune, it may not be related to his family as i mentioned in another post, but actually about jaune as an individual. then we find out that tyrian finds jaune “interesting”, which while it doesn’t confirm anything, suggests that tyrian recognizes jaune. jaune’s reaction to tyrian jumping on his shield AND tyrian singling him out is important- he never looked confused or question it like ruby does. when tyrian jumps him, he stays still and doesn’t move until someone else tries to engage tyrian, and when tyrian points at him, he looks scared. 

this really suggests jaune’s past may not be as happy and normal as we thought. obviously he had to have done something bad to get those transcripts, but his bits with tyrian make me wonder just what shady shit jaune has done, maybe not all of it connected to transcripts.

yo does anyone here but me play me3 multiplayer on the ps3??? cause tbh ive only done it twice and both times i didnt find anyone and got killed in two seconds because i was on my own

cause if anyone would be willing to like idk group up or something id appreciate it

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  • 1. already answered/ 
  • 3.  what song(s) do you listen to when you do art? 

It depends, I listen to lot of things//(I choose songs that fit to the mood of the picture I’m drawing) I also listen to podcasts and such/  

  • 14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?  

I guess now its homestuck for me?( I dont draw as much as I used to), I drew a lots of dragons and elves etc. (as my memory serves me)


ik yall were just BEGGING to see updates of me being a Fucking Furry weren’t u

anyways people (me) put too much stock in memories. what happened happened. it was good and it was bad and there’s no use torturing myself thinking abt it. im letting go.
u kno what’s better and cooler in every way ? realizing your current worth and enjoying the present. yea
im doing that now.
fuck it.
im gonna talk to that cute boy in my english class.