yea im alive


Blackfish Tullys last Stand 

“I havent had a proper sword fight in years, I expect I’ll make a damned fool of myself” 

Haha a wish fulfillment comic of what i wished happened to Bryenden-Blackfish-Tully on Game of thrones before they unceremoniously killed him off. I mean jeez why you gotta di one of the most bad ass old men in your show like that GOT? C’mon! … Im not the only one Upset that happened right? At least show a bit of an aftermath haha

 Yea Im still alive, hehe just been so preoccupied with work but havent stopped drawing, been doodling and drawing non stop on sketchbooks is all. Been getting back into using inks and inkbrushes. 

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Not really in the mood today…

I wanted to say, before we leave… You have cities in this country that are eternal. We are now in the greatest age of science, knowledge, technology and discover, the greatest days our world has ever known. And at the same time war, people’s mental health, and corruption, and government keep all the people from leaving in peace. And so we agree on this, and again it’s such a beautiful thing to go anywhere in the world and see this many people (points at crowd) agree on anything! (laughs). It is fucking beautiful! So thanks for letting us witness this, because it gives us the hope that as long as the sun keeps fucking burning, we won’t quit trying, trying together to make this a world where peace and joy and love and health, they all can win. We will win. We can win!
—  Eddie Vedder’s speech before playing Alive in Milan, June 20th, 2014