yea i'm high

IT’S IN eight days


(uhm… hahaha i… im awkward potato :v and snow app is cute haha)

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//post your lockscreen, song you last listened to, and a selfiee//

dragging y'all into this lol wonderful wonderful @marshyoongs @aki-ae @an-awkward-person-bmo @jimsjamless

  • Saeyoung: Awwwww!!!!! My wittle Saeran is so cute!!!!
  • Saeran: NO I'M NOT!!!!!
  • Yoosung: What'd Saeran do???
  • Saeyoung: Remember when you offered a high five and Saeran ran away?
  • Yoosung: Yea???
  • Saeran: STOP IT!!!!!!!
  • Saeyoung: I saw him all teary-eyed looking up how to do a high five!!!
  • Saeran: GAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • Yoosung: Awwww, Saeran!!! You could've asked me!!!
  • Saeyoung: My baby is too proud for that, aren't you???
  • Yoosung: Awwww!! Is wittle baby Saeran embarrassed?
  • Saeran: SHUT UUUPPPPP!!!!!!!
  • Zen: ...
  • Zen has left the chatroom.

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