yea i'm doing that one too

  • you: why do you even still like rwby?
  • me internally: because it was a huge special interest of mine when it came out, practically saved my life at one point if I'm entirely honest like yea I know it has plenty lot of problems like one of the writers can't take any sort of commentary or Jaune being too much of a focus but still I find the characters super endearing and love the designs a whole lot really I just keep hoping that it'll get better and in little ways it has despite the ways it's weak
  • me externally: sniper....scythe....go fast

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When I saw your icon changed back, I thought tumblr glitched out and had Mr. G take over again. "Guess he was tired of Sasster's ugly mug taking over senpai's blog." <;3c

“ ’UGLY MUG’…?”


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the closer we get to hunger pangs, the more excited I get, and I just. [excited squealing!!!] I hate ebooks with a fiery passion but I'm probably gonna be buying one right when the book is released anyway bc I am THAT excited

So. uh. is now a good time to mention I commissioned my illustrator to do the paperback copy edition cause enough people asked for it or…

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i recently started iscribble and i'm not handling it very well? is there any tips you can give me? its all very strange and new but i like it! thank you for reading this!!!

iscribble is actually very hard !! but even as a restricted user (since youre new) theres so much you can do with the basic tools available. (theyre p much the only ones i use) my tips for beginners is to not take it too seriously and have fun and just play with every tool till u figure out which one works best for your style ! 
i use pen tool, line tool, and area picker (blending) 

example of line tool:

area picker: your BFF for blending

BOTH!! jazz hands

The solangelo effect
  • Will: I think that the fandom has been really good to us lately.
  • Percy: Yea, especially the art.
  • Nico: Some of the fan fictions are really interesting too...
  • Percy: Which ones are your favourite?
  • Nico: Uhhh....
  • Percy: *Whispering* Solangelo... solangel-
  • Nico: Yes, solangelo... wait, I mean... yea.
  • Will: Really, that garbage? None of that is anything like our actual relationship.
  • Percy: It's not far off... not that I read it, but-
  • Nico: Shut up, I don't want to know.
  • Will: So, um... what kind of things do you read... solangelo, I mean...
  • Solangelo: *Eyes meet*
  • Percy: *Looking between them* I'm going to leave. *Slowly backs out*
  • Solangelo: *Waits for Percy to leave*
  • Nico: *Wraps his arms around Will's neck and whispers, directly into his ear* Do you really want to know?
  • Will: Oh gods, yes.
  • - Back at the Poseidon cabin -
  • Percy: *Looking up solangelo* Good job, Rick. Give em a gay relationship, and the fans go wild. Rick Riordan, spreading sexual diversity since 2013.

Give me a character that isn’t a “geek” or a “nerd” with asthma. Give me a track star that has to use an inhaler. Give me an Olympic swimmer that has to work harder and harder to breathe because their lungs need to be trained for the vigorousness. Give me a ballerina, a baker, a flourish, a cyclist. Give me ordinary people from all walks of life. Give me a character that isn’t portrayed as weak because their lungs didn’t form fully when they were born. Give me someone who was the best at what they did and then asthma was formed, and then show them working harder and harder to get what they have always wanted. Don’t tell me you can’t, because we exist in the world, and it’s not fair to pretend that we’re only stuck in one corner of an entire cinematic universe. Put us in books, give us a voice.

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Hi! Do you know where I could find a fake vintage 'heart and hands' ring? I'm in love with that style but they're all out of my price range 💞

Hey! Yea, the vintage/antique ones can be hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, they are beautiful though some stores do replicas and other pieces inspired by those traditional Claddagh rings!

Here’s a few I’ve found:

Here’s a brief bit of information on the Claddagh ring & its meaning: 

  • The way a Claddagh ring is worn on the hand is usually intended to convey the wearer’s relationship status, according to Irish author Colin Murphy:
  • On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips, the wearer is single 
  • On the right hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist, the wearer is in a relationship 
  • On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the fingertips, the wearer is engaged.
  • On the left hand with the point of the heart toward the wrist, the wearer is married. 

Let me know if you need anymore help with anything and I’ll see what I can do!

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((Can you remind me what ships occur on this blog?

//yea! Mostly the main 3 Boyf riends, Richjake and Pinkberry ;0! Rn the only ones that are like… ‘Dating Status’ is pinkberry, Richjake are in an endless no homo loop and Boyf riends r too stubborn and oblivious to do anything abt their feelings


Sparks: Instagram Edition pt.4 - GLITTER! ( pt. 12 | 3
The Lucy, Cana and Loke combo as requested by anon.

For the record: I still don’t know what the plot of Glitter is lmao. All I know is that it’s sparkly, has singing, Lucy and Loke end up together and Cana succeeds in life or something.

Click for full-view! 

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the riverdale dude gives me creeps too it's not an unpopular opinion lol and since i'm here to drop random shit in your askbox - kai drawing the heart on damon's car window is totally a reference to their car scene where the whole choking thing happened and which we can't deny was pretty much their most touchy feely scene and thus the most sexual looking one so yea he was totally reminiscing that while making the heart lmaoo i bet he plans on doing other things to her in that car lmao


this needs a separate oneshot all on its own

prompt for myself: “ i bet he plans on doing other things to her in that car” *BITES FIST*

also plug: my car sex oneshot

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I think I seen that ur sheep fursona has another form yea? Do u have two fursonas, one that's a dog too? :0 or am I mistaken? I wanna draw u so I'm just wondering!

my sheepsona is like a sheep/wolf or w/e cuz those r th two animals that i connect with th most, and m sona has a were form so thats what you’ve seen

remember when antis didn’t exist? when no one actively spread hate by being an anti? remember that? because that was a year ago. i hadn’t even heard of antis before this year. what the fuck is wrong with tumblr?

update: i have too much time on my hands. i literally just do this to piss everyone off. i laugh at all the replies, so replying really just amuses me and both sides make me laugh uncontrollably. i’m sorry for trolling 😂😂😂😂 and i’ll probably do it again. like 800 more times.

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Idk man I'm not gonna send you any aggressive hate cause you're only 14 and I said loads of dumb stuff at 14 too but I'm just going to say: I hope one day when you are older and more mature, you can realize that what you're saying right now is extremely childish. I don't expect you to understand right now how immature you look the the rest of the internet, but unfortunately, these things happen. Until you get to such a point, I wish you good luck. And don't harass anyone over a TV show.

Yes, yes I know that I’m not the most mature person. And yea, I probably didn’t do the best thing in the situation. Maybe even a bit childish, but calling me a “pedo ship loving gross fuck” is more immature don’t you think? Listen if I’m immature, I’m immature. Oh well, like you said these things happen. Also? I dont harass anyone over TV. Ship what you want, do what you want. As long as you’re not hurting anyone I could literally not care.

Singing about his fangirls
  • Guren: They go wild, simply wild, over me! They go mad, just as mad as they can be! No matter where I'm at, all the ladies, thin or fat, the tall ones, the small ones. I grab them off like that! Every night, how they fight over me! I don't know what it is that they can see! The ladies look at me and sigh, in my arms they wanna die! They go wild, simply wild, over me!

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So like ik you've answered this before but could u tell me real quick what ur like workout & skin care routines are? Cuz I'm tryna get into this self care stuff & I like hearing abt it from ppl like you who don't view bein fat n shit as a bad thing so yeah! Hshsjsbhz ily btw

yea no problem!! love u too
oqay for skin:
- exfoliate once a week with egg whites and one ply tissue paper on top of the egg whites for 20 min and then use the yolk as moisturizer and to not waste the whole egg!
-this optional I also use a hydrating mask or even if I think my pores are too musty one week i do another exfoliating mask but this time store bought wit like bamboo or somethin u kno!
-once a month i do a African black soap mask also normally in the beginning of the month I get them from wal-mart for 3 for $4 something like tht
- I use a biore charcoal pore less face wash 2-3 times a week like I SED depending on how UGLIE they are
-I mix honey and cinnomon for black heads on my nose or if I’m TEW lazy a biore blackhead remover strip but don’t do them often cuz it turns out they’re bad 4 u rip
-I use a cleanser my dermatologist gave me every night and every morning and I plan on getting a vanity planet face scrub brush ting but I’m broke RN but I KNO it amazing 2 use with a cleanser
-wash ur bed sheets and pillow case once a week so ur face doesn’t get nastee dirt inside !

ok 4 m'bodie:
-I exercise 4-5 times a week depending on how busy i yam or how tiredt I had 2 delete the nike training app and the swork it apps cuz no space n I didn’t wanna delete my memes djdjtj anyway I use the pump up app it amazing my user is fatimeme if u wanna follow me 👀 and u follow ppl who also exercising and getting healthy and there’s workouts a LOT of them and u can even make ur own that suits u u know u gotta be patient with ur body and u gotta listen to it !
-I run a mile 3-4 times a week also like if I do a mile Monday i don’t on Tuesday and then I run on Wednesday u kno it great I lov running it great to clear ur mind while doin it so u not only physically getting in shape but ur mindt too!
-i also take metabolism gummies from wal-m'art theyre so good they’re like $4 and they help wit my digestion and food and u gotta eat ur food slowly cuz like I said it better for digestion
-I eat like normal TBH jus a smaller amount like beans/frijoles are so good for ur muscles after u exercise so I’m like MAMA where my frijoles pls after I exercise djdjf and I eat that with salad rice chicken/meat/pork grilled !
-DRINK 👏🏽📢💦 DET 👏🏽📢💦 WATER 👏🏽📢💦 i love water i drink like 7 water bottles a day which is almost a gallon 😁 but yea I suggest u start with 5 water bottles if u not used to that much if u love water stick with 6 and ye u pee a lot but ur skin is like thnk u master so it worth it my kid!

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do you like nyu? i'm applying to go to law school there next fall partially because i got jealous that you saw gal at snl and i want celebrities to smile at me at snl too lol.

alsdjlkf ngl one of the reasons i initially wanted to go here was bc my old crush in high school goes here too. 

anyway, yea i like it. it’s a good tough school and it’s so interesting to be able to experience living in a city (i’ll probably never live in one again after this, it’s not for me, but i’m glad to have experienced it). i like being at the center of everything and having a lot of access (plus seeing celebs is pretty cool, i’ve walked past both alec baldwin and paul rudd before). the only thing i’d really say is if you have a tough time making friends, maybe you should consider somewhere else. it’s extremely hard to make friends here if you aren’t outgoing and an extrovert, and that’s not just me. there’s a whole thread on nyu’s reddit talking abt how a lot of people have no friends. 

Page 38

I tried cropping the page this time? To like what it would be printed…. yea so IDK if this is better or not, feel free to send me an ask saying if you like this better or with the border better. AND if anyone here like SouRin (Free!) You should totally read these Yasashi dokusen yoku zenpen – Free! dj, and Yasashi dokusen yoku kohen – Free! dj. They do go together so read that first one first.