yea i like it

There’s something about the woods near your house that calms you.

It’s been years since you moved out of your parent’s place. You’ve been going through roommates like mad. As if the declining rent and prime location are scaring people off instead of drawing them in. At the moment, You’re in between roommates, but when are you not.

The house is small, but not so much so that it feels crowded. There’s more than enough room for two people and even a pet if you wanted. Your parents were worried when you moved away, especially when you chose to buy your house. It’s within the city limits. It’s just close enough to the city to be a ten-minute drive from the city’s largest shopping centre. You don’t have to bother with neighbours since your closest neighbour is a couple miles away. The view is wonderful as well.

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consider: this is deadass how victor describes his fiance to strangers when he’s looking for him lmao (insp)

so about a year and a half ago, i set out to draw every clara outfit ever
74 outfits later, i’m finally done

prints/mugs/totes and all that jazz are up on society6 and redbubble now!



  • None/very simple BG: FREE
  • Simple scenery BG: +$2


  • Maximum characters per picture is 2 characters for chibi & bust, and 3 characters for waist & fullbody.
  • I use PayPal invoice.
  • For Indonesian you get $1 discount! :D
  • The commission you ordered can be used for your personal use as long as you include credit when used.
  • I would really appreciate if you don’t resale the commission on T-shirt, buttons & such ;w; for a part of your commercial banner is fine tho. Again.. don’t forget to credit!


  1. Contact me on tumblr chat or to discuss your commission .
  2. Write the type of commission you want (ex.Bust), a description of what you want, and any reference images you have for the character(s).
  3. I will send you a paypal invoice for the agreed upon amount OR if you’re an indonesian, you can tranfer via BCA ($1= Rp10.000,-). Once paid, I will work on your commission.
  4. If you want, I could sent you the sketch of the progress, to see if you want any minor change.
  5. Then I’ll finish up your piece, and thank you for commissioning me! ✨
I will open the commission until the end of this week aka on July 16- after that I will close them and raise the price to its original one.. sooo….. get them while they R hot?? I mean on sale X"D

mentioning george michael means so much. a man who got forced out of the closet by newspaper, lost his boyfriend to aids and his mom to cancer, lost a legal battle with sony and had to buy himself out of his contract. it’s all so fucking pointed and blatant. i’m literally staring at my computer screen speechless. stop underestimating louis and fucking pay attention, really listen to him. please.

re: sense8
  1. u can be annoyed abt sense8′s cancellation without ignoring the fact that its been messed up since day 1 due to its racist creator and stereotypical storylines
  2. u can also be annoyed abt sense8′s cancellation without bringing up the get down bc. be real the get down was in a class of its own and its cancellation demonstrated much more racism and homophobia on netflix’s part than sense8′s ever will
  3. stop attacking poc (especially black ppl) for saying that sense8 was racist bc. it really was

theyre on a date!!