yea i like it

anyone else in melbs hear about how there was bad md going around? and how couple ppl died.. Yea anyways like around 6am this morning I woke up for a bit and I couldn’t feel my body so I was like… Uh guess im gonna die? was proper gonna txt mumzy say my goodbyes to my fam

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following u and seeing all ur junkrat art has made me go from being low-key terrified of him because reasons 2 genuinely enjoying his presence thank u he is a good boy but he still has to take a bath

LOOOL yea hes still a terrifying rascal but i like drawing other sides 2 him lelelel. thank u <3

it’s sooooo funny when I block creeps and then later I’m like “oh yea I have them blocked because they’re a creep lol” and they’re like “AAAAAA WHY DO YOU HAVE ME BLOOOOOCKED HOW CAN I DEFEND MYSEEEELF” like this is why. hop off

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Lmao step siblings au JD and v have most definitely banged with Martha one room over (she falls asleep at like 9:30 cause the movies over and V is.. Horny™) please expand

omg they would be making out and JD would start to take off veronicas clothes but she’d be like “JD come on this is such a dick move we can’t while Martha’s in the house” and JDs like “ok fine whatever you say” but it’s too late because Veronica “I have no self control” Sawyer is already turned on and once she’s horny there’s no going back so she’s like “ugh FINE we’re doing it but you’re still an ass” and he’s like yea I know 😏

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age- 21
biggest fear- not reaching any of my goals
current time- 21:05
drink you last had- rooibos tea
every day starts with- waking up middle of the night
favorite song- dont really have one
ghosts- if i believe in them??? nah, but jinns exist yooo
hometown- is lame lol, dont wanna tell 
in love with- genuine people in general, who give off good vibes
jealous of- ppl with a good metabolisme lmao
killed someone- yea many, in my head
last time i cried- like… yesterday maybe? i cry a lot fam
middle name
number of siblings- 4
one wish- idk
person you last called/texted- mama
question you’re always asked- “did you do your hw” or “are you really 21 years old???”
random fact- im quite the germaphobe and can get in a very bad mood(read angry) if ppl (who have bad hygiene) touch me or are near me 
time you woke up- around 5am 
underwear color- -
vacation destination- literally anywhere as long as i learn about the culture and history of that place
worst habit- overeating
your favorite food- probably moroccan 
zodiac sign- virgo  

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Yesterday at dinner this guy i was sitting with(friend of friends) was like "yea every guy is a litt add/adhd" which led to me going off on him about it and apparently i was staring really hard at him while i educating him

Omg. Yes!!! Educate people!!!
I hate stuff “Everyone’s a little ADHD!”

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omg u talk about your followers outside of tumblr thats so cute

Yessss so much tbh I must sound v well traveled to people cause I’m like yea my friend from America said or my friend from England does or my friend from Austria posted 😹 literally think ur all rad and I need to talk about u dudes ✨

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luv u kittens <3

Nickname: Moon,Lil’Moon,Anya,Redhaired bitch,Jew (actually yea,I am.BUT my ass still burning like Hasashi’s anger) and my mom calls me Foxy.So cute <3

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′8

Last Thing You Googled: “seasonal allergies”. Russian weather still hates me and my health,last week it was -20 degrees (!!) and now +4…So,I’m almost ded :)))

Favorite music artist: Queen,Grimes,Bauhaus,Pink Floyd,Pantera and TWISTEEEED SISTEEEEER..yeh

Song stuck in my head: The Brian Jonestown Massacre-Anemone. Nuff said,just listen,so sexy and high song.(

Last Movie you watched: Orlando, Everything Is Illuminated…and some 90′s russian criminal drama films..

What are you wearing right now: Black leggins,black hoodie,hair braided in “warrior braids” with star hair clips and fluffy slippers.My warrior pack is already here. 

What do you post: MK fan art,my shet art,memes,cyberpunk aestethics,some video games gifs,art,also retro movies,chinese gardens.

Why did you choose your URL: ‘Cuz I’m always sitting all night long and never go to sleep early, I was called “moonchild” :d

Do you have any other blogs: No :(

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: Hehehehe..I never had one.

Religious Or Spiritual: I’m definitely religious person..but absolutely ok with spiritual things.

Favorite Color: Baby blue,black,pastel pink and jaded green.

Average Hours Of Sleep: 12

Lucky Number: 7

Favorite character: Bazarov ( “Fathers and Sons”), Dunya (” Crime and Punishment”), Martin Eden (” Martin Eden”), Sondra Finchley ( “An American Tragedy”), Bi-Han,Kuai Liang,Jade and Sonya Blade (”Mortal Kombat”), Cammy White (”Street Fighter”), Yennefer of Vengerberg (“The Witcher”), Joel (”Last of Us”).

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: Eehh..? One.. 

Dream Job: Animator,concept artist/illustrator.If I did it (and I will,u know it.) maybe I will animate short MK story from original timeline,like Mythologies. I just want to do it and after it I get a rest :d

Board games, video games or tabletop games?: Well,sometimes I play board games with friends,it’s hella funny every time ahah.But mostly I prefer video games.

Do you have any OCs? If yes, talk about a couple of them!: Hmmmmmmmmm…Yeh :p But it was million years ago when I create them and still keeping their design and backstory.One day,I wrote a short cyberpunk story about DOS-era viruses,it was pretty lame and weird,but I still love the main protagonist of story-rebel visus lady named Iselin.Iselin run away from normal life in progressive megapolis,because she know what will happened with her if anyone solve her secret.She worked for the military organization,which eliminates errors in the system and catching suspicious creatures for experiments of their impact on ordinary people.Iselin hide her true nature,but she knows what she needs help and find herself in this world. She run away for a big journey with hope to find someone like her and proof what she is not dangerous as people think.( But for a fact, no many DOS viruses was extremely dangerous or even harmful,it was just a phenomen, real art).Oh,forget it, i wrote it when I was 11 :d

Also I remember one short story,which I wrote two years ago.It was about homeless children in 90′s.It was based from my real life memories when I was a little girl.When I was young,I always love to walking aroung the wasteland near my home.Absolutely empty,dirty place,but I love it.Also there was a river,where I ususally thrown a stones.One day I walking near the river and saw..a bunch of children.They are were very loud,skinny,their clothes was dirty and very old,like they found it somewhere.I was shocked,but keep watching.They didn’t see me,but I watched every their move.More shocking for me was a fact,what there was children the same age as me.Yes! A little 3-4 years old children with very tired and suffering faces,it was so painfull for me,because now I see what could happened with every children in this absolutely hungry and dark time.I went there every day and watched.My mom knew why and where I go,she gave me food every time I left it under the tree near them.I did it 3 months,until one day I came and saw that they were gone. My heart became very restless since then, because I did not know what happened to all of them.This story is still pops up in my mind as a reminder that this is a real tragedy.Seeing this was very scary in early childhood.And that’s why I dedicated my story for them.  

One thing you wish was canon in a fiction story/fandom?: 

1.) Let Bi-Han x Sareena happen! I waiting for it for a long time and don’t ruin it,NRS! Don’t even dare! >:(

2.) Subz Brothers reunion.Please.PLEASE!!!1 T0T

Favourite thing to draw/ write about/ think about?: Fan art :d And mostly for MK :)) Bacause my heart will be always with it.And I like to draw my OC from my original short stories,also I like to draw from real life (people,landscapes,e.t.c).

The strangest song you like (and a link to it if possible!): Dead Can Dance-Opium

A book/story/fanfiction you read recently and would recommend (doesn’t have to be fiction): “Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi and “Saga” by Brian K. Vaughan

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@oliverdancingqueen yea but why is that, why don’t people write in their own dialects?

@aishawarma lol I know hayate I was joking when I added that but still.

@madreesh yea aisha said something like that too, saying that people’s dialects are what they would consider street language and that no one would take it seriously, but like to me that sounds so strange, like what is the impetus to denigrate your own spoken language in favor of an outside language to be considered superior?


OtaYuri Biker AU

Yuri works at a diner in a small town and is bored of his mundane life, and Otabek, a passing member of a biker gang, swoops in as his saviour

Victor and Yuuri are the kind of couple who’d plan to propose to each other on the exact same day and Yuuri pulls Victor to the side with a “Victor, there’s something I wanna ask you–” as he’s taking out the little velvet box and Victor just goes “oh no”. And Yuuri gets all insecure because does he not want to, is this rejection, is it too soon? And he gets all small and toys with the box in his hands, stumbling over his words to make it better because imsorryitsokaywedonthavetoifyourenotcomfortable but Victor stops him, grabbing him by the shoulders like “no, no, I mean—"and he takes out a ring from his coat pocket "I was going to slip this into your drink tonight at dinner” and then they both start crying and they’re touching foreheads as they put the rings on each other and I’m dying in the back because I love them