yea i lied again

I really wanted to finish my comic tonight but im too tired bc its pretty long (BUT IM EXCITED TO FINISH IT BC I FIND IT SO FUNNY ITS BEEN A WHILE THAT I DIDN’T FIND ONE OF MY IDEA THIS FUNNY LOL).

Also I just wanted to take a lil break from tumblr and mainly from BTS. Because with Bbma, all the interviews plus Festa 2017 who’s coming, I had too much BTS in a short time ahah, and I just felt a bit overwhelmed, but yea I’m ready to draw again!

ALSO x2!! I kinda lied lol, I didnt stop drawing, I just drew a surprise so yea I didn’t finish it tho!!! But we are almost there :^DD
Anyway I hope y'all are having a great day/night and I love you all a lot. Again sorry if I wasnt very active💗💗💗💗💗💗

Another Lance confession thing ???
  • Okay so,, with this new (new??) information about Lancey Lance's birthday and Keith's birthday and how he's actually OLDER THAN LEGS I MEAN LANCE I had to do smth to get out all my FLUFFY FEELS okay sue me,,,
  • - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Okay so, it's Keith's birthday.
  • Lance wants to get him something but he doesn't have anything to give him really?? He can't make anything.. and he can't buy anything because hey space.. maybe he could finally work up the courage to confess?? In a weird way??
  • So, Lance decides to man up and write a little note.
  • "Hey man, just wanted to say happy birthday. Actually I lied i also wanted to give you something. Actually yea i lied again i also.. i wanted to tell you something. So i thought.. I'd do both. I don't really have anything to give you.. except my feelings, okay. I think you're really nice. And scary and cute. Not scary really. More like scary cute. You're scary cute. I like you a lot and i thought today was the day to confess. It's fine if you don't yknow, like me too i just wanted to get this off my chest while I have a valid reason to. What with saving the universe and all. We're a good team, remember? I hope that if you end up.. not feeling the same way that we can just forget this whole thing. Be my uh.. gosh this sounds really weird when I'm writing it.. Keef Kogane, will you be my boyfriend? Please?
  • Yes _ No_"
  • Lance reads over his letter 4 times, making necessary corrections.
  • He works up the courage to go out to the main lounge in the castle, everyone's hanging out in there at the moment as a sort of mini party for Keith.
  • He approached Keith, standing off to the side a little.
  • "Uh.. Hey. I uh, this is for you." He stutters a bit, handing Keith his letter.
  • "Oh, thanks" Keith says.
  • Keith looks at him, smiling a little bit, taking the letter and beginning to unfold it.
  • Lance panics. "N-NO READ IT LATER" He says, reaching for it to fold it back down.
  • Keith laughs a little, holding his hand up to block him, trying to read it.
  • "Keithhh!! C'mon please read it later.." Lance whines, still reaching for the letter.
  • Too late. Keith darling is a fast reader and he's already half way through. And his face is completely and utterly emotionless.
  • Lance gives up on trying to snatch it from him. 'This was a terrible Idea..' Lance thinks to himself, watching Keith read his note.
  • Keith finishes reading and lowers the note, looking up at Lance's face.
  • Lance flashes a nervous smile.
  • Keith smirks.
  • "Checkboxes?" He says quietly.
  • Lance's eyes widen. "Well yea I dunno I thought you'd read it when you weren't next to me.. hah" He explains, reaching his hand up to rub the back of his neck nervously.
  • Silence, followed by intense eye contact.
  • After a few seconds, Keith is the one to break the silence.
  • "Too bad I don't have a pen" Keith says with a genuine smile.
  • Lance quickly pales. "I CAN FIND YOU A PEN"
  • Keith chuckles a bit. "Actually.. I don't need one." He explains.
  • Lance's expression drops. His courage quickly diminishes. Shit. Here we go.
  • "Because... I can just do this." Keith says, dropping the note to the floor and bringing his hands up to cup Lance's cheeks and pull his face down for a kiss.
  • Lance. Is S H O O K.
  • He manages to shove all his thoughts aside and give in, reaching down and resting his hands on Keith's hips.
  • Meanwhile everyone's just looking at them and exchanging bet money ;')))

Rant time

32. Finish Him (pt. 3) (Short)


“You know I love you right and if you feel any funny movement you better call us,” Rocky said to me I nodded.

“I love you too, and I know, make sure your ass is there when I call you too. Both of you,” I said we both nodded as I turned my attention too Aug.

“You nervous?” he asked me with a smile on his face I chuckled shaking my head no.

“No babe, I’m good I learned from the best,” I smiled he nodded.

“Okay, I love you and don’t do nothing with the nigga either,” he warned I waved him off.

“I love you too,” I said kissing him fixing my piece I looked between Rocky, Aug and everybody else in the car.

“Five minutes, I’ll let you know when it’s clear to come,” I said before exiting the car.

Walking up to the front door is when my nerves began. Thoughts of him finding out, killing me, Aug or Rocky ran through my head. I have to be extra careful.

After knocking on the door I took a deep breath and looked back at the car. Hearing the locks I quickly turned back towards the door and relaxed. He smiled once opening the door and let me in. Here goes nothing.

“Hi,” I smiled once Tristan opened the door. He looked me up and down while biting his lip and pulled me into a hug, his hand running down my back and before he could touch my ass I stopped him.

“Let’s not get into that right now, we have plenty of time,” I winked walking into the house. He chuckled wrapping his arm around my waist pulling me into him.

“Na we gon get into that right now Sev,” he mumbled kissing my neck.

“C'mon, you know I have a boyfriend Tristan.” I reminded he waved me off.

“What that gotta do with me?” he asked

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” he bust out laughing.

“You mean Jenay annoying ass? I’m good on that Sev, you know I only got eyes for you and I wish you would realize that,” he grumbled gripping my waist. I winced placing a hurt expression on my face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked looking concerned. I lifted my shirt to show him a fake bruise that Aug put there. He clenched his jaw running his hand over it I winced again.

“He do this too you?”

“Yea” I lied

“Why he do this Sev?” I signed running my fingers through my hair.

“I told him about us and he got upset. It’s no big deal,” I spoke softly.

“Nah Sev it is a big deal. I’m gonna take care of him,” he gritted

“How? He and Rocky are both working together to take you out, and when Rocky finds out about us if he already doesn’t there’s going to be a problem,” I sighed

“Don’t worry about it Sev, my main concern is that nigga August. I hope he got somebody he can leave his kid too,” he turned around and I rolled my eyes shaking my head.

“You’re going to kill him?” he nodded.

“Yea, he put his hands on you I’m not having that Cookie,” he really has his nerve.

“How? I don’t want nothing happening or you going to jail,” I said in a concerned voice.

“I’m not going to jail Sev, you know I work with cops. No charges will be put against me,” he shrugged I smirked shaking my head.

“Well in that case go upstairs and get ready for me,” I winked he smiled big kissing my cheek running upstairs.

“C'mon,” I spoke to Rocky and Aug running quietly towards the door and opened it steadily.

“He try anything?”‘Aug whispered I shook my head no.

“Go hide somewhere please,” I said pushing them away from me.

“Sev!” he called out

“What?” I questioned

“You open my door?” I shook my head no.

“No. Let’s go upstairs now,” I smiled grabbing his hand as we walked towards the room.

“What you got planed for me?” he asked gripping my hips from behind.

“A lot,” I whispered pulling cuffs out my bag moving them from side to side on my finger biting my lip.

“Get on the bed,” I instructed seductively he smiled and got on the bed. Placing his hands up I cuffed them to the headboard and slowly got off the bed.

“I be back,” I whispered in his ear he smirked watching me as I walked out the room.

“Come to the room,” I said to Rocky and Aug when I walked back in the room he was no longer on the bed.

“Shit,” I whispered

“You must think I’m stupid huh Sev?” I jumped turning around to face him.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him he chuckled walking up to me. I sighed shaking my head where the hell is Aug and Rocky.

“You tell me? You setting me up?” he gritted grabbing my arm I looked down at his hand and up at him. This mother fucker done lost his mind. Drawing my hand back I punched him right in his lip.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he yelled back slapping me making me fall too the floor.

“Fuck you Tristan!” I yelled smacking him back before he could hit me again the door bust open revealing Aug and Rocky.

“You got ya niggas here?” he smiled dropping to the floor

“Sev you okay?” Rocky asked as Aug and Tristam started fighting. I nodded wiping my lip.

“I’m fine go do something!” I yelled watching as he and Aug tasseled. Of course Aug was winning but Tristan was getting his hits in.

“Y'all niggas gon kill me, get it over with,” he yelled

“You thought it would be that easy nigga? We gon make your ass suffer,” Rocky smiled I shook my head.

“You really think this gon end that easy. I got niggas on the way,” he yelled and the door bust out open. I jumped up and called for the rest of the guys and watched as everybody began to fight. Everything was happening so fast and all I wanted to do was get out of here. Gun shots went off and I watched as Tristan fell to the ground.


“All that shit you be doing with Sev keep it at a minimum when you’re around me,” Rocky said I looked over at Chris and we bust out laughing.

“Shut the fuck up nigga. Fuck you gon do when we get married and shit?” I questioned he shrugged.

“Haven’t thought that far. But that’s different it’s a wedding. This shit right here is awkward as hell, I know you feel the same way about Brandon and Tiff ass,” he said shaking his head.

“I ain’t witnessed that shit yet, and I don’t plan on it either,” I shrugged.

“Alright little niggas, listen up,” Chris said as we focused on what Tristan and Sev was talking about.

Once we heard Sev give us the green light we got out the car and walked up to the from door to be greeted by her.

“He try anything?” I asked her she shook her head no.

“Go hide somewhere please,” she said pushing us away from her. We ran in the living room behind the couch once hearing his foot steps. I could have killed him right then ad there but he hasn’t confessed to what we need before killing this mother fucker.

“Man this some bullshit,” Rocky whispered I nodded listening to what they were saying. I won’t even lie hearing her flirt with him whether it be real or not was making my skin boil.

“Calm down nigga Sev loves you, in no way shape or form in this past month was Sev checking for him. Be cool,” he coached I nodded.

“Come to the room,” I heard Sev whisper.

“You ready?” he asked me I nodded as we began to slowly walk around the house.

“Hold, hold,” I said touching Rocky’s arm. I heard him and Sev going back and forth and heard a couple smacks. Running towards the room I busted the door open too see Sev on the floor and blood pouring from her mouth and nose. I shook my head charging him.

Pinning him to the ground I sent blow after blow to his face until I felt arms grab me up off him. These were his niggas, either he knew before hand or found out tonight that we were setting him up. Either way he gon die tonight no questions asked.

Pulling my gun out I shot him three times and watched as his body fell to the ground. Gun shots rang behind me but I payed no mind to it while looking at his lifeless body. Kneeling down I placed the gun on his temple and watched as he struggled to breathe his last breath.

“Don’t fuck with me and mines,” were the last words I spoke before shooting his brains out.

“August!” Sev yelled I sighed walked over to her.

“You okay?” I asked her she nodded.

“I’m fine babe. What about you though? You all cut up,” I waved her off smiling.

“I’m good, y'all ready?” I asked.

“Yea man, Ciara gon kick my ass. She told me not to come back with any bruises or cuts,” Chris said I shook myhead s we walked outside.

“Clean everything up in a timely manner okay. He got neighbors the cops should be on the way,” Rocky instructed to his I guess you could call clean up crew.

“Next stop police station. Rest of y'all niggas go home. Nast take Nicki home for me,” Rocky said they all nodded as me, him, and Sev got in the car.

“How the hell we gon go in the police station like this?” I asked they both shrugged.

“Like the Born Sinners & Mob leaders we were raised to be,” Rocky said I chuckled shaking my head looking out the window.

“Can I help you?”

“Where’re here too see John and Maurice,” Sev spoke up.

“What for? Are you guys okay?” she asked we nodded.

“Yea, uh tell him it concerns Tristan,” Sev spoke she nodded leaving from her desk.

“Let me see your face,” she said moving head. I removed her hand from my chin and shook my head.

“I’m good,” I smiled kissing her cheek

“Well what about you Rocky?” she asked him

“I’m straight. Nicki gon beat my ass though?” he sighed shaking his head.

“They’re ready for you,” she smiled leading us too the office.

“Sevyn, I can’t tell when last I’ve seen you how you been?” John asked her.

“I’ve been good, what about you?”'she smiled

“Great. Your friends?” Maurice asked as if he didn’t know us.

“Don’t play, let’s just cut too the chase alright. Tristan is dead,” I said too them.

“Oh yea & who killed him?” they laughed

“You think this is a joke huh?” Rocky asked as we laughed

“So who killed him since this isn’t a joke?” John asked

“We did,” I answered

“Oh you couldn’t. Do you know what will come after this, say goodbye to your lives,” Maurice laughed

“Or goodbye to yours,” Sev smiled.

“What is that supposed to mean?” John asked

“Means we got ya boy on tape confessing that he works with crooked cops like yourself. You can either leave this alone or loose your job and spend the rest of your life in jail. Your choice,” Rocky said.

“Where’s the proof?” Sev placed a recorder down on the table and pressed play.

“You can keep this. We have more copies,” Sev said standing too her feet.

Seeing her this gangster had me wanting to do things to her, this shit sexy as fuck. I laughed watching their face drop.

“Nice doing business with you guys. John say hi to the wife,” Sev winked as we left.

“Since when you turn gangsta Sev?” Rocky asked as we got in the car.

“Since Mama & Aunty Shay taught me,” she shrugged after dropping Rocky off she drove off too the house.

“Would you stop moving please,” she sighed shaking her head.

“This shit hurt babe, damn,” I sucked my teeth moving my head back. She kissed her teeth and threw her leg over my lap and sat down clamping her hand on top my head.

“Don’t move,” she warned cleaning the cut above my eye. I hissed once feeling the alcohol touch my cut.

“Such a big ass baby. You can take all those hits but can’t take this little stinging,” she chuckled kissing my nose.

“Stop teasing babe,” I smiled placing my hands on her thighs and began rubbing them softly.

“Were you scared?” I asked her

“No,” she simply answered throwing the paper in the garbage. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began too run her fingers through my curls.

“Me either,” I mumbled into hey neck.

“This is all behind us now right?” she asked I removed my head from her neck and met her eyes.

“It’s all behind us now babe, we can move forward,” she smiled

“I love you,” she smiled kissing me

“I love you too.” I said wrapping her legs around me and carried us into the bedroom.

I’m glad this is over for real.