yea i know people already posted this

there’s been so much Shadowhunters negativity in my dash lately….. like, y’all are entitled to your own opinion, but sometimes people take things waaaay too seriously… it’s a tv show guys, it is supposed to entertain us and make us happy. if it doesn’t work out for you anymore, then just stop watching it??

i don’t know. I don’t mind negative opinions, I have my own too, but I just cringe everytime someone blow it out of proportion like this. Sure the show has its awkward moments, but even at the tiniest mistakes some people are just hastily jumping in the “””triggered””” bandwagon and calling out and disrespecting people with a different opinion…

i’m seriously missing the old days where there wasn’t this much fandom drama. I’m even missing the time I joined tumblr when we were just book fans.

all this hate is tiring me to the point where I’m not even having fun in this fandom anymore, and in almost 4 years of blogging I had never felt that way before. anyways. i’m going to sleep now :/

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would you mind if i screenshotted the unwanted/unasked for critique of your animations??? if i ever made a post on how unhelpful/counterproductive they can be to artists (especially to mentally ill artists), I'd just like to use the asks you get as examples. Its fine if not though!! (ps, i think ur stuff's amazing, keep creating!)

yea dude sure

a lot of people really mean well but like if theres some flaw they think i mightve glazed over, i have guaranteed already overthought about it a hundred times before it even occurred to them

like i know theres issues with my art style and with the content i create and with the direction ive been going in as a whole, but i mean its still stuff i made and as much as i hate it i still gotta post it because thats just life, if i didnt post anything i wasnt satisfied with my channel would be empty. if i deleted videos i think show a trend towards a direction i dont wanna head anymore, theyd all be deleted.

i know these flaws exist but i’m letting them exist so i can keep pushing on; and i guess its easy to mistake that for me being unaware of them but like as much time as i pour into a 20 second video i PROMISE u i am hyper aware of everything and unless im asking for criticism i really rly rly would appreciate if people just refrained.

really important you guys

so guys I just discovered there’s this new eddsworld blog now calling itself wefuckinghate-eddsworld-fangirls

I think that name already says everything you need to know about them. They even have a crossed out paultryk pic as an icon and they just talked shit to my good friend @glitchy-n3bula

So guys PLEASE for the sake of everyone in this fandom, block those guys, and reblog this post to warn other people and spread the message.

Even though I don’t agree with a lot of stuff people in thisfandom do, I keep that to myself (yea okay sometimes i slip and bitch around a bit but i really try my best and i do usually delete that hatefull stuff afterwards immedinatly) and blogs like these are just sickening and gross.

So please remember

reblog this post to warn other people in this fandom

And block the shit out of this blog

If you feel liek reporting them for this hatefull shit aswell that’s a gerat idea too

Mana, the Earl, and what we know as of chapter 219

Because lots of people seem really confused about this chapter (mainly about how Mana can be the Earl), here’s my explanation on the chapter. Long explanation under the cut, warning for 219 spoilers.

I really recommend that you read these three posts before reading, if you haven’t already.

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I’m looking at these posts about feminine gay men related issues and I’ve had a thought that I sure am gay as fuck but I don’t consider myself feminine. I know feminine guys and they’re the sweetest but whether a guy is feminine or not shouldn’t be judged by the appearance like come on people it’s 2016 didn’t we establish already that your personal aesthetics have nothing to do with your femininity/masculinity or your gender in general because it’s your personality that makes you who you are. There sure as fuck aint nothin feminine about my character and the way I behave regardless of how dressed I am, so I guess it irks me a bit when people try to push me into that feminine gay dude category just because of my fashion choices.