yea i know people already posted this

I know many people have pointed out the dilated pupil thing at this point but I really can’t get over it. I noticed it in earlier episodes but the close up we got in the finale really made it clear. Like, Kit… honey…

It’s okay, we think Emilia is pretty too.

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You know, I was thinking abt how ppl sometimes add descriptions of the pictures they post so that blind people can know what the pictures are and i thought of the bot and like ? It doesn't work perfectly yet but with improvements it could be really helpful technology (unless stuff like that already exist Idk, Idk how ur bot works either but yea)

(this is the human operator, not the bot)

You’re right, this is a fantastic usecase for this technology. In fact, Facebook already uses a similar technology for every picture you upload to their website. They add the description in the hidden “alt” tag of the images, which is not visible on the page itself (unless you look at it with the develper tools, or if the image doesn’t load), but is used all the time by screen-reading software!

I think that as this technology improves and gets cheaper & more accurate, we’ll start seeing it in more and more websites, which will make the web a more accessible place. On the other hand, it might make the web a bit *less* accessible when it gets things completely wrong, because it will greatly confuse a lot of people.

As for “how the bot works”, we’ve explained this in the past in the about page and the #ask tag.

yooooo so i saw a few people wondering abt what happens to Tenma in Ares since the aliea thing never happened and gouenji never had to go to Okinawa and therefore couldn’t have saved Tenma from the wooden beams!! Well my friends you would be glad to know Tenma will Not Die

Something similar happens in Chrono Stone, Alpha stopped Gouenji’s shot from saving Tenma.

If the images aren’t loading: Alpha: “You haven’t died. You only need a month for your injuries to fully heal.”

so yea pegasus-kun will live even if the circumstances are a bit different. Unless ofc hino retcons that too

TLDR; Tenma won’t die in Ares

yuugiohs replied to your post “People can ship who they want but seeing things like Kl@nce is the…”

be careful, i was told how wild anti are in real life, and even if they are “adults” they could be potentially dangerous.

yea i know…i mean the fact that they answered my question about if they’re an anti with ‘’no not exactly’’ kinda shows that they wouldn’t dare to actually do anything irl. i actually joked about it and said ‘’good because if you were i would have to change seats’’ lol 

but yea it kinda sucks….knowing that all my merch here could become a problem if i happen to run into one of those actual psychos. which is actually really sad. like shouldn’t merch help you meet people who love the same things you love. rather than being scared to openly show it because of this. i wouldnÄt actually be scared’s more the thing of if they would actually do something like shout at you for pedophilia. like that’s a fucking scary thought because people around you don’t know they’re talking about ship wars. and how do you explain that to people….doesn’t exactly help my socially anxious ass with meeting people if i have to be nervous about this too.

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I don't know if you've already seen it, but there was a post going around saying Estelle got a Garnet tattoo based on a post on her instagram. Judging by the caption it seems to be someone else's story/tattoo but I wasn't sure and was wondering if you clarify/let other's know? People seem to be assuming it's hers... If you need the link I can send it to you

yea, she didn’t get a tattoo of Garnet, people misunderstood her Instagram post.

The tattoo was actually gotten by Instagram user super_punches. Here’s their post about it


and here’s their post about getting their leg signed by Rebecca, which was what the tattoo was of


Estelle made a post about it/copied the post (I really don’t know how Instagram is supposed to work so I’m not sure of the terminology), commenting on Steven Universe fans and crediting the story to super_punches


and I guess people read that and got confused, even though its quite clearly not her leg and the story attached is also not something that would apply to her.

So people just misunderstood. It’s not her tattoo.

Won’t be streaming art anymore o-o

I just posted this on DA, but i use to post my streams ‘online’ here too so, letting people on here know also xD:

People are taking screenshots of my streams or taking ugly recordings and saying that’s them drawing it or they pretend they’re me and use that as proof (And the people who follow them actually believe it). Or they take screenshots of it as I go through the process as another way to show and lie to people that they drew it when they really didn’t - obviously lol.

So yea, you can thank art thieves for the no more livestreams from me xD.

Like I already got the images taken down when it happened (It was hard, but I got it), but the thought that more people could be doing it just… yea. I’m not going to be streaming anymore till streams somehow magically get some sort of protection from this lol.