yea i know it's not great

please don’t let the nasty fandom destroy your love for the show

I know people can be shit but if your opinion of the show goes down just because of the fandom?? that ain’t great.

I mean I got a super nasty ask this morning but when you see the gross shit try and look at the stuff that outshines all the rest and always will? that made you happy when it was airing? the friends you’ve made or the cool art forms you’ve seen.

there will always be a bad side to something and I’m sorry about it but you just gotta keep on keeping on !!!

Half Asgardian

A/N I haven’t posted anything in awhile and I had this as an idea. I hope you lovelies enjoy.

Warnings: Fluff, cursing probably 

I pulled my suitcase across the wet pavement with one hand and kept a hold of the letter inside my jacket with the other. Holding onto it instead of putting it inside my suitcase made me feel safer. I stood in front of the large house. How have I not been attacked by their security yet? I knocked on the door and there was no answer. Instead it swung open and I stepped inside.

“Hello can I help you?”

“Mr.Fury…. oh my gosh its such an honor to meet you. Oh sorry I’m here to see Mr.Stark.” 

“How did you get in? The door was locked. Why do you need to see Mr.Stark?”

“The…. it opened by itself. I have a letter for him from my mom. She sent me here and told me to give it directly to him.”

“And who are you?”

“Y/n, y/n l/n”

“Can I see the letter?” He asked reaching for it.

“My mom said to hand it directly to Mr.Stark.”

“Is it something dangerous?”

“I don’t think so? I hope not….. She just told me it was a letter. Her last instructions to me was to give this directly to Mr.Stark.”

“Is she still alive?”

“I don’t know. She left a note on the fridge and told me she left this note for him and to take my stuff here and if I couldn’t stay here to go find one of my friends.She wasn’t in the house anymore and I haven’t been able to get into contact with her.”

“Do you know what the letter says?”


“Why don’t we open the letter together so we know that there isn’t anything dangerous in it first. Not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t, and you also don’t know what is in the letter. We both can read it and then you can give it to Mr.Stark.”

I opened the letter and Fury stood over my shoulder.

Dear Tony Stark,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. If you are receiving this it means that I have left and probably will not come back, whether it is because I’m dead or can not come back. After one of your parties we shared together, the night I left was because I discovered I was pregnant. My daughter, our daughter Y/n will be the one giving this letter to you. I would prefer you don’t tell her who you are to her, but I won’t be there to stop you. Please take care of her. She is a good kid and smart like her father. 

Warmest Regards,

Y/m/n y/l/n

“Oh my God….” I said under my breath.

“Well I’ll get him down here.” Fury said and I didn’t move. I couldn’t. Tony Stark was my father. There was a picture with the letter of him and my mom. They both looked young and happy.

“Y/n this is Tony Stark.” I handed him the letter and I slowly got feeling back into my body.

Tony sat down holding the letter carefully in his hands. Silence filled the room.

“I erm…. she never told me. I’m sorry for springing this up on you . I didn’t know til a few minutes ago.” I told him.

“Do you know which friend would be able to take you in?”  Fury asked me.

“ I have a few that I can call.” I told him pulling out my phone.

“What no. She’s my child I’ll take her in.” Tony said jumping up and grabbing my phone from me.

“You don’t even know if this woman was actually telling the truth. Even if she was  you really want to take a child into your kind of life?” Fury asked.

“You’re saying you don’t see the resemblance of me in her? And no I’m not making her an Avenger and she needs a home anyway.”

“She’s going to get hurt sooner or later.” 

“Kid do you wanna stay here? I promise no one is going to hurt or bother you while I’m here.” Tony said looking at me.

Pepper walked into the room. “Who is that?” 

“Someone whose mother claims to be Stark’s daughter.” Fury answered crossing his arms obviously wanting to get rid of me fast.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y” Stark said and all of a sudden a cotton swab went into my mouth and Mr.Stark’s.

“Paternal test complete. Mr.Stark you are the father.” F.R.I.D.A.Y.  said.

“Ok so you are her father. Doesn’t mean you should keep her. We can send her to a safe location where she can continue school.” Fury said leading me away and to the door.

“I already finished high school.” I told him.

“ Aren’t you like 14 kid?” 


“And are you in college?” Fury raised an eyebrow to me.

“Online yea. I was planning on working for S.H.I.E.L.D. one day.” I told him.

“See she should stay here and learn all she can. She’s my daughter Fury. I never knew about her. Let me take her in now.”

Fury sighed. “And who is gonna take care of her when you go on a mission?”

“ I will.” Pepper said. 

“You’ll take care of her?” Fury asked skeptically.

“Yea, she’s 16. Smart, was the top of her class, no criminal record, i doubt she’ll be any trouble.”  I felt my heart swell. They wanted me. They could toss me to my friends and get on with their lives, but they wanted to keep me. I hugged Pepper without thinking. She hugged me back. 

“Here lemme get your stuff kiddo.” Mr.Stark said and dragged my stuff.

I stared at the ceiling in the room they had given me. This bed was the softest bed I have ever laid on, but I still couldn’t sleep so I got up and walked to the main room. 

“Hello.” I jumped into a defensive position at the voice.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Bruce.” 

“Y/n. What are you doing up at this hour? Its like 3 in the morning.”

“Working on a project with your dad.What are you doing? Don’t you have school tomorrow?”

“Nope. I graduated already. Where are you guys working at?” 

“Downstairs, but I don’t think it would be wise for you to….. ok.” He said as I walked down the stair case with him following. I opened the door and saw Tony working on his suit.

“Y/n why are you up? You’re a teenage you’re suppose to be in bed.”

“I couldn’t sleep. What are you working on?”

“ My suit. I’m putting in some upgrades.”

“Need help with anything?”

“Nope I got Bruce.”

“Really because it looks like your hand is stuck between the gears.” I told him looking at the leg of the ironman suit.

“I’m not stuck….” 

Bruce held back a smile.

“Oh yea proof it.” I said crossing my arms and waited for him to pull out his hand.

“I don’t need to proof anything I’m working I have to keep my hand in here because I’m working.”

“Then amuse me by removing your hand from it.”

He tried to pull his hand from the gears. He stood up and put his foot against the leg and pulled ending up with him crashing into a million things “Well shit.”

“ You were saying?” I asked and helped him pull his hand from out of the gears and picked up some of the mess.

“ Thank you. Now I think you should go to bed.”

“Wait her hands are small enough and she’s more competent then some of your  tools. You should let her help.”


“ Ok ok you can help with this one thing then back off to bed.” Tony told me.

“Mkay what do you need me to do?”

“Put your hand in here and turn the knob all the way at that back.” He said handing me the leg.

I reached within the leg and felt the knob. I screamed a little bit to scare him and ended up laughing. “ I’m sorry. You were just acting so tense. There I did it.” I said laughing.

“NOt funny y/n.”

“It was a little bit.” I told him. “If I did get hurt trust me it would be louder than that and there would be curse words stringing from my mouth.”

“Haha now go to bed kiddo. You need your sleep.”

 “Alright. Good night.” I said walking back upstairs. I still didn’t feel to tired so I decided to make some tea for both me and them. 

“What are you doing still up?” Pepper asked coming into the kitchen.

“I couldn’t sleep so I went to see what Tony and Bruce were doing, helped a little bit, then came back up. Now I’m making tea. Do you want some? I was making them some as well.”

“Yes. Sugar and honey please.” she said yawning and leaning against the counter.

I handed her a cup and then took two mugs downstairs. I set them away from the equipment and Bruce saw giving a quiet thank you before drinking his. I headed back upstairs.

“This is good.” Pepper said sipping her tea.

“Thank you.” I said drinking my own. “So why are you up?”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. told me you were up and I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Thank you.”

“Y/n why did you hug me when I said you could stay? Did you expect us to kick you out?” Pepper asked and I sat on the counter opposite of her.

“I don’t know what I expected. I definitely not that no. I figured Tony had enough on his plate. And honestly you could’ve easily told me to go live with my friends.” 

“That would’ve been what Fury wanted to do, but Tony and I are a little more open minded.”

“Why did you have F.R.I.D.A.Y. tell you when I got out of bed?”

“I didn’t know how you would take to living here.”

“Yea no this place is great. There is lots of room and is nice.”

“It is. I think you’ll really like living here.”

“I think so too. “

Pepper and I talked till the sunrise and Tony and Bruce came upstairs. 

“I’m getting hungry. Do you want some pancakes?” I asked Pepper.

“No its ok y/n you don’t have to cook.”

“Honestly I’m ok with cooking. I promise I’m not a bad cook.” I told her as Tony and Bruce slumped on the other chairs.

“Did you guys finish whatever it was you were working on?” Pepper asked as I got started on the pancakes.

“Yea and the Avengers are probably going to be up in about half an hour so I need coffee.” Tony said getting up tiredly.

“Pepper do you want anything in your pancakes? Chocolate chips, bananas, blueberries, anything? And you’re not allergic to vanilla or cinnamon right?”

“No and chocolate chips are fine.” She said.

“Do you guys want pancakes?” I asked Tony and Bruce.

“That sounds better than a granola bar. Yes please. Blueberries please.” Bruce said rubbing his eyes of sleep.

“Tony?” I asked flipping Pepper’s pancakes and mixing Bruce’s batter.

Tony looked at the batter as if he was deciding.

“Yea. And thank you for the tea you made this morning.” He said then sat at the island with the other two. I put Pepper’s pancakes on a plate and put Bruce’s pancakes in the pan before giving them to her.

“I don’t know what kind of syrup you like or what toppings you want soooo.” I proceeded to put all the toppings and syrups I found on the island. She put syrup on her pancakes and proceeded to bite into them as Tony and Bruce drank their coffee slowly. I turned and flipped Bruce’s pancakes and started on Tony’s batter. A few minutes later Bruce’s pancakes were done. 
“Y/n I don’t know what you did, but these are the best pancakes I’ve had.” Pepper said. I smiled and flipped Tony’s pancakes.

“Hey kid. How’d you like to go to meet the Avengers?” He asked as I slid the pancakes in front of him. He put strawberries and chocolate chips on his.

“I would love it. “ I said making my own pancakes.

“Well the first one will probably be up in 5 minutes.”

“Should I make them breakfast too?” I asked.

“They have to ask nicely.” Tony said digging into his pancakes.

“Who is the first to wake up?”

“Steve should be in here in about 5…4…3…2…”

“Morning guys. Who is that?” Steve asked walking over to the island.

“My daughter.” Tony said.

Steve looked at me and back at him.

“Since when?” 

“Since 16 years ago.”

“ Andddd she just now shows up?”

“I just came yesterday. Pancakes?” I asked him

“No thank you. I just need to get some coffee.” He said going to the coffee pot. 

I dug into my pancakes. About an hour later the next few Avengers woke up. 

“That’s Rhodey, he’s like a brother to me,there is Wanda, that’s Natasha and Clint and that’s Sam and the one yielding the big hammer is Thor.”

“Why does it smell sweet in here?” Natasha asked.

“I made pancakes earlier. If you guys want I can make you guys some. I didn’t know if you would want any and if you did I didn’t know what you would want?” 

“Who are you?”

“Avengers this is my daughter and she makes amazing pancakes.” Tony said wrapping his arm around me.

They all kind of just stood there.

“Sup lil Stark. I’ll take you up on your offer of pancakes. Hopefully you cook better than your father does.” Rhodey said smiling and sitting at the island.

“One time Rhodey. One time I set the oven on fire.”

Everyone else agreed to have pancakes and Natasha watched me as I made them. After breakfast they all scattered so they could train. I got ready for the day and about two hours of doing my online college I got bored and decided to wander around and watch them train.

I stumbled across Wanda and Clint training first. I sat off on the side lines and watched in amazement. It was very cool to watch. 

The door swung open after an hour and a half and a frantic teenage boy ran in.

“Sorry I’m late for training. There was a mugger and a crazy cat lady….”

“Think fast Parker.” Clint shot an arrow at him 

“Whoa.” He caught it.

“Take a break Wanda. I’ll take on Parker.” Clint said and Wanda came and sat next to me.

“Who is that?” I asked

“That’s Peter. He’s Spiderman.”


“Yea. He’s around your age.”

“That’s amazing he can do all of that.” I said motioning to his flips and swinging.

“You think he’s cute.”

“SHHHHH Wanda jeez.” I said playfully smacking her. “And he’s not bad looking…” I said quieter making her laugh.

“You should talk to him after.”

“I’m sorry who me?”

“Yes you.”

“What do I even talk about?”

“ I don’t know ask him what school he goes to or if he wants to see a movie.”

“Wanda your turn.” Clint said coming to switch spots with Wanda.

“Hey Clint.”

“He like’s Star Wars. In case you were wondering” Clint said taking a drink from his water bottle.

“Why do you think I was wondering?”

“Because I have a daughter and I know the look.”

“You have a family?”

“I do. But its on the down low so shhhh.”

“ I think that’s nice you have a family. You have something to go home to. “

“Yea. But anyways just talk about anything geeky with him. Star Wars, atomic particles anything really.”

“Lucky I grew up with and love Star Wars.” I smiled 


“Clint!” I whispered yelled.

“Wha?!” Wanda knocked him off his web and he hit the floor with a thud.

“Clint look what you did.” I told him.

“I didn’t do it Wanda did it. He should be able to multitask.” I went to help him up.

“Who are you?” He asked getting back to his feet.

“The Star Wars geek Clint yelled about.” I told him blushing.

“I-I’m Peter.”


Having tea with Pepper in the mornings had become a routine as the month progressed

“So do you have a thing for Peter?” Pepper asked with a small smile on her face.

“What? Why would you say that?” I asked smiling.

“Because you cling around him more than anyone else.”

“He is the only one around my age. And hey I hang out with you and Wanda alot.”

“Mmmmmmmhmmmmm. You can tell me if you do you know. I’m not going to tell him.” She said not believing my story.

“I meannnnnnnnnnnnn……. Maybe a little.”

She started laughing “I knew it. So are you going to do anything about it?”

“I mean what can I do about it? He’s busy being a superhero.”

“You could always enroll at his school.”

“ Back to highschool? I barely survived the first time. And I would be behind in work since its almost 2nd semester.”

“Why don’t you go with Happy and go check out the school. Happy is picking up Peter today anyway.”

“I guess checking it out couldn’t hurt.”

“Good now go Happy is waiting for you.”

Happy drove up to the school and wandered around the school with me. 

“Excuse me can I help you?” One of the teachers stopped to ask.

“Huh, oh I was just looking around to see if I wanted to come to this highschool.”

“Oh would you like a small tour?”

“I… sure…” I told her. She took us outside so we could go to a different part of the building. There was a big group of students huddling around in a circle and screaming.

“What the…” The teacher asked. Happy put a hand on my shoulder to keep me from going into the circle. The teacher tried to barge her way through the circle, but was pushed out. “COME ON GET UP PENIS PARKER!”

I quickly slid out of Happy’s grip and into the crowd. I elbowed people and slid through the nooks and crannies. I finally got to the front and saw Peter on the ground. 

“Look Flash I’m not in the mood. I have places to be.” Peter said starting to pick his stuff up.

“Where do you have to be? Back to your “Stark internship”? Have you even met Mr.Stark?” Flash kicked Peter.

“HEY!” I yelled walking to the middle of the circle.

“Who are you?” Flash asked.

“The question is more like who the fuck do you think you are?” I said getting in his face.

“Awww look Penis Parker has a dorky little friend.” I socked him in the jaw sending him to the ground.

“How about the next time you use what little brain power you have before you pick on someone.” I told Flash and helped Peter up. He held his side and I picked up a few of his books

“Bitch.” Flash said from the ground spitting out blood.

“Next time I won’t be so nice.” I told him and pushed our way out of the crowd and back to Happy. 

“Are you ok?” I asked Peter as we got into the car.

“Yea i’m ok.”

“Why didn’t you fight back?”

“I don’t want to blow my cover.” Peter told me.

“Well you don’t have to completely kick his ass. Just get a good hit in.” I told him.

“Yea thanks for that by the way. You got him good.”

We talked and kept trying to get Happy to laugh the entire ride back to the tower.

“Yea no I’m going to highschool.” I told Pepper when I got home.

“That good huh?”

“That bad.” I showed her my now bruised knuckles.

“What happened?” She said walking over to me.

“It was awesome she hit Flash and he went down like a rock.” Peter said.

“Who is Flash?”

“No one important. I’m okay Pepper. Really. Honestly I’ve had worse.” I told her.

“What? When???” She asked

“When I was not living here.” I told her.

“Well here is some ice. I don’t want to see something like this happen again young lady.” I grinned.

“Maybeeeee..” I told her and she hugged me kissing my forehead.

Today was a day off from school and Pepper was at a meeting and Tony was downstairs working and I was by myself in the main room.

I sat at the piano and waited for Pepper to come back from her meeting. I pressed a few keys and made sure no one was watching before I started playing it.

“You can play piano? Who taught you?” Tony asked standing behind me and I jumped a little because I didn’t realize he had walked into the room.

“I taught myself.”

“Was there anything you didn’t teach yourself?”

“My abc’s, how to read, how to tie my shoes and all that good stuff.” His face dropped.

“I’m sorry. You must’ve thought I was a shit dad for not being there. I didn’t know. She never contacted me. I would’ve….” 

“Don’t beat yourself over it. She didn’t take care of me much either. Don’t get me wrong I do love her, she has always been the partying type and knowledge has been my survival skill. And if its any consolation you and Pepper are already above her on my list. You actually show an interest.” He pulled me into an unexpected hug.

“I don’t do this very often, but Pepper told me you were a hugger.” I hugged him back.

“You don’t have to hug me if you don’t want to you know.” I told him.

“I want to hug my daughter.” He said.

“Y/n I’m back…. oh.. Hey Tony did you finish up on the project down stairs?” 

“I did. Why don’t we go out to eat tonight?”

“Y/n was going to make cookies for desert.”

“Uncle Rhodey!” 

“Sup lil Stark.”

“I made cookies you want some?” 


“How are the legs feeling?”

“They feel like they did before the crash.”

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear you’re not in pain.”

“These are …….so good.” he said shoving more into his mouth.

“ I smell cookies where are they at? Did y/n make them???” Sam said walking into the kitchen. Rhodey took the plate and started to walk away with it.

“None for you bird brain.”

“Im going to have to make another batch for tonight huh?” I asked Sam and he nodded.

After dinner that night I got a felt a wave of something hit me. I missed my mom. I stole the picture that was in the envelope with the letter and headed to one of the training rooms. I sat and just stared at it trying to focus on all the details.

“Lady y/n is everything ok?”  Thor asked sitting next to me. I hid the picture

“I…. it’s nothing.”

“Is it about your mother?”

“Yea…… I jjust want to know if she is alive or if she isn’t and what happened.”

“Y/n….. I knew your mother.”


“I don’t know if she ever told you, but she is or was Asgardian like me.”

I sat there silent for a few moments. Asgardian. That would mean that I’m half Asgardian. 

“Does Tony know?”

“I don’t think he does.”

“Do you think he’ll still want me if he finds out?”

“Why would you think that Lady Y/n? Your father loves you very dearly.”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I get scared that they might wanna give me up.”

He hugged me. “They would be crazy to do so.”

“So does this mean I can lift Mjolnir.”

“If you are worthy yes.”

“I don’t want the answer to that question just yet. Do all Asgardians have super abilities?”

“Everyone of us has something special. In theory you should have abilities since you are half Asgardian. Have you shown any abilities that you excel in or been in any danger? Dangerous situations usually trigger dormant powers in those who are half Asgardian.”

“No. Soooo if I’m in a dangerous situation they might show?”


“Like a lightening strike?”

“Lady y/n….”

“Pleaseeee Thor? Just like a small one?”

Thor stood up and so did I. There was a bright light and I collapsed to the floor. My limbs felt heavy.



“Hey….” I said looking at Tony trying to prop myself up against the wall.

“Thor…. you better have a good ass explanation to why my daughter is on the floor and there are scorch marks on her.”

“She is half Asgardian and….”


 I felt my body being lifted and put on the couch, but I couldn’t really tell who it was because my vision was going blurry. What looked like Pepper’s face came into view.

“How are you feeling y/n?”

“Heavy…. Make sure dad doesn’t kill Thor.”


Tony’s face came into view.

“Dad don’t kill Thor. I asked him to.”

“Why?” he sighed. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’m ok I just want to sleep.”

lol sorry not sorry for making it this long. There were also a lot of time skips.

Anyways let me know if you liked it. I enjoy hearing what you guys have to say. Have a good day my lovelies.

not to sound like a broken record but i fucking miss louis so much, and i hope he had a wonderful day, i’m sure he looked beautiful and cute, i hope someone cuddled him and told him how great he is cause that’s what he deserves every single day.

AU where Alec lives and has to deal with his son flirting shamelessly with Reyes


“Yea I know isn’t he great”

Or like

“Should I go? Seems like you’re the type who’d enjoy the chase.”


Comes back trashed after Sloane’s party

“Dad… dad listen… listen dad…. reyes found super old whiskey.. .. we stole it!!! We stole it from the crabby queen!! *whispers loudly* anD WE DRANK IT”

“i dont know which one of you I need to kill first”

anonymous asked:

hi bri! i noticed you've been learning jp and wanted to know if you're being tutored or if you're learning by yourself. if your self taught, if its okay with you, it'd be great to hear what has worked for you in this process! ty for your time <3

ah…i see someone has been reading my sub-N5 tweets :3333c yea i started learning so i could watch japanese theatre because no one subs productions and it’s hard to find info on them in english.

i’m teaching myself! it’s slow going but i really enjoy it. here’s what’s working for me so far:

dr. moku for hiranaga/katakana. it costs a little bit of money. there are obviously free ways to learn kana and it’s not that hard at all, but i 1. have a shitty memory and the mnemonics stuck with me 2. have my phone with me 100% of the time so it was easy for me to study them constantly. 

wanikani for kanji. costs more money. i got a lifetime subscription for $200 during a holiday sale. upsides: drills repetition into you and game-ifies the experience so you’re more inclined to “level up” and study hard. downsides: extremely picky with answers, bad with vocab, reviews pile up fast. still, it works for me. first 3 levels are free so try it out! i’ve heard if you use the code "CRAB YORI GATOR" you get 50% off. a free alternative is anki which i use more for vocab, but you have to be harder on yourself to study.

human japanese for all beginner needs. the full version costs like $20 but it is so thorough and easy to understand. it covers everything from kana to grammar to vocab. i’m still p early on so idk how deep it goes but for a dead beginner it’s great. tae kim is totally free but sort of hard for me to understand. imabi is also free and covers a huuuuuuge breadth of information, but is a bit too thorough for the level i’m at rn.

lang-8 for having natives check your japanese, and just making friends in general. i am…horribly shy about my ability to write in japanese so i rarely post here LOL, but it’s nice to talk to japanese people wanting to learn english and everyone is very forgiving of errors.

NHK easy news for reading practice! i also buy manga to practice reading too. anything with furigana…horf…i also follow a lot of japanese celebrities and artists to practice reading more casual stuff.

animelon for speaking/listening/everything practice. anime with japanese subs where you can look up individual words and quiz yourself afterwards. some of the subs are a little bit off, but other than that it’s been helpful for me to connect listening with reading.

the genki and nakama series of textbooks are great also. i have both and i haven’t finished either but they’re helpful.

when it comes to speaking practice idk im total shit haha. find a buddy i guess…people say to repeat native sentences and record yourself to work on your pronunciation which i haven’t done yet but makes sense to me. 

also prob the biggest thing i’ve run into that i would stress: kanji is not vocabulary. kanji is not vocabulary!! im at a point right now where if i read some material at my level, i can recognize most of the kanji and their readings but i don’t know what they mean in context. so…try your best to focus on vocab early on. that would be my #1 advice.

i hope!!!?! that helps!!!?! if anyone reading this is also learning and would like a practice buddy hit me up  ❤

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IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, Red Alert, Rung, and Fortress Maximus reacting to bot s/o telling them "you know one thing I love about you? Your aft, it's a 10/10."

Rung has an excellent Booty™

Rodimus smirks. “Yea, it’s pretty great, huh? Been doing some squats. All for you, baby.” He proceeds to show you his squats. Thank you Rodimus, those are good squats.

Drift blushes and chuckles. He thanks you somewhat awkwardly, and tells you that your aft is even better. This leads to a game of pointing out things you like about each other, and then to smooches ^3^

Brainstorm is glad his mask hides his blush because he’s trying to be cocky. He thanks you then grabs your aft, telling you yours “isn’t too bad either.” Shut up, Brainstorm, your ogling the booty.

Red Alert blushes and stutters out a thanks. No one has complimented his butt before- at least to his knowledge. “I-I like your a-aft, too…” Give him a minute to recover.

Rung is used to these kinds of comments, but it’s special coming from you. “Why thank you, dear,” he says. Then he grabs your booty and returns your compliments, and then some. Sly old mech.

Fortress Maximus is caught off-guard by the blunt statement. His optics go wide and he’s not sure what to say for a moment. He thanks you, tells you the feeling is mutual, and if you’re alone he’ll go for a gentle Booty Feel. 

  • cold man warm heart might be the best way to describe wonwoo
  • because when you first met him, you were like “ok this guy doesn’t smile very much” “his scary”
  • but no, after befriending him, his actually a really caring guy and his quite funny too
  • only god knows how the two of you managed to get together but you two did and you have no regrets by doing so
  • ok first of all skinship is um…done very privately, he doesn’t like to be touchy with you around the boys or when you two go out, its as if you two were just friends
  • maybe thats why the boys only found out that the two of you were dating 2 months after you two got together
  • but at home, it’s different, like really different
  • in the comfort of your home, you two would cuddle and he’d hug you some times out of no where when his in the mood
  • but he still gets a bit shy sometimes and you do too
  • okay but he gets tired really easily and its at home when he really just laze around and his sleepy face is so cute you’d poke his cheek and he (pretends to) hate it but you continue too do it anyway
  • he likes to hold your hand too and he likes to compare the size of both your hands and keeps emphasising how tiny and cute your hand is compared to his
  • he’d laugh at you when you accidentally drop something or when you knock into things because he find you so so adorable when you’re clumsy  
  • also he has a soft spot for you when you wear his sweaters because you’re a tiny girl and he just melts a bit inside (like just take all my sweaters)
  • wonwoo is the type that prefer to stay home than go out for dates
  • and there’s lots to do at home with wonwoo around, you two had a movie marathon once since he had a day off (how rare) and you two watched 7 movies all together in one day
  • but no horror movies because you banned it, their too scary
  • or you two play games, you’re not very good at it but sometimes wonwoo let you win, you know he does it on purpose because his rEALLY good with games so it was impossible to win him
  • but he likes to see you happy, so he’s willing to lose to you
  • he also reads to you, because you don’t like reading as much and gets super lazy after awhile
  • so you’d lay down beside him with your head on his shoulders on the sofa and he’d read aloud to you and you two would discuss about the characters and the plot and things like that
  • and you find it super charming when he talks about books or movies so passionately because like wow he actually analyses it a lot and he sounds super wise and wow you love yourself a smart, talented, reliable and handsome boyfriend
  • even though he tries to act tough in front of you, he has a soft side too like, he cries when the movie is too sad and kinda hides behind you when you two walk past a dog but still wants to pet it because “I’m scared but its too cute”
  • okay, when he needs to leave for work early and you’re still asleep, he doesn’t want to interupt your sleep, so he just kisses you on the forehead and leaves the house quietly
  • he also sends you really random text while his at practice like “have you eaten?” “i wish you were here” “soonyoung is a joke”
  • but sometimes work gets tough for him and he changes completely
  • he becomes super quiet even at home, he doesn’t eat and he can’t seem to sleep well either and he wouldn’t tell anyone what’s wrong, not even when you ask
  • but he does eventually seek comfort from seungcheol because wonwoo trust him the most
  • its not that he doesn’t trust you but he just doesn’t want you to worry about him but ofc you still do
  • if his having it real bad, you would even receive texts from cheol telling you to make sure he eats and rest
  • so when he came home and washed up, you made some food for him and he gratefully ate it
  • words weren’t need, you two just lay beside each other, you were playing with his hair and he just held you close to him, its times like that when you see wonwoo let his strong front down
  • and for some reason it makes you want to love him more  
  • you two fell asleep like that, quietly, in each others’ arms
  • when you are upset or just stressed, you too, don’t like telling others but wonwoo can tell when you’re feeling down cause you’re not the type who can hide your emotions 
  • so he’d just try his best to comfort you by telling you jokes or just reading to you and getting your mind off what’s bothering you
  • it works most of the time but when you cry he just panics cos he doesn’t know how to handle a crying girl who just won’t stop crying
  • so he just lets you cry on his shoulders and pats your head, telling you that everything was going to be fine and that he is always here for you (wow don’t you love jeon wonwoo)
  • you two don’t fight much or rather at all, he always tries to understand from your perspective and would be pretty practical about everything
  • even if you two did argue, it would be solved quickly because wonwoo is the type to talk things out right there and then
  • also, you know he doesn’t express himself well and he always ask you if this set of lyrics sound okay or if this line sounds alright and you’re always amazed at the things he write out
  • “wonwoo, it sounds really good”
  • “you think so?”
  • “yea, its really is. how do you do it?”
  • “i don’t know it just comes out naturally”
  • “as expected, jeon wonwoo”
  • and he smiles so wide when you praise him or tell him things like “this sounds great” “this looks good on you” “you’re so cute”
  • and its even cuter when you tell him he looks handsome or cool because he tries so hard to hide his smile
  • even after dating him for awhile, he still gets shy sometimes and the first i love you was said really late into the relationship, like almost a year after you two got together, which you were fine with because at least you knew it was sincere
  • wonwoo takes the afford to remember what songs you like and sings you to sleep now and then  YES VOCALIST WONWOO
  • on your first anniversary, wonwoo had schedule in japan and won’t be able to spend it together with you
  • which did make you sad but you tried to understand that its his job and it can’t be helped, plus he apologised so many times which made you feel bad for even being sad over such a tiny thing
  • but when you got home from work, there was a small box outside your door, it was a parcel for you from wonwoo
  • there was a card and a really cute soft toy (eddy) plus a tiny album filled with pictures of the two of you
  • the card was baby pink, your favourite colour and a letter hand-written by wonwoo
  • “Dear y/n, do people really start letters like that? Anyways, happy 1 year babe, can you believe it? We’re a year old! Firstly, i’d like to thank you for being such a blessing in my life. I’m grateful that you’ve stayed by my side thus far and for always encouraging me. I hope you like the gift! You can hug eddy to sleep when you miss me while i’m away. I’m sorry that i can’t be there with you today and that i’m really bad at expressing myself. But know that I’m very lucky to have you, I love you and i miss you already. See you real soon! Love, Wonwoo. <3″
  • overall, he was the best thing that happened to you and you love him a lot too
  • you two have a really cute and healthy relationship and you wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world
Dark's Heart (part 1)

(so I was going to wait awhile for this one but I was too exited and couldn’t help but start it now. This takes place after “Bim’s Date”. Hope you enjoy it. This is how I see Dark dealing with something like this. Lets see how this turns out. *Holds breath*)

Dark looks out the window into the backyard. He watches Bim in his garden tending to the flowers and his date bringing in some new flowers to plant. The date kneels by Bims side holding out the new flower and Bim takes it giving the date a kiss on the cheek. The date smiles and helps dig a little hole for the flower to be placed in. It has been a month since Bim’s date came into his life, it ended up changing a lot of things. Since then the other egos were beginning to become open to dating and Mark encouraged them to try but to still be careful of course.

Willford had been on the most dates, most of them ending in him getting slapped or running scared for their life when he busts out the gun. Ed would from time to time but his main thing he cared about is if they would get along with his son. Silver was too shy to go on a date and said his true love was justice. Dr.Iplier said he wouldn’t mind but he was too busy, but he did go out an a date once or twice. Yandere didn’t go out saying he would not handle having multiple senpis and there can only be one. King of Squirrels said he would need someone to help him rule over his furry subjects and would propose that on every first date. Google was surprised someone asked for a date with him thinking no one wanted a droid including his brothers who also were asked and he went on a couple but said he wanted someone to have a good educational conversation with. Host kept to himself thinking it would be too weird to be seen with him but was told others didn’t care and wanted to anyway, so he was considering it. Dark refused entirely, even if the others told him to be nice and go anyway he denied it.  

Dark watches the couple being happy together. Bim would not stop giving his date kisses on the cheek then head and just wraps an arm around them and kissed them on the lips. Dark looks away rolling his eyes. He makes his way to his office on the first floor and Willford snickers at him, “Jealous much?”

“Of what? Swapping spit with another person. No thank you.” Dark saids and looks back at Willford. “And you? All you get in return is a slap on the face or a possible restraining order.” Willford shrugs, “I just haven’t met the right one you know. And to be fair I only pull out the gun when I know the person is actually a jerk.” Dark sighs annoyed, “ Who do you think has to deal with the aftermath of that and erase memories of any witnesses? Not to mention Mark has to warn people before they want to try to date you and to sign a disclaimer." Willford tugs on his suspenders, ” Not all of them were bad. I had fun and some of them but you know it just didn’t click. But I met some cool scamps and get invited to some parties with them to hang out.“ Dark gets more annoyed, "Again then you cause some disaster at some of these events and I have to deal with it.” Willford laughs, “Come on that last one was fun and everyone laughed. So I got a car into a pool. Did anyone die? No.”

Dark doesn’t have time for this and makes his way to his office when Willford saids something. “You know you could still try to find-” Willford gets cut off as Dark appears infront of him looking very angry, his shell breaking flashing red and blue. “Don’t. Say. Their. Name.” He breathes heavily. “I don’t want anyone near me again!!! I have no time for anyone and no one is worthy of my time.” Dark takes a deep breath and straightens himself up then walks away. Will watches him go and Host walks up to Willford. “You know he doesn’t like to talk about it. Why does Willford insist on it?” Host asks Will. Willford tugs at his suspenders more, “Maybe because it was the one time he was in his own way happy and that meant we didn’t suffer as much from his wrath.”

Dark slams his door shut and sits at his desk. He boots up his computer and tries to work, taking out some papers he needed to look over as well. He reads through them but stops after a while. Without thinking he looks at his computer and goes “that person’s” profile again. They are smiling happily and posted that they were excited for their wedding that day. Dark doesn’t know why he is even looking at this but he is. He tilts his head back and closes his eyes thinking about the first time he saw you.

It was a meet and greet about close to the beginning of the year. “A Date with Markiplier” came out a few days ago and Dark’s had become very popular afterward. The fans wanted a meet up with the egos and after some consideration and many precautions Mark decided to make a meet and greet for them. He rented a room big enough for them to have it in and sent out the word about it. The fans were so excited and the egos were too, happy to meet the fans. Dark was less ecstatic as he sat in his chair unamused.

“Remind me again why I'm here.” Dark crosses his arms looking serious as always. “You are one of us weather you like it of not so just act nice for today. And would it kill you to smile?” Willford saids looking at Dark at his spot next to him. “Yes it will.”, Dark grumbles. “Look you are here now so just deal with it Edgelord.” Willford pokes Dark’s arm making Dark’s aura seep out. 

“Ummmm Will maybe its not the best time to mess with Dark before the fans walk in…” Bim shifts in his seat at his table nervous.

“Boy’s got a point. I rather not die before this thing starts.” Ed leans in his chair.

“I already am going to be busy with this and tending to fans on the verge of fainting or having a large "Fangirl” moment.“ Dr.Iplier has a doctor bag under his table in case someone faints.

"I will be there to save the fans of course!! I am the hero they need.” Silver is jumping in his seat being the most exited.

“Yes it seems we will have quite the crowd today. I can see many people outside are already using that "Facebook Live” to show they are waiting outside.“ Google’s eyes glow as he looks up how popular the event is on the internet.

"The fans are talking happily amongst themselves while there is a threat of chaos that might commence in the building before they arrive.” Host narrates softly, he was nervous about being there but wanted to be nice to the fans.

“I do hope the fans enjoy my loyal subjects and I brought them all peanut butter so we may all run out and embrace the squirrels!!!” The King of Squirrels had boxes of peanut butter behind him.

“I feel like senpi right now… I like it hehehehe.” Yandere laughs to himself feeling powerful to become senpi for a day.

Mark walks in and looks at everyone in their places. He hopes nothing bad happens. “Ok guys we are opening the doors in five minutes so get ready. Katherine is out there with Tyler explaining how this is going to work. You each have your own table and line for yourself. A fan has to go to the line to the one they want to meet. They have at least a minute with you, its fast but we had to so no one can get left behind before the event is over. They do have gifts for you and anything they want you to sign. They will ask for pictures too and please for the love of everything that is holy don’t do anything bad to mess up the building… I cant afford to pay for damages.” Everyone looks at Willford when he saids that. “Cross my heart, but no promises.”, Willford saids happily and Mark worries. “Any you. You need to be nice today. I don’t want anyone running out here crying because of you.” Mark looks at Dark but he feels the dark aura seeping out and shivers. He walks to the entrance where Amy is to help people get to their line and with Ethan at a table where there is t-shirts and other knick knacks of the egos to give away.

“I hope this doesn’t end badly.” Mark takes a deep breath to try to relax as he sits with Ethan. “Come on Mark it will be fine. Its going to be great.”, Ethan saids happily fixing up the merchandise. “Yea don’t worry so much. You know if they act up Kathryn just needs to snap her fingers to get them back in line. That girl knows how to take charge.” , Amy pats Mark’s head playfully. Mark looks up at Amy, “ I know but I still worry you know me. I don't any the fans to get hurt.” Tyler pokes his head out from the door, “Ok its time guys you ready?” Mark takes another deep breath and nods.

The fans walk in jumping and squealing. They walk in to find Mark and Ethan at the merchandise table in the front. They tell them they can get something now if they want for the egos to sign or save it as a gift for after the event. Amy is next by where the lines begin. They are all separated and have a sign at each beginning with the name of the ego for that particular line. She tells them to go through nicely and to wait til it was time for the event to start. The fans filled up the lines fast with more still outside the building. Tyler was at the front of the lines telling everyone they had to stand behind the red tape before they come up to the table and to please be kind to others in line. Once it was time the first people in line walked up to the tables.

Willford was having a blast, taking pictures and grabbing the phones to take a selfie telling them it has to be their phone background. Bim was shy at first but got the hang of it enjoying the fans as they said they wish he had his own show. Ed was pulling in people in for bear hugs when they asked for a hug and signing things with prices for his son. Dr.Iplier smiled at the fans and gave a fast scribble for his signature and if he saw someone looking very nervous he took his time to get them to relax and took deep breaths with them. Silver posed for every photo loving it and feeling loved when they told him he was their favorite hero. Google acted civil to everyone and smiled when the fans said he was the coolest android ever and even gave him gifts for his brothers to take back too. Host thought it was kind of the fans to want to help him find a place sign their things carefully taking his hand and guiding it to where they wanted the signature, he also liked the small conversations they would have. The King signed away delighted when the fans giggled as some squirrels climbed on them, and  asked if anyone was allergic to peanut butter before he gave a jar away. Yandere always added hearts to his signature and giggled when someone said they find him cute.

Dark was a different story. When fans came to him he just glared at them clearly not wanting to be there. He signed things and just gave them back without a word. Some were brave enough to ask for a picture and Dark allowed it but didn’t smile and didn’t get close to the fan. Someone tried to joke with him and called him Edgelord, Dark’s shell had a small crack enough to make the fan get their signed idem and back away fast. It was coming to a point where people did not want to go near his line even if he had a lot of people wanting to meet him. Some just saw him and gave the gift to Mark at the front to give it to Dark instead. No one came to Dark’s line anymore too afraid of him. He didn’t mind and was glad at the fact. Willford whispered buzzkill to him but Dark didn’t care.

“Well I expected that.” Mark looks over at Dark siting at his table enjoying his empty line. Then you show up almost out of breath. “Im sorry *huff* is the event still going on?” You look at Mark. Mark smiles at you and picks up a water bottle hanging it to you. “Don’t worry your on time. You got a good ten minutes left. If you get in line now you can still make it.” You drink up the water, “Wow I’m so lucky… I thought I wasn’t going to make it and ran half of the way.” You look into the building and see the lines full of people but you stop and see Dark’s empty one. “Ummm excuse me Mark is Dark’s line closed?” You tilt your head. Mark looks back at Dark cracking his neck, “No its not. Everyone eventually got to scared to go near him. He doesn’t seem to mind as you can see.” You look at Dark, he does look very intimidating but you shrug your shoulders, “Well I’m going to burst his bubble.”

You walk to Darks line happily. Everyone from the other lines look at you like you were crazy or had a death wish. But there you go and you stop at the red tape and wait for Dark to call you up. He looks up at you, his eyes looking you up and down. “What are you doing?” He asks placing his arms on the table. You smile at him, “Just waiting to meet you. can I come up?” Dark gives you a look, “You could have just left your gift with Mark like the others.” You hold out your hands, “I don’t got one. I just wanted to meet you.” Dark is now curious he motions you forward. You walk up to the table not afraid and smile at him. “Are you telling me you came here without wanting a signature, bringing a gift, or wanting a picture? Yet here you stand wanting to meet me for what a minute?” Dark raises an eyebrow.

“Pretty much.” You say simply. “I think your an interesting character. I know you are suppose to be evil and all that but I think there is more to you than you are letting on. Deep down I think your longing for something else besides the obvious taking over Mark or making your own deals that benefit you.” You look at your phone. “Well times up I just wanted to tell you that. Bye have a good one.” You make your way out.

“Your not leaving.” Dark looks at you hard. You turn around to find him glaring at you. his dark aura coming out and his shell having cracks slightly. “What do you mean there is more to me? You only know me from Mark’s videos. How can you possibly think you really know who I am? I am a evil ego and am feared by the others and even the fans. They say they love me and all but only because of Mark. You think you know who you are exactly talking to…” Dark’s shell is cracking more. The other egos can feel it and are already preparing to jump in to protect the fans. Mark starts walking up to Dark’s table to take you away before he does something bad.

You start laughing. It makes Dark surprised as well as the others around you. The fans think your asking for it and the egos think Dark’s energy made you go mad. “hahahaha You think your scary. Trust me I have been through some bad things and they are worse than you.” Dark looks at you eyes wide and for once amused. “Dark I know you aren’t the best person ever but you know I think your like this because your acting out. Sure you love using people and you enjoy taking control but I think it is because you actually like people. sure it is to mess with them but to me it is also because you don’t like being alone. You like having someone there to mess with. If you didn’t then what would you do with yourself? You need people weather you like to admit it of not. That’s just my opinion. I should get going I really went over the time limit but since  I’m the only one in line I guess that’s ok.” You turn to leave then walk back. “O one more thing.” You poke Dark’s nose with a boop. “See ya Edgelord.” You wave at him and leave.

Everyone is doesn’t know what to think. The other egos look at Dark eyes wide because he didn’t react to what just happened. Mark stands their dumbfounded and you pass by him. “O by the way love your stuff. Your the best.” You go to the merchandise table and buy a shirt with Dark on it from a very surprised Ethan who saw what happened. you leave with your shirt walking back to your car happily.

Dark looks after you still trying to piece together what just happened. The event ends and everyone starts to clean up. Dark still sits at his table looking at the doors you left at. “Dark you know you could have left five minutes ago right?” Mark looks at Dark. Dark sits up and walks past Mark, “I’m not doing this thing again…” Mark nods, “Noted.” Dark leaves ahead of everyone. He is the first to arrive home going straight to his room. He changes for the night and lays in bed looking up at the ceiling.

“hu… I don’t get their name.” Dark whispers to himself. He thinks why would he care about learning a name for someone he would most likely never see again but they did do something he never thought anyone could do. They surprised him.


So this is my first imagine so please I’m open to suggestions on how to improve my writing. I will eventually take requests but for now I’m just going to come up with my own ideas. So today my friend and I saw the new spiderman and let me tell you it was amazing! Anyways that is kind of where i got the idea for this imagine.

Peter Parker x reader

3d P.O.V.

      Y/N walked through the halls of midtown without a care in the world. Everything so far in her day had gone perfectly. She woke up on time and was happy and did everything in her morning with a pep in her step. Maybe because of this carefree attitude she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings which caused her to something or someone. Turns out it was a someone and that someone was a brown haired boy that she just happened to be crushing on. As she and the boy bumped together she fell to the ground with him on top of her.

       Today was not the greatest day for peter. He was out last night waaaaay to late working on the “ Stark internship “ and got home just in time for his alarm to ring for school. He was distracted by two things, one being the lack of sleep and the other being a special someone, Y/N. With his head in another place he didn’t notice someone right in front of him until he was on top of them.

      Peter heard someone gasp beneath him and something soft in both of his hands. As he turned his head to look down he saw Y/N underneath him and his head turned down a few inches farther he found out what was soft that he was holding in his palms.

Peters P.O.V.

      “ I am so so so so so sorry “ I told Y/N as i scrambled to get off her. I held my hand out to her and helped her up.

      “ Its Uh its fine Peter”

      “ You know my name? “

      “ Yea but right now I just wanna ask you why you ya know, grabbed my uh boobs.”

       “ No no no I didn’t mean to do that I-I just wasn’t looking where i was going I-”      

        “ Peter its fine I was joking don’t worry about I wasn’t looking where I was going but maybe to make it up to me you could treat me to a coffee lets say this Friday? “ she asked with a chuckle. Ugh I could listen to her giggle all day. Stop, snap out of it Peter she just asked you out respond to her!     

        ‘ YES, uh yea yea sounds great ill uh swing by to get you after school. “ C’mon Peter you got this.     

         “ Ill see you then parker. “ She said then stood on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek.  I was stunned as I watched her walk away. I knew my cheeks were bright red but all i cared about was the fact i had a date with Y/N. As I turned around and walked to my next class I realized I had no clue where she lived.       

       “ Hey Y/N  wai- wait up! “

 AN- Thank you to who ever took the time to read my first imagine. Hopefully over time my writing will improve.

i got beef liver at the grocery store a couple days ago bc ive never actually had liver and i wanted to try it but i dont really know what to do with it

Porch for Dogs, aka ‘Dogio’

I wasn’t going to post today, but my father sent me this. He built this. He built this for a dog. Its a porch and ramp for dogs. On a house. I don’t know what more to say other than this is some next level porch construction.

In before you say this is less a porch and more of a threshold with an accessible ramp, okay yea sure whatever. My dad calls this a dog patio or ‘dogio’ which is really a phenomenal term.

I think a dog would really love this porch, one can imagine laying out on top of it or being scared of the outdoors cat that has taken up residence on top of it. Ya know, dog things.

10/10 great porch animal friends are great friends

Tony Stark knew on an intellectual level he had no impulse control. He knew because almost everyone he’d ever met had told him so, Pepper, Rhodey, Steve oh god so much Steve, Happy, the 12 assistance before Pepper, Xavier and the waitress at John’s Pizzeria off 43rd ave. He’d heard it all before, But nothing compared to the moment he realized it for himself. 

To be real he probably should have noticed in every moment leading up to the big one. He should have seen that swiping Thor’s stash of Asgardian mead with Darcy was a bad idea. He should have known better than to have a marathon of broiler makers with the mouthy intern using the ale instead of whiskey was a bad idea. 

He probably should have known if he was swaying that they shouldn’t have gone out, but Darcy had said she hadn’t seen the city yet and Steve and Bucky kept teasing her about it.

Happy hadn’t even needed to hide his eye rolling because Tony was to focused on the crisp fall air on his flushed face. Darcy was beside him bubbling with laughter ignoring Happy’s cries that they should both sit down and get out of the sun roof. They headed to Times Square and bought an entire vender out of cheesy “I love New York” hoodies and in Tony’s case a hat to sort of disguise himself. They pulled on their hats and sweatshirts and Happy directed the rest to be sent to the tower. Tony slipped the bemused man a hundred and patted the man’s hand like a grandma before turning back to his sidekick.

“This is what all the superhero’s are wearing!” He proclaimed proudly gesturing to his heinous green ball cap with “Hulk Smash” stitched in purple on the front. He didn’t care at the time but the selfies of him and Darcy in Times Square were cringe worthy. They briefly dropped by John’s and said hello to Tony’s waitress. She shook her head and sent them on their way with glasses of water and sympathetic looks for Happy. 

“Come on We’ve got a few more stops!” Tony gestured over his shoulder into the streets at the car. Apparently however Darcy’s eyes had not stopped at the car but landed on a street performer dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

“Oh can we please go see Her?” Her hand covered her heart and she gestured like a child to the woman with the other. Happy checked his watch and frowned.

“The fairy’s closed down this time of day.” He told Tony. Tony nodded in agreement. “We could go see  Conney Island if you promise to sit completely in the car before we go home for the night.” 

“Ohh Steve said it’s awesome!! We can go to the Lady tomorrow! I want to sing her the National Anthem and don’t know if I could get all the key changes right now” She giggled “We could take Steve and have the most patriotic photo shoot. Phil would love it!” and with that she held her arm out to Happy agreeably. And all that would have been fine if it hadn’t been for traffic. 

Happy pulled up to the curb and Tony rolled down his window with a frown. The park was closed. Darcy hadn’t noticed yet as she was making quick work of Tony’s mini bar but she tended to be a weepy drunk the fall out was going to be Niagara worthy. 

“Oh man, no Lady and no cyclone? Why’s time ruining my fun Tony?” Darcy’s lower lip quivered. Immediate action was required. Mayday!

“Hey, hey No! No tears, what’s the use in being obscenely rich if I can’t bribe someone with my money!” He gave an encouraging grin. Happy’s heavy sigh was not lost on him. “I’ll go ask if we can ride the cyclone and maybe win us a bear okay no tears” He quickly backed out of the car leaving Happy to handle the teary eyed twenty something. 

The door shut and it sounded sharper to Tony somehow as he walked toward the gate. A memory that was faded and liquored up played at the edges of his mind, huge blue eyes watering slightly in a perfect pout. His own voice murky in time “Hey what’s the use in being obscenely rich if I can’t…” and then it was gone. He frowned and waved over the gate man. 

A few charming smiles and a probably too fat check later and he turned to tell Darcy the good news. She was resting her chin on the window smiling lazily at him. She wiggled her fingers and Tony grinned back before a similar smile brushed his mind again. He shook his head to clear away some of the haze. It’d been almost two hours he wasn’t as drunk as before but there was still a layer of fuzz on his mind.

“Race ya!” She grinned and bounded off toward the ride. Tony gave a bark of laughter and let the memories rest before jogging slowly after her. They tossed ratty baseballs and weighted milk bottles before the attendant an exhausted looking man in his late thirties gave them a wane smile and asked which prize they wanted. Darcy got the Bucky Bear. Tony shorted and got the Captain America one just for laughs. They took a shaky selfie with the attendee before thanking him and heading toward their goal. 

“We should snap them with the bears and hashtag it wish you were hear but you’re not because you’re lame and had meeting and responsibilities” Darcy placed her Bucky in her lap and was readying her phone before Tony agreed. 

“We also, you know, didn’t invite them” He pointed out. She made a dismissive sound and tucked her head close to his giving her phone a goofy face. Tony hid most of his face behind Bear Steve and widened his eyes comically. The younger brunette seemed satisfied and put away her phone allowing the impatient teen running the cyclone to push the lap bar down over her Tony Bear Bucky and Steve. 

The ride began a slow spin and before it had even reached half way Tony regretted buying this time. The teenager seemed irked he had to stay for Tony and what the kid probably figured was a one nighter and so the ride was hurtling toward a break neck pace only irritating Tony’s stomach further. Darcy however threw her hands up Bucky Bear’s paw firmly gripped in one and whooped. Tony swung between needing to vomit all over the place and watching the manic yet somehow beautiful looks on Darcy’s face. She brought her bear back down and buried her nose in it’s fur. The ride began to slow and she opened her eyes unfocused and bloodshot. Windswept and Content. 

It ended up being Darcy and not Tony who shot off the attraction to the nearest garbage can to Ralph. Tony followed close behind and pulled her hair back into his fist and out of the danger zone. He leaned heavily on the can and grimaced at the sounds. 

When she at last paused in her litany of puke she turned her head to look up at him simultaneously green and mischievous. 

“Don’t tell the boys” She asked. Tony’s heart stopped as he looked at her. He nodded once unable to find words. Satisfied with this she fell face first into him. Mostly into his armpit but she smiled against him. Tony let got of her hair and gently held her to him stroking her dark locks and thinking unburdened by alcohol of a busty blond who’d rocked his world with a practically identical grin. Darcy’s breath flowed steadily on his neck as she repositioned herself in his arms. 

“Thanks for holding my hair.” She murmured. Tony hummed in response. 

“Anytime kiddo.”


 As much as Tony was wildly incapable of controlling himself he was incredibly careful with secrets. They could hurt, he knew from his experiences with Stane. His almost ending the thing with Pepper. Infuriating his teammates and elected officials. So he was in something of a quandary. 

As soon as they’d returned to the tower Tony had deposited a snoozing Darcy in her bed with Bucky bear on one side of her and Steve on the other. He of course took a picture of her drooling into Bucky’s fur and then hesitated. It was too similar to ignore. If he didn’t do this he’d spend the rest of his life wondering until he got answers. So he plucked a hair off her pillow and turned tail and run back to his lab. 

Jarvis had had to repeat his name four times when he finally knew. Tony tried to put the memories together more solidly but he only recalled the blond laughing and waving much like Darcy did. He remembered holding her hair back while she emptied her stomach off the balcony of the Palms, She had turned to him with an almost identical grin and snatched his heart out of his chest. Tony closed his eyes and felt the brush of skin on skin hot greedy kisses and waking up the next morning alone. He’d figured she’d been embarrassed or maybe had someone waiting at home. He’d been disappointed but she’d made her choice so he’d let her walk. 

“Oh Kate” He looked forlornly as the Vegas police report of her car accident and her daughter no one had come to claim. “Katie” He groaned as he realized he could have saved the little girl a world of grief that followed. Foster home after Foster home until she aged out. 

Well now he knew. but what do do. Who to tell? Pepper? Eventually. Rhody was always a good option but Tony’s thumb hovered over calling him for a solid minute before deciding someone else. Eventually he’d dialed before his decision had been fully processed. 

“How did you get this number? I know I didn’t give it to you” was the first thing the voice said and Tony felt a calm fill him. A good choice. 

“I’m in a quandary. It needs handling it’s that what you do Agent?” He stalled. The other end of the line was silent. “I may have discovered I’m a father” There was an even heavier pause.

“and I’m the first person you wanted to tell? I don’t think Pepper” He began.

“No It’s not Pep. I’ve been a father for a while apparently.” Tony cut across. “Like 23 years” 

“You’re sure?” 

“Yea 100 percent. Do I tell her? What if she doesn’t want me? She’s been alone for a long time now she doesn’t need me.” Tony felt a panic rise in his chest. Oh God, she’d never forgive him.

“You need to take a deep breath.” Tony inhaled threw his nostrils. “If she doesn’t know she deserves to at least know. just be honest with her Tony. Honesty will get your farther than you think”

Tony gave a noncommittal grunt and rested his head on hands. 

“For what its worth Tony, You’ll be a great father” Tony’s breath caught. 

“Enough with the feelings Agent Agent Thanks for picking up.”

“I’m contractually obligated” He deadpanned. Tony laughed and killed the call.


Tony was going to handle this well. Maybe take her to lunch and talk it out like adults. He was excited and nervous and had yet to sleep. He was currently fixing coffee from the enormous demonic espresso machine he’d had fitted in the common room when he invited everyone to live with them when people began filling in for breakfast. 

Steve and Bucky both coming in from their morning run and apparently showers. They nodded curiously at the billionaire before pulling down pots and pans. Bruce wondered in next and gave him a scathing look for his ball cap which he had neglected to take off. That explained the looks Tony placed it carefully on the counter. 

“So what did we learn?” Jane’s voice carried into the room ahead of her and the others looked up. Darcy entered holding her stomach and shuffling pitifully. Jane followed looking much less hungover. 

“Don’t drink with Tony.” Darcy grunted and began to pour her own cup of coffee. Tony didn’t speak, not trusting himself to yet. His eyes watched hungrily as she stirred her drink for signs of what he knew. Her unbrushed wild brunette hair, the shape of her eyes, the hangover slouch yea he could see it. Then Katie’s beautiful blue eyes and pouty mouth, her heart snatching laugh. It seemed so obvious

“What?” Darcy glowered at him. Oh yea he had that grumpy face sometimes. 

“Darcy threw up on the cyclone!” He blurted. Her eyes widened. 

“TONY!” She shrieked. 

“And she’s my daughter!” His shouting matched hers in pitch but was far more excited. Darcy’s eyes widened if possible further and then narrowed looking at him critically. 

The supers were paused mid bite. Jane gaped and Bruce eyed the pair wearily. 

“Okay I can see that” She finally said with a shrug. Tony barked a laugh not exactly how he’d pictured her taking the news. Then again he hadn’t thought he’d shout it at her over breakfast in the common room either. 

Such was life when you had no impulse control. But looking at the beautiful girl across from him he thought he rather liked this life.  

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gimme them topkihyun fics

arlighty (some of them aren’t smutty so no specific top!kihyun but i still liked the way changki was pictured so yea)
so my few faves are:

- Voice Messages it’s rly simply and briefly written but i think it’s still not too toneless if you ask me? also the dialogues are great, they give me life. i have to admit at some points there is some (in my opinion) unnecessary drama but it doesn’t really affect its greatness lmao i LOVE how kihyun is portrayed all shy and stuff but the more ck gets to know him the more kihyun’s true colors are showing it’s really great (also the side!hyungwonho is gr8)

- Magari FIRST CHAP IS OSCAR WORTHY THIS SHIT HAS TO BE ON SCREEN NGL the sec chap is smut and it is top!kihyun but i feel like the author prefers bottom!kihyun but let him top just for the lolz? idk STILL THE FIRST CHAP IS G O L D

- you can stay here tonight no smutty stuff just….dealing with depression and being cute


Alright. Imma post the story

“I-I lost..” I whisper, dropping my Fujin Yumi. “I-I lost…” I whisper once again, in shock, falling to my knees.

Of course I couldn’t win. Of course. I could never beat my own siblings. How could I win a voting gauntlet?

“Takumi!” I could barely hear someone shout. I’m outclassed. I’m weak. I couldn’t win. Why did I think for even a second I could win?

“Takumi!” I’ll never be good. I’ll always be a failure. I’ll never be able to win.

“TAKUMI!” I felt someone hit me really hard.

“OW WHAT THE HELL!” I shout, whipping my head to look at who hit me. Hinoka still had her hand in the air. Ryoma, Sakura, and Corrin was always behind her. I could still see the injuries on Hinoka and Ryoma from their battles.

“You weren’t listening to anything we were saying.” Hinoka shrugs, putting her hand out. “Come on mister finalist. Stand up. Be proud. You got further than any other Hoshidan and was so close to winning. Be proud.” Hinoka says. As I grab her hand, she pulls me up. Corrin puts his hand on my shoulder.

“You had a good battle. It was excellent. I’m proud of you, brother.” Corrin nods, smiling.

“I’m so glad you got t-this far!” Sakura pipes up, smiling at me like she does when she gets her favorite type of candy. “Lets go get cakes! T-To celebrate almost winning!”

“Good job, brother. You did excellent. I couldn’t be prouder of you. If mother was here, I’m sure she would be very proud as well.” Ryoma nods, arms crossed and a small smile on his face.

“Thank you guys. But I lost. Why are you congratulating me?” I ask. I couldn’t keep it back. Why are they congratulating me when I didn’t win? When I didn’t become the second male winner? When I didn’t become the representative for Hoshido?

“You almost won. If you had some more points, you could have won.” Ryoma says.

“Yea! You were so close to winning!” Hinoka cheers.

“Y-Yea!” Sakura agrees with Corrin nodding his head.

“Thanks.. But I just want some alone time right now.” I say, lowering my head.

“Alright. We’ll wait outside. Come out when you want. I’ll treat you to ice cream.” Ryoma says, walking off, the rest of my family following suit.

I sit on the ground, and look up at the sky. …This sucks. I think, and stare blankly at the sky. I didn’t even think. I just… Stared. I don’t know how long I sat there, until I heard a voice behind me.

“Takumi.” Great. Its that Prince Leo of Nohr. Turning around, I saw Leo sit next to me, a frown on his face. “I knew you’d still be here.” He says, a knowing look on his face.

“What do you want.” I say, pulling my knees to my chin.

“I know how it feels to lose one of these. Probably more than anyone else. I’ve lost all 3 of the one’s I’ve been in. I know it hurts. But you got further than I ever have. You did amazing. You really should have won, and I’m still trying to figure out how you lost. But nevertheless, you were so close. As I’m sure you were told, you got further than any other Hoshidan. You may as well have won” Leo says. looking at the sky.

“I should have won..” I mutter.

“I know, I know. It hurts right now. But I promise, after a while, you’ll be able to look back at this gauntlet and feel proud of your accomplishment. You are strong. You are one of the strongest people I can think of off the top of my head. You are amazing. Put your chin up and take this victory like the winner you are. This may technically be a loss, but really, with how close you were to winning, its a win.”

“…Its a win…”

“Well, talk to you later Prince Takumi.” Leo says, standing up and walking out.

“…Heh. How could a Nohrian scum like him make me feel better with some words when my own family couldn’t.” I mutter. It was true though. Somehow, that small chat with Leo made me feel better. Maybe its because its rare to hear him talk like that..?

“Oh wow. If I knew winning would get me THIS much attention I probably would have…. Actually, no. No I wouldn’t.” I hear a familiar voice behind me. Shanna. “Huh? Oh! LordTakumi! What are you still doing here? I thought you would go off with your friends and family and celebrate making it to the finals.” Shanna says. I could hear her walking up, but I refused to look back.

“Sulking.” I simply say.

“Oh wow. Love the honestly. But y'know, sulking won’t help out much. I know I probably shouldn’t say that since I won.” Shanna says, sitting next to me. I could feel her looking at me intently, so I just buried my head in my knees. “Y'know. I was so close to just giving up. You had a lot of supporters, and I wasn’t sure I could win. I was so shocked when I won. You just had so many people rooting for you, and… I dunno… I just felt like you would win.” Shanna laughs. I turned my head to her. Where is this going?

“I’m sure Lord Ryoma, Lord Corrin, Lady Hinoka, and Lady Sakura wishes to do something big for you. But before that, why not we go do something? Y'know, to celebrate making it to the final round and having such an amazing battle. I say the both of us deserves to celebrate, so why not celebrate together?” Shanna laughs, adding on “None of the other finalists for these celebrated together afterwards, The winners were too bragging about winning and the losers were too busy being salty. Why don’t we break the trend and celebrate! I know of an excellent cafe we could go to nearby. My treat.” Shanna beams. …Why is she being like this?

…You know what. Alright. Sounds… Pleasant enough.

“Alright. I accept.” I shrug.

“Great! Come on!” Shanna beams, standing up, pulling me up as well. “We’ll go on my Pegasus!” She smiles, mounting her Pegasus. I did the same. “Alright! Hold on tight Takumi!” I hear her say, before lifting off… WAY to fast.

“WAH! SLOW DOWN!” I shout. And it was at that minute… I forgot my Fujin Yumi. “SHIT I FORGOT MY FUJIN YUMI!”

“Well why didn’t you say so?!” Shanna asks, diving back to the ground.


“Did you just break the forth wall?” She asks.

“Nope.” I quickly say, jumping off the Pegasus, grabbing my bow, putting it over my shoulder and getting back on the Pegasus. It went off way to fast again. “I SAID SLOW DOWN!” I shout again.

“Alright! Whatever you say!” Shanna says in a sing-song voice.

…Could this be the start of a friendship? Despite beating me, it certainly seems so…

A/n: How obvious is it I don’t know Shanna’s personality?

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Speaking of markjin Reaches......lets talk about in that ask in a box vid where jinyoung rates each member on how likely hed be to introduce them to a younger sister....he gives mark a 70%....which is the highest out of all of them....except he ended up giving bam 70% too but im like....he gave bam 30% at first and then realized "oh shit im running out of members and have to make it look like mark isnt my Absolute Favorite.......ok bambam gets 70% too nice no one will know"

fdskaflhdsakf listen he gave mark like such a high score out of the gate bc he knows how good of a bf mark would be but he still had to tack on at the end that jinyoung’s sister would wonder if she was even dating mark and i wonder… why… he felt… he had to say that…. bc mark easily talks w jinyoung just fine… so why did he need a lil thing to stop mark from being a great bf for his sister… its almost like jinyoung was like “yea mark would b a great bf!! he’d b home and available hes great ya.. wait… this is for my hypothetical sister… ha ACTUALLY no mark doesnt talk much so she would barely think theyre dating nice save :)” jfdkjfdskl but then it made me rmr that mark was asked the exact same question a while ago nd do yknow what he said?????