yea i know it's not great

please don’t let the nasty fandom destroy your love for the show

I know people can be shit but if your opinion of the show goes down just because of the fandom?? that ain’t great.

I mean I got a super nasty ask this morning but when you see the gross shit try and look at the stuff that outshines all the rest and always will? that made you happy when it was airing? the friends you’ve made or the cool art forms you’ve seen.

there will always be a bad side to something and I’m sorry about it but you just gotta keep on keeping on !!!

AU where Alec lives and has to deal with his son flirting shamelessly with Reyes


“Yea I know isn’t he great”

Or like

“Should I go? Seems like you’re the type who’d enjoy the chase.”


Comes back trashed after Sloane’s party

“Dad… dad listen… listen dad…. reyes found super old whiskey.. .. we stole it!!! We stole it from the crabby queen!! *whispers loudly* anD WE DRANK IT”

“i dont know which one of you I need to kill first”

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hi bri! i noticed you've been learning jp and wanted to know if you're being tutored or if you're learning by yourself. if your self taught, if its okay with you, it'd be great to hear what has worked for you in this process! ty for your time <3

ah…i see someone has been reading my sub-N5 tweets :3333c yea i started learning so i could watch japanese theatre because no one subs productions and it’s hard to find info on them in english.

i’m teaching myself! it’s slow going but i really enjoy it. here’s what’s working for me so far:

dr. moku for hiranaga/katakana. it costs a little bit of money. there are obviously free ways to learn kana and it’s not that hard at all, but i 1. have a shitty memory and the mnemonics stuck with me 2. have my phone with me 100% of the time so it was easy for me to study them constantly. 

wanikani for kanji. costs more money. i got a lifetime subscription for $200 during a holiday sale. upsides: drills repetition into you and game-ifies the experience so you’re more inclined to “level up” and study hard. downsides: extremely picky with answers, bad with vocab, reviews pile up fast. still, it works for me. first 3 levels are free so try it out! i’ve heard if you use the code "CRAB YORI GATOR" you get 50% off. a free alternative is anki which i use more for vocab, but you have to be harder on yourself to study.

human japanese for all beginner needs. the full version costs like $20 but it is so thorough and easy to understand. it covers everything from kana to grammar to vocab. i’m still p early on so idk how deep it goes but for a dead beginner it’s great. tae kim is totally free but sort of hard for me to understand. imabi is also free and covers a huuuuuuge breadth of information, but is a bit too thorough for the level i’m at rn.

lang-8 for having natives check your japanese, and just making friends in general. i am…horribly shy about my ability to write in japanese so i rarely post here LOL, but it’s nice to talk to japanese people wanting to learn english and everyone is very forgiving of errors.

NHK easy news for reading practice! i also buy manga to practice reading too. anything with furigana…horf…i also follow a lot of japanese celebrities and artists to practice reading more casual stuff.

animelon for speaking/listening/everything practice. anime with japanese subs where you can look up individual words and quiz yourself afterwards. some of the subs are a little bit off, but other than that it’s been helpful for me to connect listening with reading.

the genki and nakama series of textbooks are great also. i have both and i haven’t finished either but they’re helpful.

when it comes to speaking practice idk im total shit haha. find a buddy i guess…people say to repeat native sentences and record yourself to work on your pronunciation which i haven’t done yet but makes sense to me. 

also prob the biggest thing i’ve run into that i would stress: kanji is not vocabulary. kanji is not vocabulary!! im at a point right now where if i read some material at my level, i can recognize most of the kanji and their readings but i don’t know what they mean in context. so…try your best to focus on vocab early on. that would be my #1 advice.

i hope!!!?! that helps!!!?! if anyone reading this is also learning and would like a practice buddy hit me up  ❤


We’ve got our fair share of teenage-ish females (lmao me) but we’re all relatively chill. Like yea Dan is without a doubt one of the most beautiful humans around and we all wanna date him, but everyone just wants him to be happy. No one hated on the cutie pie in the Glory video (MAY DANIELS EVERYONE, SHES GREAT) and idk, I just like that. As a collective whole we’re not hateful and rude, just loving and chill. KEEP IT UP EVERYONE. YOU’RE ALL DOING GREAT.

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IDW Rodimus, Drift, Brainstorm, Red Alert, Rung, and Fortress Maximus reacting to bot s/o telling them "you know one thing I love about you? Your aft, it's a 10/10."

Rung has an excellent Booty™

Rodimus smirks. “Yea, it’s pretty great, huh? Been doing some squats. All for you, baby.” He proceeds to show you his squats. Thank you Rodimus, those are good squats.

Drift blushes and chuckles. He thanks you somewhat awkwardly, and tells you that your aft is even better. This leads to a game of pointing out things you like about each other, and then to smooches ^3^

Brainstorm is glad his mask hides his blush because he’s trying to be cocky. He thanks you then grabs your aft, telling you yours “isn’t too bad either.” Shut up, Brainstorm, your ogling the booty.

Red Alert blushes and stutters out a thanks. No one has complimented his butt before- at least to his knowledge. “I-I like your a-aft, too…” Give him a minute to recover.

Rung is used to these kinds of comments, but it’s special coming from you. “Why thank you, dear,” he says. Then he grabs your booty and returns your compliments, and then some. Sly old mech.

Fortress Maximus is caught off-guard by the blunt statement. His optics go wide and he’s not sure what to say for a moment. He thanks you, tells you the feeling is mutual, and if you’re alone he’ll go for a gentle Booty Feel. 

Tony Stark knew on an intellectual level he had no impulse control. He knew because almost everyone he’d ever met had told him so, Pepper, Rhodey, Steve oh god so much Steve, Happy, the 12 assistance before Pepper, Xavier and the waitress at John’s Pizzeria off 43rd ave. He’d heard it all before, But nothing compared to the moment he realized it for himself. 

To be real he probably should have noticed in every moment leading up to the big one. He should have seen that swiping Thor’s stash of Asgardian mead with Darcy was a bad idea. He should have known better than to have a marathon of broiler makers with the mouthy intern using the ale instead of whiskey was a bad idea. 

He probably should have known if he was swaying that they shouldn’t have gone out, but Darcy had said she hadn’t seen the city yet and Steve and Bucky kept teasing her about it.

Happy hadn’t even needed to hide his eye rolling because Tony was to focused on the crisp fall air on his flushed face. Darcy was beside him bubbling with laughter ignoring Happy’s cries that they should both sit down and get out of the sun roof. They headed to Times Square and bought an entire vender out of cheesy “I love New York” hoodies and in Tony’s case a hat to sort of disguise himself. They pulled on their hats and sweatshirts and Happy directed the rest to be sent to the tower. Tony slipped the bemused man a hundred and patted the man’s hand like a grandma before turning back to his sidekick.

“This is what all the superhero’s are wearing!” He proclaimed proudly gesturing to his heinous green ball cap with “Hulk Smash” stitched in purple on the front. He didn’t care at the time but the selfies of him and Darcy in Times Square were cringe worthy. They briefly dropped by John’s and said hello to Tony’s waitress. She shook her head and sent them on their way with glasses of water and sympathetic looks for Happy. 

“Come on We’ve got a few more stops!” Tony gestured over his shoulder into the streets at the car. Apparently however Darcy’s eyes had not stopped at the car but landed on a street performer dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

“Oh can we please go see Her?” Her hand covered her heart and she gestured like a child to the woman with the other. Happy checked his watch and frowned.

“The fairy’s closed down this time of day.” He told Tony. Tony nodded in agreement. “We could go see  Conney Island if you promise to sit completely in the car before we go home for the night.” 

“Ohh Steve said it’s awesome!! We can go to the Lady tomorrow! I want to sing her the National Anthem and don’t know if I could get all the key changes right now” She giggled “We could take Steve and have the most patriotic photo shoot. Phil would love it!” and with that she held her arm out to Happy agreeably. And all that would have been fine if it hadn’t been for traffic. 

Happy pulled up to the curb and Tony rolled down his window with a frown. The park was closed. Darcy hadn’t noticed yet as she was making quick work of Tony’s mini bar but she tended to be a weepy drunk the fall out was going to be Niagara worthy. 

“Oh man, no Lady and no cyclone? Why’s time ruining my fun Tony?” Darcy’s lower lip quivered. Immediate action was required. Mayday!

“Hey, hey No! No tears, what’s the use in being obscenely rich if I can’t bribe someone with my money!” He gave an encouraging grin. Happy’s heavy sigh was not lost on him. “I’ll go ask if we can ride the cyclone and maybe win us a bear okay no tears” He quickly backed out of the car leaving Happy to handle the teary eyed twenty something. 

The door shut and it sounded sharper to Tony somehow as he walked toward the gate. A memory that was faded and liquored up played at the edges of his mind, huge blue eyes watering slightly in a perfect pout. His own voice murky in time “Hey what’s the use in being obscenely rich if I can’t…” and then it was gone. He frowned and waved over the gate man. 

A few charming smiles and a probably too fat check later and he turned to tell Darcy the good news. She was resting her chin on the window smiling lazily at him. She wiggled her fingers and Tony grinned back before a similar smile brushed his mind again. He shook his head to clear away some of the haze. It’d been almost two hours he wasn’t as drunk as before but there was still a layer of fuzz on his mind.

“Race ya!” She grinned and bounded off toward the ride. Tony gave a bark of laughter and let the memories rest before jogging slowly after her. They tossed ratty baseballs and weighted milk bottles before the attendant an exhausted looking man in his late thirties gave them a wane smile and asked which prize they wanted. Darcy got the Bucky Bear. Tony shorted and got the Captain America one just for laughs. They took a shaky selfie with the attendee before thanking him and heading toward their goal. 

“We should snap them with the bears and hashtag it wish you were hear but you’re not because you’re lame and had meeting and responsibilities” Darcy placed her Bucky in her lap and was readying her phone before Tony agreed. 

“We also, you know, didn’t invite them” He pointed out. She made a dismissive sound and tucked her head close to his giving her phone a goofy face. Tony hid most of his face behind Bear Steve and widened his eyes comically. The younger brunette seemed satisfied and put away her phone allowing the impatient teen running the cyclone to push the lap bar down over her Tony Bear Bucky and Steve. 

The ride began a slow spin and before it had even reached half way Tony regretted buying this time. The teenager seemed irked he had to stay for Tony and what the kid probably figured was a one nighter and so the ride was hurtling toward a break neck pace only irritating Tony’s stomach further. Darcy however threw her hands up Bucky Bear’s paw firmly gripped in one and whooped. Tony swung between needing to vomit all over the place and watching the manic yet somehow beautiful looks on Darcy’s face. She brought her bear back down and buried her nose in it’s fur. The ride began to slow and she opened her eyes unfocused and bloodshot. Windswept and Content. 

It ended up being Darcy and not Tony who shot off the attraction to the nearest garbage can to Ralph. Tony followed close behind and pulled her hair back into his fist and out of the danger zone. He leaned heavily on the can and grimaced at the sounds. 

When she at last paused in her litany of puke she turned her head to look up at him simultaneously green and mischievous. 

“Don’t tell the boys” She asked. Tony’s heart stopped as he looked at her. He nodded once unable to find words. Satisfied with this she fell face first into him. Mostly into his armpit but she smiled against him. Tony let got of her hair and gently held her to him stroking her dark locks and thinking unburdened by alcohol of a busty blond who’d rocked his world with a practically identical grin. Darcy’s breath flowed steadily on his neck as she repositioned herself in his arms. 

“Thanks for holding my hair.” She murmured. Tony hummed in response. 

“Anytime kiddo.”


 As much as Tony was wildly incapable of controlling himself he was incredibly careful with secrets. They could hurt, he knew from his experiences with Stane. His almost ending the thing with Pepper. Infuriating his teammates and elected officials. So he was in something of a quandary. 

As soon as they’d returned to the tower Tony had deposited a snoozing Darcy in her bed with Bucky bear on one side of her and Steve on the other. He of course took a picture of her drooling into Bucky’s fur and then hesitated. It was too similar to ignore. If he didn’t do this he’d spend the rest of his life wondering until he got answers. So he plucked a hair off her pillow and turned tail and run back to his lab. 

Jarvis had had to repeat his name four times when he finally knew. Tony tried to put the memories together more solidly but he only recalled the blond laughing and waving much like Darcy did. He remembered holding her hair back while she emptied her stomach off the balcony of the Palms, She had turned to him with an almost identical grin and snatched his heart out of his chest. Tony closed his eyes and felt the brush of skin on skin hot greedy kisses and waking up the next morning alone. He’d figured she’d been embarrassed or maybe had someone waiting at home. He’d been disappointed but she’d made her choice so he’d let her walk. 

“Oh Kate” He looked forlornly as the Vegas police report of her car accident and her daughter no one had come to claim. “Katie” He groaned as he realized he could have saved the little girl a world of grief that followed. Foster home after Foster home until she aged out. 

Well now he knew. but what do do. Who to tell? Pepper? Eventually. Rhody was always a good option but Tony’s thumb hovered over calling him for a solid minute before deciding someone else. Eventually he’d dialed before his decision had been fully processed. 

“How did you get this number? I know I didn’t give it to you” was the first thing the voice said and Tony felt a calm fill him. A good choice. 

“I’m in a quandary. It needs handling it’s that what you do Agent?” He stalled. The other end of the line was silent. “I may have discovered I’m a father” There was an even heavier pause.

“and I’m the first person you wanted to tell? I don’t think Pepper” He began.

“No It’s not Pep. I’ve been a father for a while apparently.” Tony cut across. “Like 23 years” 

“You’re sure?” 

“Yea 100 percent. Do I tell her? What if she doesn’t want me? She’s been alone for a long time now she doesn’t need me.” Tony felt a panic rise in his chest. Oh God, she’d never forgive him.

“You need to take a deep breath.” Tony inhaled threw his nostrils. “If she doesn’t know she deserves to at least know. just be honest with her Tony. Honesty will get your farther than you think”

Tony gave a noncommittal grunt and rested his head on hands. 

“For what its worth Tony, You’ll be a great father” Tony’s breath caught. 

“Enough with the feelings Agent Agent Thanks for picking up.”

“I’m contractually obligated” He deadpanned. Tony laughed and killed the call.


Tony was going to handle this well. Maybe take her to lunch and talk it out like adults. He was excited and nervous and had yet to sleep. He was currently fixing coffee from the enormous demonic espresso machine he’d had fitted in the common room when he invited everyone to live with them when people began filling in for breakfast. 

Steve and Bucky both coming in from their morning run and apparently showers. They nodded curiously at the billionaire before pulling down pots and pans. Bruce wondered in next and gave him a scathing look for his ball cap which he had neglected to take off. That explained the looks Tony placed it carefully on the counter. 

“So what did we learn?” Jane’s voice carried into the room ahead of her and the others looked up. Darcy entered holding her stomach and shuffling pitifully. Jane followed looking much less hungover. 

“Don’t drink with Tony.” Darcy grunted and began to pour her own cup of coffee. Tony didn’t speak, not trusting himself to yet. His eyes watched hungrily as she stirred her drink for signs of what he knew. Her unbrushed wild brunette hair, the shape of her eyes, the hangover slouch yea he could see it. Then Katie’s beautiful blue eyes and pouty mouth, her heart snatching laugh. It seemed so obvious

“What?” Darcy glowered at him. Oh yea he had that grumpy face sometimes. 

“Darcy threw up on the cyclone!” He blurted. Her eyes widened. 

“TONY!” She shrieked. 

“And she’s my daughter!” His shouting matched hers in pitch but was far more excited. Darcy’s eyes widened if possible further and then narrowed looking at him critically. 

The supers were paused mid bite. Jane gaped and Bruce eyed the pair wearily. 

“Okay I can see that” She finally said with a shrug. Tony barked a laugh not exactly how he’d pictured her taking the news. Then again he hadn’t thought he’d shout it at her over breakfast in the common room either. 

Such was life when you had no impulse control. But looking at the beautiful girl across from him he thought he rather liked this life.  

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Speaking of markjin Reaches......lets talk about in that ask in a box vid where jinyoung rates each member on how likely hed be to introduce them to a younger sister....he gives mark a 70%....which is the highest out of all of them....except he ended up giving bam 70% too but im like....he gave bam 30% at first and then realized "oh shit im running out of members and have to make it look like mark isnt my Absolute Favorite.......ok bambam gets 70% too nice no one will know"

fdskaflhdsakf listen he gave mark like such a high score out of the gate bc he knows how good of a bf mark would be but he still had to tack on at the end that jinyoung’s sister would wonder if she was even dating mark and i wonder… why… he felt… he had to say that…. bc mark easily talks w jinyoung just fine… so why did he need a lil thing to stop mark from being a great bf for his sister… its almost like jinyoung was like “yea mark would b a great bf!! he’d b home and available hes great ya.. wait… this is for my hypothetical sister… ha ACTUALLY no mark doesnt talk much so she would barely think theyre dating nice save :)” jfdkjfdskl but then it made me rmr that mark was asked the exact same question a while ago nd do yknow what he said?????


Saint & Sinner (Chapter 2)

Originally posted by karladahmer

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Chapter 1 

Song Inspiration (This Chapter):  The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

NEEDTOBREATHE - Something Beautiful 

Trigger Warning: None??

Word Count: 1,560

Note: Sorry if this sucks and that it’s late. I didn’t say but I imagine this taking place a little bit before Season 1.

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ID #92858

Name: Alejandra
Age: 18
Country: USA

I really like black eyed daisies, blue m&m’s, hot wings, the arctic monkeys, talking about terrible movies, talking about great movies, writing, astrology, i fucking love flowers, deep convos, philosophy, and the smell of rain

my dream is to learn french so i can make the ‘r’ sound with my throat because i feel like street cats would better understand me and Spanish so then my grandmother will stop talking shit about me when im in the room– its like,, super annoying

soo yeah, talk to me people– the anticipation is killing me

ohhh yea and ill give you my url so we can, youu know, follow eachother and stuff

Preferences: no preference– you can be weird… just not weirder than me pls

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apparently there was a bi '''discourse''' and it went away? like, i'm sure most of those people then morphed into the aphobes of today, but does anyone remember what they did to make those assholes stop? maybe we can apply it to ace '''discourse''' and also help our spanish speaking siblings put an end to the hell of nb '''discourse'' (i hate that word it's not a discourse it's abuse and mislabeling ughJH), cause no platofrming is great but they're still here, and still violent abt it.

Yea I went through bi discourse, and basically we outnumbered them and made them feel the minority, we ridiculed them instead of validating them, and basically made everything they said laughable and not even worth discourse (like we are trying to do with aphobes now.) Push them to the fringes, don’t dignify them, and call them what they are with disdain so they know they aren’t tolerated. They’ll find themselves with few allies and a lot of shunning, with nobody to listen to them.

Captain swan
David finds a receipt that comes with a bit of a shock….

David bends to pick up the last if the dirty clothes off of the bathroom floor to put in the hamper, finding a folded piece of paper in the mist of the clothes. Upon opening it he sees it’s a receipt: hot chocolate, orange juice, dish soap, pregnancy test, shampoo, crackers, PREGNANCY TEST! He goes back and re reads. Rushing out of the bathroom receipt in hand.
“Is there something I should know about?!” David asks bit too loudly, waving the receipt around in the air franticly.
“Hmm….what do you mean?” Snow responds from the couch, where she is reading through student’s reports.
“I mean don’t get me wrong I love baby Leo and would love to have more later down the road but I think now is a bit to early…" 
“What are you talking about?” Snow asks, now giving David her full attention.
“You bought a pregnancy test with the shopping yesterday”
“What? No…I didn’t even do the shopping yesterday. Leo was fussy so I texted the list to Emma and asked her to get it on her way home.“ 
[[More]] ——————————————————————————————————————- Emma, with a smile on her face, closes the front door and turns to make her way to her room quietly….
“Emma, you’re finally home.”
Emma starts and whirls around to the couch at Snows voice, pulling her collar up a bit more around her neck hiding the bite marks left there by a certain pirate.
“Mom, you’re up late”
“You’re home late and I wanted to talk”
“Ok” Emma makes her way to the couch next to Snow “what’s up”
“Are you pregnant?”
“Whoa…don’t be subtle or anything” Emma says exasperated “Why would you even ask that?!”
“Your father found a receipt with a test on it and it wasn’t mine so……”
Emma sighs and puts her head in her hands propped up on her knees. 
“You were going to find out anyways, yes its mine and it was positive”
“Oh, That’s so exciting, another grandbaby” snow exclaims while hugging Emma
“I don’t know why you didn’t tell us”
David answers the door to Neal on the other side, there to pick up Henry for their camping weekend.
“Hey Neal I’ll let Henry know your here and help him finish getting things ready” he says as he heads up stairs.
“Neal!” Snow practically squeals coming from the other room. “Oh you must be so excited!”
“Umm…yea. It’s great Emma letting me take Henry out on this trip. She’s finally trusting me enough with him.”
“Well I would hope she would trust you. If she didn’t it wouldn’t work very well with the new baby.”
“New baby?” Neal asks with confusion
“Oh you didn’t know. She hasn’t told you yet” Snow gasps
“I’m so sorry I just figured she would have let you know already that you were going to be a father again.”
“Whoa no, no. We’re not, Emma and I are…”
“Emma and I are what?” Emma asks coming through the door
“I thought you already told Neal about the baby and let it slip”
“Emma and I are not together”
“OH whoa, yea were just friends and getting along for Henry but nothing more”
“Well if it’s not Neal’s then who?” Snow asks
Emma sighs “Killian”
“HOOK!” Neal exclaims
“Not your concern so just no” Emma points at him
“Emma…” Snow sighs
“NO, I don’t want hear it, I’m an adult and you are always going on about how you want me to be happy.”
“But Emma….”
“IM HAPPY! He makes me happy!” Emma exclaims sitting down on the chair. “And I’m actually happy to be having this baby with Killian”
“Its Hooks baby?!” David asks coming down the stairs
“You’re having a baby?!” Henry says excitedly coming down behind David
“Yes dad and yes Henry. Listen kid I’m sorry I haven’t told you yet. I hope you are ok with this, this isn’t going to affect how I feel about you…”
“This is awesome! I’m going to be a big Brother!”
“But really Emma, Hook after everything has done?” Snow whines
“Yes after everything he’s done like giving up his ship for me, for me to come save everyone in this town. For coming back with the bean and then taking us to Neverland. A place might I add he never ever more than anything wanted to step foot into again but he did so I could get Henry back. He risked so much going back there….” Emma trailed off quietly.
“you know what I’m not getting in to this now” Emma says heading to the door putting her hand on the handle turning back to everyone “after everything he’s done for everyone without ever asking anything in return and not one of you even care to give him a chance”
“Where are you going?” Snow asks as Emma opens the door without turning to it.
“I’m going to go tell Killian he’s going to be a father!” Emma says turning towards the door to leave but coming face to face with the pirate himself
“I’m going to be what now, Love?”
  • Artemis Fowl casting call: Irish boy
  • Me: yea
  • Artemis Fowl casting call: 9-12 years old
  • Me: Yes
  • Artemis Fowl casting call: of any ethnicity
  • Artemis Fowl casting call: warm hearted
  • Me: ... Wait
  • Artemis Fowl casting call: great sense of humor
  • Me: um
  • Artemis Fowl casting call: has fun in any situation
  • Me: excuse u
  • Artemis Fowl casting call: loves life
  • Me: fuckign wat
Ive liked you for a while, actually

Jinyoung(Got7) x reader

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Author: Admin E
Warnings: None
Genre: fluff

Edited: 170510
Posted: 170525


You sighed heavily as Jinyoung nagged you for the third time that day. Being a trainee at JYP was hard work, and he wasn’t helping. “Jinyoung, Im trying to practice my dance, now please leave me alone. I don’t want to sleep with you like every other girl here does.” He huffed and turned away, but quickly came back to you, with a smirk set on his face. ‘But what if I don’t want to sleep with you on the first date? What about that hmm?’ You rolled your eyes and walked away from him, getting some water and going to your locker. He followed you there, still nagging. “Oh my god if I go on one date with you, will you please quite nagging me all the time?” His face lit up, then looked at you with disbelief. ‘Your not kidding? You will?’ “If you quite nagging me then yes!” 'Well ill see you tonight, at 7:00?’ “Thats fine now I have to change so go.” He winked and left.

You walked out of the building with your fresh clothes on and decided to go home and get ready for this date that you reluctantly decided to go on. You dressed semi casual, just a simple dress with sandals. You brushed your hair and put on simple makeup. Ten minutes later, you heard the doorbell ring. You got up and opened it to find Jinyoung standing there, in a button up shirt and jeans. You looked him up and down slowly, checking him out. 'Ugh, don’t think like that!’ You thought. He smirked and started checking you out. You suddenly regretted wearing this dress. 'Well hello there, beautiful.’ You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “Don’t call me that please.” You stepped out of the door and went to his car. He followed and opened your door. You got in and sat down, putting on your seatbelt. He got in and put his on, then started to drive.

Jinyoung parked the car in front of a park. You looked over at him, surprised. “Your taking me here for a date?” He started to stutter and fumble his words. 'I- do you want to go somewhere nice?’ “No no, this is great. I just thought that you’d take me back to your place because you know, you kinda sleep with every woman that you see.” He sighed and hung his head. 'I really don’t, people make that up because I just flirt a lot. Im not saying I haven’t slept with women, but just not everyone.’ You looked at him astonished. He just confessed to you something no one else could have known. “Im uh, really sorry for how I acted and what I said earlier. I just thought-” 'Yea, everyone does. Its fine.’ He got out and opened your door, smiling a genuine smile. You got out and intertwined his fingers with yours. You guys walked and talked, and soon the short date stretched into a three hour long one. As you were walking back, Jinyoung stopped. “Are you ok?” 'Yea, um, Y/N? I really liked this and I hope you did too.’ “It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I want to do this again, actually.” You smiled and got on your tiptoes, giving him a quick peck on the lips. He responded quickly, keeping you in place and turning it into a full on kiss. When you pulled back, he was red and smiling like an idiot. 'Ive liked you for a while, Y/N. I just never knew how to say it.’ “Well truth is, I like you too.” You both got into his car and he dropped you off at your dorm, waving goodbye.

How is this possible...

Yea I know its not a lot (yes it is… put 100+ in a room..) but I will celebrate with a little surprise… When!! I can find the time to!! Sorry but no art raffle for this celebration… But no worries because there will be one whenever!! 

Don’t forget… 

I love each and every one of you great people!

Arron Drabble #1

A/N: For @jkqueenly

“Aaron?!” you had never felt so much relief than at that moment hearing his voice. You saw the news of the explosion on TV and had to know he was safe.
“I’m alright (Y/N).”
“I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you.” You chuckled and wiped stray tears from your eyes.
“I’m safe babe. Is Jack there?”
“Yea hang on.” You cove the phone “Jack baby its daddy come say hi.”
He takes the phone, “Hi dad.”
“Hey buddy sorry I had to work today.”
“It’s ok dad.”
“You being good for momma?”
“That’s great bud keep it up. Can you give her back the phone?”
“Yea.” He gives it back.
“Be Safe Arron we love you.”
“I love you guys too. I’ll be home soon.”

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anonymous asked:

Are you really thinking that this has been a bad season so far? I feel like that's what everyone is saying and I am conflicted?

well…bad in a way that it turned like, everyone against sana, left her alone..when the pasts seasons showed how close the girls are and you wouldve thought they got even closer in 2 years and they at least know about sana’s brother or what she eats.. i think its more like…disappointing? they couldve made the girls team up with sana from the beginning and teach the pm girls a lesson….. but like, its also a great season? people in the fandom are teaching a lot to us about islam so thats really nice, i just wish the show focused more on it too instead of the constant girl hate but yea