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The Erins think that a strong female character is a female character that can hunt and fight really well as opposed to a well thought out and emotionally balanced character

i mean yea and while it is important to have physically strong female characters its also important to you know, give them a personality. and don’t get me wrong, there ARE a lot of well-thought out females in WC, but none of them seem to get the leadership/status that they deserve when their boring male counterparts do

hollyleaf would have made an amazing leader/deputy if the erins would have made her come to terms w not being special/her parents and have her focus on  her clan instead. sandstorm would have made a great deputy while graystripe was gone, brightheart could have become an amazing mentor because of how much she could teach younger generations about different fighting styles and coming 2 terms w a disability, russetfur should have succeeded blackstar instead of rowanclaw, dawnpelt should have been chosen as deputy  instead of tigerheart who did literally nothing

and even then the erins wouldn’t have to make a main character a deputy like fuck. give me a nursery tale of a legendary leader who led her clan to victory by outsmarting her opponents, a story of a female warrior that was the most respected in all the clans for her amazing battle skills etc u know??


Okay so like, since it’s the 1920s in the US, right before the Great Depression, the elite in cities can afford to go to nice clubs with good swing music and stuff. Right? Stay with me.

So like, I’ll bet Percival likes to visit the No-Maj clubs and listens to the music but doesn’t dance cause he doesn’t have a partner. BUT THEN Credence you know and Damn boi can Percy dance and he literally sweeps Credence off his feet and its marvelous. Yessssss.

Also this song.

You know, people say:
“You can’t love someone else, till you love yourself first.”

Well I disagree,
and I want to call out everyone,
on this goddamn phrase.

I had never once loved myself,
never understood how or why I could be great.
I liked myself from time to time,
I saw myself and glanced as what other people might just have found…


But loving myself was never in my sights.
A waste of space, a disgrace, a jack of few trades and a master of not even one.
Pretty hard to fall in love with,
harder when fighting with a flood.

And then I met you.

Oh God, God above you were so much more than I could imagine,
I fell fast and I fell hard,
and loving you, well.

Loving you was rain in the Sahara,
the peeking lights of safety on the fringe of the woods,
of Home.

Loving you was like hope,
but then, like a tidal wave pulling me down,
and I was eager to go.

Loving you was fresh, it was new.
Loving you opened a door, hidden away deep in the back of me.

I loved you so much.
So much, that the saying is certainly wrong.
The phrase should be, and be know by all, as:

“When you fall in love with someone else, then you’ll fall in love with yourself.”


so for people who dont know what sly cooper its like? a game? this raccoon guy right. sly cooper. and hes a master thief so he only steals from other thieves and then. there’s carmelita fox. and shes a cop. and sly flirts w her all the time but fox is always tryina kill him even tho shes a tsundere and loves him anyway. so yea. adventures

look at the original idea post!! go follow them they r great


oh shit here they fucking are lol

the great nicole (or nico for short. calling her the great nicole just strokes her already giant as fuck ego) is a robot illusionist. she does a lot of tricks and yaya. her favourite trick is the sawed in half thing?? like i dont know what its called, but its when a person is but in a box and then they get ‘cut’ in half with a saw?? yea she does that a lot. and with her favourite red chainsaw that she nicknamed rosemarie.

tasha is a kid that goes to the same school as harriet and co.. shes always taking notes and writing everything down. ell is suspicious of her and thinks that shes an alien.

daniel is a fucking furry that works at cip. hes a voice actor! and dani is his 3/almost 4 year old daughter! daniel always brings her into work, since his wife is almost always at her work and neither of them want to leave dani with a stranger babysitter. dani is super loved in the CIP building. everybody just babysits her and plays with her. even beth. beth is actually dani’s favourite person to hang out with!!

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I have this friend who I date a few years ago. We are awesome together but we live far from each other so it was never more than a summer fling. I was afraid he wouldn't like me anymore after I told him in trans and started transition, but I cut my hair really short and told him last month. He looked at me and said "always loved you in boxer briefs, you make one hell of a guy" and yea its not poetry I know LMAO but it was so sincere and spontaneous, like he really meant it and I felt so great.

Oh and I’d say that was amazing to hear! So sweet 💙



mental illness tumblr is great until you start posting manipulative shit
yea i know you have unhealthy symptoms and its ok to vent about them but making “relatable posts” about intensely unhealthy behaviors just normalizes that shit and doesnt help anybody with actual recovery
more hard work on trying not feeling like trash because your fp is talking to someone else, less joke posts about it without any actual effort to make it fucking better for you and the people around you
there is a difference between venting/coping and enabling.

modern college au mary struggles with internalized homophobia influenced by her religion and her father. it makes her wonder if she even deserves to be happy modern college au natasha really likes boys, she swears. yea, she feels intimidated and afraid when talking to men, but that’s just what attraction feels like, right? its not until natasha sees mary tuck loose hair behind her ear, smells mary’s subtle perfume, feels her hand against hers, does she realize love shouldnt hurt. shouldnt feel forced. natasha’s hands are always cold. mary’s are warm, a little clammy, but natasha doesn’t mind. it feels good. it feels right.


request : THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER HOSH IS REALLY 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 SUPER CUTE. The ending where you meet him seems a bit rushed tho? BUT ITS STILL REALLY GREAT I LOVE IT! Can i request a celebritychef!mingyu? ^^

thanks for requesting omg adhsa yea the ending was pretty rushed p.s i was at my last cup of coffee when I wrote that T^T [ pls send caffeine ] thank you for your kind words , you don’t know how much they mean to me I really must say thank you again

  • started out as just a your regular food lover
  • but suddenly got the amazing idea of turning this love into something that was more productive
  • he became a renown food blogger who travels the world to sample the worlds delicacies
  • people actually hire him to review their food on his blog
  • so he’s basically paid to eat
  • really loves his job [ who wouldn’t ? ]
  • has a very strong fanbase of grandmas and teens
  • it’s a miracle how he looks so GOOD
  • well life isn’t fair and he actually works out quite a bit
  • picked up cooking too because of his interest in food
  • took up many classes on basic culinary skills
  • like how to
  • pick out the freshest fish
  • enhance chocolate with chili
  • etc
  • was over the moon when he was offered the opportunity to host his own program
  • his first show broke the ratings of any show at that time slot
  • he was offered CFs and modeling deals  [no surprise]
  • viewers loved his show because he was so adorable but very professional as he did his thing
  • makes all the recipes himself
  • never felt that it was a burden as he was really driven in his work
  • working for an assistant was seriously a difficult job as you had to waddle here and there updating people about the changes of the food program your boss was currently filming
  • but the best part about it was that you could see mingyu in person
  • you really admired him
  • you hoped to be like him, starting out small but slowing building yourself up to be even better
  • he was much better looking in person if that was possible
  • you caught mingyu’s eye as you were always checking in with the other film crew asking if they were ok and handing them bottles of water
  • he secretly wants you to offer him some too but he’s a little shy to say so even he winks at people a little too much not that I’m complaining 
  • you’re a shy bean too
  • you’re  afraid you would get awestruck if you looked him in the eye 
  • [mingyu is basically medusa but instead of turning into stone, he turns your knees into jelly and your head fuzzy]
  • as usual the dishes that he cooked was eaten by some of the crew 
  • you were among the few that nommed on his creations
  • they were always cooked to perfection, you loved how he brought out each ingredients flavor and made it even better by complimenting it with other ingredients
  • it was a gift
  • mingyu saw you enjoying his food as you were DEFINITELY  enjoying his food from all the sounds you were making
  • ‘‘ this is really good HO my god :’> this is the best MMMMMMHHMMMM’‘
  • You didn’t even realise he was towering over you as he tapped you one the shoulder with the familiar smirk on his face
  • ‘‘ hey Y/N I was wondering if I could maybe cook for you some time if you’re free ?’‘
  • ‘‘ really aRE yoU serious ? that would be awesome mingyu thanks ‘‘

whooo send in feed back or AUs thank youu

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reasons why shattering homeworld gems isn’t a great thing to do

okay so the crystal gems are fighting for the liberation of their kind form the tyranny of homeworld, and because of this, shattering homeworld soldiers would be against their cause. this is because homeworld soldiers are victims of the same tyranny that the crystal gems are fighting against.  these new eps have firmly established the fact that gems are born knowing their purpose, jasper in recent eps is a prime example of this. her purpose is to serve as a loyal solider, as all quartz are supposed to. bismuths are builders, the engineers. the homeworld soldiers are victims of this system because they are simply living out their purpose. they are living the roles that the diamonds had neatly set out for them. bismuth established that rose quartz was able to show gems that they can be more than what they were created for, that they don’t have to conform to the lives that the diamonds gave them, that they can create their own purpose. the majority of the hw soldiers haven’t realized that, and that they don’t have to obey the diamonds forever. loyalty is forced on gems from the moment they are born (this is supported by peridots long lived loyalty for yellow diamond, who literally abandoned her on earth ) except for the probable few that that truly believe in homeworld’s cause,  most of the gems in the war are victims of the system they were created in.

basically, shattering hw gems is killing innocent victims of the tyranny that the crystal gems are fighting against, and if you’re harming the same victims that you’re trying to save, then are you really fighting against their oppressors?

Can I have some friends who enjoy being active and eating nutritious and delicious foods instead of friends who constantly strive to have the typically accepted “perfect” body aka skinny waist, round butt, perky boobs, toned and flat stomach like honestly its great if you have all those things but I really would like to be around people who are more focused on improving themselves in ways other than just aesthetics

A small height/timeline with Jaci and Georgia ! (click for better view)

The story is that they were great childhood friends and hung out constantly. Jaci was the first to grow, but not much. Georgia soon over took her and grew quite large, much to the dismay of Jaci. But she didn’t mind much after awhile.

Georgia was not too self conscious about her height until she was rejected by someone for being “too tall”. She is still self conscious and worried about her height but her friend Jaci is there to help her whatever trouble she has. Currently they are still best friends who have each other’s backs.


how am i supposed to interpret this other than everyone knowing lucas has a crush on mike but they cant say it bc its the 80s and mike is totally oblivious and just thinks “yea we’re all best friends, isn’t it great :)”

like i didnt know this but it turns out we’re actually shockingly sparse when it comes to stuff about alexander the great. like we have basically no contemporary sources other than some few brief quotes from later authors and like one sentence from a chronology in babylon that said “King died.” its all stuff from the roman period like hundreds of yeas later. the fucked up part is that it wasnt for want of people back then writing about alexander there was a lot of it done and alexander even had someone follow him around to write an official biography and ptolemy even wrote an autobiography its just that none of this survives at all.

 this is reminding me of those ppl that are like “jesus never existed and we cant use the gospels as proof he existed as a person bc they werent written until 70 years later” its like omg do you fucking know how history even works