yea i just got this album

hey!! i don’t want u to be! the one that got away! i wanna get addicted to you yea!! you’re rushing through my mind! i wanna feel the high!! i wanna be addicted don’t say no o o o o o o o just let go o o o o oooo ‘cause we got alL NIGHT and we’re going nowhereee why don’t u stay? why don’t we go there? let’s take a ride let’s take a ridee out in the cold aiir i know the way I know the way why don’t u go there with me ?

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people said "Patrick can't perform y&m live!" and he replied "BET"

honestly i approach the whole performance with skepticism but mostly a whole lot of hard constructive criticism? the whole thing at the beginning was messy and they were all very hesitant about their distortion pedals (especially patrick at the very beginning who hit his way too hard and that’s what made his voice awkward go in and out). they fell hard out of sync a few times b/c a song like y&m depends on very coordinated timing and you’d say that any song is like that but they’re also adding a whole new element on top of that to watch out for which is again the distortion pedals. patrick for example has to sing, play, and also pay attention to the pedal and using it when he has to and to the best extent it needs

the drums and the bass were exceptional but joe’s vocals weren’t matching well with patrick’s especially for this song. they were relying heavily on their main rhythm that the song demands and luckily pete and andy delivered that. patrick did command more control in the second verse and did manage to add his own live touches that didn’t misguide the song. there were parts where he went high but needed to go low which is really what the song depends on to give it the contrast from drop chorus and verse. he did also seem a little out of practice which happens to patrick basically after every form of break and hopefully he can maneuver through that – studio recording and live is very different

speaking of the chorus? disaster and needs to be reconstructed for live playability and also sound. if they’re going to be doing it the way they are they don’t really need patrick singing a wild assortment of “menace, menace, young, yoUNG, MEN, MEN, ACE” just everywhere which made it hard to take seriously and made me personally cringe? it’s not an impossible song to play live and they wanted to step outside of their comfort zone and this is where they kinda have to go off the deep end to start working on perfecting it leading up to tour

they need to rely on the pre-recording and especially on andy and their own instrumentals, treat it like a whole other entity. so hopefully they’ll look at the performance and do a little evaluation that might even change how they craft the rest of the album in its teenage form right now just to super focus on reasonable playability. so i’m not worried about them succeeding in figuring it out by november but until then? when it had its moments they were good but they’ve got a long way to go

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So, besides losing your art folder (really sorry that happened) how was Sakura Con?

Okay so my folder ended up in lost and found! So I’ve very luckily gotten all my stuff back ( ´ ▽ ` ) ALSO


SO YEA THE CON WAS AMAZING-so many people took pictures of my cosplay 

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Yea exactly. Harry no label doesn't mean he's lying or forced in the album. He said he's honest in that album so I believe him. But also just because he sang about women and didn't say he's gay or bi doesn't mean he is straight. So those also need to sit down. No label literally means he can be in any of the spectrums. Both groups who force him to their corner are gross. Listen to him. don't invalidate his personal experience and respect his no label is all I got to say in this fandom.


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What are your favorite paramore songs?

ok not 2 be like that but i do love ‘the only exception’ hjksd, also i love ‘playing god’, ‘ignorance’, ‘misguided ghosts’ i rly love that one, i was gonna try 2 pick faves frm the self-titled but… i’d list like… the whole album lmfao it’s fucking perfect altho ig today’s mood is ‘grow up’ so i’ll just say that one but. the whole album yea :”) after laughter i’ll cycle thru diff faves as i get more chances 2 listen 2 it more but atm ofc i love ‘hard times’ n also on just a couple listens im p drawn to ‘fake happy’ and ‘caught in the middle’ but yea we’ll see ig? i like their earlier stuff too ofc but it’s not faves so much ig bc i got into paramore like, brand new eyes era, so that’s the nostalgic stuff 4 me n then the newer stuff is just. fucking good pop music like that is how u write pop songs honestly theyre just perfect perfectly structured+produced pop songs sorry im like rambling lmao sjldhkg

I was tagged by @klancerous to do this and i actually am!! wow a miracle 

Answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people.

1. Drink: I drink alot of soda??? All the time

2. Phone call: i go out of my way to not call anyone

3. Text message: usually mostly family and like 1 or 2 friends on the actual message thing on my phone,, i message people over my 4000 social media accounts 

4. Song you listened to: We Got The Power : Gorillaz ( the new album is bombbb)

5. Time you cried: emotionally cried ?? not for a long time,, but just over things like anime or voltron that’s another story

6. Dated someone twice: noo

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: well ya gotta kiss someone first to regret it

8. Been cheated on: nah

9. Lost someone special: yea h

10. Been depressed: sometimes

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope

Favorite colors

12. purple

13. red

14. blue/green

In the last year have you…

15. Made new friends: yeah!!

16. Fallen out of love: no

17. Laughed until you cried: all the time

18. Found out someone was talking about you: once

19. Met someone who changed you: All the time

20. Found out who your friends are: y e s and i love them

21. Kissed someone on your facebook list: dear god NO


22. How many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: all the people on my facebook are family members

23. Do you have any pets: yes!! One dog and one cat

24. Do you want to change your name: yes but no

25. What did you do for your last birthday: i think i played justdance and had friends over

26. What time did you wake up: 10:30

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching foodwars and scrolling thru tumblr

28. Name something you can’t wait for: sleeping?? I just like rest

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: my mom is one room away

31. What are you listening to right now: PERM : Bruno Mars

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: My family keeps coming into my room and asking me questions

34. Most visited website: Tumblr

35. Hair color: dirty brown

36. Long or short hair: long but i wish it was shorttt

37. Do you have a crush on someone: nope

38. What do you like about yourself: my hands and eyes

39. Piercings: ears but i haven’t worn earrings in years

40. Blood type: who knows lmao

41. Nickname: meme, cat

42. Relationship status: Single and tired

43. Zodiac: leo

44. Pronouns:she/Her

45. Favourite tv show: oh boy that’s a hard question,,, a tie between Voltron, My Hero Academia, and ATLA

46. Tattoos: maybe one day

47. Right or left handed: Right

48. Surgery: Nope

49. Piercing: ears

50. Sport: outside???no

51. Vacation: I rly want to go to Hawaii with friends

52. Pair of trainers: I’d rather wear them then heels

More general

53. Eating: out of boredom all the time

54. Drinking: yes

55. I’m about to: read a 13 chapter long fic

56. Waiting for: death to arrive at my doorstep

57. Want: Sleep and no priorities

58. Get married: Maybe one day but I’m NOT having children

59. Career: something science or math related,,

60. Hugs or kisses: D. All of the Above

61. Lips or eyes: eyes

62. Shorter or taller: tall bean

63. Older or younger: older

64. Nice arms or nice stomach: Arms

65. Hook up or relationship: a relationship sounds nice

66. Troublemaker or hesitant: yes

67. Kissed a stranger: No o

68. Drank hard liquor: once i accidentally ate a fuck ton of vodka infused watermelon without knowing

69. Lost glasses/contact lenses: everyday??? lmao

70. Turned someone down: Someone would have to hit on me first

71. Sex on the first date: pr o ba b ly not

72. Broken someone’s heart: not that i know of

73. Had your heart broken: yeah

74. Been arrested: No

75. Cried when someone died: alot

76. Fallen for a friend: will anyone ever know

Do you believe in …

77. Yourself: ,,,,,,,,,, sometimes

78. Miracles: sure

79. Love at first sight: Yeah!

80. Santa Claus: n o t really

81. Kiss on the first date: Go for it

82. Angels: every member of voltron??? yes

83. Current best friend’s name: @crunchbox7

84. Eye colour: blue/green

85. Favourite movie: oh bo y I like most Marvel movies and also Hercules

im tagging @lia-goes-wuf @crunchbox7 @cherrypup309 but u dont have to do it and anyone who sees this and wants to share stuff about themselves

BTS Deciding on 화양연화 tracks
  • ***Intro***
  • Big Hit: ok suga its ur turn show us what u got
  • Suga: *heavy breathing* me??? ok! I'm thinking of going in hard like yo mfuckers whats uppp
  • BH: PERFECT!!!!!!!!
  • Suga: rly
  • BH: yea the first part
  • Suga: 'whats up?'
  • BH: before that
  • Suga: 'yo mfuckers?'
  • BH: before that
  • Suga: ... *heavy breathing*...
  • ***I NEED U***
  • BTS: ok so since this is the title track and the album is about youth we were thinking a song about inner struggles and turmoil of -
  • BTS: but the theme -
  • BTS: but we keep singing about -
  • BH: DO IT
  • ***Hold Me Tight***
  • Big Hit: who's writing this
  • V: me
  • BH: ok ur not a minor anymore so write about UNREQUITED LOVE THAT'S RLY UNHEALTHY FOR U
  • V: but i've never even -
  • V: but it's my -
  • BH: DO IT
  • ***SKIT***
  • Jin, Suga, Rap Mon, J-Hope, Jimin, V: we rly rly want to win
  • Jungkook: ok but where's my money tho
  • ***쩔어 (Sick)***
  • BTS: so for this one -
  • BTS: *ties BH up, stuffs a sock in his mouth and throws him in a corner*
  • BTS: ok now we can talk
  • Rap Mon: what if we write this fucking musical masterpiece
  • Suga: about how fucking awesome we are
  • Korea: YASSSSSS
  • Planet Earth: YASSSSSSSS
  • BH: *angry muffled mumbling*
  • ***Heungtan Sonyeondan***
  • BTS: let's write a song about how hyped we are like literally go crazy w it
  • BTS: yea why not
  • Jin: me too??
  • BTS: ok
  • V: CAN I GET A SECOND RAP PART??????????
  • J-Hope: no stop stop
  • V: ok ok sorry
  • Suga: put this in too
  • ***Converse High***
  • Rap Mon: can we pls make a song about my fetish
  • Suga: no dude I fucking hate converse I'm not doing that
  • Rap Mon: u can literally say that in the song just pls
  • Suga: oh ok we cool then
  • ***Move***
  • Suga: I'm so happy to never have to see ur faces every second of my life again, only Jin's. He's pretty and barely talks
  • Jin: moving my mouth too much can create wrinkles
  • Rap Mon: I love it too, Jungkook literally worships me
  • Jungkook: yeah bc u saved me from -
  • Jungkook: that
  • Jungkook: I was like 3 blocks away from our dorm yesterday and I kept hearing this obnoxious high-pitched noise that got worse the closer I got. turns out they left their window open
  • BTS: we should totally write a song about this tbh
  • Big Hit: *angry muffled mumbling intensifies*
  • BH: *manages to untie self*
  • ***Outro - Love Is Not Over***
  • Jungkook: me
  • Jungkook: but im a minor
  • Jungkook: what does that mean
  • BTS: ugh
  • V: can I get more than one line in this song
  • BH: NOPE.
  • V: pls I'm vocal too i wanna sing
  • BH: lmao no
  • ***Bonus - Choosing Album Title***
  • BTS: we chose 화양연화 bc it stands for our blossoming age
  • BTS: lets translate it as 'The Best Moment in Life' internationally
  • Big Hit: lol sure
  • BH: *low-key lets In the Mood For Love happen*
  • BTS:
  • BH: oops
  • ***for the sake of being funny Big Hit is just a strawman character representing their company rather than an actual person

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Yea like I got what he meant with the line the moment I heard it but idk I guess it threw me off to hear a song basically imply that it has nothing to do with a girl's physical appearance and idk being that I would never be considered drop dead gorgeous like my best friends would it just made me feel some type of way and made me bawl my eyes out. Its 100% officially my favorite song like I already know no other song in the album will top it for me.

You can’t say no one will ever think you’re drop dead gorgeous babe cause that’s not true. You’re gonna stop someone’s heart dead they’re chest some day.

But it’s a beautiful song once you get and feel the meaning. He’s a gorgeous person with such a beautiful vulnerable honest way of expressing himself in his songwriting. I can’t wait to hear what else he has to say.

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OOOOOOOOO!!!!! can you write a story about a dude intj, a dude enfj, and a girl infp, friend group???

*INTJ is staring at computer screen impatiently*

ENFJ: INTJ…. what do you think you’re doing?

INTJ: Downloading some music


INTJ: Yea….you got a better way?

ENFJ: ….But…how are the artists profiting?

INTJ:.……album sales?

ENFJ: And are you buying the album???

INTJ: …..No????

ENFJ: You realize that’s piracy right?

INFP: I love pirates. They’re pretty great. I had a dream I was a pirate once….

INTJ: Oh my god.

INFP: Were we talking about something else?

ENFJ:….Kind of….?

INFP: What?

INTJ: I’m downloading music.

INFP: Oh…so not pirates….*regretting all past mistakes*

ENFJ: You should put them back.

INTJ: I can’t just put my downloaded copies “back”

INFP: You can’t?

INTJ: No, that’s not how it works. Oh my god…wait…you thought you could?

INFP: Kinda….I never really thought about it.

ENFJ: Well, we have to make this right somehow….

INTJ: What do you want me to do? Write an apology?

INFP: That would be nice, wouldn’t it!

ENFJ: Yes. That’s a great idea! 

INTJ: Oh my god.

Has anyone else listened to “Jimmy Iovine” by Macklemore lately? Came up on my shuffle and I’m going put the lyrics here:

I put my life on the line
I roll them dice and I’m fine
Cause all I ever dreamt about was makin’ it
They ain’t giving it, I’m taking it

I’m taking it, taking it, They ain’t giving it
I’m taking it, taking it, They ain’t giving it
I’m taking it, taking it, They ain’t giving it
I’m taking it, taking it, I need all that shit

(Steal myself a record deal.
Steal myself a record deal.
Steal myself a record deal.)

If I just went in and stole it the police would’ve noticed
Gotta be strategic, creeping, go in, leave with that motive
Hold up, my plan is forming, alright, case in this building
Watch these rappers that rappin’ walk in and leave out with millions (millions)
Headed in and sway there, open that front door
Interscope printed out right by the entrance door closes
Not a metaphor, then I start towards
That front, that’s right, where you check in
Dressed in an uniform, acting like a janitor
All blue, jumpsuit, why shoot?
Bloodthirsty for the money like a bull
Looking in the eyes of the matador (fuck you!)
Carrying 2 cans of paint,
Security looks at me awkward
I say third floor I’m late,
Paintin’ Jimmy Iovine’s office
Holding my breath ‘bout to faint
I’m scared to death that he stops me
Heart beating so loud that you can hear the echo in that lobby
And see I’m breaking down if I don’t make it out
Then I’m leaving town with that contract
And I’m spazzing out, cover the in or out
His chair and I’m taking him hostage
I don’t give a fuck, step into the elevator press three
Now I’m headed up (Heist!)
What they don’t know is a gun in the paint can
And I’m ready and willing to bust ‘em, I’m fucking desperate
Stuck in this recession now what you think
But if I could get signed my luck is destined
My future depends on ink
And secretary at the front of the entrance staring right at me
I walk up she whispers go ahead and then gives me a wink

I put my life on the line
I roll them dice and I’m fine
Cause all I ever dreamt about was makin’ it
They ain’t giving it, I’m taking it

I’m taking it, taking it, They ain’t giving it
I’m taking it, taking it, They ain’t giving it
I’m taking it, taking it, They ain’t giving it
I’m taking it, taking it, I need all that shit

I made past security, the secretary, the cubicles
But it’s weird, it’s like this room I’ve walked into is unusual
Thought it would be shiny and beautiful
Thought it would be alive and like musical
But it feels like someone died, it’s got the vibe of a funeral
There’s numbers on a chalkboard
CDs boxed in cardboard
Artists that flopped, that got dropped and never got to be sophomores

Graphic designers are sitting around
Waiting for albums that never come out
Complainin’ that they have nobody in house
Wonderin’ what they make art for
I start thinking, am I in the right place?
Just walk forward, see plaques on the wall
Oh yea, in a second those will be all yours

Finally see an office with a mounted sign, heaven sent
Big block silver letters, read it out loud: President (nice!)
This was my chance to grab that contract and turn and jet
Right then felt a cold hand grab on the back of my neck

He said: we’ve been watching you, so glad you could make it
Your music, it’s so impressive in this whole brand you created
You’re one hell of a band, we here think you’re destined for greatness
And with that right song we all know that you’re next to be famous

Now I’m sorry. I’ve had a long day remind me now what your name is?
That’s right, Macklemore, of course, today has been crazy
Anyway, you ready? We’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars.
After your album comes out we’ll need back that money that you borrowed (mm-hm)
– So it’s really like a loan.
– A loan? Come on, no!
We’re a team, 360 degrees, we will reach your goals!
You’ll get a third of the merch that you sell out on the road
Along with a third of the money you make when you’re out doing your shows
Manager gets 20, booking agent gets 10
So shit, after taxes you and Ryan have 7% to split
That’s not bad, I’ve seen a lot worse,
No one will give you a better offer than us (mm-hm)
I replied I appreciate the offer, thought that this is what I wanted
Rather be a starving artist than succeed at getting fucked

My 1D First Listen Notes

alright so even though most of y'all have heard some (all?) of the album cuz of the leak, i literally took pages of notes in my old little green “live unique” zayn notebook from their office max shit so I’m not letting all my efforts go to waste. I apologize for any misquotes because I’ve only heard each song once (I’m tryna be strong this leak season) and the boys introduced some of the songs quite quickly so I may be a little off on the lyrics and what the lads saids. But yea heres a summary of what I wrote down for each track that hasn’t been officially released:

Hey Angel:

Harry described this track as ‘this albums Clouds” and the beat as “stabby.” I thought this song was gonna wreck me but it didn’t slay me as bad as i thought. I didn’t write much for this song because i was honestly not ready and just wrote shit like “I am DEAD” and “God is so good to me” but i got the quotes “I wish I could be more like you” which is followed by something like them asking if you wish you could be more like them too (didnt get exact quote). Also I believe Louis had a nice line about the sound of your voice being a beautiful noise or something like that. Overall a good vibe, not as intense as clouds, but a similar upbeat feel with a more chill sound.

End of the Day:

Louis talked about this one and said it “keeps you on your toes” and is “interesting to listen to” and that the “chorus just gets you.” This was definitely one of my favorites with beautiful quotes like “just me, her and the moon,” “you love who you love” “you’re the one that I want at the end of the day” and “love can be frightening for sure.” This song gave me good accepting gender neutral vibes (except the moon line) and was v v beautiful. The diversity between the beating chorus and gentle verses was, like Louis said, an interesting listen. They almost sound like they could have been pasted together from 2 different songs. Honestly it was a little shocking at first but it works really nicely and I like it a lot. Also Louis had a nice high note that killed me.

If I Could Fly:

Harry talked about how before writing the album they had a lot more time than they usually would to sit down and and focus and think what they like and what they wanted to listen to and to put out. He wrote it with the same guy he wrote Just a Little Bit of Your Heart with. He also had a cute lil quote about how when they were writing they weren’t like oh we need a chorus that goes like boom poo pah and how they just wrote what they wanted. This song ruined me tbh. The first clip they showed during it was of fetus Larry like they literally opened this beautiful love song with an old clip of just the 2 of them and i was gone I legit yelled (that was the only time i yelled). Like I can’t believe they did that to me. Some quotes I got were “If I could fly I’d be coming right home to you,” something about opening up their heart “for your eyes only” and from Louis’ solo “I’ve got scars even though they can’t always be seen.” Harry has the first solo then Louis goes and then I think Liam. I don’t remember i was literally RIP. The harmonies at the end of the track were honestly unforgettable and so so beautiful.

Long Way Down:

Liam described this as a “clever tune,” “Oasis-y” and said it makes him think 90′s. He also talked about how he likes how the melody drops when it says long way down because like the melody drops like a long way down like u know its like a pun within the song almost. Also he compared the premise of the song to either their break or to like perfect relationship ending which killed everyone a little. Niall talked about how when he was recording “in the studio really late” he had a lot of fun recording it and how someone kept telling him he’s ”gotta get grittier” and “sound like bruce” springsteen. It was a cute lil intro to save us from being too sad about what Liam said lol. Some quotes I got were “we made a fire, went down in the flames” and “point of no return” This song song gave me chills it was so amazing. In the hook the melody Harry sings reminds me of an old song, I’d have to listen to it a few more times to figure it out but I liked it a lot. The vibe of this tune was obvi sad but almost like soothing relaxing sad if u ask me. Honestly this whole album it drowning in chill vibes in my hoe opinion.

Never Enough: 

Niall said this was his favorite song and talked about being really excited for it in Chicago when the sax trumpet and trombone were being recorded. He said that the had “never done that style of music before” and that is was “spot on for me (him).” He also has a really cute line about “just the uhhhy” in the song and did like a little thrust. After hearing the song that makes since because there is literally like a grunt like that in the background. Some lyrics i wrote down were “lips so good I forgot my name,” “I don’t need my love you can take it, don’t need my heart, you can break it,” and “its never enough, too much.” There were also some really nice high notes. This song is a literally bop and got me so amped. Its just fun and the lyrics are nice so I can def see why it’s Niall’s fave.


Harry described this song as “so different” and similar to the “old stuff that I love.” He said that the song “writes itself a little bit” and that it “doesn’t have to be so literal” and that it “might be an observation thing.” He talked about how he liked to do a “personification of a situation or emotion” and basically said that people think will that theres a girl named Olivia that the song is about but thats not (necessarily) the case. The beginning had some hoe-y lyrics that Niall sang about sheets and being in bed in my tshirt on and not red wine stains but bleeding love. Those lyrics got me real lit but i didn’t get any exact quote from them. I did get the quotes “summer time butterflies all belong to your creation” (HARRY’S TWEET), “don’t let me down,” and of course “i live for you I long for you Olivia,” which we all heard in Liam’s vid the other day. This song is very fun and upbeat and full of love! It just makes you happy and feeling good.

What A Feeling:

Louis said this song was one of his favorites and described it as having “Fleetwood vibes” and that was a good song for driving with the roof down in your car and “feel good.” Some quotes I wrote down were “no way out and a long way down,” and “What a feeling to be a King beside you how I wish I could be there now.” Like Louis said it’s for sure a chill, feel good song, but the lyrics are a little sadder than i expected based on his description. Well they aren’t really sad they’re just like missing your boo. But yea again its a very nice chill track, pleasant listen.

Love You Goodbye:

Louis talked about this one as well and said it was the track “most personal to me” and “even the idea” of it excited him initially. He said its about “seeing an ex after a break up.” So this song is literally about break up sex, like having one last fuck before its over for good. Some quotes I got were “why are you wearing that to walk out of my life,” “I know you’re saying you don’t wanna hurt me but why aren’t you showing me any mercy,” “let me love you goodbye,” and “one more taste of your lips”(which Louis sung). This song got me so lit just because I love the concept of the 1d boys acting hoe-y. It also has a really dope beat and made me real pumped up. A true bop. It’s basically pretty strongly implied that it was about elounor but I mean Imma make my own opinions.

I Want to Write You a Song

Liam said that this song was either one of his favorites or was his favorite (i don’t recall) and that he liked how on the track theres the sound of “writing in the background.” He talked about recording it at “4am in Chicago” and how his voice was “rubbish” but the “grovel” of it fit with the song and sounded good even tho it was “bad.” He also said he liked the concept of the song because he’s always wanted to write a song for someone like the song says but never has really been able to. Some lyrics I wrote down were about wanting to write “one (a song) as beautiful as you are sweet” and something about it having “just a little pain for the feeling I get when you’re away.” Another lyric I wrote down was “giving back is wall I wanna do, everything I need I get from you.” Honestly i didn’t write many lyrics down for this one because I was sat back enjoying it because it is quite lovely. It made me a little emotional because its just so so sweet.


Niall described this song as “campfire-y”  with a “good vibe” and would be a good listen “sitting on a dock by a bay.” He said that it was basically about “everything about the last five years” and that its basically like “let’s not stop now.” He said its basically about everyone they’ve worked with and who’s supported them for the past five years which obvi hit all the fan’s heart strings. Louis also talked about it and said it was kind of a “perfect song” after everything thats happened. Some quotes I got were “you gotta help me,” “thought we were going strong,” “we can be the greatest team the world has seen,” “all the rumors all the fights we always find a way to make it out alive,” “new tattoos, good champagne,” and most importantly “this is not the end.” This song was very reassuring along with being just a fun song to listen to. I thought it would be kinda sad but it was more reminisce-y and more upbeat that i expected which I liked a lot and gave the song a nice positive feel.

Temporary Fix

Niall wrote and talked about this one as described it as a “love song with a bit of dirt, bit of grit to it.” When they were writing they “spent a day on it” and he went off to LA and the people he was writing with quickly called him back like “we gotta get back to it, it’s so good.” He described it as being “sex on fire” and said that it was basically about being in a bar and seeing a girl being hit on by a gross guy that she’s clearly not into and you swooping in to save her and be her “temporary fix.” Some lyric I wrote down were “for now I can be your vice,” “you can call me when you’re lonely,” “let me be your goodnight,” and “let me touch you where you’re heart is. (louis line)”.  This song was literally so sexual and amazing. It made me laugh thinking about all the parents with their young kids around me. It was clearly also about bootycalls. I loved it, more hoe-y 1d is what i live off of. A definite bop, had an upbeat rocky vibe that i was very into.

Walking in the Wind:

Harry said this song was a “nice one” and was “graceland inspired.” He said it’s “cool to have influences” of music he’s always enjoyed in his own music. He said that the song “drifts” and is “casual” and has “conversational verses.” Some lyrics I wrote down were “we has some good times didn’t we,” and “its not the end I’ll see your face again.” I only got two quotes because i was enjoying the amazing chill vibes of this song. Honestly its so amazing I loved it so much. Its clearly about a break up but its got a positive light about meeting up again in the future. The music is just so relaxed it just puts you in an amazing mood and the lyrics flow so smoothly. 10/10 would bang this track


Liam talked about this one and described it basically as a track about being in the club and all these other guys are tryna holla at the hot girl that you’re with and you have to get them to gtfo. Some lyrics I got were “I hears them calling for you,” “bullet in the dark,” “aint going down without a fight,” “they come straight for you’re heart,” and “I wish it wasn’t true but the whole world wants a piece of you.” This song again had really good vibes but wasn’t as chill as some of the other tracks and had more of a rock beat.


Niall described this as a “simple song” and “self explanatory.” The recorded it in the “studio late” and said its about “talking crap” “after a big party” and there are just a few people left. He said its basically like “if you don’t remember what happened at 2AM you’ll remember what happened at 6AM” because you “sobered up a bit.” Some lyrics wrote down were “talking out of our asses” (swears, how exciting), and “you know I’m always coming back to this place.” I didn’t write much down for this track because i really was feeling it and was connecting to it a lot so i got distracted. It has a really nice driving beat which keeps the song moving even with its relaxed vibes. A really nice way to close out the album.

Some other things worth noting:

During the songs without music videos they showed bts of old music videos, tour videos, backstage footage, photo/album cover shoots, shots of the fans,  and them traveling, stuff like that, some really old fetus stuff, some which we’ve seen before but a lot of new stuff from this tour too.

Liam said he wasn’t quite sure about Drag Me Down when he first heard it because of the way it had been produced before but after they made it their own he liked it a lot and that its a song that really “grows on you”

Harry described Perfect as the “biggest pop song on the album” and as a “love song but not that romantic,” and about how its not gushy or like i wanna be with you forever and that its basically just “I’m not perfect, I really like you, wanna have fun?”

Louis and Harry both talked about infinity (😊) and they both raved about it. Harry called it “one of the best we have” and Louis said it’s the “most epic song we’ve got” and it’s a “song to be proud of”

Louis said “so much has changed in this year” and its caused them all to band together.

Harry talked about how before they started writing they all sat down and talked about what they wanted to put out and “everyone was on the same page,” and thats when he first “got excited about it” (writing the album) because they were able to really think about what they wanted from this album and it felt got to have “made what you wanted to make.”

Liam said how they’d always been “rubbish at picking album titles.”

Zayn was in the videos a few times when they showed behind the seen footage of old music videos which had mixed reactions from the crowd (I was excited).


An amazing, chill, feel good album with a mature sound that makes me so so so proud of my boys.

The Next Episode: Interview with Bryson Tiller

Curated by Apple Music’s Hip-Hop/R&B Editor

Hed: Bryson Tiller on Writing for Chris Brown & Kylie Jenner Being a Fan

A year ago, Bryson Tiller was one of countless up-and-coming artists looking to make a mark in an oversaturated market. Twelve months later, he’s Apple Music’s Best New Artist of 2015. The Louisville, Ky. native, 22, independently released his breakthrough hit, “Don’t,” in October 2014 and eventually managed to garner millions of plays with little to no blog support. Drake took notice early. The Toronto rapper reached out to Tiller via Twitter at the top of 2015 and offered him a deal with his OVO imprint in the spring. It wasn’t until an Instagram photo of Drizzy and Tiller partying at popular West Hollywood nightclub Hooray Henry’s surfaced in June that the hip-hop blogosphere finally began tracking the singer-rapper. 

Tiller quietly signed to RCA Records in April and released his second mixtape, TRaPSOUL, on October 2—the project was exclusively issued a week early on Apple Music. The ‘tape was well received by famous fans ranging from Tiller influence Trey Songz to socialite royalty Kylie Jenner and actress/model Karrueche Tran—both attended Tiller’s second sold-out show at The Roxy in Los Angeles in October 2015. 

Tiller—aka Pen Griffey (a clever play on legendary baseball player Ken Griffey Jr.)—appears to be the latest in a string of artists from the Internet era who shot to stardom on the heels of a single project; The Weeknd (House of Balloons), Frank Ocean (nostalgia, ULTRA), Chance The Rapper (Acid Rap), and of course, Drake (So Far Gone) come to mind. With the exception of Acid Rap, the aforementioned projects were freebies, promotional tools issued to cultivate a fan base that would eventually spend money on a commercial release. Tiller’s moving units out of the gate. TRaPSOUL’s sold over 180, 000 in pure sales in roughly three months and with “Don’t” nearing its peak on terrestrial radio—the song was in heavy rotation on Apple Music radio in February and Zane Lowe made it a World Record on Beats 1 on July 1—the mixtape is poised to keep selling well into 2016. Our hip-hop/R&B editor spoke to Tiller to discuss life after TRaPSOUL.

You recently started performing live. First, as an opener for Travis Scott and then for your TRaPSOUL series. How did you prepare for your first solo shows?

Honestly, those Travis Scott shows were like the best preparation for those shows because if I never did those Travis Scott shows, boy, I would have been so nervous out there. I was just telling my boy. Me and [Kejuan] Swan used to talk about this actually. We used to be turning up backstage, kinda like in a football huddle, “Yea, you ‘bout to do this, boy. You out here killing it.“ I used to be all nervous and I’d go out there and it’d be crazy. It’d be adrenaline just pumping.  Now I’m excited to get back out there. I hate when it takes me too long to get back on the stage.  

You announced the TRaPSOUL Tour with THEY. as openers. What can we expect from the tour?

It’s gonna be a longer set because all the shows I’ve been doing… originally we just rehearsed a 30-minute set just to open for Travis and for the TRaPSOUL experience. When we do our tour we’re gonna do the full project and then some other songs too.

Fans are really living with TRaPSOUL. It’s giving you the luxury of taking your time because people are really enjoying the mixtape as a body of work. You just released “Self Righteous” in December. What made you want to put new music out?

The main reason I wanted to put that song out is because that song was actually from TRaPSOUL. It was supposed to be on TRaPSOUL but we couldn’t get it cleared. I was listening to it in my car. I think I was gonna give it to somebody at first. I was gonna give it to another artist. I think Chris Brown wanted to use it but he ended up taking another song from me so I just said, “f*** it.” And I just put it out. I’m actually headed to Miami tomorrow morning to record some more music. 

You mentioned Chris Brown. He ended up taking “Proof” from you and putting it on his album, Royalty. Is that a song you already had recorded?

Yea. That was also a song that I was gonna put on TRaPSOUL. It’s crazy! It was like the last song I got. I was like, “TRaPSOUL is done, blah, blah, blah. We gotta turn it in Friday.” They sent me the beat and I was like, “This gotta go on TRaPSOUL. This gotta go on TRaPSOUL.” Then the more and more I listened to it I was like, “It’s too R&B for me.” Of course all my songs are mostly R&B-driven but if it just sounds like… Killer Instinct days. I don’t know if you heard that mixtape. Chris Brown likes it. He took it. I was excited about that. Somebody actually told me that before my SOB’s show. Mark Pitts came. Mark Pitts and Tunji [Balogun] came downstairs and he’s like, “Yo! I just wanna let you know that ‘Proof’ is on the album.” I was like, “What? Are You Serious?“

How did Chris Brown hear the songs?

Mark Pitts and  Tunji. Tunji hit up Mark Pitts I think. He ended up showing him the songs and then Mark Pitts showed it to Chris and Chris was f***ing with it. 

It seems like every other day Kylie Jenner is posting a video on Instagram featuring one of your songs. 

For real? That’s crazy. I’ve only seen [the video] from a long time ago. Then I’ve seen some blogs saying that she was listening to it. When I first heard [about] it… I ain’t even gonna lie it was another one of those surreal things. It’s like when my favorite artists are just reaching out or my favorite artists talk to me on Twitter.  Something crazy happens every week I swear, something just out of this world, like some great news. My manager Neil [Dominique] always hits me up. He’s like, “Yo, this happens. Yo, Wayne’s rapping on your beat.” I’m just like, “What?” It seems like something is happening every week. I’m not numb to it all the way yet but it’s still crazy.  

A photo posted by pen griffey (@brysontiller) on Nov 20, 2015 at 10:13am PST

You recently connected with The Weeknd. How did that happen?

My manager Neil, he’s really good friends with Abel’s manager. They’ve just been talking and he was like, “Yo, Abel’s really liking Bryson’s music. He’s been bumping TRaPSOUL. He was like, “Y’all should come to the show and vibe" so we went to the show in D.C. We were just vibing. I knew he was the coolest dude ever when he said, “Yo! You wanna play Call of Duty?” I was like, “Of course.” That was my first time playing Black Ops 3 so I got to experience that with him. 

Has there been talk of you guys working together? 

Man, I don’t even wanna say. Hopefully, one day.

anonymous asked:

Was that last comic...a cop out?

i’m happy you caught on IT ABSOLUTELY WAS

the problem with those questions is that i’m just a chuck hype(wo)man who’s 4.4k behind on asks lol

a lot of those questions are really questions i have no answers to, and i did leave it open that hey, chuck might not be god! and that’s cool too! i’m no authority on the subject, because even if chuck isn’t god, i’m going to keep drawing him as such because it makes me laugh

i really have no idea what’s in store, and i haven’t had a lot of time to dwell on meta about it. by the time i get around to that, the answers will all probably be revealed;;;;;;;;;

i also recognize that there are a lot of people who don’t like the idea of God!Chuck as well! and that’s also totally great! power to you! but those questions from last night were all received in rapid succession and they were the kind of questions only the writers can answer accurately

Anonymous said:

I feel like the Ninja Sex Party song “I Just Want To (Dance)” is perfect for God'n'Gabe. Chuck’s on the piano, Gabe’s the one in the silver track suit and sneakers with dorky dancing.


anonymous asked:

I have anxiety thinking about the future of this band. I read the mirror article (not that I believe the mirror) that says a "source" tells them Louis is so said about Zayn leaving that he's quitting after the tour. What if the reason Louis is active on social media all of a sudden is the same reason Zayn was in the months before he left?

Remember that time Louis said “Big fuck you to The Mirror.” Yea. They’re really not worth our attention. If Louis was going to be leaving the band after the tour, why has he been working his butt off writing songs for the fifth album? And he’s happy. He looks sooo happy lately. I haven’t seen him like this in such a long time. He really looks like he’s enjoying himself now. I think he’s in a good place. Louis’ and Zayn’s situations are completely different. For one, Louis just got out of a 3+ year fauxmance where his social media and persona were heavily controlled. And now that it’s over, I think the reigns are loosening a bit and he’s trying to revamp his public image. He and Harry have been fighting for their love for years. I doubt he’d just give up when the finish line is so close. And I don’t think he’d leave the rest of his bandmates now. Have some faith in him.

SO lets talk about last night

So Thursday morning I was in my Organic Chem lab and I looked at my phone to see I had a message from Taylor Nation on Twitter I walked out of the classroom and looked at it to see that they wanted my contact information so they could invite me to a super exclusive opportunity that I needed to absolutely keep quiet about. I DM’d them back and waited for a call.

I HAD THE MOST EPIC GAME OF PHONE TAG WITH A VERY NICE LADY FROM TAYLOR NATION. I legit left my school in the middle of my BIO class later that day bc the campus I was at has no cell phone reception and I was not willing to miss out on this opportunity bc I had missed out on the Shake It Off video bc of my work schedule. Once I finally got a hold of the Taylor Nation people they told me that I was going to be part of a special event on Saturday evening from about 4:30 to 10:00 at night and to meet them at a Church in LA and that was the only info I was given.

I had been scheduled to work that day from 9-4 and live 2 hours from LA without traffic so I called my manager up and had the most intense phone call with her begging for my shift to be changed and after awhile i got her to agree but had to work at 630 AM..all worth it for a TAYLOR SWIFT EVENT

I arrived at the church parking lot saturday a little before 430 and saw two fancy buses and began to get really excited. I was a little skeptical about the whole meeting at church situation only bc it made no sense why Taylor would have us there. ALSO my mom was convinced I was being scammed and was being kidnapped so I asked my Dad if he was willing to take on the role of Liam Neeson in Taken and come save me if that is what happened. He said youre on your own sorry.

ANyways soon enough after talking to tons of different girls and boys who were all the sweetest people ever and biggest fans we were told to ccheck in all of our stuff and signed a confidentiality agreement. We were loaded onto the buses where I sat with two girls that were just so nice and funny. Cindy and Megan it was so nice to meet the two of you. Our bus sang songs all the way to our destination. Which while we were driving to I was beginning to get excited bc we were in a residential area…could we be actually going to Taylors house?!

We got off the bus and were greeted by a security guard who told us to respect where we were. Respect its location and respect the objects and not to snoop around.He was going on and on about this and then he said “You guys are going to have a great time with Taylor tonight so just be respectful” so NATURALLY WE ALL SCREAMED. and me and the girl next me hugged in excitement he told us to take a deep breath and was kinda like oh woops i just gave it away

we hung out in the backyard where there were tons of food, pizza, veggies, sushi. chicken. steak, sweets and water/soda. I noticed a mat that said beware an attack cat lives here. and looked inside a window and saw an MTV award chilling on a shelf. about 20 minutes later we were told it was time to go inside. I was luckily standing right next to the door we were going into. We piled into Taylor’s living room that was decorated so cozy and smelt amazing there was a chair near the front of the room where I had a feeling she would be sitting in so i grabbed a seat right smack next to it.

We sat in the room for a few minutes and I hear people to the right of me start to gasp and scream. I see Mama swift walk in the room and then I see the Queen herself walk in. TAYLOR SWIFT was in the room with me..She sat right in front of me. she told us she had been stalking us on the internet ffor the past 6 months. and she chose us to be here tonight.SHE CHOSE US. Dead we are all dead because she chose us to be 45 swifties she asked if we were okay to listening to the whole 1989 album with her. and we all screamed YEA….***FUN story i just remembered!!! right when she walked in someone screamed omg its becky and she laughed and shook her head***

She played us the album and took 3-5 minutes explaining each song. and about halfway through the album we had an intermission where she brought us homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that were to die for. and then Olivia appeared in the arms of a fan a few minutes later. we got back to listening to the album…Im not able to give any details about the album at all but it is such an amazing album. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT.  i will say that out of the woods gave me the chills and I told her that after it played and she was like “OMG YES THANK YOU” and on the last song she played, she was singing along to all of them, but on the last one she made eye contact with me for about 10 seconds while singing and it was awesome.

we then had a dance party to shake it off and backseat freestyle and were then lined up to take professional and Polaroid pictures with Taylor. When I got up to her I gave her a hug and told her my name was Taylor and she was like OMG mine too and then I thanked her for multiple things and talked about 1989 with her. We then faced the shelve of props and she asked what do you wanna do for our picture i was like i think i wanna hold the grammy she was like i think you should. We took to professional pic and then the polaroid i was so worried about blinking in the poloraod that i made myself blink hahaha. but i dont even care.

We were then lead outside and given a bag of merchandise.

needless to say this was an amazing experience. i have so much more to say but this is such a long post. I have stories about Mama and Papa swift and some other little Taylor things that if you all would like to hear about just ask.

I CAN NOT THANK @taylorswift enough for letting us into her home, choosing us for this and being so incredibly sweet the whole time.

on listening to that U2 album (or: i still haven't found what i'm looking for)

So has all the furor about the U2 album died down? Have we all made our timely jokes (I have) and half heartedly complained and then explained why this is a good/bad thing? Are we done?

Ok, good. Because after I made all my “U2 and Apple coming to your house to steal your soul” jokes - which I made for the sake of twitter joke telling and not because I was actually mad about it -  I did something entirely weird with that U2 album I did not ask for and did not want.

I listened to it.

I figure if it’s going to be sitting there in my iTunes and if I’m going to be bitching about it ruining my perfectly curated collection of albums I actually enjoy, I might as well see what it has to offer me. Who knows? Maybe I’d be surprised and actually enjoy it.

Thing is, I used to be a big U2 fan. Back in the early 80s when I was working at a radio station I was given a promo copy of Boy and I fell in love with it. Such a great album, start to finish.  I remember thinking, this band is really going to catch on. I saw them live at some dinky little club on a Long Island beach and they instantly became one of my favorite bands. I looked forward to each album release. I thought October was brilliant. War was fantastic. I saw them live many more times. But each subsequent album after War left me colder and colder (I did enjoy Joshua Tree but I go back and forth with that one). This is all to say that I didn’t go into Songs of Innocence lightly, or as a joke. I always hope with each U2 album that they’ll be a return to form. A return to something I like.

So I listened. I listened to every song. I wanted to like it. I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted it to be a pleasant surprise, to be that time I have waited for when I could say “The U2 I knew and loved has returned to me!” Alas. It was not to be. The entire album left me cold and unmoved. I kept waiting for something to happen, for that “click” that happens when I like something new. But there was no click. Not on any song. It all sounds so bland, just another loaf of white bread when I was looking for something more exotic. Something with more taste to it. 

This isn’t exactly a review of the album. I’m not going to go song by song and tell you what I thought was wrong with each one because it’s not as if the songs are terrible, they’re just not for me. And maybe this is my fault because I’m looking for something specific, something that sounds like Boy or War and I’m setting myself and the band up for failure for wanting something that’s already happened and likely won’t happen again. But honestly, I tried. I tried very hard to find little shimmers of the U2 I loved within Innocence but I didn’t. Yea, I am disappointed, but given what U2 has put out in recent years, I shouldn’t have been surprised. 

Having worked at both a radio station and a record store (and having had an ex who worked for a label), I got a lot of albums for free in my life. I listened to them all. Even the shitty ones. i don’t think I ever complained once about getting a free album, even when I didn’t like the band. So I’m not going to complain here about getting the U2 album. I am, however, going to complain that it sucks.

I just wonder how many people who are bitching about it actually gave it a shot, because while the album isn’t for me, I’m sure there are people out there who would enjoy it if they took the chance. I just felt like I owed it to myself to listen to it at least once. So I did. It ain’t no Boy.


anonymous asked:

Hey love!! Could ypu make an imagine where me and Harry are recently separated with a child (Darcy) but for some reason we go back to each other. Make it as long as you can beautiful. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Thank you so much! Means a lot! :)

After a long relationship of 7 years and a marriage of 2 years, you and Harry decided to call it quits and divorce. But you two also had a child named Darcy. You wanted to keep the marriage going for the sake of the child, but Harry didn’t, so the divorce happened. 

Harry decided to move out of the house and leave it to you and Darcy to live in. He moved into his own flat a few cities away from his old house that you and Darcy now live in.


6 months later, it’s almost your daughters 1st birthday. You wanted to make Darcy’s first birthday the most memorable one since she’s becoming 1. You planned a party and decided to have the boys (minus Harry) assist you in decorating the house, and inviting people.

“Love, do you want to invite Harry? If you don’t feel comfortable inviting him, I won’t call him up”

“…Well…Just invite him. Because he is Darcy’s father, and he would be even more mad if I didn’t invite him to his own daughter’s 1st birthday”

“Okay, will do”


It’s the day of Darcy’s birthday and you got everything ready in time when the guests come. You wore a cute summer dress and made Darcy wore a cute pink dress. 

First came the boys and their girlfriends with presents for Darcy. And then you greeted the guests who entered your house. They all went to Darcy, who was sitting in the middle of the living room playing with her toys. 

As you socialized and mingled with the boys and their girlfriends, and also the other guests that came, there was one last doorbell ring.

You walked over to the door and opened it to see…


He was wearing a gray shirt, gray jeans, and his brown boots. And he was holding a gift in his hand. 

The moment you saw him, all the love you had for him came rushing back to you. All the memories you had as boyfriend and girlfriend, and as husband and wife.


Darcy ran up to Harry and he carried her with his free arm (how hot is that? ugh) and kissed her.

“Happy Birthday Darcy, my love!”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he entered the house to be greeted by the boys and their girlfriends.

You closed the door and decided to go upstairs to your room, sad that he didn’t even greet you when you opened the door and that he looked like he was doing better than you two years after your divorce.

After Harry greeted the boys and their girlfriends, he put Darcy down so she could play with the other children that came. He turned around to see you heading upstairs to your room, so he decided to go up to your room to check on how you were doing. Cause he missed you as well.

You sat on the side of your bed, and pulled out the photo album you kept of all the pictures of you and Harry since the first day you guys got together. You flipped through the pictures, cherishing the memories of what used to be. You couldn’t control your tears, so you let the tears run down your face. 

Then you heard a knock on your door, and you wiped all the tears away and closed the photo album. You were surprised to see Harry enter the room.

“Hey, can I come in?”

“Uhh yea sure”

You put the photo album away in the drawer where it’s always been and just sit there as he sits next to you on the bed.

“You look amazing today, Y/N”

“Not so bad yourself”

He chuckled.

“So how have you been doing these past 6 months?”

“To be honest, not so good. You?”

“To be perfectly honest, not so good either. I miss you Y/N, and our divorce was one of the worst mistakes of my life. It’s so lonely not having to cuddle with you in bed, not having someone to share my daily life with, and not having someone to kiss and feel loved. There’s plenty of women out there who throw themselves at me, but I rejected all of them. Because they’re not you”

You started to cry everything out because you missed him so much and all those words he said made you give him a second chance once again.

“So Y/N, will you marry me, again?”

You couldn’t talk, so you just nodded, grabbed his face and kissed him instead.

Both of you headed downstairs to join your daughter and help blow out her candles for her very special 1st birthday.

Hope you enjoyed this imagine! Turned out more like a oneshot but oh well! :)

Loved this? Request here! :)