yea i guess they can see him

Dirty Animal Companion

Context: So we just started our 5e campaign, and we had just finished killing the lookout for the bandit base we were sneaking through.

Ranger: I take my wolf to the river to wash the blood off him.

Me (The DM): I mean it just mauled a person to death, but I guess.

*pause to see if anyone with prestidigitation wants to mention the fact they can just clean the wolf*

Me: *internal sigh* Since we can’t spend 30 minutes cleaning your wolf, I’m gonna be generous and say it only takes 5.

*as the Ranger is cleaning the wolf we get back into combat, but he rolled a nat 1 to notice*

Me: Man, you’re really intent on cleaning your wolf lol.

Ranger: *sighs* yea I guess I am…

*group proceeds to get into combat again, and the Ranger rolls another 1 to notice. The whole group is laughing as this starts getting funnier*

Ranger: *getting angry at this point since he hasn’t been able to do anything for the past 15 minutes (in game it had only been 2 minutes* OH COME ON!

Me: You’re reeeeaally intent on cleaning your wolf.

*at this point the Ranger only has a minute of cleaning left, but is spotted by more bandits*

Me: Ok, bandits have spotted you roll perception to see them.

*rolls another 1, everyone but the Ranger is dying of laughter*

Ranger: *defeated at this point* oh come on……. WHY?!?!

Me: You are oblivious to the bandits as you clean you wolf. You’re cleaning your wolf with almost a religious fervor, as if it was a command from the gods themselves.

*the group protects the Ranger and his wolf, but because of the fighter, one of the corpses lands on the wolf, making it even dirtier than it was at the start*

Ranger: GOD DA- *drops from call, and rage quits*

Legend says the ranger is still clean his wolf to this day.


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Requested: Hi,i really love your writings!! Can you do one where the reader is theo’s girlfriend and he gets suspicious because the reader spends most of her time with liam?Sorry if that didn’t make sense xx

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

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Detention [Zack Taylor x Reader]

Request: Hi do you think you can write something where the reader meets zack in detention and she wasn’t the biggest fan of zack at first but they start to talk get to know each other a little and eventually make plans to hang out Outside of detention and the reader starts to realize she may have a bit of a crush on him

Word Count: 3,277 (idk how this became so long…)

A/N: Hello Darkness my Old Friend. I feel like the pacing could have been better. And also I feel like I could have written Zack better. Because of the way this ended, I would not mind writing a squeal for it. If you all wanted one of course!

Tag List: @zacktxylor@weasleygirl7@themorphinggrid

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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 29) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Babylonian Allegory”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski & Reader/OFC

Summary: Y/n and Stiles begin figuring out more about their new foe, and what brought it to Beacon Hills.

Chapter Twenty-Eight - Chapter Twenty-Nine - Chapter Thirty

Originally posted by super-f-r-i-e-n-d-s

Stiles woke as his nurse came in for pre-dinner rounds to check his vitals. He glanced down and saw his y/h/c haired girlfriend asleep on top of her notebooks on the edge of his bed. He motioned down to his nurse to pass him her laptop, and he tried to open it and adjust it in a way that was not painful for it to rest on his lap. He was researching for about an hour when she finally roused from her nap.

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badboy! guanlin

guanlin x reader (you)

genre: angst with kinda fluff at the end

warnings: none

a/n: requested!! at this rate there’s gonna be a badboy! wanna one series - not that i mind of course ;)

  • you hated lai guanlin
  • to say the least
  • he was the rudest, most annoying person you had ever met
  • yeah, okay, well he was like that to everyone
  • but to you especially.
  • you have no idea why, but ever since grade 7 he had been acting this way
  • he had his own little gang of friends
  • and he would never listen in class
  • he always has to be the smart aleck and he was like a god to his friends
  • it was quite stupid actually
  • even though he was horrible, no one actually stood up to him?
  • you could guess why though- his parents were rich
  • who would be dumb enough to cross his path//
  • not only that, he had his own little fanclub of girls
  • you didnt understand what they saw in him
  • ok fine he’s handsome
  • but the girls’ parents were also powerful people
  • and that frustrated you, really, because you had put up with his bullshit for years
  • he would constantly tease and humilate you in class
  • he would steal your books and hide them away
  • he would play pranks on you
  • and he would always just laugh as he watches you suffer
  • and one day you just had enough
  • you snapped
  • guanlin noticed you walking down the hallway
  • and cheekily stuck out his foot, wanting to make you stumble a lil
  • but you completely did not see him as you were talking to your friend, jooheon.
  • you tripped over his foot and fell down flat on your face
  • you scream and try to stand up, groaning as you rub your sore leg.
  • “wtf guanlin? not cool man.” jooheon shoots him a look as he squats down to help you up
  • guanlin was frozen in place because he didn’t really expect you to fall??? he just wanted to surprise you
  • “are you okay, y/n?”
  • you nod but you suddenly feel a stinging sensation on your right leg
  • you stagger and jooheon catches you by the arm,  slinging his arm around your shoulder, and pulling you up.
  • “you’re bleeding. let’s get you to the infirmary.”
  • you were hurting a lot and you could feel the anger bubbling at the bottom of your stomach amist the pain
  • you glare back at guanlin
  • “guanlin, you don’t have to be an idiot all the time. i don’t understand why you enjoy other people’s suffering, but at the rate you’re going, everyone’s gonna leave you and you’re just going lonely. stop depending on your parents’ wealthiness and power to get friends.”
  • and you stagger off to the infirmary with jooheon’s help
  • that really got to him
  • he didn’t realise how much of an asshole he was being
  • he didnt realise that everyone was being nice to him because of his parents
  • he didnt realise how much he made you suffer
  • and damn he felt terrible
  • he ran all the way to the infrimary to apologise
  • he pokes his head into the room
  • you and jooheon were talking and laughing together
  • and that made him feel…. weird.
  • he didn’t like that you were laughing at another guy’s jokes
  • he wanted to be the one you were laughing and smiling at
  • he realises that,,,, all you had ever being giving him were glares
  • and he was determined to change that
  • guanlin nervously inches into the room and gives an awkward wave
  • “uh… can i speak to you for a moment?”
  • jooheon immediately speaks up
  • “brO you think you can speak to her? i think NOT, go back-”
  • you look at guanlin for a second and how desprate he looks
  • “5 minutes.” you cut jooheon off and you gesture for him to go out
  • he frowns a little but goes out, whispering to guanlin
  • “if you do anything funny im coming for you”
  • guanlin raises an eyebrow at him like cOme at me bro
  • anyways he sits in front of you and he scratches the back of his neck awkwardly
  • you smile a lil cause he looks really cute when he’s shy
  • “i assume you’re here to apologise?”
  • he nods, and takes a deep breath
  • “im so so so so sorry, i didn’t realise how much of an asshole i was. i guess,,,,,, i just thought people wouldn’t like me for who i was.. i tried to act cool and yea…. iwasjusttryingtogetyourattentioncauseireallylikeyou”
  • you laugh at how blushy he was becoming, because you had never seen this side of guanlin before??
  • “i forgive you. though you could be talking complete bullshit right now, i can see the sincerity in your eyes. i promise, if you showed your true self, people would like you more. plus, for the second part, my response is still undecided,,,,, you havent really been treating me well” you say good naturedly, chuckling.
  • relief washed over him, smiling widely at you, replying
  • “ill change that……… maybe coffee sometime?”
  • “i’d like that.”
Good... Or Bad?

Request: Could you do a, Joker falling in love with a chubby shy reader? By Anonymous

Pairing: Jokerxreader

Word Count: 921

Warnings: Swearing, kissing.

A/N: Hope you like this nonnie <3


Requests Are Open

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‘‘Are you coming or what?’‘ Your friend Sarah asks you. ‘‘This club is fucking amazing! All these rich people… even criminals Y/N… Hot boys. It’s gonna be thrilling.’‘ Sarah gives you a soft push. She knows how much you hate parties but still… having fun can’t hurt right? 

‘‘When do we leave?’‘ You smile at Sarah and a big smirk appears on her face. ‘‘I love you!’‘ Sarah gives you the biggest hug ever. ‘‘Let’s get ready!’‘

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The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 13) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Parents Weekend”

Characters: Stiles & Noah Stilinski, Derek & Cora Hale, Scott & Melissa McCall, Malia Tate, Ethan, Isaac Lahey & Chris Argent, Reader’s Father, Tom Y/L/N & Reader/OFC

Warnings: None, maybe language, who knows…

A.N.: This is pretty short but I just like the idea of Stiles getting grilled by your Dad while you get grilled by Noah. Plus it’s a major set-up for the next chapter……..

Summary: Parent’s Weekend has come and the mothers, fathers, and surrogate parents of Berkeley’s underclassmen have descended upon campus. The pack has a large family dinner. Sheriff Stilinski questions Y/N, and Scott, Stiles, Mr. Argent and Y/N’s dad, Tom Y/L/N, finally have a discussion.

Chapter Twelve - Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen

Originally posted by rosamendesobrien

“So why is your Dad coming and not your Mom?” Scott, who was on the other side of Stiles, asked you.

“My Mom couldn’t get out of work and he kept saying ’if he’s paying for Berkeley, he wants to see me there.’” You rolled your eyes.

“Maybe your dad will have some information about the vampires that he’d be more willing to share in person..” Scott reasoned.

“Maybe your dad will be able to convince you to take the martial arts class with Scott and I so that I don’t have to worry about you.” Stiles said, frustrated, flailing his arms.

“Hmm… nah.” You replied, snarkily.

Stiles opened his mouth, shocked and frustrated by your sass. “Why won’t you just take it. Y/N, come on.” Stiles whined.

“I was forced to take tae kwon do in high school and I hated every minute of it…. I’m not saying that I got knee surgery to get out of tae kwon do, but I’m also not saying that I didn’t milk it for way longer than was real…” You said facetiously, a smug grin spreading across your face.

“I hate you, you know that, right?” Stiles glared at you, as you all walked home from campus.

“Mhmm.” You smiled as you glanced down to see your hand intertwined with his. You squeezed his hand, and he glanced down at you, a smile turning up his lips. “Maybe, like boxing or krav maga or something, I just don’t want to do martial arts.”

“Krav maga would be cool, you could see if Cora and Malia want to do it with you?” Scott suggested.

“That’s a good idea.”

“Now I hate the both of you.” Stiles said as he closed the front door of their apartment behind him, watching you walk through his bedroom door and drop your backpack on the floor. He followed after you, seeing a trail of your backpack, coat, one shoe, the other shoe.

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anonymous asked:

Hi if it's possible can you do a headcanon about the guys reaction that there's a new girl and she play volleyball verygood like kage almost his level and they became friends by the time theyre in the end they fell in love?? Sorry for my bad English hope not bother u ::>_<:: .

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you the characters about the volleyball thing then if u don’t mind “ hinata, akashi, tendo ” and thank you soon much for this, I love your writing ❤ .

Here we go, Anon, hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Hinata Shouyou

  • Pretty much instantly smitten with her. Like, not just from the first moment he sees her - because there’s always a mystery to a new person that’s attractive - but from the first moment he sees her play.
    • He probably caught a glimpse of her spiking or setting (whatever position she plays) as he was passing by the gym where the girls team practices and was immediately like, “WAAAAAOOOHAA!” And his eyes are all a-sparkle!
  • Oh, and once he found out she plays he wouldn’t waste any time, especially if they’ve already started a friendship, in walking right up to her and calmly ask, “WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY YOU PLAYED VOLLEYBALL?!”
  • They’d just start doing almost everything together and they’d constantly be practicing their skills, even outside of their clubs. After some time it’d just end up being second nature that they start dating.
    • Everyone probably assumed that they were already together and were extremely confused when they stated that they were a new couple.

Akaashi Keiji

  • Honestly, unless they were in the same class, this boy probably wouldn’t really know much about her until both boys and girls clubs were on a bus heading for a tournament or training camp.
  • They probably ended up sitting next to each other and conversation just came easily to them. It probably started with volleyball, considering they have that in common, and before long they’re talking about personable things, like favorites and ‘what would you do it…?’ kinda things.
  • Oh, and it won’t be until they’ve really gotten into practicing and such that he’ll notice just how good she is at the sport.
    • I can see him watching the girls team and next thing you know she does this awesome crazy move in the middle of the match. And while Bokuto is hooting and hollering, Akaashi’s just totally awestruck!
  • I think they just developed such a good friendship while away at practice camp they didn’t waste any time in getting to know more about each other. Bokuto surely calls them dating before they even figure it out themselves that they’re so in love with each other.

Tendou Satori

  • Omg, I can see this kid passing by where the girls are practicing with Semi and Ushijima when he sees her pull off an awesome toss or something. This boy will literally oooooh and ahhhhhh ridiculously loud as he sticks his head into the gym.
    • That’s the start of their friendship, really, just all this crazy amounts of support while being waaay overzealous about it, ya know? Like at his next match he’d go this crazy block and she’d scream from the audience something like, “OHHHH YEA! Guess monster in the HOUSE!”
    • Okay, for real, let’s say it started as a joke that became something they seriously did, but I can see them not even knowing each others name beforehand. This is what made them friends!
  • Aw, and then this baby would develop such an adorable crush on her, especially as they started to hang out more. He’d probably talk about her all the time during practice to everyone’s announce. They’re probably constantly telling him to just ASK HER OUT.
  • AHHHHH! It’s not until they lose to Karasuno that she makes the move! He’s trying to play it off and all this stuff and then she just lays one on him! Bam, they start dating and they even go to the same university together.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel sonny would react if a suspect threatened his wife and unborn child infront of him in interrogation?


Originally posted by dailypeterscanavino

Good Cop; Bad Cop. It was a classic for a reason.
Further, when it came to Carisi and Rollins- it was a perfected practice.

She was walking around the table, stalking circles before then behind the accused in his chair. Her eyes would roll, she’d let out huffs for insufficient answers: and it was nails on a chalkboard to him: his last two wives had gone missing, and most recently his fiance had as well- in addition, there were plenty other curious disappearances that had effected people close to him.

According to their suspect, all the unfound women were harlots or invalids in general, unable to maintain their lives as they should- which was why he hadn’t reported any of them were gone… and he swore the ones not directly connected to him were merely proximal circumstances.

Considering his outdated macho-husband mentality, intensely secretive nature, and ardent sharing of his beliefs: the entire crew was rather convinced he had something to do with it. 

All of it. Maybe more…

“Look, you know, I get it-” Sonny leaned forward, after taking his seat directly across from their suspect. “Women, they’re difficult, they can drive you batty…”

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A Rose By Any Other Name (Part Thirteen)

Harry Styles AU

Warnings: lil angst 

Read Previous Chapters Here!

@hardliquorhaz , @whoopsharrystyles , @papercrownskidd

@lovingstyles87 , @ever-since-kiwi , @mizpahes , @hcrrystvles , @the2k17harry , @gemmadorrego , @harryxmac , @harry-writings , @druggedaiquiri , @soloharrles , @legandaryharry , @17-blackaf , @hs-1dfan , @namelesspops , @pvnkharrie , @wishfulharrie , @roseonhissleeve , @heswriting-94 

“What?!” Fiona and Harry both barked out at the same time.

“No, were not-we’re just-friends. We’ve never-” Fiona still had the doughnut in her hand but she was shaking it around as she tried to explain to Anne that nothing was going on between her and her son.

“Are you sure? Because I’m pretty sure I saw those exact shoes at the end of Harry’s bed this morning.” Never in his life has Harry seen his mother so intimidating. Fiona looked at him hoping he’d say something to get them out of this situation, but he just stared back. He didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay, we’re all adults here. But I guess my question is: why you haven’t two told Gemma?”

Harry had never seen Fiona’s cheeks so red, she always seemed so confident but in this moment she was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

Harry decided to finally man up and answer his mum.

“Well I guess it’s still new…we’re um,” he cleared his throat. “Still figuring it out.” He was talking so slowly.

Gemma’s bedroom door opened.

“Okay, Chris will be here in thirty.” She sounded excited.

“Great! I haven’t seen him in so long, how is he doing?” Anne got up to talk to Gemma while they cleaned up the kitchen.

Fiona just stared at her doughnut slowly, finally taking another bite. She chewed for a long time before swallowing. She finally looked over at Harry putting her doughnut down on her napkin. They were both silent when Harry finally spoke up, “She won’t tell. It’s fine.”

He reached out over the table to grab her hands but she retreated them onto her lap and looked away. That hurt him more than a kick in the balls.

“I think I’m gonna go take a shower, I’ll see you guys later.” She smiled at the family and went into her room, shutting the door quietly.

It was a bad excuse because her hair was still wet from the shower she had obviously already taken.

Anne gave Harry a longing look, as if to ask “Is she okay?”

Harry just shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t think she was mad at him, and if she was, she had no right to be. He assumed she was just embarrassed by being confronted by Anne.

Harry was disappointed by how the day had turned out. This morning it was just him and Fiona; they didn’t have a worry in the world and still had a whole day together. He loved seeing his mum, he missed her very much, but he wished she would’ve called.

Half an hour later, Chris arrived and Gemma greeted him at the door. While they were talking in the kitchen, Anne came to sit down next to her son who hadn’t spoken in a while and kept glancing at a certain closed door.

“Did I just ruin everything?” She asked quietly.

“I don’t think so.” He looked over to his mum. She put her arm around his shoulders.

“Is it serious?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Seems so, if she’s spending every weekend with you.”

Harry sighed and rubbed his eyes.

“I feel like it is, but every time I bring it up, she changes the subject. We’ve been…” he blushed before continuing, “…together for a few months. And I know she’s not seeing anyone else and either am I but she’s just so…hard to read.” He said the last part while staring at her door again.

“You know what you have to do.” And Anne was right. He had to tell her how he felt and he needed her to do the same. He finally admitted to himself that he had feelings for her, but everything was so perfect at the moment but he didn’t want to say anything to screw it up. It frightened him how scared he was to hear what she felt towards him. He thought she liked him too, but then why wasn’t she willing to make this official?

“Harry has a little bit of a headache so he’s just gonna lay down here for a little bit.” Harry’s eyebrows rose at his mothers’ announcement. Anne gave him a subtle wink before heading over to Gemma and Chris.

“Okay, blankets are in the closets, just let Fiona know you stayed behind.”

And just like that, they were out the door.

Fiona heard a soft knock on her door.

“Come in.” She called out. The apartment was quiet so she thought everyone had left already.

Harry walked in her room shutting the door behind him, there was no one else there except for them but he still shut the door out of habit.

Fiona was reading a book but shut it as soon as she saw it was him.

“I thought you guys left?” She questioned.

He looked around her room before answering. He had only been here once, the time he helped her put together her desk, which was now covered with photos and what he assumed were work papers. He wished he had more time to look around her room and see what she was like when she was alone, but he would have to wait for another time. If there was another time.

“I stayed behind. I wanted to talk to you.”

Fiona’s heart dropped; from her experience when someone says they want to “talk” it usually wasn’t a good thing.

She patted the bed next to her, silently telling him he could take a seat.

He wandered over and plopped himself down, placing his legs up and getting comfortable.

Fiona could tell this was going to be a long talk.

“So what’s up?” She played with the pages of the book that was still in her lap.

“I…” Harry looked up and then reached over for one of her hands. She reluctantly let him take it, but her hand stayed stiff in his.

“Listen, I like you. I know we haven’t talked about it in a while, but we’ve been um hanging out for some time now and um you said we wouldn’t put titles on anything at the beginning, but its far past the beginning don’t you think?”

She held his hand but was still fidgeting with the book in her other hand.

“Well, I mean time wise, yeah I guess…” She knew what he wanted her to say, what he wanted to hear but she was so afraid to tell him.

Harry waited a little longer waiting for her to say more but when she didn’t, he spoke up again.

“Do you like me back?” He felt so dumb asking that, he was 23 and felt like he was asking his crush to be his girlfriend on the playground.

“Of course! Of course I do, it’s just… I don’t know… I’m not really great with relationships and I kind of like what we have right now.” He was glad she answered so quickly but it still wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

“But don’t you think…now hear me out…that we’re already basically already in a relationship?” He was looking at her so intensely, she had to look away.

She looked at his hand in hers; he gave her a little squeeze before continuing.

“We see each other as often as we can, we go on dates, and we talk about everything and anything we want. Isn’t that a relationship?”

She finally put the book on her bed side table before fully turning her body to look at him.

“Yea I guess but-“

“But what? You don’t want to be with me?”

“No! Of course I want to be with you, it’s just hard for me sometimes. I have had my fair share of bad relationships and if this doesn’t work out, it won’t only ruin our friendship, it would ruin mine and Gemma’s. I just think-“

He was so scared of what she would say next.

“The cons outweigh the pros.”

Ouch, that one hurt. It would’ve hurt less if she had just punched him right in the face.

She basically just told him they’re not worth it; he’s not worth it. Harry was feeling so many emotions. When he let go of her hand, she knew this wasn’t going to end well.

He rubbed his hands through his hair before looking back over to her.

“So…what? These last two months have just been a good fuck to you? A good romp on the weekend because you had nothing else to do?” Harry’s voice was calm, but she could tell he was getting mad.

Fiona had never seen Harry angry before. It was odd given the fact that he was always so happy and joking around her.

“No, of course not. I lo-I like spending time with you-“

“If you like spending time with me then why aren’t you giving me a chance? I don’t understand why this is so hard for you. Just because you’ve had your fair share of bad relationships? Don’t you know me better than that by now? I would never hurt you.” Harry interrupted. He stood up from her bed and she was afraid he would walk out.

“Explain this to me. I genuinely don’t understand how you can spend so much time with me, go out on dates with me, fuck me, but still not want to be in a relationship. We’ve been seeing each other for months. Are you saying I just wasted my time with you? By saying the ‘cons outweigh the pros’ it’s basically saying that I’m not worth it. I’m not worth your time or energy. And you know… that makes me feel like shit.” Harry paced across her room as he spoke.

Fiona hadn’t meant to make him so upset. She just wanted to hug him until he calmed down. But she knew she couldn’t.

Of course she wanted to be in a relationship with him, but she was so afraid. She had so many bad relationships in the past she didn’t want to ruin what she had with him. They always ended in heartbreak. And by them not putting a label on things it made things so much easier for her. She thought that would be enough for him too.

“Harry…I’m sorry, but that’s just who I am. I decided after college not to do relationships for a while. I felt like everything was going so well between us and putting a label on things just makes everything so complicated.” She started to stand up; she was going to walk over to him but instead stayed standing still next to her bed.

“But that’s not what I want. I want you.” He admitted.

He walked over to where she was standing and took her hands into his, lifting them up to his chest.

“I want you to be my girlfriend. I want to tell everybody about you, I want to shout if from the rooftops. I love what we have together and I feel like so genuinely happy when I’m with you.” His eyes looked so desperate, Fiona had to look away for the second time that afternoon.

“Please, give me a chance, give us a chance.” Harry was practically begging her. He was so much taller than her but in this moment she had never seen him look so small. He was frightened. Frightened about what she would say. He was freighted that these last few months meant nothing to her; frightened that she hadn’t fallen for him as hard as he had fallen for her.

She swallowed hard.

“I want to be with you but…you have to give me some time. I need to think things through; figure stuff out.”

He felt hopeful that she was willing to think about it. He leaned in to kiss her but she moved back from him, letting go off his hands.

I need time.”  She repeated.

He wasn’t sure how long she needed but at this moment he would’ve waited forever if that’s how long it took.

“I can do that, I can do time.” He said optimistically.

“I’ll call you.” Fiona shook her head at him. She hesitated before stepping towards him and pulling him in for a hug. She held him so tight, as Harry did with her. When she pulled away he knew that was his cue to leave.

And so he did.

Part Fourteen

A/N: Thank you so much for reading! Give me your thoughts on what you think will happen next! Also the spacing is a little weird from when I transferred it from Microsoft word to here.

Stage Antics

Pairing: Matthew Espinosa-Y/N
Warnings: None

“Y/N Y/L/N!”

You ran out on stage as Mahogany called your name. The screamed for you as you joined the boys. Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Shawn Mendes, Mahogany Lox, a few more guests, and of course you, were touring all over the country with Magcon, and you were at your stop in Atlanta. You grabbed you mic off of the DJ stand and yelled out,


The girls screamed louder, and you didn’t think that was possible. You laughed and continued talking. It was routine. Yo i were last to come out and the first to speak. You always did the city introductions, and went to each of the guys to speak to them.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!” you yelled again as the screamed louder.

“Alright alright i like what i’m hearing!”

You walked over to Mahogany’s DJ table and said,

“Loxy, how excited are you for today?”

“Well, so far, i think that this crowd has been the loudest of the whole tour. So i think this will be a very good show”

“Ya hear that Atlanta? Keep it up!”

You walked over to the boys who were already messing around on stage, and you grabbed Aaron out of the group. You got on your tip-toes and put your arm around his shoulders. You did this with every guy during the introductions.

“So Aaron. How are we today?”

“Excited. Mahogany put it pretty well, the crowd seems very excited, and it turn that makes me excited.”

“Good answer, good answer. Tay Tay!” you spoke in to the microphone, Aaron and Taylor switching spots.



“May i ask you how you’ve enjoyed this beautiful city?”

“You may. And i will answer it. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. We walked around yesterday and i have to say it’s been one of my favorite cities so far.”

“I think these young ladies are happy about that,” you said as the crowd started cheering. You called up each of the boys one by one, until you were down to the last two. Matt and Gilinsky.


“That’s me”

“I’d hope so”

He laughed and you went to put your arm around his shoulders, but you couldn’t reach him. You have the same problem with Shawn, but he bends down so you can reach him.

“Cmon G i’m short you know that. Help a girl out.”

Instead of bending down like he usually does, he picked you up bridal style, much to your shock.

“Well that’s one way to do it.”

You had little “flirtationships” with each one of the guys, Jack being the most flirtatious. You looked behind him at the other guys and most of them were laughing, but you noticed that Matt looked annoyed. You figured one of the guys had problem done something to piss him off, and you turned back to Gilinsky.

“What’s been your favorite part of the tour so far? Besides meeting all of the beautiful fans of course.”

“Well that’s definitely been my favorite part. But other than that, i’d definitely have to say seeing places i’ve never seen before. Like Atlanta. I’ve only been here once before and that’s when i was real little, so it nice to see it now that i can actually remember it.”

“Awe. Little Mid-Westerns never been down south.”

He laughed as he let you down, and you called Matt over. I have a thing for Matt. I’m not gonna lie. Ever since i met him, there was just something about him that made me slowly get feelings for

“Last but most definitely not least, Mattchew Espinosa. How are you today?”

“Yea i’m fine,” he answered, a little sour. You went and whispered in his ear,

“Dude fix your attitude. They paid money to see you, the least you can do is act happy.”

You then asked him his introduction question:

“What part of today’s show are you most excited about?”

“I guess the fan questions. You guys always have the best questions”

“ALRIGHT everybody. It looks like we’re in for a good show tonight. Now. I’m gonna stop speaking like i’m a sports caster, and i’m putting this down now,” you said, as you put the microphone down. As the show went on, you all did skits, the Jacks and Shawn sang, Mahogany did her thing on the DJ table and everyone had one massive dance party, and before you knew it, it was time for the fan questions. Mahogany called out members of the crowd, and everyone had fun answering the questions.

“You over there with the pretty platinum hair!” Mahogany called out, pointing to a girl to the left of the stage.

“Y/N, will you do a kissing circle with the guys??” she called out, shocking most of you.

“Well, it depends on if it’s ok with the guys. If you don’t want to participate, back up,” you said. Carter was the only one that backed up, considering he had a girlfriend.

“Wow. Everyone here wants to kiss me? Well i mean, who wouldn’t,” you joked and everyone laughed. All of the guys got into a circle, and you stood in the middle with your arm out, finger pointing. Mahogany said into the mic,

“3, 2, 1, GO!”

You started spinning around, and the crowd was counting down from 15. You peeked, just enough so that you see the guy’s clothes, and also so that no one could tell you were looking. When the crowd got to 3, you started spinning fast so that you would land on Matt. When they said stop, you opened your eyes and low and behold, he was in front of you. The rest of the boys and the crowd started chanting,

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

You stepped towards him, and he took a step towards you. He reached out and put his arm around your waist, and crashed his lips into yours. You felt like you were on fire. Warmth spread through my body. It was the best kiss you’ve ever had. His lips were warm and soft, and they tasted like the sour patch kids you had been sharing in between your times on stage. You put one hand on the back of his neck, and the other on his chest. You had been waited for this since the day you met him. And it was finally a reality. But as much as you wanted to believe it was real, you knew that it was for the crowd and the game. But even if it was fake, you enjoyed it while you could. After a few seconds, you pulled away and smiled, biting your lip and backing up. The crowd was screaming, louder than you had heard all night, or on the whole tour for that matter. The boys were hollering things at him and cheering him for kissing you. Mahogany came over and basically jumped and gave you a huge hug.

“Girl you totally did that on purpose!!”

“Shh don’t tell,” you said smirking, putting you finger to your lips and winking, walking back to the boys. You continued with the Q and A, stealing glances at Matt, and you noticed him looking at you as well.

When the show was over, and everyone went back backstage, you started to walk towards the room where everyone gathered, but a hand grabbed your and pulled you away. You looked at the owner of said hand and realized that it was Matt’s. He pulled you into another room that had a few couches and chairs, but was smaller than the other room.

“We need to talk,” he said abruptly, sitting down and dragging you down with him.

“Ok.. about what?”

“You know what. That kiss, the looks, everything Y/N.”

“Well i’m not sure what you want me to say. The kiss was for the game. i just happened to land on you.”

“I understand that. But we needed to talk even before that. Y/N, i’ve had feelings for you since we met. Your personality, your attitude, everything about you. Today? When Gilinsky picked you up? I was so jealous i thought i was going to explode. I’ve seen you two. You flirt constantly. But, with that kiss, you can’t possibly tell me there isn’t something there.

"Listen to me Matt. Jack? That was nothing. I wasn’t expecting it, and it was just a spur of the moment thing. He’s a flirt Matt. You know that. It’s just his personality. And that’s my personality to. I flirt. You put two flirty people together, it’s going to look like something more than it actually is. And the game? I was looking at you the whole time. I made sure i landed on you because i’ve wanted to kiss you since the day we met,"you said leaning back and running your hand through your hair.

"God dammit Matt i don’t know how you haven’t seen it. I’m in love with you.”

Instead of answering, he grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him, leaning in and kissing you. You immediately kissed back, wrapping you arms around his neck as his went to you waist. He pulled you onto his lap, not breaking the kiss. It was just like the kiss on stage, only this one was more passionate. After a few minutes, you pulled away, leaning you forehead against each other’s.

“Matt! Y/N! Where are you guys?” you heard from outside, and you quickly got off of Matt’s lap and leaned back on the couch.

“In here!” you called, and Nash and Johnson came into the room.

“What are y'all doing everyone is in the other room?” Johnson said, and you told the boys you were just talking, and you both got up and followed the boys into the other room. Matthew grabbed you hand as you walked, and let’s just say, when he pulled you into his lap, there were a lot of questions to be answered.

felix culpa, one.

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pairing: namjoon x reader 
word count: 3.1k
content: mafia!au, angst

prologue, one, two

“So… He is a teacher?” Seokjin asked while going through the file his partner got him once again as they waited for any sign of Kim Namjoon leaving the building.

“Professor.” Hoseok corrected, his eyes attentive to any movement on the main entrance.

The eldest just nodded and kept reading to collect data. He didn’t know much about that case and needed to keep up with his partner - an expert on whatever was related to you - if he wanted to do a good job.

But still, it didn’t make sense to him that you had such a loving and healthy relationship for almost ten years with the man they were after in order to make you talk. For all he had learned about enders - the most common word for mafia’s assassins -, every single move they made in life was highly planned in order to take advantage of it or survive through it and, so far, he hadn’t seen anything special about Namjoon for him to be so precious to you.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

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Okay so this is my first time posting something I wrote, so please be nice and yea?? Also, I know it’s not perfect, so please leave feedback cause it’ll only help me! Thank you :) Special thanks to @latteshawn cause she’s the best, älskar dig <3 And excuse me if there’s any spelling or grammar mistakes..

Word count: 1,253

Let Me Introduce Myself - Shawn Mendes

James watched me as I walked into the café, ready to order my daily morning coffee with extra cream and sugar. I smiled at him, waving. He asked me if I wanted the usual, and I nodded in respond.

Sometimes I wonder why he even bother asking me if I want the usual. I always order the same; Coffee with extra cream and sugar. I had never ordered anything else from here, but maybe it’s a habit now, always asking if I want the same.

As I sat down by the bar, I notice someone sitting on my spot. Well, it wasn’t my spot, but it was my spot. It was in the corner by the window, where usually no one else sat. I’d been going to this café everyday for the past two years, and never had I seen anyone sit there.

I soon realized I was staring when someone snatched his fingers infront of my face, making my cheeks heat up. I shook my head, smiling shyly at James. Also realizing the boy sitting on my spot, was looking at me. I turned back to him, seeing him smirk slightly at my, now, very red cheeks. I smiled back, then spun the chair back to James, who laughed calmly. I threw my head in my hands, feelings eyes burning in my neck.

”So, how’s school going” he asked with his Irish accent, always surprising me somehow. Taking a sip of my coffee, I respond with, ”Good, I guess”.

”You should get a job, to earn some extra money” James said, smiling big. Looking around, I slowly nodded taking another sip of my coffee. I replied with a ’yes’ only, looking up to find James wide smile, I smiled back.

He soon stood up straight, nodding to my left and disappeared into the kitchen. I looked to my left as well. Only to see a very tall boy with fluffy dark brown hair making his way towards me. Again, my cheeks heated up seeing his beautiful face coming closer. He raised his eyebrow, asking if it was okay for him to sit down. I nodded.

”Hey, -” he started. ”I saw you looking at me, figured I’d say hi”, he smiled.

”Actually, you said ’hey’ not ’hi’, but whatever” I snatched, realizing what I just said was stupid. ”Sorry, I’m Y/N.” I apologized, putting out my hand to shake his. ”Shawn” He threw his hand into mine as well.

I slowly shook it, not wanting to let go of his big hand. God, I wonder what’d they do to you. Wait, what? I realized what I was thinking and stole back my hand. His face formed a question mark, I smiled at him, spinning my chair once again so I could place my arms on the desk.

”So, are you here often?” he asked, I almost choked, ”Is that the best you can?” I looked at him, raising a brow.

”No, I just wanted to know what’s best here” He snatched back with a stone face. Now I felt bad, ”I’m sorry..” I started, ”I’m here everyday. That’s also why I were watching you.. You see, that’s kind of my spot.” I said pointing to the chair he sat in just five minutes ago. ”I always sit there, and I’ve never seen anyone there before, I was surprised”.

He rubbed his hands, looking around. He leaned in and said calmly ”You never told me what’s best here though”, him being the one raising a brow. I watched him sit up straight, rolling up his sleeves. ”I usually take coffee with extra cream and sugar, only because it’s cheap and i’m a close-fisted bitch”, he seemed shocked at my answer but accepted it.

I usually were never this, well, open to people and I almost never swore either, I was a good kid. But he brought out another part of me I’d never seen before, only knowing his name. I had no idea what was going on but I couldn’t bother less actually, he was hot and I could only imagine all the things I’d like to do with him. Only, I’ll never see him again. He would probably stop coming to this café after seeing me, I mean.. I wouldn’t say I looked like a princess. Also, he could probably see my nail-biting and hair pulling. I never spoke to boys nor did I speak to strangers, it was new to me.

”Are you there?” Shawn asked waving his hand at me. ”Oh sorry, I got caught in my mind..” I said shyly. He just giggled, smile growing bigger on his face. ”I asked if you live close”, he said looking at me with a curious eye.

”Uh yea, kind of. A good ten minute walk away from here.”

”Okay, I actually live in Canada. I’m kind of here on vacation.” Shawn said, wrinkling his forehead and scratching his neck. ”Kind of?” I asked, putting multiple questions mark after my question.

”Yeah, you could say that.” He replied quietly. ”You could say that? What do you mean?” I said realizing he didn’t want anymore questions about his ’vacation’. ”I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer.”

He waited a moment before saying, ”No it’s okay.. I sing, that’s why I’m here. I’m on, uh, tour.” He finally said, sighing. ”Oh okay, so you can sing good and stuff?” I said, making him giggle again. Oh dear God, please do that agian.

”That’s up to you to decide.. You could google Shawn Mendes” He said, running his hand through his fluffy hair. ”Ohh.. Yea, I’ve heard you! Then I guess I know the answer” I laughed. ”What would that be?” He smirked.

”You’re awful. Hate it.” I said serious, seeing his mile slowly fade away.

I looked at him dead serious, before saying, ”I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Relax”. He did as I told him and he didn’t look as tense. ”I actually think you’re good, you’re amazing.” I said, making him blush. Giggling at his tomato-red face, he hit my arm.

”Ouch.” I said, pouting. You don’t get hit by Shawn Mendes everyday, do you?

”Don’t you scare me like that” He said, ”I actually thought you hated me..” I laughed making him smile widely, making me blush. ”How could I hate you”, I mean he’s Shawn Mendes.. Is it even possible to hate him?

”I don’t know, you tell me. You kind of did” He said looking like heartbroken and homeless puppy. ”I could never!” I started, ”Who do you think I am?” I then asked, playing royalty.

”Well, you’re Y/N, but I don’t know you. So would you like to go eat lunch sometime?” He spilled, scratching the back of his head, ”I mean only if you want to”.

”I don’t really know you Shawn” I replied, probably crushing something inside of him, since he rubbed his knee softly. ”Then let me introduce myself, over lunch” He suggested.

”Yea, I don’t know..” He nodded standing up. What do I do? Shawn freaking Mendes just, kind of, asked me out. You don’t reject Shawn Mendes, oh hell no. “Wait, I’ll eat lunch with you.” I said fast, smirking. Reaching for my wallet to pay the waiter for my coffee, Shawn then wrote something on a fabric and pushed it towards me. He stood up, putting his jacket on, getting ready to go outside. I picked up the piece of paper and read,

”I’ll pick you up at 8.00am, outside here on Friday :)”

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I need more dexzimbits omg wow rarepair hell. Any chance of a fic where Dex drops the fines w zimbits and the team find out why and start fining him too bc he is sappy af

Ok we’re doing this in bullet fic form right now because I can make this so much better later. 

When Jack started talking about Valentine’s Day, Dex shied away from the conversation a bit. He was still so new to this that sometimes he had to be reminded that yes, they were in it together for the long haul. They’d agreed (mostly Bitty and Dex convinced Jack) that they should keep it simple.

“Just dinner,” Dex murmurs over the phone. He’s on a Murder run while Bitty’s working on dinner as Jack’s driving back from the airport. Dex has learned in the approximately two weeks he’s been in a relationship that, sometimes, brief encounters can be extremely meaningful.

“Hmm, dinner and one gift,” Jack counters.

“I make dinner and each person gets one gift,”

“I take us to dinner and I get you flowers?”

“I don’t even like flowers,” Dex scrunches his nose. “Sorry, you meant Bits.”

“No hun, he meant you too,” Bitty chuckles. “But you’re right, that’s not very fair to you.”

“Look, it’s fine guys,” “we can have dinner, you can exchange gifts. I’m seriously too new to this to honestly care if I get anything.”

“Will,” Jack protests. Dex likes the way his name rolls off Jack’s tongue. It makes him feel mature and upstanding, instead of young and awkward.

“Jack please don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day,” “I just want to spend time with you, both of you.”


“Yeah?” Will and Jack chorus. They all laugh despite the obvious tension.

“How about I make dinner, and each person gets one thing from the other two?”

“Only if I can help,” Dex counters.

“Deal,” Bitty triumphantly huffs.

“That sounds great,” Jack agrees.

“Honey, how far away are you?”

“Twenty miles,” Jack responds.

“I’m leaving the store now,” Dex adds because half the time he can’t tell who Bitty’s talking to. It’ll probably get easier once he’s settled on nicknames and Dex knows what names are his.

“That’s great, I love you”

“Love you too,” they chime in

Dex can hear Ransom in the distance shouting fine as he hangs up. Dex trudges back to house with the corn starch, sugar, yams, and other shit Bitty requested. They’re not intentionally keeping their relationship a secret. But it’s new and there’s a lot of uncharted territory. It’s nice not to have everyone breathing down his neck.

The rest is a bullet fic for now 

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Imagine your boyfriend responding when you say Daddy.... in front of your father

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There was something about being a child of Samcro that excited you. While you never wore the patch you were feared, and not because the whole town knew that if they pissed you off there would be an angry charter hunting them down, but because they knew you could take care of yourself too. Growing up you and your brother had their assigned destinies, for Opie it was to one day become VP of the charter once Jax took over as president, and for you it was to be an old lady, however who your old man was was not intended for you. You were 30 years old now, and should have been dating someone who was young and full of adventure like you, not old and full if adventure.

“Lass! You wanna see if there is a beer in the fridge!” Chibs yelled from the picnic table, the door to the clubhouse was thrown wide open to allow a slight breeze into the heating box they considered a bar. 

You threw open the fridge to see two unopened cold ones resting in the door, which you quickly claimed.

“Yea! I’ll bring ‘em out for ya!” You placed them on the counter and cracked them open before carrying them into the hot heat, where the Scotsman, The prince and your brother sat, Opie leaning forward to take your own beer from your hand. 

“Excuse me Winston but if you really want a beer that badly then you can take your ass and get one yourself.” You instructed as you pulled your beer behind you, only to have Jax take it from you and steal a sip.

“Oh you are dead!” You whipped around and tried to advance towards him, only to have Chibs stop you, “As hot as it would be to see you kick Jackie boy’s ass love, you can have mine. I’ll get another one from the bar.”

“Oh my hero.” Jax teased in his girly voice as Chibs moved you over and pushed off the table, stealing a quick kiss before he went inside.

Within moments of his departure Piney pulled into the lot, and you watched as he dismounted and advanced.

“Well look who survived the heat so far.” Jax yelled as Piney leaned on the railing of the porch.

“Just because I am old don’t mean I am gonna die as soon as the temperature reaches over 85 degrees.” Your father huffed before taking a deep breathe of his oxygen.

“For your information boys my daddy is not going to die anytime soon, he may be gray, but that’s all my fault.”

“Well lass I wouldn’t blame it all on you, I mean I am sure one of these days the sex will bring my hair back to…” Your eyes widened as you heard the voice stop short, your eyes could only see your father as his face reddened, his eyes filled with sudden rage. You saw Jax and Opie out of the corner of your eye, trying their hardest to not burst into laughter from the reveal of the secret you, and they shared.

“You know [Y/N] next time you and the old man have sex in his dorm, you wanna keep it down a bit.” Jax teased as he sat next to you at the bar, you were sipping your morning tea as Chibs slept soundly, exhausted from the night before.

“I am sure you are both just jealous because unlike you two knuckleheads, I actully got laid last night.”

“Well if I were you, I wouldn’t screw when Pops around, unless you want him to hear your little nickname for Telford.” Your brother poked your side softly before you whipped your head around. 

“No….” You groaned as you saw his smile, the corners of his mouth almost touching his ears as Jax quietly moaned behind you, “Oh yea Daddy right there! Oh Daddy!” 

“Do NOT tell the others, they will never…"

“Don’t worry sis, your nasty nickname is safe with us.” Opie smiled as Chibs came out of the dorms.

“Hey.” He sleepily answered as you shot both boys a look, as they smirked

“Mornin’ brother.” they both replied, and it was never brought up again

Until now…. you watched as Piney pushed off the railing and rushed towards Chibs before he lifted his tank and wacked him in the head.

“DADDY!” you screamed as Ope and Jax rush to pull Piney away

“Oh I’m sorry honey, but I don’t know who you are talking to.” Piney hissed before batting Jax and Opie off of him before storming into the bar, as you dropped to Chib’s head.

“Oh baby.” you whispered as he pushed himself up, his hand over the crimson stream running down his head, “We might have to stitch that up for ya”

“Well I guess Pops knows now.” Opie sighed as the clutter of a glass object echoed outside.

“Yea, now the only question though is how long until he wants to see you two again?” 

“Well Jax, I guess only time can tell.”

karamel couple issues

so we all know that this kara’s first time and her first relationship. and from what we’ve seen its probably Mon El’s too. Yea we’ve heard about him being a player and slept with a lot of woman. But!…. it was never showed except for eve and their almost office sex. so its safe to say that Mon El was never been in any  real intimate relationship before too

the obstacle right now with karamel is their both new to the relationship itself. not just in their relationship but the whole experienced having a real relationship. they’re both virgin when it comes to being an intimate couple. what kara and mon el lacks, is understanding and their both too headstrong and stubborn. is that abusive? no not at all. they’re two people who are trying to figure it out, they trying to find their footing in the relationship. kara was never in a relationship, she was never intimate with anyone. she never had a boyfriend. so right there everything is new and shiny to her. her expectation is high. sh expects her boyfriend to side her all the time. mean while mon el he’s definitely never been in any relationship. i don’t fault him for that and its not his fault. he grew up in a planet that arranged marriage is present, and a planet of partiers. i mean now i totally understand why the people of daxam are a hedonist. 

so both of them being “virgin” it made them clueless how is this relationship going to work how they’re going to make it work. they cant communicate with each other cause they don’t know for now. kara is super head strong she expect things to go her way. she doesn’t know how to listen. she have high expectation. meanwhile mon el is to stubborn. he cant follow rules and at the same time he cant listen too. so both of them have hearing problem like seriously. mon el cant keep their secret. i mean some people view it as a dick move. but can we give him some slack though. the guy is very happy and he cant contain it. He is very proud that he’s finally with kara. right there its showing you that he’s in this relationship for real, like this si not just some fling to him.. and yeah theres him being a little bit disrespectful to daddy danvers. he’s disrespectful for a good reason. he’s not just doing that just to be an ass. he’s trying to protect kara and her family. isn’t it a little dumb of them specially j’onn just to trust daddy danvers like that> jfc he can read mind but it still didn’t occur to him to do that. nice going their writers. yea we add to mon el flaws him being protective. but why would you condone him for that. theres nothing wrong fro someone you love to be protective of you. its an instinct. every human is like that i guess in this situation alien is too.

but at the end of the day. what counts is they both learned. specially with mon el.  mon el being clueless about relationship ask winn for advice and you can see he was moved by it. he finally get it he finally listen. he overdid it cause he thought thats what he supposed to do for the woman he loves. but it came to realization to him. that he doesn’t have to try harder cause kara is kara. so we got that couch ending scene. were he was going to try to make a small talk and probably apologize too. nut the moment he sees kara face . he just gave in. he died a little bit inside to see kara like this. so he decided to not talk instead to ask her what she wants. thats a sign of someone who is not abusive at all. so he offer what he can do. and you see the surprise in his face. thats all she wants was him to just be there just to hug her. and he happily complied. he finally realized that this is it. this is all he needs to do. she asks if he could wake up with him and of course he would love that. until that phone ring.  he almost told her not to answer it but he didnt finished it but instead bit his lip. he listen to her again so when she said “we get up”  he became a supportive boyfriend and said “we do”

so you see the growth in their relationship specially the growth within mon el. he finally understand kara and what she needs. so now he knows better, and hell do better from now on. cause enow he knows he doesn’t have to try hard because thats not what they need. what they need is to step back and try to listen to each other

Relationship is you argue sometimes have some disagreement then you meet in the middle compromise then learn from your mistake then you work it out and then do it anymore. relationship is where you make mistake and its were you grow as person and as lover. no one is perfect and no one can be perfect and thats a fact. but what matter is what and how you learn from it

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Eric eating out Brooks Brown's crush during the time of their fallout? Please! 💕

*Y/f/n = your friends name*

“So what’s up with Eric and Brooks?” Your friend demanded as soon as you sat at your table for lunch.
You rolled your eyes and groaned, “Eric and Brooks hate each other? Shock horror” you muttered sarcastically and took a bite from your apple.

“Seriously y/n! I heard Brooks saying he’s gonna call the cops!”

“Books won’t do shit y/f/n. They get pissy at each other all the time”

“I duno y/n he seems pretty serious”

“I’ll believe if when I see it, besides y/f/n what’s going on with you and Chris huh?!”

“Don’t try and change the subject y/n!”

You grinned at your friend as her face went red. It was true though. Eric and Brooks were like a old married couple at times. They’d fight then be ok then fight again. Honestly you felt sorry for poor Dylan who always seemed stuck in the middle of all their bullshit.
You groaned inwardly as you spied Brooks walking towards your table. It was pretty obvious that Brooks had a major crush on you, although you were very very flattered. A relationship just wasn’t your top priority at the moment.

“Hi girls! Hey y/n” Brooks smiled at you and sat at your table.
“Um hiya Brooks, what’s happening?” You replied with a mouthful of apple. He laughed at your lame attempt to hide your face as you ate.
“Oh you know nothing much, same ol same ol” he replied before your friend cut in.
“What’s up with you and Harris Brooks?” You shot a glare at your friend. Yea real subtle you thought as you continued chewing. Brooks face visibly darkened.

That piece of shit threw a chunk of ice and my car and fucked my windscreen!” Brooks muttered. You tried to stifle a giggle threatening to erupt from your mouth and luckily turned into a cough.
“Oh shit you ok y/n?!” Brooks stammered.
“Yea I’m sweet, just a bit down the wrong tube” you lied wiping your mouth.

“Wow what a asshole thing of Eric to do!” You friend trilled. You rolled your eyes again and took another bite.
“Yep pretty much sums it up y/f/n. Hey y/n want to meet up before 4th? We can go over the homework old mrs Taylor gave us. I mean if you’d like to..I…um..” he blushed and rubbed the back of his neck, his face tinged with pink.
Oh god really?! Really?! You thought. How many im not interested signals did you need to give this boy?!
“Um yea sure, I’ve got drama and I’m in the sound booth so I guess you could meet me there?” You replied. Cursing your nature at not being able to tell him no straight out.

“Awesome!! I’ll see you then y/n!” He happily exclaimed. He got up and went over to his table of friends, looking back and smiling at you.
“Damn y/n! That boys got it baaaad got you!” Your friend laughed.
“Ugh don’t remind me please!” You groaned hanging your head in your hands.

During 3rd hour you LOVED drama class, only issue was you had Eric Harris in your class. He was extremely bright but just dicked around a lot of the time. Today you were paired with him in the sound booth.
“Ok Harris turn that treble Down two notches” you asked
“Yes mam” he laughed

“No that’s the bass!”

“No it’s not it’s the treble!”

“Oh my god Eric it’s the fucking bass look!”

“It’s not!”

“Fucking look! It says fucking bass!! Are you blind?”

“Your sexy when your mad y/n.”



Eric smirked at you. You threw your arms in the air in frustration.
“Just because you don’t give a shit about this class doesn’t mean I don’t Eric! Just! Ugh!!” You shrieked.

“Calm down y/n, there I changed the treble? Happy now?” He kept smirking at you. Oh how you wished you could wipe that smirk off his face. His over confidence irritated you badly.

“Ugh fuck you Eric!” You muttered knocking all your work to the floor.

“Hey! What you’d do that for!” Eric cried
“Fuck you eric!” Is all you could say. You both stared at each other. Something animalistic flashed across Eric’s face before he rushed to you and pinned you to the wall. He had at least 6inches on you. He grabbed your arms and pinned them above your head.

“What the fucks your problem y/n?!” He shouted at you.
Before you could answer his mouth met yours, he kissed you hard and rough. You surprised yourself and him by moaning softly and kissing him back. He released your arms and you grabbed his shirt pulling him closer to you. His hand roamed down to your ass as he easily lifted you. He carried you to the soundboard and placed you in it, the whole time not once breaking your kiss.

“Eric..” you moaned as his lips left yours and found your neck. He placed kisses down your neck as his hands spred your legs further apart.
“Do you know how much you’ve fucking turned me on being such a angry little bitch y/n?” He growled as he began to softly bite your skin his hands inching closer and closer to your sex.
“What are you doing!” You stammered as home began to trace you through you panties.
“Something I’ve wanted to do for a while y/n…you gonna stop me?” He chuckled as he sank to his knees. His face inches away from your most private area.
You swallowed hard and shook your head.
“Didn’t think so..” he smirked as he hooked his fingers into your panties, pulling the sodden cloth and tossing it aside.

“Mmmmm you look so fucking tasty y/n” he groaned before his tongue slowly licked you, your head fell back as he lapped at your core, flicking your sensitive clit making you gasp.

“Oh my god!” You moaned

“Mmmm so fucking tasty y/n! I could do this all day!”


“Shhhhh baby”

You moaned and groaned, squirming on his face as he brought you closer and closer. Your hand found its way into his hair, helping to guide his movements.

“Oh god Eric yes!” You exclaimed as Eric slid two fingers into you. You felt almost boneless. His fingers pumped into you faster, your moans and groans hid the sound of the booth door opening.

“Hey y/n you ready to go to 4th…” Brooks cheerful voice cut through the air.

“WHAT THE FUCK! Y/N?! ERIC?!!!” He yelled as he saw you two.
You screamed and pushed Eric away from you, covering yourself the best you could.
Eric turned and glared at Brooks.

“Dude can’t you see we’re kinda busy!!” He yelled back.

“Your fucking dead Eric!! You knew how I fucking like y/n” Brooks yelled advancing into the room.

“Brooks stop!” You screamed as Brooks pushed Eric against the wall.

Eric simply smiled before saying,
“What? Are you jealous that I just got to taste what you never will?”

The sound of Brooks fist connecting with Eric’s jaw made your stomach drop to the floor.

“Brooks leave him alone and get out of here!” You shrieked.
Brooks looked from Eric groaning in pain and holding his jaw to you. Tears forming in his eyes.
“Fuck you y/n!” He choked. You saw red.

“No fuck you brooks! I made it so obvious I’m not interested in you! You can’t do this shit! Eric did nothing wrong!” You yelled.

Tears flowed from Brooks eyes as he choked out,

“He took you from me”

Yongguk Loves You, but You’re Dating Daehyun

Part of He loves you, but you’re dating another member.

Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Junhong

Number three: Yongguk

Angst, yes?

Hope you like it! Name is Yoojin in this one (:


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A Bar And A Babe 2

Comments// i uh guess I like this aloT

Pairing// JeffersonxReader


Warnings// mentions of death briefly cursing a lot of it

“Y/N is more than capable of defending herself!” Alex shouted at Thomas

“Yea she can argue her point without this P.R prostitute coming to her defense” Laurens said standing up. You looked at him “what the hell is wrong with them can’t they see that Thomas a decent well groomed man unlike them is trying to make a move on me.” you said to yourself.

“Besides it’s not nice to take the vulnerable ones Thomas just too make yourself feel better!” Alex stated

“So now I’m vulnerable now Alex?” You said turning around to face him. “Poor little Y/N her daddy dies and now she’s vulnerable” you said in a mocking tone.”You’re not my god dammed father! I don’t need your fucking potection from the world! I can mingle, I can find decent men on my own and look one has found me! I don’t need your fucking protection Alexander so stop giving it too me!” You screamed at him as you ran out of the bar.

“Y/N!”you heard Thomas and Alexander yell as you ran out the door. But when you turned you were only greeted by one of them, Thomas

“It’s cold out take my jacket” He said quietly as he put his magenta jacket over your shoulders it smelt like expensive cologne and pine trees.

“Thanks” you said giving him a half smile. You two stood there just breathing for a couple minutes before you finally said “Shit”

“What? What’s wrong? Did you get pick pocketed I saw that guy wandering around aimlessly a while ago.” Thomas said straining his neck too look around for somebody.

“No no I live with Alex were roommates” you saw Thomas eyes flash down too yours “and nothing more than that he’s like a brother too me”

“A brother that wants to get in your pants” he mumbled

“Whatever but the point is I’m not going home too that jackass so I’ll probably go crash at Hercules’s pad since the whole time he kept quiet about the subject.. mostly” you said “but then him and Laf are kinda a thing unofficially of course and I know that their both domin…” You trailed off “I won’t put their clothes out too dry per say” You said “So I’ll probably go stay with Johnny but he was an ass today too”

“Y/N” Thomas said gently

“But he wasn’t as much of an ass as Alex like what a huge dick” You said “Like way too leave my clothes out too dry huh? Who does that he was my best friend and he treats me like this! Psh I would never embarrass him in front of anyone like that not even Eliza and I hate that bitch.”

“Y/N” THomas said raising his voice slightly

“I mean why would I Y/N Y/LN want to sleep with Alexander! He’s a pig I live with him I clean he cooks, if we switched all of our food would be burnt and their would be no clean clothes. It’s not my fault Alex never leaves the apartment besides too go too work!”

“Y/N” his tone was still nice but his voice was raising even more

“Like god Eliza cut the bull shit you and Maria are bff’s but we all know it’s more like” You paused and thought for a moment “bfwb best friends with benefits”

“Y/N” Thomas looked at you desperate for you too just shut up but of course you kept babbling about Maria and Eliza “Alright fuck it” he said crashing his lips into yours. You melted into his lips before he had a chance to pull away “You’re staying at my house fuck Alex I’ll sleep on the couch no funny business” he said. You giggled slightly “Now come on our uber’s here” Thomas said extending his hand. You took his hand blushing profusely as you stepped into the uber behind Thomas.

“When you smile you blush” Thomas said out of nowhere.

“What?” You asked smiling slightly

“You blush and it’s so prevalent on your face, I love it” He said touching your chin lightly with his thumb.

“I-” You were cut off by the uber driver driver saying that you guys had arrived and too remember to rate his service’s. Thomas got out of the car leaving you too follow him up his steps, his house from the outside was big too say the least.

“I don’t live alone Y/N, don’t think I bought this gigantic house and live in it alone.” He said chuckling slightly as he unlocked his front door.

“Who do you live with?” You asked him

“Jimmy James and A a ron” He said simply as if it was no big deal the fact that he lived with two other men and he failed to mention it. When you stepped into his house you noticed a couple of things, one his house had an open vibe there wasn’t stuff filling up every ounce of space it had an open vibe, two Angelica Schuyler on the couch snuggled up too Aaron Burr something in a million years you swore you could never see happening, lastly their color choice it wasn’t mitch matchy it all was neutral tones.

“A a ron” Thomas looked at Aaron “Angel” he glanced over at Angelica “Get a room we have a guest in our presence” He scoffed at the two love birds

“Angel huh?” You asked chuckling at the pair

“Y/N never speak a word of this too another soul or I swear” Angelica said getting up off the couch

“Why can’t she tell anyone? I thought you had told all of your friends” Aaron said a puzzled look came across his face

“Baby we’ll talk about this later” She said kissing Aaron’s cheek before walking out of the house. Aaron sighed as he turned off the tv and walked back to his room sluggishly

“I thought she told everyone I thought we had made it official I thought” Aaron said he continued with the “I thoughts” as he closed his bedroom door.

“Shall we finish the tour?” Thomas asked leading you up the stairs

“So this floor must be where Jimmy James lives yea?” You asked after you got to the top of the stairs right behind Thomas.

“Correct his room is right here” He said knocking on the door in front of you guys

“Jimmy James open up” Thomas said his forehead resting on the door. There was some brief rustling of covers you presumed and then some coughing but sure enough the door was opened

“What is it Thomas I was sleep-. Oh Y/N what are you doing here?” James asked his tone changing immensely from when he was addressing Thomas too when he was addressing you.

“Why did you say my name like that and get so chipper when you say Y/N?” He said frowning.

“Don’t mind him James” you said wrapping him into a hug, you lingered a little longer than normal but you hadn’t seen good ol Jimmy James for a while so it was nice.

“Come on Y/n we still have places too see I hope no more people too meet” Thomas said prying you off of James.

“I’ll see you in the morning James” You said as Thomas whisked you up the stairs.

“I got lucky, I was the one who bought this house so I got too choose the bedrooms.” Thomas said as he led you up a narrow staircase

“So you choose the attic?” You asked sarcastically

“No Y/N I choose the loft” He said opening a door and leading you in behind him. His room was big,it was Aaron’s room and James’s room put together, it looked like a typical teenage dorm but minus one person and adding more stuff. He had a few beanbag chairs in a corner , a king sized bed, a hanging chair,a desk, a couch and a mini fridge.

“Mi casa es su casa” He said plopping down on a bean bag chair

“You know Thomas we could do a little something” You said plopping down on his lap and straddling him.

“Y/N we can’t” He said as you played with his hair

“Why can’t we?” You asked your lips dangerously close to his

“Because love your drunk and I don’t sleep with drunken women”Thomas said pushing you off of him and onto another bean bag chair.

“Wow” You said folding your arms “So now I’m the drunken slut who wants too sleep with you”

“No Y/N I make a point too sleep with sober women because sober women can say no too me if they want” He said standing up

“Oh” you said,how could you know that it was a saying no thing

“It’s whatever” He said walking over too his dresser “I don’t have any pj’s for girls, but i have a t-shirt if you want” He said pulling out a grey large t-shirt.

“I’ll take it Jefferson” you said

“Alright um I guess I’ll let you change I’l be outside if you need me” Thomas said backing out of his room.

“Thomas?” You asked just as he was about too close the door

“Ye-yes” He said almost busting back into the room

“Thank you” You said

“For what?” He asked walking towards you

“For everything Jefferson for everything” You said wrapping him in a hug.Thomas stood for a second before wrapping his arms around you to.

“No problem Y/N no problem” He said kissing your forehead.


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Part 1

Description:The playful man from the library takes you with him to see the wonders around.


Baekhyun X Reader

You didn’t know whether it was the right decision to make or not but there you were, standing in front of the library with the man who offered you to take you somewhere.He seemed really excited but he was careful not to show his excitement.

“Yea…Ok…try to be quick please..” he said before turning around to face you after he ended his phone call.

“We’ll be out in five.” he said looking down at you with a soft smile.

“o-okay…But where are we going?” you blurted out.

“Somewhere…” baekhyun said but when he was about to finish his sentence, doors of a big car opened and you heard “Please get in,Mr.Byun”

So byun was his last name but how did he have such a big car with people opening the door for him?

He looked at the driver with a frown.

“I thought I said be fast as you can.I guess you can’t really go fast anymore” he said to the driver.He actually insulted the man for being late but he did it in a playful way so it didn’t stand out too much.

The driver smiled and mumbled something before looking at you and baekhyun with questioning eyes.

“A friend” he said with a smile.

“Yea…I guess you can call her that” baekhyun said looking outside the window.

You had been in that car with your questions waiting to be answered for an hour.Baekhyun sometimes looked at you but you were careful so that your eyes never met.

You didn’t know what to do.You didn’t know who he was.You also didn’t know where he was taking you.However,It felt right.Being next to him even tough you didn’t talk felt calming.

“We’re here” said baekhyun looking at you with a soft smile before getting out of the car.

You looked outside but all you could see was trees and voice of grasshoppers.You scanned all around you with confused eyes before turning at baekhyun with an expression saying “Where are we?” which made him smile widely.

At that moment,baekhyun thought you were beautiful.He had seen many girls and he had been with many of them but they felt dull.Like they were all the same.The moment he spotted you in the library with a concentrated face looking at you book, he felt excited.He felt like you were different from any other girl.

He held you by the wrist and pulled you along with him.After walking for 20 minutes, you realised that it was a pathway you had been walking on.You didn’t say anything and just followed him since he looked like he knew where he was going.After sometime, he stopped and found a small tunnel under a rock and started to crawl in.You were surprised at his sudden actions but you didn’t want to say anything.Maybe because you didn’t want to ruin the mood but mostly,it was because you didn’t feel like what he was doing was weird.You were pretty sure other people would see such thing as a odd one but you felt like what he was doing was just right.

He went into the tunnel and offered you a hand,you accepted the hand without a question before starting to take baby steps into the tunnel.She is different, he thought.After some walking in the tunnel,You saw some kind of light peeking through the soil which made you think that it was the end of it.

You were really surprised after baekhyun pulled you out of the tunnel.When you stood up.You could see every single building in Seoul.It felt like the place was where the heart of Seoul was.It wasn’t just the buildings or the forests in sight, you could feel people’s emotions.

Sadness,happiness,excitement,kindness,curiosity,love,a skipping heart beat…..You felt every single one of them in just a moment.

Tears formed in the corners of your eyes because of how heavy it felt.It was simply beautiful.

“It’s….amazing” you said wiping away the tears and looking at baekhyun.

“I…yea” said baekhyun.It felt like he had some much to say in so little time.

“I……” baekhyun said before looking at the view again.He had something to say but maybe he was too afraid to say it.

What he thought was that,This place had been always a special one for him.When his dad forced him to take care of the company, he came here.When guys at the uni told him that he was good-for-nothing,he came here.When his mom passed away, he came here.It was a place that healed his wounds and his broken heart.He felt at ease when he came here, like he was truly home.Thats what he felt when he first saw you today.Like home…

He looked at you with tears on his eyes.”Thank you for coming” he said with a low voice.

You didn’t know why he was crying.Maybe a broken heart or some old memories.Maybe he was missing someone or was too happy to find someone.

It had been a few weeks since you saw that man,baekhyun,who took you to see a beautiful view of Seoul and told you his story.

He told you how he lost his mother and was forced to live with a stepmother younger than him.He told you about how he wanted to become a photographer but his father put him in charge of the company.He was rich but unhappy.He told you about how he felt and when you asked about the reason why it was you he said “you feel like home”.He told you about his wishes and dreams.

However,you didn’t hear anything from him since that time.You decided to make some research on him,fidning out that he was said to be the next president of one of the biggest business companies in Seoul.He was odd for sure.

When you were done with your schoolwork, you decided to go to the library you went when you met baekhyun.After waiting for 30 minutes for a metro, you went in and pulled your book out to read as it was a long ride.

You felt a man sitting beside you.He was smiling.He was wearing a mask but you knew these pair of eyes.You knew his perfume and mostly,how his presence felt like.He put his hand on your thigh after letting it go.What he left there was a cherry lollipop.

Ok so this happened.Idk how to end this series coz I’m enjoying it.Well,there u go!GET RICH LOVE YALL