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A God in Love (Loki x plus size short reader)

Requested: Could you write a Loki x plus size and short reader fic? Super fluffy and he loves how tiny and chubby she is - @ladydork

Warnings: I don’t think there is any curse words. Short plus size reader. Also this is kind of au.

Note: I am not taking any more requests for now. Gif is not mine credit to owner.

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It had been a few month after the battle of New York and instead of Loki leaving with Thor to go to Asgard, Thor and the others decided to have him under the Avengers watch. Loki was given his own room to stay in, basically his prison and was guarded by security. Then a couple months after being trapped in his room, he was allowed to walk around the Avenger complex.

Mostly when he would walk around the rest of the Avengers would ignore his presence, but then there was you. You were the only one that was nice to him and didn’t give him the cold shoulder. He would be lying to himself, if he said that he hadn't fallen in love with you. You were so small, and gentle to him, he loved that about you.

He found your small and chubby frame so beautiful and adorable. He also loved your kindness towards him. He thought after what he had done, no one would ever be kind to him, but you proved him wrong.

It had been another day in the avengers tower. You were walking around the tower and the bumped into Loki. You both started a conversation and you said something that surprised Loki.

“Everyone here probably think I’m weak.” Loki was more than surprised when he heard you say that. That’s what you think of your self as weak. He couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t think you’re weak, I think you are a strong confident and beautiful woman" Loki said as looked down at your small frame and you looked up at him.

“Really?” Loki lowered his hand to your face and brushed a piece of your hair behind your ear. 

“Yes.” He moved his face closer to yours. “Y-n there-e is something I’ve been meaning to tell yo-” Loki was interrupted by the sound of his brother’s voice.

“Lady y/n, Natasha has told me to come and get you. I think you may have forgotten about your training with her.”

“Oh shit yea I forgot.” You looked over at Thor and then back to Loki “I’m sorry Loki but I have to go.” He nodded his head and gave you a small smile. He watched as your small figure ran out of the room. He had sure you had left the room before he turned towards his brother angrily.

“Really brother? You could not have come a worse time.” Loki glared at his brother.

“Oh,” Thor began to laugh “were you going to finally tell her you love her.”

“Don’t laugh you-”

“No, no brother, I think it cute,” he continued to chuckle “the ‘rightful king of asgard’ has taken liking to a human. I thought loving a human would make you weak brother?”

“You won’t call me weak, when I kill yo-”

“Oh I’m sorry was I interrupting, I forgot my phone.”

“Of course you weren’t, interrupting. Thor was actually about to leave.” Loki said as he glared at Thor.

‘Oh I was? I wasn’t aware?“ Loki then turned to Thor and mumbled ‘don’t you dare tell her.’

’'Oh you said don’t tell lady Y/n that you like her.” You looked up from the ground and looked at Loki with wide eyes, a blush spreading across your face. Loki began to make his move towards Thor but he had already left the room.

You both just stood in the room silent. You were looking at Loki but he was looking down at the ground ignoring your gaze. You then finally decided to brake the silence. “Loki? Is what Thor said true? Do you like me?” He didn’t answer you so you walked up to him. He was still looking down at the ground while you placed your hand on his cheek. He then looked into your eyes “Loki tell me.” you whispered.

He looked into your eyes “Yes it is true but-but it’s super embarrassing.” As he said that your eyes filled with worry and you started to think the worst things.

What if he was embarrassed because he liked someone like you. Short and chubby. But Loki sensed the worry in your eyes. “Oh no y/n, it’s nothing to do with you…” Loki placed his hand on your cheek. “It’s just I’m a god, wouldn’t it be foolish and weak to fall in love?”

“It won’t make you weaker, it will make you stronger.” You looked into his eyes. You then stood on your tip toes trying to reach his lips. Loki lightly chuckled.

“You are the most adorable person ever. And don’t ever think I would be embarrassed to like you cause of the way you look like. You are the sweetest, cutest woman I have ever met. ” You lightly blushed and before you knew it Loki lightly bent down to reach your lips. He placed his lips lightly on your but then you wrapped your arms around his neck, making the kiss more passionate.  

You pulled back from the kiss, and began to laugh “Wow, Thor was right.” Loki raised his eyebrows “He made this plan were I get you to admit you liked me, I guess it worked.’'  Loki lightly chuckled.

’'Yea, I guess it did.” then Loki pulled you into another passionate kiss but then pulled back. “You aren’t afraid to love me?”

You furrowed your eyebrows ’‘Of course not,” You looked up into his eyes “I know how you see yourself, as a monster. But the person I really know who you are is a kind, gentle man who needs love. You are trying to become a good person, and that means a lot to me.”

“God, I love you.’' He took your face in his hands and kissed you on the lips again. And in that moment he knew he was in love.

ok but kate’s reaction to if you chose to start a relationship with her is really cute tho??? she’s all like “wAIT REALLY?????” and she’s so flustered and aaaaaaaaaaaa i love her


Chapter Three

Warning: This story will contain subject matter that may trigger some or some will find sensitive. Dealing with colorism and discrimination. There is smut in this chapter. Mature content. 

“You’re mean, you know that right?” Stepping away towards the kitchen she gave him room to remove his shoes.

“I have been called that before yes. I call it being realistic and blunt. Nothing wrong with that.” Junior locked the door and walked to the living room sitting down on the couch. 

Grabbing two glasses, she filled them with wine, handing one to him as he patted his lap for her to sit down. He took a sip of the wine, resting his head on her shoulder, letting his wet lips kiss the skin there. He was as eager as she was, but he would shown restraint. 

“Should we eat? I ordered some things but I did make food.” She stood up, but not before making sure to grind her ass right in his crotch, which earned her a slap on the butt as they walked to the dining room.

“I am hungry, yes.” He took her wine glass putting it on the table and stood there waiting as she grabbed the dishes making two trips to bring them to the table. He pulled out her chair helping her to sit before sitting down himself. 

They ate quietly for awhile, Junior seemed hungrier than she did. She let him eat for awhile before starting to talk. “How was China?” 

He rolled his eyes, popping a piece of sushi into his mouth before answering. “The same as always. We had fun, but it is exhausting you know.”

“I can bet. There were times I didn’t hear from you, for hours.” She moved her cup around in her hands watching his face.

“You know there are times I can’t talk. I called you every night.” He looked up at her polishing off his wine, pouring another glass. 

“Yea. I also saw the interview you did.” He froze mid-drink, meeting her eyes. 

“Jagi.” He started but she cut him off, holding up her hand. 

“Why didn’t you say yes?” Junior sighed leaning his head back. This was not how he wanted this night to go. In truth he wanted to eat, talk, perhaps cuddle and then at least her riding him on the couch in that too tight little dress would have been a good start. 

“This isn’t how I wanted tonight to go. Can we not do this? Please. I missed you.” He tried to give her a sexy face, hoping to calm her. 

“Not working.” Standing up, she starting gathering the dishes putting them in the sink.

Junior sighed, wanting to get angry but she was right. All he had to do was say yes. Yes, he had someone special, and he was missing that person while he was here. Was it hard no? At least, not in her eyes. 

“What would my fans think? What would they think about the group? I have to think about others before myself.” Junior finished another glass of wine setting the glass in the sink before he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. 

“Do I give a shit about what those girls think?” Turning around in his arms, her dark eyes practically shot fire as she scowled at him. “They saw you out with me before, and made a tizzy about it then forgot in less than a week.” 

He remembered that. The managers had given him shit about it. He was seen holding hands and snuggling with a foreign girl in a park. The fans had said some nasty things, he was even asked about it on an interview. 

“No you don’t. This is my career though.” He leaned forward and tried to kiss her. 

“Then focus on your career. Maybe we shouldn’t-” He cut her off this time. They always did this, the same conversation and he would stop it before it got started. 

His mouth on hers, he gripped her waist tight moving into her pelvis, forcing his tongue against her lips. When she didn’t open for him he, moved his hand up her side, coming to a stop on her breast squeezing gently. That would do it, she went from stone to sand, opening her mouth and bringing her arms up around his neck. He loved these moments, where she remembered she loved him, and everything was OK. Inside their little world where color didn’t matter, and her not being Korean wouldn’t affect anything in his world right now. Juniors mouth roved over hers, tongues playing a game, he tasted her, hands moving up her dress he craved the skin there. She wouldn’t let him get far, breaking the kiss and pushing him away to reveal his tented pants. 

“You think you’re slick, but I’m serious Park JinYoung.” She walked away from the kitchen over to the living room sitting down on the couch head in her hands. “Just tell me what it is. Why can’t we just let it be known?” 

Junior had enough he growled slamming his hand down on the kitchen sink making her jump. “Stop it. You always think there is something. I told you, I want you and no one else. Are you not happy?” He moved towards her. 

“Do you not want pretty things? Dresses? Shoes? Jewelry? I shouldn’t give you any of those things? I spend any time that I’m not working with you. We have been together a year now. A YEAR.”  Junior watched her face before continuing. 

“Drop it now. I’m tired of this. I can leave. Do you want that? I can leave, and you can find someone who will cater to you like you want. Take you everywhere.” He stared hard at her, eyes boring onto her it made her feel uncomfortable, but she was certain in what she wanted. 

“If you think, after that I’m going to ask you to stay. Or beg you not to leave, you’re mistaken. I won’t keep you where you don’t want to be.” With that she stood, walking towards her room. “Close the door on the way out.” 

Junior felt his rage building, but he also knew better than to threaten her. He knew that she was stronger than that. He wanted to slap himself for what he did. She loved him, everything about him, He just..tradition. He couldn’t. He took off towards the room, opening the door quietly, she was in the shower. He took off his clothing, getting down to his boxers, lighting the few candles she kept on the opposite dresser he sat on the bed waiting. 

Inside the bathroom, she was close to tears. She finally met all his friends 6 months after they had been together. She remembered when JB asked him if she had met his mother, and the death glare he received from Junior. The nasty things girls said online about her skin when the picture of them came out on the news.

“Junior would never date a girl so dark.” 

“She’s out of his league!!! She’s a toy no way.”

“Fetish item. Many Korean men have fetishes for brown women.”  

“Cute, but not his type. He’ll settle down with someone like him.” 

He told her to ignore it, that he didn’t think those things and those women were jealous nothing more. At first she believed him, but once she was alone she truly thought about it. She hadn’t met his mother. They had been together a little over a year. It took her so long to meet his friends. They hardly went out in public to places where they could be together. Not claiming her in anything. The looks she got from his bosses. The only people who seemed to accept her were his friends. Wiping the steam from the mirror she looked at herself. Brown, natural hair, full lips, large eyes. She knew she was beautiful, even in America she knew this. Here? Here she was a fetish item? She bit back the tears. She wouldn’t cry, he had never said those words to her or about her. As long as he hadn’t it should be ok. So long as they were still together that is. 

Leaving the bathroom, she was half shocked to see him sitting on the bed in the darkened room. She played it cool, walking over to her dresser, though her hands were trembling. “I thought you would have left.” 

She didn’t hear him come from behind her. She felt his whole body pressed to hers, his hands removing the towel, tracing fine lines over her stomach and down her thighs. He picked her up, placing her on the bed his own body coming to hover over hers as he settled on top of her. kissing her neck gently, nipping the skin he found there. 

“You are beautiful to me. That’s all that matters.” Hands cupping her breasts, his thumbs flicked over the peaks until they stood on end making her shiver with the contact. 

“I want you and only you.” One hand reached down between her legs, fingering the bud he found there, he leaned up to watch her face contort, breaths leaving her mouth. 

“I need you >>>.” Junior leaned up so she could see his face, placing a gentle kiss on her lips as he slipped a finger inside her. “Don’t you understand? I’ll never let another have what is mine. Say it.” 

He pumped in another finger, using his thumb to rub her clitoris. Teeth finding purchase on her lower lip, she writhed beneath him. Hands coming up to his hair to tug as he continued his ministrations to her temple. His worship of her body was like no other. It was all she wanted and needed. What she had been craving while he was gone. 

Looking into his eyes she answered. “I’m yours.” 

Junior placed his lips over her breast and sucked, earning a gasp from her. He moved down her body quickly, mouth over her peach to flick his tongue faster, fingers sliding in and out. He wasn’t much for dirty talk, he would let his actions do the talking. He knew when she was about to peak, her hands gripping the sheets, legs moving up and down, he released his mouth fro her to capture her lips just as the light burst behind her eyes.

That was round one.

The bed was a mess of tangled sheets after they were finished. She lay in his arms naked, Junior kissing her hair, his hands rubbing her thighs. She was spooned into him and he was singing lightly into her ear. 

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, thinking she may have said it too quietly for him to hear. 

When he stopped singing she knew he did. His hand coming to a stop. “I’m sorry too.” 

She turned in his arms, the two staring at each other before he spoke again. “I love you. I know it’s taken me this long to say it, but I do.” 

Tears welled up in her eyes, as he leaned in for another kiss. The fevered excitement that had quelled between them, igniting again. For a moment everything was perfect, but she couldn’t fight that stray thought that maybe-just maybe it wasn’t going to stay that way. 

Disney Movies

For @mistahjimagines

Finally. The cabin. You push the key into the lock and then let the wind blow the door open. Bucky stumbles in behind you and shoves the door shut. It’s bitterly cold, out and even in the cabin it’s freezing but at least here you’re out of the wind. You make a beeline straight for the fireplace and with shaking hands manage to get some of the kindling lit. You hear Bucky moving behind you in the kitchen, probably looking for food, neither of you have eaten in almost two days. You’d never tell him but he gets so crabby when he doesn’t get to eat so you’re fine with him digging up some food before anything else.
“Doll.” He passes you a canteen of water and you clumsily take it from him with a soft smile. Your hands are still so numb from the cold. “You okay?”
“Just cold.” You assure him through chattering teeth.
“You need to get your wet things off.” Bucky tells you but it’s easier said than done. He turns back to the kitchen as he shrugs his own coat off. You struggle with the buttons of your wet coat, you have to undo them before you can unzip it.
“Buck. Help me.” You mutter, feeling rather pathetic. You’re an Avenger for crying out loud and you can’t even get your own coat off. He makes quick work of your coat then peels off his sweater and passes it to you.
“Put it on.” He orders as he disappears into one of the other rooms. You’re sliding your arms into the sweater when he comes back with an armful of blankets and pillows. He drops them on the floor then wraps one of them around you. “Stay by the fire. I’m going to get the mattress and we’ll stay in here tonight. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to need the extra warmth.”
“I’ll get started on some food.”
“No.” He catches you around the waist as you go to walk away and directs you to a spot directly in front of the fire. “Stay.”
“Bucky.” You protest and he shoots you his most stern look. You sigh loudly and stay put causing Bucky to laugh softly. He gets the mattress and then heads into the kitchen to grab food, you make the bed and pull your computer out while he’s in the kitchen.
“Alright doll. Movie and dinner. Under the covers.” He tells you with a smile. You do as he asks and burrow under the covers as he sets down the plate of sandwiches down in front of you and after throwing some more wood on the fire he slides under the blankets next to you.
“So I thought we could watch Frozen. It feels appropriate considering the temperature.” You tell Bucky with a smirk. He nods, his mouth already full of sandwich. You can’t help but giggle at him before you burrow into his side. He freezes for a second then wraps an arm around your waist. Keeping you flush against him, you eat your sandwich and hum along to the music. You’ve only seen the movie a hundred times.
Bucky laughs at the right moments, and gasps at the reveal of Hans. It’s more than a little adorable watching Disney movies with Bucky.
“Did you like it?” You ask him sleepily. The hike through the woods wiped you out more than you thought it would.
“I did. Can we watch another one?”
“Yea, how does Beauty and the Beast sound?”
“Sounds good.” He slips out of the bed to stock the fire again before grabbing the dishes from dinner. You’re shivering again by the time he comes back. “Come here Doll.” He says turning on his side you curl into him again. He wraps a hand around your waist, effectively spooning you from behind. He’s so warm and you’re so tired that you’re not awake past the first song of Beauty and the Beast. When he shifts to close the laptop you roll toward him so your head is tucked under the space below his chin. “Sleep tight my Belle.” He mutters just before you fall back asleep. Little does he know you’ve never thought him a Beast. He’s always been a prince to you.

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"I'm gonna be sick." Dean x reader :)

You watched as Dean placed his hands on her hips. Moving their lips together as she tangled her hands into his hair.

You felt betrayed. Hurt. As the man you love kissed another girl.

He parted from her as she made her way to the parking lot.

Dean flashed a smile, and walked over to you and Sam.

“Ok well looks like I won’t be going home with you losers tonight.” He stammered. “So don’t wait up.” He flashed a wink.

You rolled your eyes and huffed. “I think I’m gonna be sick.” You muttered.

Dean stopped in his steps and met your gaze. “What?” He asked.

“Nothing, go have fun.” You stated as you made your way outside.

You saw her standing there next to the impala, her short daisy dukes, crop top shirt, it pissed you off even more knowing she had such an amazing body. She was beautiful of course he’d want that.

You walked past her and made you way to the street. You decided to walk home instead.

“What the hell is her problem?” Dean grunted.

Sam chuckled and shook his head. “You’re an idiot, you know that right?” He stated.

Dean folded his arms over his chest and huffed. “What? Why? Because I don’t speak girl?”

“She’s in love with you Dean. She loves you.”

Dean had an ah ha moment. Finally grasping on to what Sam had said.
“I screwed up sammy.”

“Yea you did.”

Without another word, Dean ran out the bar, looking for you.

“Y/N!” He croaked.

You turned on your heels, tears streaming down your cheeks.

“What do you want Dean.” You asked. Voice cracking.

Dean stomped over to you, and crashed his lips to yours. His hands cupped your cheeks as his mouth moved in sync with yours.

“I love you.” He whispered.