yea i am tagging an opinion please don't hate mee

At last, I’m catching up to Tonari (manga) and now I get why people prefer Shizuku with Yamaken. I just love him, being all tsundere about her, but fighting with Haru. Plus, he’s dyrexic and come on, you know this is one of the cutest tropes!

It’s funny, because when I started reading/watching it, I was happy to find a story where the main male character is not the typical shoujo protagonist, popular, intelligent, everybody wants him… so I hate myself for prefering him too for her.

Don’t take me wrong, I really really love Haru as character (all the charas of that manga actually are appealing) but IDK, I don’t like how the mangaka is developing their relationship, to me, they doesn’t work together.

Anyway, I’m enjoying for this now, which is weird since love triangles tends to bore me but again, they are such a great characters and Shizuku deserves the best, she’s just great.