im a Failure and that other thing im working on i reaaaaaaally wanna show you isn’t gonna get finished before i head back to work, so here’s an experimental WIP of Something Else 👀 👀 

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Bakugo/Kirishima + getting embarrassed because they got caught admiring the other :')

i sort of didn’t include the embarrassment part but got the other part my bad anon !! but thank u for the request and i hope u appreciate how emo i am 24/7 over bakushima !!!

title: admiration
tags: small recent manga arc spoilers ; bakubabe swears a little ; these two are too much

Bakugou knew that Kirishima was talented, even when the other didn’t acknowledge it.

Maybe it was that he couldn’t, moreso than didn’t, but it tended to annoy Bakugou regardless. Kirishima had told him before that he didn’t see his own quirk as flashy. Essentially, that he didn’t see his ability, a crucial part of himself, as worthy of attention.

And, as Bakugou stared at the bandaged figure lying in a hospital bed, with shockingly bright red hair against pristine white sheets, he felt himself getting angry that they’d even ended up in this situation.

A nurse had told Bakugou, after he’d screamed a lot and yelled a little, that Kirishima would wake up soon after being unconscious for numerous hours.

Hearing this, Bakugou had commandeered the singular chair in the room and had glared at the doctors walking past, daring them to take his seat. Wanting them to ask him to leave so he could protest and resist.

He wasn’t sure why he wanted this, if it was some fucked up way to prove to himself that he could look out for Kirishima somehow, but he didn’t stop scowling at passers-by.
Eventually, as always, his attention was drawn back to Kirishima. His muscular arms were bound in fabric.

Underneath the wrappings would probably exist a collection of cuts that would give birth to new scars that would no doubt be visible even after he’d been granted leave from the hospital.
Bakugou couldn’t help but feel some pride on the other’s behalf.

He knew Kirishima would try to stop himself from feeling that, instead focusing on his regrets and mistakes, so somebody had to recognise Kirishima’s success. He’d been a hero, had won in his own way, and he’d managed to come back alive from an actual pro mission. That was pretty damn impressive, he would’ve said if someone had asked him.

But the only person he wanted to hear those words, to ask and listen and laugh, was asleep.
Bakugou sighed and played with a loose bandage.

He’d waited days to find out what it was Kirishima had been doing in secret - preparing for a raid with the nation’s top heroes - so he thought he could manage a few more hours.

gay post

reasons @courfeyr​ is the most incredible person in the whole damn wfuckin wrorld:

  • smile that could brighten up your day, ur soul, ur fucking future, god knows their smile raised my gpa and made me gay
  • easily the most talented person ever what the F U C K i’m always so shook every time i see one of their artings or when they sing just;;; even for meme value it always just goes straight (lol) to my heart i’m just so in love
  • silky soft hair disney princess lookin ass angel
  • very cute tush; very cute. ideal for cats to sit on. this is my only criterion and they pass with flying colours where others barely graze the bar
  • u know those CLASSIC cats that r like. super round and adorable and there’s a shit ton of photos of them wearing round sunglasses around the internet?? that’s basically who they are as a person
  • is one of the most loving and caring people i’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and if i could meet them again and again in this life and all the next ones i would just for that moment of oh. oh my god i felt when i  realised just how much they mean to me
  • is such a good person???? and they don’t give themselves nearly enough credit. actually. they don’t give themselves barely ANY credit, but they’re such a good person,  S U C H  a good person, and they don’t acknowledge that which is bi erasure
  • have i mentioned? im gay
  • they can cook. AND bake. i’m stuck here feelin like booboo the damn FOOL over this cute asshole who can do literally anything they set their mind to and ijust lose it i just lose it i love them so much i m abt to cry
  • yea but srsly they are so talented it just shakes me to my CORE how good they are at fucking. E V E R Y T H IN G
  • you’d think someone granted with the beauty to rouse a million armies would chill a little with perfection but noPE they just keep serving blow after blow in a very beautiful way
  • are the kind of person who reminds you of relaxing harp music, very upbeat EDM dance music, AND ALSO kazoo covers of never gonna give u up at the same time wtf
  • they don’t particularly even like dogs but they kept sending me adorable dog gifs one night that i wasn’t feeling well to cheer me up and like. idk this hit me so hard i’ve never met anyone so conscious and sensitive to other people’s needs and wants and feelings and i have a lot of THOSe that’s for sure i just love them SO Much i’d die 4 them fun fact
  • oh god my heart’s about to burst im not gonna go on im just; about to cry tbh  so like, just know that i absolutely could go on. for ages. forever and ever. i love them morethan i love anything else and yeah yes yeah this was just my 2 cents thx  BYE