some cool kids!! lulu is a obsessed with being goth but shes secretly a poser and doesnt listen to any “goth” music so the “real” goths at school hate her. she is a poodle. aristotle is a shithead cat who gets in trouble all the time and has no fashion sense because he’s a calico cat that wears CAMOUFLAGE. havarti is a mouse and they never wears shoes because they’re a rebel and theyre really strong 

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personally im more interested in learning how long amethyst has been with the gems rather than how long she wasnt, but i think both would be cool to learn!!

Knowing how long she was not with the Gems would also answer the question of how long she was with them, I think. It would just be a matter of finding the difference.

But I’m curious about how long she was alone, because so far we’ve seen her with the Crystal Gems and we have a picture of how she was like with them, I’m curious on how she was like when she first formed and how that differs from what she was like with the Crystal Gems (with Rose) and then vs how she is now

Rise of Alicorn Joe Part 15

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Oh look, an update finally! (I took this long for this tiny update? WOW)
Do you guys like the new look?


Luke: “I expect you’re tired of hearing this, but you look so much like your father. Except, your eyes. You have…”

Han Jr.: “My Mother’s eyes.”

(Yes I just mixed Harry Potter into this!, Yea I named Rey and Ben’s son after His grandfather Han Solo!, Yea I just took it there!)*sobs* f-fight me!