OK so like

there’s been a lot of speculation that Jasper isn’t exactly all one gem (Mainly from this post

But, if that truly is the case, what I wanna know is how

Jasper seems pretty bitter and against the concept of fusions, yet could be one herself?  So my best guess is

if she really is a fusion, it may not have been on her own free will.  Like she was actually forced to form through some means

Considering she is incredibly strong, based on how well she was able to stand against Garnet, who we know is a fusion, and a strong one at that.

I wonder if Jasper is the result of forcing multiple very strong gems in order to create some super soldier of sorts, like a living weapon

I’d be pretty bitter about fusions too if I was forced to be a fusion for the express purpose of being a living weapon

idk, I’m probably wrong and I doubt the coherency of this, but just a thought


laughter in the spring <3