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To previous anon was Kolton stupid he dated Zia for two years and she cheated on him. Then lead him on using him as a cover to hide Mollie from people. I love Zia to death but everyone getting on Kolton like this the guy is going the an ego crushing break up. Also he's a guy who obviously really like a girl who didn't feel the same way and is still a teenager he's gonna be a dick about it that's expected..

yea this is true, kolton was basically only a dick because his feelings were hurt. like he wanted 2 bang her but like he also rly liked her, i guess i never rly clearly touched on that after and it was my bad?? but yea zia is 95% in the wrong with how their relationship was/ended, kolton basically was just an ass after she broke his heart which isn’t excused but somewhat expected from a douchey college boy i suppose??

it’s kind of incredible how much pixar has backpedaled over the last couple of years, from the standpoint of character design 

these were the kind of characters designs they had when they did their first movie with humans as their main cast 

despite being cg all of the characters are visually distinct from each other and they look like 2d figures translated into a 3d environment

now it’s just???

all their human characters kind of lack that visual distinction and they’re all just? cute? 

kageyama bros fight!