is this what the kids call cute 

anonymous asked:

Who the fuck is Scooter Girl?

Scooter Girl was this 10 out of 10 attractive girl who graced me with her presence. She was by far the most beautiful person i have ever seen in my life. Imagine a walking masterpiece. She’s probably banned from most art galleries bc people look at her more than the paintings. 

It was beginning of Fall Semester and I was walking from the Bookstore back out to my car so i could drop off my stuff before my next class. That’s when the fucking clouds above parted and light shown down. The poor found money in their pockets, the hungry were given food, the sick were cured. Everyone within the mile radius fucking began singing like angels and holding hands. It was like Christmas morning had come and I (being a grinch) felt my heart grow 30000x the size.

Okay and mind you I actually am not one for crushes. I don’t usually like the idea of dating or love or any of that. I get feelings for people once in a blue moon and usually then i don’t really think much of it. But this giRL. fuck man.

Anyways i’m walking my tired gay ass out to my car and I see her scootering up the handicap ramp on one of those Knee Walker/Scooter things for when you bust ya leg. And my heart just stops because it cant figure out how the hell it was beating before this girl gave it a reason to. But I play it cool. Well as cool as I ever do and I keep walking and try not to let my mouth gap open. And I’m full on heart eyes, dope smilin, and i say “Sweet ride” and I swear to god the devil himself reconsidered his life choices when she laughed bc it was so pure and beautiful and perfect. She blushed and said “You don’t think it looks lame?” and MY. FUCKING. GAY. DUMB. MOUTH. answered “Nah. you could make anything look good.” AND LIKE .00001 SECONDS AFTER IM LIKE PANIC AH NO WHY DID I SAY THAT. and she laughed awkwardly and said something about me being sweet but I was in full panic mode so i just nodded and tried to smile and ran the fuck away. Haven’t seen her sense.