Reasons to live alone
  1. Adopt cats!! 
  2. NEVER wear clothes at home
  3. Be gay all I want
  4. Safe place for friends to crash whenever they need
  5. Gay art in the walls
  6. “Me time” whenever I want
  7. Lil home bar + no one to call me alcoholic 
  8. Witchcraft practice 
  9. PROJECTION SCREEN instead of TV
  10. Bake space cakes (& brownies & cookies & PIZZA)

I don’t even ask for much ya know, just want to do my stuff in peace. Won’t hurt anybody. Gonna print this list and look at it any time I need motivation to work. 

Live Streaming (Part 1)

Pairing: Laf x (No specific gender) Reader (also lots of Alex x John whoops)
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, PDA
AU: Modern
A/N: This one is done entirely out of text messages. You’re in a group chat with the Hamilsquad. Inspired by the 1-800-did-i-ask series.
Now with Part 2!
Word Count: 1208


Angry Yelling: y'all still up for tonight?

Herc The Hunk: ye

TurtleFucker: yea

Laffy Laffy saltwater Taffy: oui

The Precious One: wait what’s happening tonight

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A short wechat interview with Mao and Wang

Who is your favourite gymnast?

Mao: Aliya

Wang Yan: Larisa

What is your favourite snack?

Mao: I have a lot - ice cream, noodles and any dessert that is not too sweet

Wang: Ice-cream

Are you still going to continue  to do AA?

Mao: Yes

Wang: Yea

What did you think of your Olympic experience?

Wang:  It has been great and I am very satisfied.  😎

What has been the highlight of your Olympics?

Wang: Actually, the whole experience  😎 😎 😎

Are you going to upgrade any skills next year?

Mao: I will definitely want to up my difficulty. But even the best laid plans cannot anticipate change. I will focus on vault and bars.

Wang: For now, no

What skills would you love to have?

Wang: Silivas (but she already do!)

What is the scariest skill you tried?

Wang: Layout full on beam

it just hit me how accurate the bucky barnes/shiro parallel is like???

they both got napped by the bad guys,
tortured into doing things they didnt want to do, suffered memory loss, lost an arm and got a Sick Power Arm in replacement that was supposed to help them serve said bad guys, and then met back up with an old friend after returning from captivity and eventually joined a team meant to help people they’re literally??? the same????

i want the two of em to just. sit and have coffee. talk about their experiences. look at their cool arms. go grocery shopping


hi hello please check out @justsomeothergay’s utau that he made!!! i drew him!!! he sounds great and my boi spent a long time on him!! he’s a real cutie!

twinberry “does anyone want to see the rules for my iasip drinking game. they got…”


hell yea!!!

take one drink:

  • mac says “goddammit”, “jesus christ”, or “oh my god”
  • charlie says check it out
  • charlie says dude
  • dee calls the guys boners
  • dee tries to include herself and the guys immediately shoot her down
  • dennis hints at being a serial killer

take two drinks:

  • everyone just starts yelling over one another
  • frank has a new angle
  • mac says/does something gay
  • charlie has a new scheme to get with the waitress
  • charlie screams
  • “jabroni”

take a shot:

  • the title card answers a question/finishes a statement set up just beforehand (ironic jokes such as “i’m gonna save my dad’s life!” “MAC KILLS HIS DAD” are not included)
  • mac is “into that”
  • the whole gang sings/chants together
  • “mantis toboggan, md”


  • pepe silvia
  • “mac’s gay”/”well, i’m gay”
  • the nightman cometh (JUST the musical itself, not the entire episode)
  • any other full-fledged, choreographed song/dance number the ENTIRE gang participates in

heeey I’ve draw something ( yes it’s Will again plz don’t judge me )

I tried the “No Stabilizer Challenge” ! And well, it does look terrible but it’s not that great, as usual

I’m kind of ok with the stabilizer at 0, coz’ I’m kind of versatile and I don’t really do “clean stuff” (like pretty line and stuff) so I think I prefer my stabilizer pretty low. so yea. not much of a challenge uh.