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anonymous asked:

Is it wrong that I used a gif of a burning candle on my phone for my candles? I'm in the closet + do not have the stuff to get any + don't want to burn the house so...?

I’ve done the same thing before, even though I have access too, am out of the closet, and also am allowed to burn candles (I was in pain on my bed and whipped out my phone, then used an app called Free Candle. Iphone version, Android version .)

I find that images and gifs work fine as substitutes, especially when you have to work within your means. However, I think it shifts some of the work onto you, the caster of the spell, because you’re forced to focus a bit harder on the way that the spell is going to work, rather than just letting the real candle burn and release it’s own energy/carry your intent.

But yes, It’s not wrong at all, and good job on finding a way to do what you need to/want to do, while also being in the closet.

- Tinne.

10 Songs Tag

I was tagged by eating-out-tsukiyama-shuu !
Put your music on shuffle and write down 10 songs without skipping

1. Tearin’ Up My Heart - *NSYNC
2. The Consequence - You Me At Six
3. The Devil’s Tears - Angus & Julia Stone
4. Pavlove - Fall Out Boy
5. Summer Love - One Direction
6. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
7. Brain Stew - Green Day
8. Trust Me - Yuya Matsushita
9. Every Time I Close My Eyes - Backstreet Boys
10. Time Is Running Out - Muse

And I tag genderqueer-tsukiyama gureshins give-me-juuzou and sasaki-highseas !

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(Leaves a silly headcannon wrapped in a blanket here for you) Manwe has a lot of bird-like habits and quirks, including poofing up when he's cross and preening himself and other valar... whether they ask him to or not. MANWE: (inches towards Melkor) MELKOR: I swear to father. Don't even. MANWE: (Inches closer) MELKOR: I will obliterate you. MANWE: (Nuzzles him) your hair smells nice, brother~ MELKOR: (Screaming) MY EXHISTENCE IS PAIN. PLEASE ERU END ME.

YEs! That’s exactly how I imagine their relationship! 

And of course, it’s impossible to get rid of Manwë when he’s stuck onto you. The big bird may look fragile, but he’s damn strong and his hugs are deadly. (Melkor knows about them.)

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Judging by Davie's tweet the cast are going for a road trip next week. I wonder if they're coming down to South England? If so I wish I could take the time off as I am so close(ish) to Salisbury!!! Let's hope for lots of pics :-)

Yes pretty certain that’s where they’re going!! Fingers crossed. Some more of this would be great ;)

juliesjagi asked:

A'ight here it is; I don't know if it's been asked before but oh well here's a question for both Tolu/Len and Rin ((and mun because yay)) because she's there. Yes, okay, what're your favorite seasons of the year? ^~^

Tolu / Rin: The rain is soothing, too…

((Spring for the exact same reasons, tho my birthday is in the summer… :’D ))

Day 214 - 2015 picture diary.

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Didn’t see mumma bear today, she’s so tired and just wants rest. So she sent us her love via text today.

Now I shall explain the “26″ thing after “I love you”. 

When my brother was little, the biggest number he knew was 26, so he’d say to mum and dad “love you 26!!!” meaning “I love you more than words can say”.

So yes, it’s a little family thing nows.

Snow:  Hi, everyone. And welcome to the very first mayor’s fireside chat. For too long, this office was a place to be feared. Well, I want every citizen to feel welcome and included here.

Yes, let’s throw the woman who is still your adviser and family under the bus.  Especially as you have already discovered that having the citizenry afraid of you actually makes running this town a lot easier.  Because the citizens of Storybrooke are entitled and actually rather stupid.  And rather alarmingly inclined to form lynch mobs.