ye this was supposed 2 be for yesterday

Obi-Wan: Are you there?
Vader: yep just sitting in another stupid meeting about mining or some other dumb bullshit idek whats up
Vader: btw i thought u said u were done talking 2 me lol 
Obi-Wan: Yes, well, this is an extenuating circumstance.
Obi-Wan: You will never believe who I saw yesterday. I had to tell someone. 
Vader: well i know it wasnt ahsoka lol 
Obi-Wan: What is that supposed to mean??
Vader: nm who’d u see babe
Obi-Wan: MAUL. 
Vader: WTF 
Obi-Wan: I KNOW.
Obi-Wan: Emphasis on “was”. 😏
Vader: LOL 👏 holy shit i wish id seen that 
Vader: wait MAUL found u???? FFS i have the worst fucking inquisitors

The last one

I’m sorry guys, you were very supporting about this blog, but I decided to quit. it didn’t last long, but it was fun. I finish with tumblr because I can’t take the hate anymore. Maybe some of my followers are from Europe and know that tonight was the Eurovision night and my country received so much hate for being in the second place. Every single post was dedicated to hate for Russia.
It’s not only tonight, I kept reading it lately more and more and wondering why people speaking like this about someone’s else motherland, about the place you’ve never been, about the nation you never saw.
It may surprise you, but I’m a political journalist and everyday I write about international politics. It’s all very complicated and you always need to do a lot of research before making some statements. However 99% of tumblr users are not following this advice and prefer to hate on other countries and it’s citizens.
I love The simpsons, I love international connection, foreign people, and I was always nice to everyone, but I can’t be a part of Tumblr anymore, because here is too much judging despite all the calls to stop racism or inequality.
Please remember: politics are not the people of the country.
Some rules or bills don’t identify the people and country.
And the last thing I’m telling you as a journalist: never listen to what media tells you, never believe it truly, because you are taught to hate so it will be more easy to start the war later and to give your life for fighting foreigners who were taught to hate you.
This blog made me to feel powerful and helpful, but tonight, reading all the posts about my country, I felt powerless and shamed for who I am. But in fact I’m not. I’m proud of who I am, but I don’t want to stay in the place where people are so intolerant to other nation so they say all the bad things as they trying to be tolerant with lgbt community. We are not homophobes, just majority of my nation are Christian orthodox, and because of this the bill against gay propaganda was pushed by one of the Parlament members who is crazy about church. People here mostly don’t mind gay and I never heard of Putin saying something bad about them.
About Ukraine and Crimea - if you think we invaded it - did anybody said that people there wanted to separate because new Ukraine government are pro-nazi? They are. That’s the reason there is the citizen war now. And yesterday Kiev accepted the law that stops the work of convention of rights in the east part of Ukraine, so basically Kiev can kill their own people now legally and EU doesn’t show it in the news, don’t they? Half of the country don’t want to be under nazi power. Yes there are Russian army but there are usa contract soldiers too fighting.
I know this talk is not supposed to be here. But it’s 2 biggest things for a hate base, and it’s 2 things people don’t know proper information about.
And I don’t have nowhere else to say it out loud.
Never hate before doing research from more than 1 point of you.

Good bye and kiss you all, sweethearts. I hope your life will be filled with thinking and love for other people.


#3 = “Am I supposed to be scared of you?”
#7 = “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing 2 different shoes.”
#55 = “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Pairing: Lin Manuel-Miranda x Reader

Warnings: swearing

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.”
Your best friend, Daveed Diggs, said as he dropped you off at the front of King’s College.
You had just came from living in France for almost your whole life to America, where everything seemed to bigger and louder.
Daveed, whom you’d known since you were 6, had lived in France until he moved to America when you were 15.
You’d promised to stay in touch, which you did until you were 18, and suddenly you guys had stopped texting each other. You were always regretful as to why you’d let your strong friendship fall.
Your boyfriend at the time had become very jealous of Daveed after you’d introduced them on FaceTime, and he said that he didn’t want you guys talking anymore. You felt ashamed that you weren’t putting your boyfriend first, so you stopped replying to Daveed’s texts and Skype calls.
But after that boy had gone and broken your heart and ruined your reputation in France, you decided you needed a fresh start in America.
So you got in touch with Daveed again, and he helped you make plans to move to Pennsylvania. He knew you had always done well in school, and that you were a hard worker. He helped you compose a strong application to the college, and thanks to him, you’d been accepted.
Although you spoke many languages, English was not one of your strongest.
Others’, other’s, and others? Please.
But you were determined to work hard and make your parents proud, and to show the people of your little town that you were worth more than the title of that boys girlfriend.
You smiled and hugged Daveed, speaking quickly in French to display your gratitude. He patted your cheek, and you opened the door, and stepped into the newest addition to your life. The door shut close behind you, and you turned and waved at Daveed as he continued to his vehicle.
Taking a deep breath, you walked to the admissions desk.
“Hello, um, my name is Y/N L/N. I am a transfer student from France?”
“Oh hello! Would it be more helpful if I get a French speaker to help you?”
You relaxed and smiled.
“Yes, please. Merci.”
The woman left, and returned with a young man with a ponytail.
“This is Lin, he speaks French. He’ll help you around.”
His arms were crossed, and the woman returned to her work. You shifted from foot to foot, and opened your mouth to speak, but Lin interrupted you.
“Yes, hello. I’m Lin, and I don’t know your name but I don’t particularly care, so let’s go.”
You didn’t understand what he meant, but you made out “don’t care” and “name.” So, you closed your mouth, and watched as he started walking towards the doors.
“Are you coming or are you going to stand there stupidly?”
You blushed and hurried to the door, promptly tripping and falling on the rug.
Lin rolled his eyes, and tapped his foot.
“If you wouldn’t mind, I was working when Mrs. Elisa told me to help a new French student. So let’s hurry up.”
You brushed off your skirt, and hurried through the door. You were embarrassed to be humiliating yourself like this, and a bit angry at Lin that he couldn’t be more forgiving that you were new and didn’t speak much English.
He talked quickly, as if he’d forgotten that you didn’t speak very much English, and you struggled to keep up with his long strides.
Even though he wasn’t tall, he still towered over you, and you had to practically run to keep up with him.
“This is your dorm, and you’ll move in your stuff tomorrow, I heard? Okay, that’s all there is too see. I suppose I’ll have to see you tomorrow to help you in what I literally just showed you-”
Your anger was literally boiling over, and you couldn’t help but speak out.
“Am I supposed to be scared of you?”
He turned quickly.
“Excuse me?”
You couldn’t say much, so you ranted off in French.
“Je suis désolé si je suis un fardeau pour vous, mais je suis nouveau ici et j'apprécierais que vous me montriez un peu de bienvenue!” (I am sorry if I am a burden to you, but I am new here and I’d appreciate if you showed me a little welcome!)
Lin stared at you, and then said,
“I have so much work to do.”
Then he was gone.
You were fuming, and felt angry tears coming. So, you dialed Daveed’s number, and told him to come get you.
“Je ne peux pas faire ça. L'Amérique n'est pas pour moi. A quelle vitesse puis-je retourner en France avant que ma fierté ne me fasse rester?” (I can’t do this. America isn’t for me. How quickly can I get back to France before my pride causes me to stay?)
You were pacing around Daveed’s living room, practically tearing out your hair. You had been stressed out since yesterday, and by now you needed to head out to meet Lin for your first classes of the afternoon.
Daveed was trying to calm you down, but you were beyond anyone’s ability to help in your opinion.
“Je ne peux pas parler anglais, comment puis-je faire pour rendre quelqu'un fier? Je vais prendre mes chances en France.” (I can’t speak English, how can I make manage to make anyone proud? I’ll take my chances in France.)
Suddenly, you checked your watch.
“Merde! Je suis en retard pour rencontrer ce connard!” (Shit! I’m late to meet that asshole!)
You rushed out the door, and began to run too Daveed’s car, opening the door and yelling at him to hurry.
When you sprinted into the building, you met Lin, arm crossed, but a nonchalant look on his face.
You hadn’t had time to brush your hair, put on makeup, or eat breakfast. You knew you didn’t look your very best, and you were a bit embarrassed. However, when Lin spoke, his words weren’t hurting or cold.
“Are you okay?”
You were taken by surprise.
“Oui. Yes. Why do you ask?”
He smiled.
“You’re wearing 2 different shoes.”
You looked down at your feet, and groaned. You glared at Lin, and he tried to stop his giggles.
“I still haven’t forgiven you for yesterday.”
His eyes sparkled, and you felt the familiar feeling in your stomach.

Oh no.
How can something that hurt you before make you feel so happy?

“Well, I have my days.”
He looked at his watch.
“Shit. I’m supposed to meet someone for lunch. Listen, I’ll show you to your dorm. And,”
He looked at his feet.
“Do you maybe want to go to dinner tonight? To make up for yesterday?”
You smiled a little.
“Did I just enter a different universe? Or did you just crack a smile for me?”
What a dork.
“C'est un bel univers si tu m'as fait sourire.” (Must be quite a nice universe if you’ve got me smiling in it.)

92 truths tag

rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end tag 25 people!
tagged by @miudadanerd thank youuu

1. drink: water
2. phone call: my psychiatrist
3. text message: ‘great! xx’
4. song you listened to: sober II (melodrama) - lorde
5. time you cried: yesterday 

6. dated someone twice: no
7. been cheated on: not that i know of
8. kissed someone and regretted it: yes (but only bc it meant that i wanted to do it again and couldn’t)
9. lost someone special: yes
10. been depressed: 24/7 baby
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: no


15. made new friends: yep
16. fallen out of love: wasn’t in love
17. laughed until you cried: literally happens at least once a week
18. found out someone was talking about you: i don’t think so 
19. met someone who changed you: yes
20. found out who your real friends are: yeah
21. kissed someone on your facebook list: yeahh

22. how many of your fb friends do you know in real life: most of them
23. do you have any pets: yep, a ginger and white cat called Teddy
24. do you want to change your name: nah it’ll do
25. what did you do for your last birthday: some friends came over and we got chinese take out and we got drunk
26. what time did you wake up: at 7am and then at 9am
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: trying to sleep
28. name something you cannot wait for: my birthday/my best friend coming over
29. when was the last time you saw your mother: this morning at like 9.30
30. what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my mental health
31. what are you listening to right now: nothing but i’m watching Rock Of Ages
32.have you ever talking to a person called Tom: i had a crush on a guy called tom lmao
33. something that’s getting on your nerves: school
34. most visited website: tumblr, youtube
35. elementary: done
36. high school: doing
37. college/university: one day
38. hair colour: boring brown
39. long or short hair: shoulder length
40. do you have a crush on someone: yep
41. what do you like about yourdself: nothing
42. piercings: just my ears but i want a tongue piercing
43. blood type: idk
44. nickname: han, hanhan, hannah banana, hanakin, sharky
45. relationship: single but only interested in the girl i like
46. zodiac sign: cancer
47. pronouns: she/her
48. favourite tv show: changes all the time but atm brooklyn nine nine
49. tattoos: none yet but i’m planning for one this summer
50. right or left hand: right

51. surgery: one on my hand when i was about 9
52. piercing: my ears
53. ?? not there lmao
54: sport: football yo
55. vacation: probably germany to visit my family
56. also missing lol
57. eating: well today i had scrambled eggs
58. drinking: water
59. i’m about to: watch a film and tidy my room
60. listening to: bad liar by selena gomaz
61. waiting for: my best friend to visit
62. want: to be happy
63. get married: one day
64. career: some sort of teaching

65. hugs or kisses: kisses
66. lips or eyes: lips
67. shorter or taller: shorter
68. older or younger: younger
70. nice arms or nice stomach: arms
71. sensitive or loud: both
72. hook up or relationship: relationship
73. troublemaker or hesitant: both

74. kissed a stranger: no
75. drank hard liquor: ofc have you met me
76. lost glasses/contact lenses: yeah
77. turned someone down: yeah
78. sex on first date: never had a date
79. broken someone’s heart: doubt it
80. had your heart broken: yes
81. been arrested: no
82. cried when someone died: yeah
83. fallen for a friend: yeah

84. yourself: lolno
85. miracles: no
86. love at first sight: no
87. santa claus: no
88. kiss on the first date: yeah sure
89. angels: no

90. current best friend’s name: Ellie, Bethany, Megan, Jenna
91. eye colour: brown/green/blue
92. favourite movie: Rock of Ages and also 2012 and also i feel like Wonder Woman is gonna be a fave

i tag @megxnoelle , @supergaydork , @this-is-not-an-inspirational-url, @lafrancaisefille, @blitchen, @until-life-gives-lemons, @forlthecatmother, @evanstanisbae, @diamond-day-dreamer, @whoscheppa, @averagemishap, and anyone else who wants to do it

Today at school...

Me: *addressing the teacher* Excuse me sir. I was absent yesterday, and I believe I’m supposed to turn this in. *hands homework to the teacher*

Teacher: Hm? Oh yes, yes.


The whole class: *glares at me*

Me: what have i done…

“For goodness sakes… Not you again…”

Some fanart from 2 am yesterday cause haha who needs sleep?

Edit: I changed Bill’s hat position and the color of his accessories for… reasons. (Also there’s no more background which is fine too I guess anyway yes here.)