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Modern Reibert okay

Reiner is like star football player and Bert is this math nerd.  And one day Reiner is just

“Hey, would you mind tutoring me sometime?  I need to pull up my grades or else I can’t play next season.”

And Bert is sweating and nervous but just nods because yes he’s finally getting to talk to this awesome football star.

So they go to a Starbucks (okay Eren and Armin totally work at this Starbucks too this is important), and Reiner is there and he’s all happy with his book.  And Bert walks in and it’s cold outside and he sits down so Reiner is like

“Here, wear my jacket.”  And just drapes his sports jacket over Bert’s shoulders and sits down to get to studying (Bert isn’t really cold but he just walked in from outside without a jacket because he’s always hot so the cold doesn’t really bother him).  And Bert is trying to focus but he can’t because it’s Reiner and he’s perfect.

And as they’re studying, Bert just “THERE’S A HIGH PROBABILITY I REALLY LIKE YOU” out of nowhere and he gasps and stares because yeah he just confessed this to his crush using a fucking math pun like a nerd.

Reiner stares at him and smiles and kisses his cheek and “I’m glad you said it.  Because I was nervous about telling you first.”

And they’re all happy smiles.  Eren and Armin have totally been watching the entire time too and they’re like “Oh God it’s cute, let should get free scones” or something

“You’re bonded?” Eren nearly shouts. The look he shoots Jean is one of pure loathing. Jean stares back, wary but firm. Armin had wanted it - asked for it - and it was freely given. As far as he’s concerned it’s a work of art; he is not ashamed.

“Ow, Eren,” Armin hisses and Jean’s hackles raise. A bead of blood swells where the fabric of the collar bites into Jean’s teeth marks and Jean wants to lick it, soothe Armin and his hurts. Eren glances at him murderously and releases his grip.

“This is forever, you know,” Eren accuses, voice rough with an emotion Jean can’t decipher.

“Yes, I know,” Armin murmurs.

Mikasa smooths Armin’s jacket with a gentle hand and adjusts the collar so his bond mark is no longer visible. “The longer he waits the worse it will be,” she tells him.

@aeschereth:  For the commentary thing?

(excerpt from That free Love with bondage bound.)

Oh, man.  How did you know this is my favorite part?  It’s actually the first scene that came to mind when I was deciding on the direction I wanted to go, and it really set the stage for the rest of the fic.

Even though I don’t explicitly state it, I think it’s apparent that Eren’s also an alpha, so there’s a lot of tension between him and Jean now.  Even though Eren and Armin weren’t mates there’s still possession there, since they and Mikasa (beta) rolled as a trio, and this scene illustrates Eren’s reluctance to let go.  And yeah, there’s jealousy there…perhaps if they’d known Armin was an omega Eren would have stepped up, but it’s too late now, so he cedes possession to Jean, but he’s not happy about it.  Jean, naturally, doesn’t like to see Armin being manhandled by another alpha and in pain, but he stays fairly calm because he knows what this is.

(Originally I’d planned on telling this story from Eren’s POV and there was a brief scene around the campfire that night where Levi’s got his usual insomnia and is keeping an eye on things, and Eren wakes up to find Jean and Armin missing.  Levi asks him what difference it makes to him if his little friend’s all shacked up, then realizes Eren might have wanted Armin for himself and makes fun of Eren for it.  Eren says it’s not like that [it might be a little like that], that he just wants Armin to be safe and happy.  Levi tells Eren that he’s blind if he didn’t see this coming from a mile away, and anyway, isn’t it better if his precious little sidekick has even more people on his side?  Eren lays there for a while, figures that yeah, this is probably for the best, and when Armin and Jean return from wherever they were holding hands and looking like everything’s okay, he realizes he actually does believe it’s for the best.  Armin lays down next to him and offers a tentative, hopeful smile, Eren smiles back, and then Armin’s beaming.  Jean watches all this warily and figures it means they’re all good, Eren won’t be tearing his head off anytime soon, so he lays down on Armin’s other side to snuggle up behind him and puts his arm around his waist.  Suddenly his arm’s getting pried away and he leans up to see Eren glaring at him, because yeah, Eren might be cool with them being mates and all, but that doesn’t mean he has to make it easy for them.  Jean gives up and flops back down and Armin huffs a laugh and all the tension evaporates.  The next morning Eren and Mikasa are packing up while watching Jean give Armin a cup of tea and a smooch, and Mikasa remarks how their little family has grown.  Eren skeptically tells her that he thought there was a limit on how many lives she cared about and she says, “There is.  I never said how many.”)

So there you go, m’dear!  Probably a little more than you were looking for, but once I got started I couldn’t stop. :x

Imagine Eren having a root canal and Jean filming the aftermath of the anesthetic because he is truly a little shit. Eren is woozy and quiet for awhile, but eventually he starts to get vocal. It starts in the car while Jean, whom has mounted the phone on the dashboard so that he can film Eren hands-free, is driving him home. Eren jerks as if just having realized something and starts telling Jean that they need to turn around, right now, just turn around Jean, we need to turn around. Jean, who isn’t completely sure if Eren is just raving or if there’s actually something bad happening, asks, “Why do we need to turn around? Are you okay?” It takes a minute, but Eren eventually looks at him and whispers, “Jean, Jean, I forgot my eyebrows at the doctor’s office—“ So Jean just laughs. Eren continues being completely delusional for the rest of the drive home (“Jean, the elves that live in those woods are laughing at me…”; “Jean, someone replaced my bones with wood; my body feels…splintery…”; “Jean, do you want to sing a song? (“No, Eren.”) Okay. DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING…”) so Jean is caught between amusement and frustration by the time they reach Eren’s apartment. Jean helps him up the stoop and into the elevator, into his apartment and into bed. He tries undressing him, but Eren freaks out (“NO, NOT MY SOCKS, I NEED MY SOCKS, DON’T STEAL MY SOCKS!”) so Jean leaves him to sleep in everything but his shoes, and goes into the kitchen to raid Eren’s fridge as a reward for dealing with that shit for the fifteen minute drive from the dentist. It’s late in the day before Eren emerges from the bedroom, frowning as he holds his jaw. Jean looks up from the movie he’s watching and croons, “Hey, you. Hey baby. You okay?” Eren mutters, “Teeth hurt,” and Jean immediately gets up to get him something. When Eren has something to soothe his pain, they sit on the couch with Eren in Jean’s lap, Eren’s head on Jean’s shoulder because while he might not have been feeling any pain earlier, he’s feeling a lot of pain now, and Eren’s two modes when he’s in pain are cranky and veritable snuggle fiend. He mumbles, “Thanks for staying,” into Jean’s ear, and Jean kisses his earlobe, murmurs that of course he stayed, and he’ll stay the night if Eren wants him. “Yes please,” Eren mumbles into his neck, and then a second later, “Jean, why did you let me sleep in my jacket?” Jean wants to explain, he really does, but there’s just no words for the ridiculousness that is Eren Jaeger under the effects of nitrous, so he just laughs.