ye seon

up10tion’s 170502 vlive broadcast

- wei: “greet the viewers pls” 
sunyoul: “hello~” *awkward laughing*

- sunyoul not showing his face (prob bc he doesn’t have makeup on) and walking backwards into the room to ask where the manager is

- wei putting an arm around him to prevent him from falling tragically on camera

- sunyoul: “aAh”
wei: “ah, you want to eat something?”
sunyoul: “i’m hungry” TT

Vote for the winner of Bastard’s “Best Actor Award!”

Will it be Jin Seon, the surprisingly experienced young man who (despite having to live with bullies, disability, and his psychopath-murderer father who has an unhealthy obsession with women he forces Jin to incapacitate and stalks his son 24/7) always has such facial control and expression:

Or his father Dongsoo Seon, the actual devil who seems like the warmest, gentlest man in South Korea. Just kidding, he’s probably murdered and done other terrible things to too many people to count by now and probably has given his son irreparable mental damage. But c’mon, look at that amazing aura he just exudes!


Taek’s ‘proposal’.

Meet Up10tion

Up10tion was a rookie group in 2015. They debuted in September but they didn’t end up on my radar until December. They caught my attention because they are such fanboys of some of my favorite groups, always cheering and dancing along with the winners of music shows as they walk off the stage. When I finally decided to watch their Catch Me! performance, I really liked the song. Now, a few weeks later, I am absolute trash for this amazing group of kids. They have sucked me in, just like BTS did when I first found them. 

You should love these boys. They deserve lots of love and attention. If you already do, then I’m sure you can relate to this post, maybe help me add to it. If you don’t know them yet, or are curious and ready for the fun, addictive, adorable, crazy ride that is Up10tion, read on and learn about the members. But only if you’re ready for a group than can go from sexy to dorky in 0.02 seconds.

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