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protect ur smol ok

Also known as “lycoris radiata”, this glorious red flower speaks the language of passion in its bloom, and the warning of poison in its bulb. These flowers were often planted in and around graveyards during Japan’s pre-cremation days to keep rodents and wild animals away. In myths, it is said that because of its bright red color, it helps guide souls to the other side. Breathtaking but with a dark symbolism, this flower is often connected to death or the afterlife.

{SHINee as Flowers}

do you ever think how ambiguous lance’s behaviour can be when it comes to people being involved with keith

nyma: maybe keith will give me a ride

lance: hell nooo to the no no no no hell to noooo

allura and keith: *run away together in the middle of the night*

lance: *bitch what the fuck meme*

lance: *makes sure to know nothing is going on between them*

not to mention that everytime lance flirts with someone keith is always in the back like “:/”

i’m not saying this should be addressed in season 3, but i’m saying i want to see what would lance’s reaction be if someone flirted with keith in front of him

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another stupid Dennis thing : 'I don't know how the US economy works, much less some sort of self-sustaining one'

lol ye my tags wer referrin to tht whole moment


Welp. This is real.