ye or wat



protect ur smol ok

do you ever think how ambiguous lance’s behaviour can be when it comes to people being involved with keith

nyma: maybe keith will give me a ride

lance: hell nooo to the no no no no hell to noooo

allura and keith: *run away together in the middle of the night*

lance: *bitch what the fuck meme*

lance: *makes sure to know nothing is going on between them*

not to mention that everytime lance flirts with someone keith is always in the back like “:/”

i’m not saying this should be addressed in season 3, but i’m saying i want to see what would lance’s reaction be if someone flirted with keith in front of him

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that whenever idubbbz makes a song or some stupid rhyme it doesn’t actually sound like absolute shit. Like boi needs to do a collaboration with pink guy ASAP


“Did he just-? …Please tell me Jim’s stunts lessen with time.”
“…Vulcans cannot lie, Doctor.”

(So I had way too much fun with this and it’s on my redbubble now??? so yes lol @audjolras Thank you for the request!!)


Ignis: See that you buy no more than we need.
Noctis: Sheesh, you my mother or something?
Ignis: Mum’s the word.

Prompto: Haha, so does that make you Dad, Gladio? :)
Gladio: Yes.
Ignis: Wat
Gladio: Wat

You know what I miss? 

I miss Derek Hale’s scoffing eye-rolls. 

You know why? 

Because Theo Raeken is a douchewaffle and Derek would be so exasperated that him and Stiles would spend the entire season rolling their eyes at each other because WHY DIS DUDE. 

It would be a lot of:

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And a lot of:

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(aka this is me wanting fic of season 5a but with DEREK. Off you go you lil writing geniuses *sprinkles fairy dust after you*)

Watch on

the best fail ever I can’t stop laughing

nice ride Jack

im mad about nepotism elgort and not logan playing baby driver, im so upseT

a very good question - that’s my Working Title script and since they have a first look with Uni, they are currently looking at it in terms of budget etc

but there’s a chance (as with Grimsby - the Sasha movie) that it could go elsewhere. I know WT have worked with Sony a couple of times, so it’s possible.

You should check in with Eric Fellner - as I think we will know soon about it. Actors seem to love it, which is great. Ansel, Logan Lerman, Dane DeHaan, Nat Wolf all want to play the lead. John Hamm and Chris Evans want in for one of the other key parts. Brie Larson is desperate to do it. So there’s a hot cast coming together and some great roles for a few veterans too.


And this is Fire’s reaction. 


Hey guys! Fire here! Just finished my summer job and I’ll be home for a while! You’ll be seeing a lot more of me from now on. I’ll also be answering most of your asks for right now, because Moon needs a break. 

I’m super psyched to meet all of you new arrivals! Hopefully we’ll have fun! You all are going to be in for one heck of a ride. Can’t wait to see what happens next! ;P