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Gmw! Netflix thoughts

Without having watch season 3 finale and series finale there is much going on about what will happen!
In my opinion I think GMW ending had a lot to do with what Disney wanted the show to be vs what the writers wanted from it! I love gmw and I’m 25 yes old! It teaches excellent lessons about life, family, and friendships! Girl meets world is the kind of show our children should be watching! Their focus is to teach our children the importance of family and friendships! They teach them to respect one another, to understand people, and to accept them for their differences. It also teaches them that’s it’s okay to be different, unique, and growing up it’s a journey to find who we want to be! It’s a fun funny show with a great diversity of characters! Our kids are growing up watching stupid shows, violent ones! We live in a world full of hate and violence already they don’t need to grow up watching that even the cartoons are not like they used to be like tom and jerry the jets on etc! Gmw is the perfect show for kids to watch! I am all for the show moving to Netflix I know is not easy. There is a lot with who owns the name and the characters and sometimes it can be very costly! With Sabrina doing her music, and Danielle focused on her family idk if it will be possible to bring everyone together again! But…………..I want to watch Riley Blossom into the beautiful young lady she is destined to be! I want her to mature but not to lose her hope in others! I want all of us to believe in magic and love again!

So I ask everyone to please sing petitions, use your hashtags to have GMW moved to Netflix if the series is going to end we need to at least know we tried everything! Again their story it’s not over!! We need to know what happens!