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ppl who still see/portray yixing as air-headed or ‘high’ all the time like… have u ever actually heard him speak? have u ever even read any of his interviews or listened to him give a speech? boy has so much going on in his head it’s honestly mind blowing … he’s so eloquent? he communicates so well n he’s so intelligent n introspective n he speaks like 3 languages n is also a damn musical prodigy so like where the fck do ppl get off acting like he a ditz lmao

things that have happened in super paper mario
  • apparently mario is the hero of prophecy said to save all worlds from a universe-ending chaos heart brought about by princess peach and bowser getting married
  • if you keep saying no to the guy who wants to give you the pure heart so you can save the world you will eventually get a game over
  • “ok yeah. cool. great. got it, k?”
  • just o’chunks in general, really
  • “and so i arrive, like a sudden windstorm at a kindergarten picnic”
  • shut up dimentio
  • c:// error c:// running insult generator c:// result : go away yeti-lip
  • BLECK says count bleck
  • theres a part in chapter two where everything is rhyming. everything. is. rhyming. merlee won’t stop rhyming and mimi does it herself on accident
  • “and here i thought mimi’s ideal world was a gem-filled pool with hunky lifeguards”
  • press left on the d-pad for six minutes to get at least 10,000 rubees to get a really unnecessarily long code from a guy to get 1,000,000 rubees, essentially stealing them, to pay off your debt
  • mimi breaks her own neck and spins her head around before giant-ass spider legs come out of her head and she chases you around merlee’s unnecessarily large basement
  • peach is actually a solid character in this game and she owns up to her own actions and helps you (and is a really good and balanced character) in the game
  • “my friends on the digibutter.nerr forums are gonna FREAK when i show them this”
  • apparently the bitlands has an affinity for red
  • “listen, pal, nobody likes having their butterfly kidnapped by a nerd, but you have to listen to me”
  • “but im BOWSER! im prime cut 100% final boss!”
  • this guy just shows up and starts hollering about bowser’s girth
  • “do not think i did it out of the kindness of my robot heart”
  • right before you fight the boss of chapter three you have to answer a bunch of questions as peach (”my first love was an anime character!”) and then you have to go IN as peach and the boss (a chameleon nerd) gets so nervous that he opens up a program that turns the whole world into a dating sim
  • “so… how much do you make”
  • shut up dimentio
  • if you say no enough times to using the helmet you’ll get a game over
  • squirps
  • just
  • squirps
  • theres an outhouse in space for some reason
  • you take this guy’s precious treasure map and give it to some alien fairy in said space outhouse for him to use as toilet paper
  • mr. l just kicks squirps away. just kicks him away.
  • a very old caveman says “hook us up, brahs”
  • you can make a pixl shout various phrases, all of which i opted to make the guy say curse words
  • S  H U T  U P  D I M E N T I O
  • a world literally ends right before your tender eyes. there is nothing left when you return to its remains.
  • LIKE
  • “some people call it world -1″
  • the nimbis just talk in ye olde english
  • “gameovergameovergameovergameover CONTINUE”
  • borguy the 64th
  • shUt up dimentio
  • the weird emotional underlying story you’re getting after each chapter with some wahoos named blumiere and timpani with some mahjong-ass music playing in the bg
  • there is a character that is literally the paper mario equivalent of lucifer
  • “What Ended My Last Relationship” “DADDY ISSUES”
  • one by one each of your party members and each of count bleck’s main minions get ‘killed off’ before returning in the final fight
  • that ending is going to rip out your heart and stomp on it so you’d best bring some tissues
  • a good game overall

jonghyun smirking/smiling for anon

Pointed teeth and pointed ears

[For @classy-sassy-enjolrassy, Courferre first meeting, fantasy AU, ~800 w.]

Ten minutes. Courfeyrac raises his lantern in frustration. He’s busy for ten damn minutes and Marius is just gone. Courfeyrac knows he is hardly one to talk. His attention is all over the place and yes he did spend the majority of his childhood chasing after butterflies, but at least he makes enough noise to be easily followed. His feet thump on the ground and his laugh is loud enough to be heard for miles. Marius just sort of…wanders off in silence.

“Marius?” he calls out.

A window opens and a kind-looking woman leans out. “Something the matter, dear?”

Courfeyrac flashes her a strained smile. “I’m looking for my friend.”

She looks him up and down. “Oh!” she says. “You’re one of the elf boys that took a room with Louison.”

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Making Vegan Focaccia the Witchy Way

So, today my boo and I decided to make some bread, specifically focaccia. It was his first time making it and I’d only seen my momma do it before so it could have gone really badly, however I think it was a pretty good success.

Firstly we found a basic recipe on the interwebs and worked out what ingredients we needed:

  • 300ml/½ pint tepid water
  • 1½ tsp dried yeast or 2 heaped tsp fresh yeast
  • 500g/1lb 2oz ‘00’ flour or strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 1½ tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp olive oil, plus extra for greasing
  • 150 ml extra virgin olive oil for topping
  • medium coarse sea salt
  • 2 sprigs rosemary, torn into small pieces

Along with this we also decided to add three cloves of garlic because garlic is good. Plus one of my flat mates may be a vampire and I don’t want him eating my food.

SO! After a wee trip to our local ASDA we finally had everything (we needed flour and yeast because I was so unprepared.) We also maybe accidentally bought cookies. The first step was to prep the yeast.

1. Pour a little of the tepid water into a small bowl. Add the yeast and blend using your fingers. Leave the yeast for five minutes to soften and dissolve.

Ok so I messed up this step. I didn’t read the instructions properly and boo was busy sorting out banging choons on spotify so I ended up adding my yeast to the whole 300ml of water. However it didn’t seem to be too bad and it smelled super good so I just powered through.

2. Mix the flour and salt together in a large mixing bowl. You may like to transfer your mixture to a pastry board or other flat work surface at this stage and prepare the dough there, in traditional Tuscan style. Otherwise, mix the dough in the bowl.

Yeah I’m nowhere near fancy enough to have a pastry board so we did it ye olde English way. In a bowl.

3. Make a well in the centre of the flour and salt mixture. Pour the blended yeast and water into the well along with the olive oil. Mix thoroughly. Gradually add the rest of the tepid water until a sticky dough is formed.

This was really bloody sticky. Obviously I used my hands and even after vigorous washing they still smell like dough. MMMmmm.

4. Transfer the dough onto a floured surface. Gather any stray pieces. Knead the dough for about 10 minutes, adding a little extra flour if necessary, until smooth and elastic and the dough no longer sticks to your hand. To see if it is ready, you can carry out the stretch test: pull off a piece of dough, it should be elastic enough not to break quickly when stretched out.

5. Next accumulate any stray ends and rough sections by 'chafing’ your ball of dough. Hold it and curve your hands around it, use your palms to pull at its sides gently while you slowly rotate it, letting your little fingers meet underneath. Do this for five minutes. You should be left with a neat, smooth ball.

6. Oil a bowl and place the dough inside and cover with either oiled cling film or a damp tea towel. Leave in a warm place to rise until doubled in size - about 1½ hours depending on the room temperature.

This was the point in the process where I remembered to take pictures. Also I messed up my elbow kneading the dough so boo took over. 

Before Proofing

After Proofing

That rose so much oh my word it was huge and the house smelled soooo good.

7. Use your fist to knock it back, then knead it again for a further two minutes.

8. Leave to rest again, but only for 5-10 minutes

It was at this point where I decided to go off recipe a bit and make up my own nonsense. I’d seen in other recipes that people had made a garlic and rosemary oil infusion to put on the focaccia and it looked goof so I gave it a go. 

9. Add a few teaspoons of the remaining oil into a saucepan and then add 3 cloves crushed garlic. Once the garlic has browned, add the rest of the 150ml of oil, and then add three sprigs of rosemary. When it reaches its boiling point remove from heat immediately and save for step 11.

10. After proofing shape the dough by placing into a shallow baking tray, using your hands to spread it out to a depth of about 1.5cm/¾in, then allow to rise again, covered with a tea towel, until doubled in size - this will take about 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

11. Strain the oil and save the rosemary and garlic pieces. Gently drizzle the oil onto the dough, don’t worry if it looks like there is too much, there isn’t. Then add the rosemary and garlic pieces and press into the dough with finger tips, creating dimples.

12. Sprinkle with sea salt/coarse salt and then bake for 25-35 minutes or until the top is crusty and cooked through to the base. Serve.

I’m not gonna lie, I forgot about the salt until about 15 minutes into cooking but I added it then and it turned out pretty well.

Voila! The finished focaccia! Made with love. I couldn’t have made it without @dommadude so thank you <3

★ Peace out witches!!! ★

my kink is Civil War-era songs with the specifically historical verses left in

When Johnny Comes Marching Home? in eighteen-hundred and sixty-three, hurrah the end of slavery, bitches

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day? it was as if an earthquake rent the hearthstones of a continent AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT

The Battle Hymn of the Republic? okay how can anyone leave this incredibly relevant verse out:

In the glory of the lilies Christ is coming across the sea
With a healing in his bosom that was meant for you and me
As he died to make men holy, let us die to make them free
His truth is marching on.

contextualize that shit

Where is the horse? Where the young warrior? Where now the gift-giver?
Where are the feast-seats? Where all the hall-joys?
Alas for the bright cup! Alas byrnied warrior!
Alas the lord’s glory! How this time hastens,
grows dark under night-helm, as it were not!

Stands now behind the dear warband
a wondrous high wall, varied with snake-shapes,
warriors forsaken by might of the ash-spears,
corpse-hungry weapons–famous that fate–
and this stone-cliff storms dash on;
snowstorm, attacking, binds all the ground,
tumult of winter, when the dark one comes,
night-shadow blackens, sends from the north
rough hailstorm in anger toward men.

All is the earth-realm laden with hardship,
fate of creation turns world under heaven.
Here goldhoard passes, here friendship passes,
here mankind passes, here kinsman passes:
all does this earth-frame turn worthless!

So said the one wise in mind, at secret conclaves sat him apart.
Good, he who keeps faith, nor too quickly his grief
from his breast makes known, except he, noble, knows how beforehand to do cure with courage.

—  The Wanderer (translated from the Old English)
Walk You Home - Richie Tozier/Reader

Paring: Richie Tozier/Reader

Word Count: 836

Warnings: None

Request: Anon: Sorry I sent this to the wrong blog, won’t happen again 🌼 Imagine Richie seeing the reader home and desperately trying to get them to like him. Maybe he does silly voices and says stupid things and it doesn’t really work out, but in the end they get the idea that he has a crush on them. Pretty please, my favourite writer, I need fluff~


Because you weren’t specific with the gender I did a neutral gender if that’s alright.

I’m sorry if it’s not super long, honeslty I’m shit at dialouge and Richie is almost alllll dialouge so I’m so sorry. :/


Y/N hiked their backpack up on their shoulder as they exited the school, students weaving around them like fish, a steady stream of constant movement. It had been a long day and more than anything the youngster wanted to get home, do their homework, eat and then sleep, in that order. What Y/N hadn’t been expecting was Richie Tozier, in all his gangly, flailing glory, to hop out in front of them like some kind of madman.

Y/N jumped back, a surprised exclamation barely held down as they realized who it was that had scared them. Y/N rolled their eyes but true anger wasn’t anywhere in their expression. Really, it was such a Richie thing to do that Y/N wasn’t even surprised. That being said, they weren’t exactly in the mood for whatever he’d stopped them for.

As Y/N was about to say just as much Richie bowed low at his waist and held an arm out as though he were some kind of noblemen.

“Might I walk you to your humble abode fair maiden?” The voice he was using could only be described as ridiculous, somewhere caught between ye olde English and maybe British. Y/N snorted and shook their head.

“I’m no maiden Richie,” somehow, even after the day that they’d had Y/N was already started to feel a bit better. They brushed past Richie and spoke as they went, “but yeah, I could use the company.” Y/N threw a smile over their shoulder and Richie scrambled to collect himself and follow.

“Many thanks!” He cheered, once more in the voice he’d used before. Y/N shook their head in amusement as the two of them left the school parking lot and headed toward the residential area of Derry. One of the bonuses of living in such a  small town was that everything was within at least fifteen minutes of everything else by foot.

About ten minutes into the walk Y/N isn’t sure if they want to strangle the boy or bust a gut. Richie had cycled through at least eight different voice, all of which (aside from a pretty decent Scarface impression) was completely laughable. He’d also let loose a volley of wildly inappropriate jokes that had Y/N’s cheeks flushing, shoving the boy in a playful manner to get him to stop.

Richie had lapsed into silence.

Y/N was left with own thoughts in the peace and quiet, calm now more than they had been once school had let out. It was strange that Richie had offered to walk them home, sometimes they hung out in the library when they shared a free period or ate lunch together with the rest of Richie’s friends, one and a while they even hung out at the arcade on the weekend but Richie had never once asked to walk them home before.

An idea prickled in Y/N’s mind, causing them to side eye Richie while he wasn’t looking at them. His cheek did seem a bit flustered and he looked like he was thinking about something rather intently, hands fidgeting at his sides. Richie’s gaze shifted over to Y/N and their eyes met. As though he’d been caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to Richie snapped his head back so he was looking pointedly in front of him.

Something fluttered in Y/N’s stomach as realization dawned.

Richie Tozier had a crush on them.

By the time the thought had completely solidified they reached Y/N’s house. They both paused at the closed threshold of the home. Richie and Y/N both paused, the boy scuffing his sneaker against the pavement before his goofy expression overtook his face and he bowed again.

“As promised, I’ve returned thee to thy castle.”

Y/N smiled and made up their mind while Richie returned to his normal stand position.

Y/N leaned forward quickly and pressed their lips to Richie’s cheek and stepped back, a faint smile playing across their mouth as Richie floundered.

“Thank you, good sir,” you teased lightly, twiddling your fingers in a wave goodbye as you turned and opened your door.

“Hey, Y/N!” Richie called from behind them. Y/N turned around with a raised brown, that little grin still in place as they took in the glasses-clad boy’s cherry colored complexion and nervous expression.

“Yeah?” Y/N asked, already having some idea where this was heading.

“Do ya’… did ya’… I mean, would you wanna go see something at the Aladdin Saturday?” The smile on Y/N’s face grew a bit wider.

“Yeah, Richie, that sounds good.” Richie’s expression shifted from anxious to wildly excited in a matter of seconds. When Y/N closed the door behind themselves they could hear a loud cheer as Eddie headed down the road toward his home.

Y/N laughed softly and went to go do homework as planned, looking forward to the date they had that weekend with one Richie Tozier.

I tried the sweet glazed cakes called honey bun! It was so sweet it hurt my teeth! Ever since @colakinq said his favorite sweet was the gods sent cakes I had wonder what they were- and ah! So good!

The Icelandic Language still uses the letters Þ and Ð, which used to be in the English alphabet too but which fell into disuse and were eventually left out altogether. Their pronunciation is the sound made by the “th” in “this” and “that” respectively.

Incidentally, the Þ was not included in early English printing press types. As a substitute they used y, which looks somewhat similar. Thus was the popular misconception born that English people used to say “ye” as in “ye old shoppe.”

i am horrible at promo so please like/reblog if you’re willing to roleplay with a fate-noob who happens to roleplay bedivere from fate! i am sparkly new to this fandom and the game itself, and it would be lovely if anyone would guide me through this fandom. thank you very much in advance!

anonymous asked:

I'm writing a YA fantasy book in an original universe, and it's character-driven, so I want the characters to speak like teenagers. but one of the REALLY common worldbuilding nitpicks is the 'these words are Anachronistic and you Can't Use Them' line... often applied to words like rewind, derail, etc, or to idioms (train of thought comes to mind). so: how much language policing do you think is necessary to maintain immersion while still letting the characters, well, sound like human beings?

Synth:  Translation Convention is a thing for a reason.

Sure, you could do a shitload of research and write a book set in [location and time period] where everyone is speaking as they really would have in that time and place, but unless the target demographic is extreme history buffs, it very likely won’t go over very well.

Would you want to read an entire super serious novel done up in exaggerated Ye Olde English? It would have a good chance of getting very tedious very quickly.

Bina:  I’d say that if the phrase or idiom refers to something SPECIFICALLY referring to a dated action or common object (I call shotgun!, It’s not rocket science, Speak of the devil), you can make an equivalent phrase whose meaning can be inferred and makes sense in the world’s context (I call copilot seat!, It’s not [insert anything complicated], Speak of [insert evil deity]), or find a synonym. Of course, if all synonyms are crap, then don’t bother. If your sentence flows well enough most people won’t even notice. 

 One bonus of making your own phrases and idioms is that they’re tiny worldbuilding tidbits for the reader. “It’s not [rocket science/complicated thing]” (where the thing is something new to the reader) teaches the reader that “oh, I don’t know what that really is, but I do know it’s really hard!”

Constablewrites:  I think this is the sort of thing that multiple drafts and beta readers are for. In the initial pass, write in a way that sounds natural to you. Then when you go back to revise, do a pass where you look for those potential speedbumps and consider them individually to see if they need to be changed and how. Ask your beta readers to make note of any language that bumped them out of the story. You’re always going to get nitpickers, but if the story is otherwise engaging readers generally won’t have a problem with it. I find it’s only when I already don’t care about the characters or the plot that I start tripping over questionable word choice.

Pull My Hair Part 1 - The Wanderer

Summary: For @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash and her 2nd Negan Writing Challenge, this is for the hair-pulling kink prompt introducing OFC Susan.

Word Count: 5421 (Sorry, I got carried away)

Warnings: Foul language, Sexual References, Language, and Imagery (No Smut yet), Slight Gore, Really Bad Humor

Author: @genevievedarcygranger

At first, she didn’t make a point of leaving, but life forced her hand. One of the first large groups she had found had been terrible. Composing mostly of men, they made far too many attempts to get into her pants, and feeling too uncomfortable and unsafe to sleep she slipped out one night and ran away with a backpack full of goods so she could make it on her own.

For a while she was fine – they hadn’t even bothered to pursue her – but she spent too many nights awake, waiting for danger. After that she found another group, but the group was dissolving at the seams when she joined them. They didn’t have a community, and roamed around much as she had done. The area they were scouting lacked supplies and they were forced to disperse to find enough food for themselves.

For a while she was fine – they hadn’t even bothered to pursue her – but she spent too many nights awake, waiting for danger. After that she found another group, but the group was dissolving at the seams when she joined them. They didn’t have a community, and roamed around much as she had done. The area they were scouting lacked supplies and they were forced to disperse to find enough food for themselves.

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why do these gotg ravager roleplayers say “ye” ????? How did that start
Ye isn’t southern it makes me think of like medieval english. 
If you wanna be accurate you can say either you, or y’all or ya
Reading ye it just looks like ye old english
As a midwestern who actually has relatives who live in the south I know no one uses ye but Ive heard a lot of ‘yer’ in my time
Also dont take my post personally this isnt a call out just me makin an observation and no one needs to listen to me

i swear white people get mad over us saying ‘talmbout’ instead of ‘talkin about’ or ‘ion’ instead of ‘i don’t’.. do y’all get mad that we say ‘you’ instead of ‘thee’ now? language.. evolves. if you’re so pressed then learn and speak old english ye ol stupid ass