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You should totally go watch The Pirates right now, unless you’ve seen it before, in which case you should probably watch it again. I can’t write a proper review of it because I’m not drunk, and this feels like the kind of movie I’d review much better if I was drunk, but I can say that it gave me the same sort of glee as Hansel and Gretel, Witch-hunters or the first Pirates of the Caribbean, only without the flagrant anachronism or anything supernatural.

Instead you’ve got Ye-Jin Son’s bad-ass beautiful pirate babe (above) repeatedly kicking dudes in the face and also communing with whales. She only shows skin when she gets in a my-scar-is-more-badass-than-your-scar contest with the male lead.

Everything in this movie is over the top and flaunting it. 

Also there’s a hapless ex-pirate who keeps trying to teach a bunch of bandits basic marine biology, and the best cinematic use of a seagull ever

So Ji Sub And Son Ye Jin Might Be Reuniting In New Film After 16 Years

So Ji Sub And Son Ye Jin Might Be Reuniting In New Film After 16 Years

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Top actors So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin might be starring in a romantic movie together!

It has been reported that the two actors are in talks for an upcoming film called “I’m on My Way to Meet You” (tentative title). The movie is based on a successful Japanese novel.

On April 13, So Ji Sub’s agency 51K stated, “He did receive a casting offer, but he is currently looking it over. Nothing has been…

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  • Jungkook: mom
  • Jin: yes son?
  • Jungkook: if apple made cars, would they have windows?
  • Jin:
  • Jungkook:
  • Jin: I think it's time you go to bed
  • Jungkook: but mom-