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do you think jihan aren't that close anymore? i mean they're hardly ever together but they were always together predebut :( i was just wondering what you thought?

Oh anon, no i dont think that.

What i think is that they’re still as close as ever but now they’re also much more comfortable with the other members as well! As a group they’ve all become closer which is beautiful.

Predebut days jihan were together all the time, joined at the hip. but remember they were the new kids so they may not have felt entirely a part of the group yet. They were the only same age friends besides seungcheol and doyoon but those boys had been together for a looong time and would have had their own little world. i know seungcheol would have talked to them and helped them and wanted them to be a part of everything, but for a while the boys would have felt a little like outsiders.
and so Jeonghan clung to jisoo like a life line.
They went through a lot together, just the two of them and i don’t think either of them will forget that.

When i look at predebut jihan i see how my best friend and i were when we were younger, kids that relied on each other, believed we needed each other and showed love and affection abundantly, messily and openly. When i look at current jihan i see how my best friend and i are now, mellowed out, no need to to cling or grab at each other every few seconds. we can tell what the other is thinking through a glance or a text, we know what we are and don’t have to share it with the whole world constantly.
and if you watch jihan closely theyre the same. they’re subtle. when something funny happens or someone does something lame they find each others eyes first, they smile and seem to have a whole conversation alone, in a few seconds with just a glance.
somehow they’ll be in different places but without noticing you’ll find them together again on the other side of the room. so chill. so casual.
just a, ‘yeah i want to be next to you but im not going to make a big deal about it.’
So what i’m trying to say is, Jihan have grown up and their friendship with them

They’re best friends anon, sometimes i know with my best friend, we deviate from the same path for a little, make new friends and talk less for a while. But we always come back together :)

so anon don’t be sad! hehe just because you can’t see them together all the time doesn’t mean theyre not. doesn’t mean theyre not at home at the end of the day making fun of each other and watching movies together like dumb best friends do.