ye eating an ice cream

honestly this was just an excuse to draw todoroki in a bomber jacket but hey!! tododeku ice cream date? tododeku ice cream date.

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Now only sadness fills the void.

Dinner Party

Summary: After Bucky returns home from a mission all you want to do is stay in bed (naked) all day with him. But you two have to go to a friend’s birthday to make things fun he proposes a little game.

Paring: Bucky x Reader.

Words: 2575

Warnings:  There is a lot in fuffly in this, but also SMUT and loats of teasing.

This is a one-shot

Thank you to @drinkfantasy, for being my beta you are the best.

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You look at yourself in the mirror, felling happy about your appearance. You are wearing one of your favorites dresses, it is navy blue with a modest cleavage in the front and another masive one in the back.

You look cute for your friend’s birthday, your make up it’s done in a very simple away, just some mascara and lip gloss. You turn around and see Bucky who is lying on your bed almost sleeping. You sit by his side and he hides his face on your lap. You start playing with his hair, making him moan at your gentle actions.

“Are you sure you want to come along? You can stay here and sleep a little. I won’t hold against you if you don’t come with me.” You know that he is tired, Bucky came back home around 4 a.m. from a two weeks mission and he only slept a few hours.

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Top Ten Tips for Freshmen

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Anonymous asked: Hey. I’ve been following your blog for awhile. Super cool and informative! I’m going to be a freshman in college this fall and I’m kinda nervous (like anyone would be) I’m gonna major in Music Ed. Any tips for incoming freshmen???

Congratulations on getting in! Honestly, that’s a great question. Here are my Top Ten Tips for Music Freshmen

1. Schedule in time to practice. Practice is no longer something you can do for twenty minutes when you get home from school. Pianists and violinists probably understand this already, but seriously everyone (singers especially): practice an hour a day, minimum, every weekday of your freshman year. It will help you out in the long run SO MUCH.

I’m a huge advocate for using Google Calendar for EVERYTHING, so just slide that hour of practice in between classes, or wherever it fits. Then stick to it. The difference between someone who buckles down their freshman year and someone who doesn’t tends to compound for the rest of their musical careers.

2. Schedule in time to eat. Okay, this might have been a Me-problem, but I had class straight from 8am to 4pm three days a week my sophomore year, and 8am to 8pm at least one other day that same semester. There was no lunch break in that schedule. My roommate thought I had died a couple times because I had gotten back to the dorm after she’d fallen asleep, and left before she’d woken up. DO NOT BE ME. Leave at LEAST one hour-long break somewhere in the middle of your long days. You’ll still have days that are just as long, but that break will make life so. Much. Nicer.

3. Leave your door open at your dorm, and keep it closed at your practice room. The friends I made my freshman year that I still talk to I met because we lived on the same dorm floor for like three years together. My SO, my best friends, yep, all of them lived on the same floor as me. I met them because I left my door open whenever possible, and so did they, and no one minded if someone came and sat on someone else’s floor. That’s a major method of bonding freshman year - don’t ignore it.

On the flip side, this does NOT HOLD TRUE to practice rooms. If you’re practicing, keep that door shut. If you want to talk to someone in the hallway, sure, stand in the doorway, but Do Not Do the Doot without shutting the door. That’s how you annoy the entire music program.

4. Walk everywhere, as much as you can. My freshman 15 was a negative 15, because I didn’t change how I ate but suddenly I was walking six miles a day. Yes, public transport is great if you live in a really far-flung dorm or something. But if you can buckle down and walk to class, or bike if it’s real far, then you can cut down on any guilt from not being able to hit the gym by at least half.

5. Just because there’s unlimited ice cream does NOT mean you should eat unlimited ice cream. On a similar note: yes, the soft-serve is great. Do NOT fill a salad bowl with soft-serve. Just don’t. It ends badly. Coffee poured into a mug half-filled with soft-serve? A much better idea, in moderation.

6. The friends you make in your first week will probably not be the friends you have at graduation. I still talk to my freshman group, but that’s because we were all remarkably level-headed people who didn’t really do the massive personality change some students go through their freshman year. I’ve seen way more groups, however, that cling together the first two weeks of school, and then try to force friendship for the rest of the year, regardless of actual compatibility. Just let it go, and be friends with the people you actually get along with. Join clubs and intramurals, if you need to.

P.S. Dating your freshman year is not worth it!!! Don’t do it!!!

7. Even if you don’t like your fellow music majors, be polite and courteous to them anyway. There’s always one or two people in your music program that you will not be able to stand. That’s fine. Do your best to avoid being in classes or ensembles with them. What you cannot do is: be cruel, talk behind their back, or otherwise be a rude and gross person to them. A.) That’s just mean, and you’re not a high school student anymore, rise above the pettiness. B.) The people you meet in college will be an amazing network for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t think that the person you dislike is a potential connection that will help you later, the people who hear you gossip or be cruel could be, and they will remember it. Always be kind.

8. Stick to the middle of the bell curve when it comes to talking in class. Don’t be the person talking almost as much as the professor, either to answer questions, interrupt, or whisper to your friends. And please don’t be That Guy, the one who thinks they know EVERYTHING and purposefully asks obscure questions to seem smart. On the other hand, you should try to answer some questions. Feel out the atmosphere of your program, and adjust your talking based on that.

9. MUSIC MAJORS CAN’T SKIP CLASS. Too many college advice things tell incoming freshmen that yeah, you can totally skip class every week or so, it won’t affect your grade, blah de yada blah. I don’t know if this applies to other majors (probably not any rigorous ones), but it certainly does NOT apply to music majors. You go to every class you can drag yourself to. If you have a major flu or something, email your professor and get the material. However, unless you are nigh unto Living Death, go to class. I learn really well on my own, and any time I missed a class I came back and immediately felt lost. DON’T SKIP CLASS.

10. It’s okay to switch majors - both within music and to something else. Music is a hard major to enter, but once you’re in it, it’s easy to shift your focus or leave. Tons of people enter as Performance majors, and leave as Ed., or vice versa, or switch Composition or Tech instead. Plenty of others drop music down to a minor and get business majors or something else completely different. All of that is okay.

The current requirement that kids who have been told to sit down, shut up, and listen for 12 years being expected to know exactly what their career path should be upon being handed a piece of paper at 18 is DUMB. So follow your passion. If your passion changes, that’s okay - just keep going. You’ve got this.


Ice Ice Babies


“It’s gone...all gone...” - Batsis (Reader) x Batfamily

Summary Batsis is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED after she accidentally erase from her computer the entirety of the novel she has been working hard on for the past three years… 

Because I’m actually very frustrated with myself right now (refer to that post if you wanna know more), and thought that the best solution was to turn all that frustration into a story, and sorry if it’s pretty bad, it’s literally something I just came up with, and wrote in twenty minutes, because I was so damn frustrated, and here it is : 

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Your screams of panic wakes your brother up from a good nap he was having, and he runs to your bedroom as fast as he can, almost falling down stairs, slipping on the wooden floor in his socks. He burst into your room, ready to fight, and finds you sat at your desk, shaking your computer desperately. 

-Timmy, please do something, I just did something, don’t ask me what I don’t even know it just kinda happened, I pushed some fucking keys on my computer, and my novel just disappeared ! 

He stares at you for a few seconds, a bit in disbelief, before finally answering :

-…Wait, that’s your emergency ? Are you kidding me (Y/N)? 

-Au contraire mon frère, I’m super serious ! My novel alright ?! I’ve been working on it for the past three years, I was almost done !! IT CAN’T BE ALL GONE ALRIGHT !?

As you said those last words, you stood up and grabbed your brother by the collar of his shirt. Realizing what you just did, you let go of him, and straighten him a bit, forcing a smile on your face. 

-Can you, please, my dear and adorable little brother, check my computer to see if it can be retrieved ? 

Tim was a little stunned, he never saw you like that before. It was pretty much the exact opposite in fact, you were known to be the calmest and more collected of the batkids. You usually were the one calming them down…In that sense, you were a lot like your father. So seeing you being so…hysterical, was a bit unsettling. 

-Ok calm down, we can probably retrieve your file. Most files can be recovered from computers. Hell, remember when I got some back from the bat computer after it’d been completely torched down ?

-Yes, I’m hoping for another one of your miracle here. Don’t disappoint bro’. 

-I won’t. 

And on that note, Tim cracked his knuckles and went to work. 

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Lactose Intolerant Richie HC

Okay so I was having a conversation a little while ago with a friend and we made this head cannon of the losers club reacting to it. (@wyattspookeff) 

“RICHIE NO” “richie YES”

-Richie constantly drinks chocolate milk and eats ice cream even though he knows hes lactose intolerant 

-The gang alwasy seems to remember it while Richie is drinking milk, but they forget when he’s eating ice cream 

- After eating ice cream, Richie always says his stomach hurts and then it just clicks to the gang and they’re all like UGH RICHIE 

-Stan is always like “he should know better! he brings it on himself!” with his arms crossed, refusing to feel sympathy 

-Eddie alwasy catches him and is like “RICHIE NO YOU’LL GET SICK” before or during, but Richie still does it

-Beverly is just amused by the whole thing going on, and usually doesn’t say anything. 

-Mike is disappointed in Richie, but he still get upset when Richie is sick. 

-Bill is the Dad Friend who carries around the lactose intolerant pills and gives them to Richie is he can catch him before he eats or drinks dairy products, but often times it slips his mind until it’s too late.

-Ben is the one who sometimes remembers half way through Richie eating ice cream and he just blurts out “RICHIE YOU’RE LACTOSE INTOLERANT” 


Sherlock x reader

Summary: If it’s already bad that John teases Sherlock endlessly about (Y/N), it’s even worse when Mycroft joins the game.

Warnings: Flustered Sherlock, mention about drugs.

Request: By @sherlockourhero

A/N: Good read everyone!

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seventeen on an ice-cream date

mingyu- mingyu would get the ice cream and bring it to you and in the midst of all this he would stumble a bit being the cute clumsy thing he is, he would sit down with you and start eating and he would end up with ice cream on the tip of his nose and he wouldn’t realise and you would get an napkin and wipe his nosengjrigrigr and then he would say something cute like “ahhhh i did it again” and start whining jfifjeiue

wonwoo- a ball of happiness eating an ice-cream. is there any thing else i really have to say?? he would just sit there and embrace the happiness around him and the happiness of being around you and just relax and you would just talk about the stupidest things like is it hard to paint your nails with your fingers

dk- dk would non stop smile after he asked you out and you said yes. your first date would be an ice cream together and he would just constantly stare and smile at you and you would eventually gently hit him on the shoulder and he would giggle and be like ‘what?’ and you’d be like ‘stop staring’ and he’d just giggle and apologise then offer you some of his ice cream ;z;

woozi- he would honestly be so shocked you said yes that he would awkwardly sit eating the ice cream trying to find a topic to talk and his face would go all red and bright and he would just be like ‘so do you like puppies?’ then pull out his phone and start showing you this time he saw this cute dog idek gnejkgregrewhatislifegnjgk

dino- now as i said woozi wouldn’t know what to say, but dino, dino is on a whole other level- i swear this child would just sit there the whole time trying to find a way to eat this ice cream, go from the side then sort of shake his head, from the other side, from the top, from the bottom, and even after you had finished he would still be trying to rap his head around the idea of this whole thing and you would just sit there giggling at him

jeonghan- jeonghan would be chill on the outside but in his head literal alarm bells would be ringing. he would be asking himself questions he didn’t know the answers to like ‘what should i do next??//??/?’ and ‘am I supposed to pay??? is that a thing?? the guy pays right?? i mean i cant let her pay- right?’ and i feel like he would end up cutely stuttering a few times and handing over the wrong amount of money oR leaving without he change and someone having to call him back into the restaurant to get it

seungkwan- oh the diva boo i feel itgegemkf. seungkwan would legit waltz into the shop and stop at the counter and just go “one strawberry and one chocolate ice-cream please” then slowly slide cash across the table like he was in a movie and you would giggle at him and he would be acting all tough then the waiter would be like ‘cup or cone’ and he’d switch out of dive mode and be like ‘cone please…’ all shy like

scoups- coups would come back with one ice cream and you’d be like wot wheres my ice cream?? and then he’d turn the cone to show you half and half of yours and his favourite flavour and he’d be like ‘2 scoops is $2 more don’t say i don’t love you’ and you would giggle at him and he would giggle backenjkremek

joshua- joshua being the perfect person he is would have legit perfect looking ice creams and would surprise you and be like ‘its on me’ and then he would drag you to a park and feed you the ice-cream while sitting on a bench together with your head in his lap awwjnfk

jun- holy moly ok so jun would be like ‘let me impress you with my actings skills’ and you’d be like ‘ok go for it’ and he’d start acting and then when he got distracted he wouldld accidentally ’throw’ (of more like slip) the ice-cream out of his hand and it would land on the floor behind him and you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing and jun would just be there in the background like “‘HEYY DONT LAUGH AT MEEE’

the8- you would get the ice creams and you would desperately want to try the8s but he would always be like ‘calm yo self you can have one in a sec’ then continue to eat it. so you would distract him and go in for a bite of his ice-cream and he would turn around and be all cute like ‘i cant see it where is it’ then he’d see his ice-cream and start to pout and get all cute and he’d be like “why’d you do thattt’ :”)

hoshi- hoshi would have ‘no idea’ what flavour to get you and would end up bring back only ‘one ice cream’ and you would just look at him like wdym?? and he’d just kinda laugh awkwardly and say ‘i didn’t know what you wanted… so i didn’t get you anything at all’ and you’d just stare at him and be like ‘yOu know what i likeeee’ and he’d sit down and pull your favourite flavour of ice-cream from behind his back and be like ‘just kidding!’ and bop your nose.

vernon- vernon would be very impromptu and just pull you out of the house and be like ‘we’re going for ice cream’ and you’d be like ‘why??’ and he’d be like ‘just cause’ and you’d spend the whole day just walking and talking and holding hands casually. oh and ofc eating your ice cream

Saying Hello to Dad

Inspired by this imagine found at @thefandomimagine

Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy. Food mention. Nervous Steve.

Word count: 1,263

“Steve! Come here, quick!”

“What is it?!”

Steve nearly busts a wall down with his shoulder to get to you, his face ashen and twisted with anxiety like it has been for the last five months; from the early symptoms to the first home test to the official diagnosis, he’s been a borderline wreck, waiting on you hand and foot for every little thing, insistent on your absolute comfort. Despite the fact that the doctor declared everything to be normal, that it was healthy for you to move about and carry on with day to day life, he was terrified that something might happen to you or the baby in your belly.

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Forget me (Steve Rogers x Reader) (Part II)

Part 1:

A/N: I don’t really like how this turned out, but hey, what can I do. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless! x

You looked at your phone, a new message on the screen. You were scared to read it. It was from Clint, but what reason had he got to message you if it was not about Steve? It had been two weeks since the break up, and all you had done was laying in bed, sobbing and eating loads of ice cream. Were you overreacting? Yes. Were you heartbroken? Yes.
Steve had been the first person you had loved. You had met when, during one of his daily runs, he tripped over and threw your coffee all over you. He, like the gentleman he was, apologized a million times, not caring if you were telling him it was fine. He had decided to invite you to have another coffee another day in order to apologize. After going out for three times, you could already feel yourself falling for him, and when he finally kissed you on the seventh date, you knew you loved him. He was everything you had always dreamt as a child, your dream prince. You had never really cared about superheroes, but when Tony Stark showed up at his house when you two were watching a movie, you realized you were dating Captain America, and that’s why he had looked familiar when you first met. You didn’t care, and he was happy about that. You had ended up meeting all The Avengers and getting along with them, but that didn’t stop them from knowing you were the one behind Steve’s clumsiness.
Natasha had tried to see you twice, knocking at your door and telling you to open, but you always told her to go away -if you saw her, you would break even more. She would bring back all the memories you had with Steve. If you wanted to get over the break up, you had to stop all contact with the team, erase him from your memory.
Unlocking your phone, you looked at the message, and you didn’t wait a second before putting on some clean clothes. The message was urgent, and you were worried.
We need you. Now. Steve’s out of his mind.

When you arrived at the Tower, you called Clint, but received no answer, so you just decided to check all the facilities. Everything was empty. Every room. The gym was the only one left, but what could the whole team be doing there?
Walking there, you started to hear noise when you got close to the door. Opening it carefully, you saw Natasha and Clint lying on the ground, Tony fighting and Wanda and Vision trying to help. Steve had done that. Steve was punching Tony so hard that it even hurt you just from watching.
‘It was you! You told her to do it! And you just told me because you feel guilty!’ Steve shouted. Even with the suit on, you could tell Tony was tired. Wanda and Vision didn’t seem to want to hurt Steve, so they were just throwing small objects at him that didn’t even harm him a little.
‘Steve! Stop!’ you shouted at the top of your voice. His fist stopped mid-air, and he just looked at you, his eyes opening. You walked slowly up to him, raising your hand. ‘Give me the shield, Steve’ you said, looking him in the eye. He gave it to you, and you tossed it across the room before running to Tony to help him sit. You checked Natasha and Clint to see if they were just okay, which they were. ‘How could you, Steve?’ you whispered, looking at him with a shocked expression on your face.
‘Tony -he had the idea. He decided we should break up. I…’ he said, looking around and finally realizing what he had done.
‘No, Steve! It wasn’t him, okay?! I was the one that broke up with you, not Tony! It may have been his idea, but I did it! You could have killed them, Steve!’ you shouted. He could have killed his friends, and you didn’t know what to do. ‘It was my decision, Steve. Everyone knows one can’t have a relationship and be a superhero. You were the only one that tried to have both. Well, Steve, you can’t. I don’t care if it hurts me. This is what you must do. You must fight and protect the world. I don’t care about me, Steve. I chose to break up with you, and what you’ve done -to Tony, Natasha, Clint, everyone, is wrong. I’m so disappointed, Steve’ you said, your voice breaking. ‘Please, protect the world. Forget me. You’ll find somebody when it’s time. Please. I can’t feel guilty about stopping you from fighting for my whole life. I won’t allow it. Please. Don’t come after me, Steve. Don’t do that to me’ you said, tears welled up in your eyes. You gave him one last kiss and left, knowing Wanda and Vision would be able to clean up all the mess without your help.
When you arrived home, you decided it was time to move on. Going out for coffee, you tripped over someone, and tired of relationships, this time you decided to just leave silently, finally enjoying being on your own. You could do it, you could move on. And you would.

160724 Fansign ending talk

Taeyong: Winwin, would you like to say something to the fans?

Winwin: Yeah.. Did everyone watch NCT Life?

Fans: YES!!!

Winwin: *says cutely* I really want to eat ice-cream *then he stood nearer towards Taeyong, and looked at him while holding on to his microphone*

*whole room goes berserk*

Taeyong: Then let’s have ice-cream after this…

cr: TO2OK; peachyunn

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How would the RFA + V and Saeran react to a bilingual MC, who uses a word in another language when she can't think of the right one in the language she's speaking? (I do this a lot with French + English, and my friends who don't speak French always give me weird looks :( )


The language I picked was the language (Punjabi) I speak at home, but I didn’t know how to spell it in english but I tried my best!!! (Most of these are actually my own experience) (Also sorry I didn’t use several languages, i just like putting my own personal stuff in here sometimes) 404 did the non-Punjabi ones! ~ Admin 626

-He convinced you to play LOLOL with him!!!
-Big mistake
-He knew that he could get loud and angry when something happened, but…
-Did not expect you to get so loud!!!!
-You said it fairly often, and he knows it’s another language, but…. WHAT WERE YOU SAYING?
-He’s asked you constantly what it means but you….couldn’t…..think of the right words?
-”It means… um…. Well. It means… Oh my god? What are the words?
-Scared the hell out of him when you yelled “FUCKING HELL” out of nowhere one day and you had to explain that  you finally remembered what you were trying to say!!! Only this time, not in Swedish!!
-MC!!! BAD!!!
- lowkey google translates anything you can’t remember for you

-The two of you were coming home from a completely boring party you had to attend
-It was full of big, important business owners and directors and you just couldn’t stand it!!!
-”HOW in the WORLD do they run their businesses??”
-”I know! They’re such…. Um… uh, como se dice…pendejos??”
-”I agree, they did seem to be lacking in the knowledge department.”
- okay that wasn’t what i asked exactly but thanks
-This happens more than you’d like to admit, but it’s a good thing he can speak Spanish
-He’ll always understand you, whether you’re speaking in Spanish or not!!!
-”Jumin? Como se dice gato?” “MC, that’s a simple word. It’s cat. How could you forget?”
-”Do you want some… some.. Um… Vino?” “? Wine? Yes, MC, please.”
-YOU’RE SO GRATEFUL THAT HE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU where would you be if he didn’t translate for you???
-He notices when you’re quiet in public and realizes that you probably just can’t think of the correct word outside of Spanish, so he’ll answer you quietly just so you don’t get embarrassed what a cutie omg

-”Shit… what’s the word again….”
-??? So you ask him what word he’s thinking of. He didn’t figure you’d know but he told you anyway
-”I forgot the word for ‘safinat fadayiya’”
-????? Did he not realize you’ve been able to get into his house since the beginning
-Now the two of you speak Arabic around the others just to be jerks
-Not even Jumin knows Arabic
-You don’t say anything meaningful, either. It’s usually random sentences!
-So every time you forget a word, he’s got your back! So long as you you do the same for him
-Except if you forget a word at the gate, he’ll let you suffer and laugh at you
-Well!!!! Until you get angry enough at least. Then he’ll let you in and hide from your cute wrath

-He didn’t even know you could speak another language
-Honestly always thought that you were muttering or making words up
-That’s why he always gave you a weird look
-One day though, you were mid-conversation with him and blanked on the word
-”Do you want to go get…. Um. Get…crème glacée?”
-”….Get what?”
-”Crème glacée. You know… the uh, frozen milk stuff you like to eat!”
-”You..mean ice cream? You’re saying ice cream?”
-”YES! YES HEY!!! That thing! Thank you!”
-”What the hell was that? Made up words? What the fuck?”
-Saeran it….. Was….. French, sweetheart. Not made up
-??? He was really confused but took your word for it
-Tries to learn French secretly so he can help you next time instead of looking at you like you were crazy

- you’re actually lowkey worried about him???
- He’s so pretty!!!
- What if he gets jinxed and he becomes ugly because his looks are shown off so much??? Literally my grandma has said this to me and my cousin after she and i dressed up one time
- you always try to encourage him to wear sweats and other lowkey clothing so no one will be drawn to him! (of course only when you two are trying to do something in public together, you wouldnt try to get him to do that for anything job related)
- but he just doesn’t get it??? He never listens to you but you never really explain why bc you feel so embarrassed believing in this!!!
- but one day you two get into a terrible argument about this
- “I just don’t get it! Are you jealous of the other girls giving me attention?”
- You start tearing up because that’s so far from it, you completely trust him
- “Nazaar, okay?! I just don’t anything happening to you!!!”
- Zen is just like wtf did u just say, was that even human or are you just choking wtf
- “Oh god sorry, I didn’t mean to use Punjabi but I don’t know another word for it. It’s kinda like jinxing but it’s more intense? But basically by showing off your looks, other people might want something bad to happen to you and you might turn ugly!”
- but he understands it’s part of your ritual and he lets you do these little rituals to ward away the “nazaar” because it’s cute that you worry that much <3

- you’re helping out at the shop when you run out of cardamom to put in the chai! sUCH A TRAGEDY
- but you can’t remember what it’s called??? You can’t tell Jaehee???
- “MC, what’s wrong?
- “We’re out of that one spice!!!”
- you decide fuck it and you’re like “We’re out of leche!!!”
- Jaehee goes wide eyed because you can speak another language wtf
- She actually knew what you were saying because Jaehee knows Hindi and that overlaps with your language a lot
-yes Jaehee knows Hindi don’t question it okay
-You two start trash talking the customers in Hindi/Punjabi

- This boy got a cute owl figurine at a store!!!
-smh what a hipster *eye roll*
- He puts it in your room bc it’s so cute!!!
- but when you see it, you freak out???
- “wait what’s wrong with it MC???”
- “Nazaar lagna!”
- He just looks at you like ??? what did you say to him???
- What did you just say about his son
- “Oh sorry um, in my culture, owls are considered bad luck?”
- okay but what u did u just say MC udumbhoe
- “I just said you jinxed me, I mean it’s worse than a jinx but that’s the best way I can say it”
- He spends the rest of the night asking you to say other words in Punjabi cause it’s so pretty
-asks you to call him Daddy in your language (just kidding that’s Jumin)

which tomato gangster you should fight
  • spain: he’ll kick your ass. he’ll kick anyone’s ass. he’ll kick his own ass. he’ll kick your dog’s ass (and say sorry to it afterwards). there’s no way you’ll live through the process, but at least it will be fun.
  • belgium: literally why on earth would you do that. she will own you so bad you'll probably end up discovering a new contortionist position. romano will probably be there to film it and you'll be eternally famous as "Dude Punches Own Anus". do not fight belgium.
  • romano: he’ll walk all over you like a runway model. which he is. this guy's basically the bab of the group and if you fight him you fight the whole gang. also, like, why would you fight the inventor of pizza? sit down and think about your life choices.
  • netherlands: definitely fight the netherlands. he defeated spain in the world cup and that's a crime in itself. as long as you avoid his hair you should be safe. (that candy in his jacket lining, is NOT candy. don't take it.)
  • cuba: sure, why not. you might even be able to make him slightly pissed if you tried super hard. he’ll probably fall asleep halfway through, so take this opportunity to claim victory and run away. or eat ice cream and gossip with cuba instead. yes, definitely eat ice cream with cuba. the guy's got taste.
  • luxembourg: you could take lux down, easy, if you managed to live through the overwhelming smell of hair products and impossibly large sums of cash that hang around him like a protective aura. if you survive him you won't survive his siblings.
  • portugal: are you really going to pick a fight with this guy? don’t you think he has enough economic problems already without having to deal with your shit? look yourself in the mirror and ask if this is what you really want to do today. the answer is yes because you absolutely should fight port. that man deserves a few solid punches to the face. he’s a fuckboy and probably not even ashamed of it.
Memories and Dreams

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from The Growing Heat of Summer

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Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU.

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