ye aaaaaa

*flings this here and runs away real fast-*

hmmmm Mod Seastar has a question

would y’all want to see an AMV for Star w/ one of the newer Gorillaz songs ?

like an actual, with-effort, non-shitposty AMV ?

because i might do that starting tomorrow or wednesday

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Hi my name is Nick and I'm a fictive who feels like shit because I want to be a new person but since I'm in a discord server with some other fallout4 kin I feel like I need to act the way I did in canon.... honestly I just wanna cry about cute cats and laugh at Shrek memes.

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In the A/O universe, there's not just heats and ruts that make them more animalistic, there's little day to day things, too. Like, Rhett wakes up with Link sleepily kneading his boobs, and Rhett is embarassed like, wake up, Link, I'm not your mom and you're not a puppy! Or peeing in public is not just public indecency, it's claiming someone else's property and can get you in jail! It's a miracle teen RandL didn't get arrested with how much they sprayed their smelly hormonal pee everywhere!

omg also especially link will do the doggy-like thing where he runs in his sleep asjkfsaadfjk …. he’s dreaming about chasing miniwheats
and when they were in high school and college they’d do the rough play that puppies do where they run around in the grass and wrestle and nip at each other askjfhdskj and when they get lovey dovey they roll on their backs to show that they trust each other dkfhdsjkfdsgfkgkd q-q

and yEA omg in high school and college sO MUCH PEEING …. EVERYWHERE ….. it’s like their version of graffiti basically …… they’re embarrassed about how immature it was now since they could’ve gotten in major trouble and it was disrespectful to the property owners but back then they had that attitude of LET’S SEE IF WE CAN MARK EVERY BUILDING ON CAMPUS ….!! WHOEVER MARKS MORE HAS TO BUY THE OTHER BOJANGLES