Going through a notebook from last fall and it’s 80% SoaD. 

Most of it’s too spoilery to post here, but here’s me trying to work out the scene order for a series of chapters:

I also found a deleted scene where Patrick actually gets the email about Maddie, which was cut for pacing reasons (and it wasn’t totally necessary):

Patrick skimmed through his email until one subject in particular caught his eye: Re: Blood Panel. He clicked on it–the response was from Grace, an old classmate who’d ended up as an MA somewhere up north.

Hi Patrick, this looks like a clear case of ectoplasmic contamination to me. I consulted with my boss, Dr. Stein, who handles most of the ectoplasmic cases here in Amity Park, and he agrees.

E-contam is rare outside of this area and a few other centralized locations, but it has distinct characteristics that are apparent in the blood of recently exposed individuals. Dr. Tobin of the University of Wisconsin has an ongoing study and published papers on it.

We have a specialist with the most in-depth knowledge of e-contam and its effects, Dr. Madeline Fenton. Dr. Stein recommends a consultation with Dr. Fenton before further steps are taken.

Patrick sat back and stared blankly at the white popcorn ceiling. “Ectoplasmic contamination? What the heck?”

He clicked into a new tab and tapped in “Dr. Tobin ectoplasmic contamination”– a series of very dry and very serious papers on ‘the effects of ghost exposure’ poppued up. Patrick frowned and typed in another search: “Dr. Madeline Fenton”

“What is this?” he murmured. It was like suddenly stumbling on a bizarre part of the wordl he’d never known had existed. Suddenly he stopped scrolling–there was Dr. Fenton again, standing next to her husband and a…. Gorilla? In front of them stood a very uncomfortable-looking and familiar kid. Patrick stared. He was younger and a lot shorter, but…

He returned ot the search bar and typed in Danny Fenton.

The page flooded with images of Danny–the Danny that Patrick knew. “Woah.”