My reactions to my weekend.

Reading confrence on Friday.

Getting my zombie bite drawn-on by my Beth

Getting a text, letting me know the zombie walk had been canceled.

Going to a party instead.

Watching Tyler get drunk

Going to IKEA with Zoe the next morning

Working all night with crazy, annoying residents in slutty halloween costumes

Doing my photoshoots all day today.


Hanging out with Zoe and Tyler and getting absolutely NO homework done.

  • Jess: Yes! I'll admit. I've thought about it. For five minutes. Before I realized it would never EVER work between us.
  • Nick: Yeah, I agree. That's how I feel.
  • Jess: Great, well I'm glad we agree on something.
  • Nick: ME TOO! Just out of curiosity, why?
  • Jess: Because you drive me NUTS Miller. You're always sighing like you're the president of the united states and you have to decide whether or not we are going to war!