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Y Dance Deepavali Special! :D #bishanhome #ydance #uniyntu


this was the first two contemp. pieces i participated in whilst doing elements this summer.
this was only a full run through off all of the dance pieces so none of it was perfect by this point. i’m floating about in the back right aha.
not the best dancer there but i tried my best and was also suffering from an ankle injury! haha.
sean and deacon came to see me the night i performed.
i love them too much. xo


i started my work placement with ydance today. it’s so good so far. everyone is very friendly, taught three classes today and this video is of the class i regularly attend. it’s incomplete choreo and we had only learnt it today. it isn’t perfect or anything but i particularly enjoy the dance. i’m the one in the purple tshirt with the big y on it! i’m fannying about at the start haha.
choreography by kelly shearer