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YD x Rachel, QR, 56. ~~~missing QR and SL, as always!


He’s irritated that Rachel just sent a text and didn’t call him directly. He’s out of the country, working on a resort hotel and its property in Thailand, when it comes, but he really wants to be called when problems arise at school with the kids.

So-Young got into another fight. This time Min-Jae was involved, too. It’s unclear who started it but she definitely finished it. The other girl has a few broken fingers. I’ve scheduled a meeting with the school, their teachers, and the parents of the other girl the morning you get back. I haven’t paid for anything yet. Tell me what you want to do.

Young-Do closes his eyes and tells Hyun-Shik to rearrange his schedule so he can talk to Rachel now. He briefly wonders if his father cared enough to call anyone when he got in fights in middle school. 

She answers on the third ring. “What does she say is the reason for the fight? Why did Min-Jae get involved? Was someone bullying Eun-Chae?”

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How Rose shattered Pink Diamond, and how Peridot could do the same to Yellow Diamond

I believe Rose used her Ecokinesis to subdue Pink Diamond, and then (as @awestruck-vox said in his theory), reflected her own attack to shatter her. That would explain the flowers and plant-life surrounding the Palanquin she was shattered in, why Blue Diamond was in the Sky Arena in ‘The Answer’ rather than the surface, and maybe the Diamonds resentment toward organic life.

Given Peridot’s Ferrokinesis, and that Yellow Diamond seems to have some kind of Electrokinesis, I think it’s highly possible that Peridot could use these factors to subdue and shatter YD the same way. Let’s say she finds YD inside some kind of factory, a place with a lot of metal, maybe even where Peridot used to work, she could use the metal to subdue her, and with metal being a conductor of electricity, it could also be used to reflect any attack Yellow made with her powers, and Yellow Diamond doesn’t seem to be the kind of gem to think before striking.

@the-a-j-universe theorised that Homeworld lied to Era 2 Gems about their powers to prevent a second Gem rebellion, but I think they lied to Peridots specifically, and possibly other Gems who might have Ferrokinesis. I mean, Plant-life, Water, these are things that are probably very rare on Homeworld, being able to control them wouldn’t be too useful in a fight. But metal, Homeworld is a technologically advanced society, of course they’re going to have a lot of metal, which makes the idea of Ferrokinesis terrifying to the Diamonds, especially after Pink Diamonds death via a Kinetic ability, which incidentally, is around the time they started making these supposed 'Powerless Peridots’.


Lately I’ve been incorporating a bit more movement into my range time. Here I’ve set up two pieces of steel at 40 yds with the goal of hitting each twice while standing and then repeating while kneeling. Just from watching, I can see that I lose speed due to scanning THROUGH my optic rather than lifting my head as well as my slow movement while I change positions. This is why we record video though, so NO RAGRETS! 😂

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Holster: @m3tacticalkydex
Pouches: @_esstac

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So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.