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The Art of Shaping Dough with Pasta Geek @miyukiadachi

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To many, pasta means Italy, and evokes images of mouthwatering alfresco meals surrounded by olive groves in the hills of Tuscany. But there is a whole world of pasta lovers out there, and Miyuki Adachi (@miyukiadachi) of Osaka, Japan, is the ultimate pasta geek, despite having never stepped foot in Italy.

A British and American literature graduate, Miyuki was unsure about her future when she finished college. Little did she know her destiny was held in her own name (Miyuki means “deeply happy” in Japanese). After much soul-searching, she realized what made her most happy was kneading dough and artfully shaping it — so she became a professional cook.

Currently working as the lead pasta-maker at a restaurant in Toronto, Canada, Miyuki forms all kinds of pasta, but one of her favorites is strascinati, which requires a technique of “dragging” the pasta. “I love the feeling of the knife pulling over the layers of pasta dough,” she says. When it comes to her favorite pasta dish to eat, Miyuki has no doubts: “Orecchiette, because of its chewiness and ability to hold sauce well,” says Miyuki. “I serve it with broccoli raab, garlic and anchovy with toasted bread crumbs. It is really simple and has a clean flavor.”