I’ve said in a post that I think Homeworld is modeled as Ancient Space Egyptians, and that may owe more than a little bit to the stories told about the Israelites in the land of Egypt as told in the Torah, specifically how the Diamonds are like the Pharaohs. If I may borrow a quote from the excellent Prince of Egypt movie, the Diamonds, like the Pharaohs, see themselves as “the morning and evening star,” as divinely (or gemetically) anointed rulers. So here’s some thoughts about how the Diamonds, aka the Intergalactic Tyrants, might be drawing a few traits from the Pharaohs mentioned in two of the most popular stories. 

Of all the characters we’ve met, Yellow Diamond is the biggest hard-ass and has dealt with the trauma of the war by pretending she has no emotions over it - but clearly she does. YD is supposed to be the most rational of the Diamonds, who says she’s trying to do right by her people, but so far she’s revealed herself to be a pretty irrational leader, throwing aside attempts at reconciliation because of her pride and how much the war has hurt her. Her people are suffering under a resource crisis, one that Peridot might have a solution for that would help Gems while preserving organic life on Earth. But YD will have none of it. It’s what made Peridot disillusioned with her:

Yellow Diamond: I’ve heard enough! I don’t care about potential and resources.
Peridot: What?!
Yellow Diamond: I want my Cluster, and I want that planet to die. Just make that happen.

Compare to the unnamed Pharaoh (popularly interpreted as Ramesses II) in the book of Exodus, whose heart was hardened to let Egypt suffer under the plagues for not letting the Israelites go:

“So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said to him, ‘Thus says the Lord, the God of the Hebrews, “How Long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me? Let My people go that they may worship Me. For if you refuse to let My people go, tomorrow I will bring locusts on your territory. They shall cover the surface of the land, so that no one will be able to see your land. They shall devour the surviving remnant that was left to you after the hail; and they shall eat away all your trees that grow in the field. Moreover, they shall fill your palaces and the houses of all your courtiers and of all the Egyptians - something that neither your fathers nor fathers’ fathers have seen from the day they appeared on earth to this day.”’ With that he turned and left Pharaoh’s presence.

Pharaoh’s courtiers said to him, ‘How long shall this one be a snare to us? Let the men go to worship the Lord their God! Are you not yet aware that Egypt is lost?’” (The Torah, Exodus, Ch. 10)

It takes an exceptional act to finally spur both Pharaoh to let the Israelites go (the death of the firstborn) and for YD to give up the war (presumably the death of Pink Diamond). And yet, both didn’t completely surrender. Pharaoh chased the Israelites until Moses led them through the Red Sea. YD left the Cluster in the heart of the Earth in hopes that it would blow up the planet she’s come to hate.

Blue Diamond, by contrast, is a diplomat and a sentimentalist. While she by absolutely no means treats any of her subjects as equals, and in fact can be quite terrifying, she at least doesn’t want the Earth to blow up. She’s very attached to things from the planet, since they remind her of PD:

Blue Diamond: I’m surprised that a human being is capable of understanding how I feel. It’s a shame. There’s a geo-weapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything shortly. But you don’t deserve that, do you?
Greg: Geo-weapon, huh?
Blue Diamond: You know, I really shouldn’t be here. But I’m glad I came back one last time. I can save one last piece of her legacy.

That potentially makes her the one that could be reasoned with - at least with regards to not making the Earth go boom (dismantling the caste of Homeworld is an entirely different subject). BD, in my opinion, has some qualities about her that harken back to the Pharaoh from Joseph’s story in Genesis. 

BD looked to her courtier Sapphire to predict what would happen on their diplomatic mission; she seemed to be someone who relied on prophecy, and was very upset when what Sapphire foresaw did not end up happening. In Genesis, the Pharaoh was also ruled by prophecy, plagued by dreams of seven lean cows eating seven healthy cows, and seven scorched stalks strangling seven plentiful ears of grain. And it was Joseph who was called to interpret his dreams:

“‘It is just as I have told Pharaoh: God has revealed to Pharaoh what He is about to do. Immediately ahead are seven years of great abundance in all the land of Egypt. After them will come seven years of famine, and all the abundance in the land of Egypt will be forgotten. As the land is ravaged by famine, no trace of the abundance will be left in the land because of the famine thereafter, for it will be very severe. As for Pharaoh having had the same dream twice, it means that the matter has been determined by God, and that God will soon carry it out.

‘Accordingly, let Pharaoh find a man of discernment and wisdom, and let him over the land of Egypt. And let Pharaoh take steps to appoint overseers over the land, and organize the land of Egypt in the seven years of plenty. Let all the food of these good years that are coming be gathered, and let the grain be collected under Pharaoh’s authority as food to be stored in the cities. Let the food be a reserve for the land for the seven years of famine which will come upon the land of Egypt, so that the land may not perish in the famine.’” (The Torah, Genesis, Ch. 41)

I’ve already mentioned before that I think Steven has the qualities of Joseph in him, that his ability to jump in people’s minds is reminiscent of Joseph’s dream-reading. And Steven has already jumped into BD’s mind once. He could very well be the key to getting through to her - and the Diamonds at large - and help to end the resource crisis plaguing Homeworld. 

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Why do half the su theories literally never make sense? It's especially bad when one channel will pop out a new "theory" like every day; especially on YouTube

a lot of su theories on tumblr are usually pretty cool and well thought out. but the ones on youtube are just fans grasping really hard at straws.

i remember this one theory that came up ONLY because they saw that one leak with the odd looking structure from gem hunt. they argued that the structure was actually a way for the diamonds to contact characters, and that YD planned to attack steven and connie but jasper gets hit instead, corrupting her.

it was the first time i had to stop a video to face palm


So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.

I think if we were stuck in the ice age, penicillin wasn’t invented and people lived until they were 30, I could put up with marrying a man and creating children,” she says. “People say ‘life is too short’ but really, life is too long.
—  Heiress, Gigi Chao’s response to her father offering money to any man who would marry her and get her to end her lesbian relationship.

Honestly i find yellow diamond coping with the lost of PD far more compelling than how blue diamond handled it.

Like this blue bitch just goes out in the open and exposes herself to everyone just so she could mourn over someone’s death with is one of the most extra things I’ve seen a character do, especially when she’s supposed to be a powerful and imposing leader.

Yellow diamond on the other hand, repeatedly reprimands blue diamond for not letting go of her grief and holding on to things that once belonged to pink diamond. And sings to her about how she should be doing her duties as a diamond rather than acting “soft” and crying over the death of a loved one.

At the same time though, you get to understand that Yellow Diamond’s uncaring attitude to PD’s death is more of a facade she puts on to cope with everything. Like the minute to she confesses she misses PD she starts spiraling and getting upset and just repeats “what’s the use of feeling” over and over again before behaving like her normal self again.

I honestly thought it was a much better way to humanize a character and still acknowledge that’s she’s evil (like she wanted to shatter thousands of Rose quartzes just because ONE rose quartz killed PD) but all the focus instead is put on the woobified Blue Diamond from both the show and fandom.

“su would be sooo much better if rebecca sugar storyboarded more episodes”

rebecca sugar is responsible for most of the show’s most reviled mistakes. from sugilite’s concept and design, to the human zoo + it being portrayed as an utopia, pearls obsession w/ rose and abuse bc of it,  to bismuths concept and imprisonment, to the diamonds sympathetic portrayal…

that last part specifically, she said that she disliked how yellow diamond was written in “message received”, so she took it upon herself to storyboard her and blue diamond in “that will be all”. whats the big difference in those two episodes? the first got huge critical acclaim. yd was shown as the cold, focused, ruthless dictator she is, with a pearl (slave) who is afraid of her. the second showed her as poor hurt and emotionally repressed, as suffering through her role as a dictator leader, on the verge of crying. with a pearl (slave) who happily served her. and blue diamond, the homophobic dictator, as a sobbing heartbroken mess whos WOAH suddenly gay.

sugar’s work on adventure time, tho extremely popular, also had a lot of glaring mistakes. she was responsible for the twist in fionna and cake- it was a fanfic written by the ice king. ok, funny..but the joke is that the ice king is writing 13 year old fionna/genderbent finn romancing him. or in “i remember you”, jokes likw marceline getting hit on by her father figure the ice king, or the looooads of ableism in that episode that tbh, as someone w/ mental illness in my family, made it hard to watch. 

and tho she gets credit for starting bubbline in the show, all the bubbline eps by other boarders wrote them as…getting along, being nice to each other. she wrote them as having a lot of hate and repressed feelings. which creates a pretty bad pattern when u look at the gay relationships she writes in su- the unhealthy mess thats pearls love for rose, aforementioned portrayal of blue diamond… yeaaaa

tl;dr: rebecca sugar has some qualities as a writer, but still creates a lot of awful implications in near everything we’ve seen her do for su and at. she is responsible for most of the shows mistakes