I think if we were stuck in the ice age, penicillin wasn’t invented and people lived until they were 30, I could put up with marrying a man and creating children,” she says. “People say ‘life is too short’ but really, life is too long.
—  Heiress, Gigi Chao’s response to her father offering money to any man who would marry her and get her to end her lesbian relationship.

I had a dream last night. About the Wanted special. I don’t expect any of my dream to be true but it was still cool.

So I saw Steven fighting with his shield and sword against Yellow diamond. They were going at it. Then it jumped and Steven was talking to YD and he convinced her to forgive him. She somehow shrunk down to like the size of Garnet and with loving arms kneeled and went to hug Steven and shocked him by accident because she was so overwhelmed by emotions. But of course Steven was okay and just happy everything was resolved. And they let Steven and Lars go home.

I didn’t see blue diamond in the dream strangely enough though🤔. Regardless that let’s me know how READY I am for Memorial Day.