To celebrate the 1st anniversary of 2HeadS, YCP challenges you to create and Submit a photograph in which you portray 2HeadS (2 Human Heads interacting in any way), for the October’s Challenge.

Photographs here:
#1 - Robert Mapplethorpe;
#2 - Gonzalo Bénard;
#3 - Joel-Peter Witkin;
#4 - Claude Cahun;
#5 - Evgeny Mokhorev;
#6 - Francesca Woodman.

Be Creative and Good Luck!
Gonzalo Bénard

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Call for submission | YCP Tumblr Photo Rainbow!

From 15th to 28th February, YCP invites you to co-create a Tumblr Photo Rainbow for Humanity, with your best photos in which contains one of the rainbow colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo or Violet.

YCP will select the best 60 photos to build 4 pages of the Photo Rainbow. No photos of rainbows, no cut-outs, no monochrome filter. The photo can contain other colors, as long as the main color (75%) is one of the rainbow colors.

Let’s be creative and join your colors to the Humanity: submit your photos here!

More information on Rainbow for Humanity here
Collab between YCP | PixelUnion | Artchipel | Lensblr | MutantSpace | 2HeadS
Curated by Gonzalo Bénard