Demi Lovato sharing the results of her own DNA test and being like, *woah cool I’m 1% African. I totally didn’t know that* is not problematic and if you think it is please chill. She’s not claiming to be black or trying to make some grand generalization. She’s just curious about her background since she knew she has blood from a lot of places but has been trying to learn about it in recent years. And by the way her birth father, who was mentally ill, compulsively lied to her about it so it’s taken until now, in the years after his death, to figure it out. Stop erasing her Native American/Latina background and let her live?!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncbzSkOa_hU)

hey y'all I need your help

I really never wanted to post about this but here we go

I’ve been getting harassed/ cyber bullied by a group of girls via the internet and in the last few weeks they have moved on to calling my phone. all of their numbers are blocked, so they are calling me from other phones and dialing *62 so It shows up as no caller ID. If you guys know of any apps/ programs that would allow me to block/report them that would be super helpful.