Dex trusts Lardo so much. He looks up to her,,,so much. Dex will never trust another team manager like he trusts lardo. Where are the platonic Dex/lardo friendship fics where they both talk about how much they appreciate their clueless andover boyfriends while they carefully schedule practices and team meetings and bond over organization.

honestly the november tweets are so??? Good??? like there’s so much there?? can you imagine getting these in real time oh man. some highlights:

  • dex helping bitty bake!!
  • the frogs LOVE LARDO lmao i’m not over it just like imagine how much they admire and idolize her??? she’s so cool and they’re so lucky to have had her and they know it
  • literally just how flippin happy Bitty sounds in his tweets after they tell the team 
  • Jack being so good at the PR stuff
    • “holster knew”
  • whiskey’s honorary mention
  • Tango!! freaking out about Jack and going to Bitty!! lmao i’m dying he’s just like,, i don’t understand why??? but i will literally tell this NHL star to leave because Bits said to
  • DEX TEASIN NURSEY ABOUT FAINTING. what the heck dex, help a bro out 
  • ransom literally my boy my dude 
    • i was going somewhere specific with this but any mention of him was the best mention