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YASSS !! I swear all the wives on SIB are gorgeous. Whenever Moon Jeongwoon appears I can’t get over how pretty she is, if I didn’t know any better I’d think she was an actress or ulzzang.

I AGREE! Moon Jeongwoon is so pretty to the point where I can’t believe that she’s on her late 30’s and a mother of twins ;_____; well, which explain why lancome choose her as their spokesperson ;;

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I can't believe you're losing followers just cause your reblogging Team B. WINNER is definitely debuting, they've just got to work that bit harder in making songs & once that's done they'll be promoting like there is no tomorrow, compare that to Team B where there technically could still be changes in the group in the future - nothing is concrete. Both teams are performing at the concert instead of everyone stressing they should be enjoying it cause for sure all 11 boys will be.

It no big deal~ people follow who they want + I don’t really blame them since a lot of people are probably used to me just reblogging Winner (due to lack of Team B but still). I’m sure I’m getting unfollows for saying the things I’m saying too (since I don’t usually rant) and that’s okay too but if I’ve hurt/offended anyone, i’d like to apologize! I promise those aren’t my intentions and I may have worded many things wrong.
But yeah, I want to enjoy seeing the boys together again too ^^

Ps. guise its like 12:45am here and I have a chem midterm tomorrow so I will go study/sleep now ok, goodnight!!!

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i’m about to have a breakdown. Park Ye Eun is killing me here, i’m not ready for this yet lol.

I wasn’t prepared for this!!! But I can’t wait any longer! I need it naaooooo >< Park Yeeun will be the death of me.

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*pats your head* I know… I know…

She’s just so perfect. TT^TT

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me too! I can’t believe they both are starting to walk on their own and can even communicate little by little with their Appa :“3

and yes, I do think Seoeon is being less dependent to his dad now (in a good way of course), his smiling face is the cutest indeed ❤️

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O_O .... Who is this fine gentleman Burak Ozcivit ?! ... can't stop staring lol

oh you mean this guy? 

ok i did that on purpose (betcha ovaries never saw that one coming).

Well as far as I know he’s a Turkish actor. He was in the Turkish version of Gossip Girl and is currently doing a period drama. And he’s hot. That’s pretty much all I know from my dear friend Addie, who has been a fan for many years now, so feel free to hit her ask to find out more (because I sure will be).