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OPPA !!! I can't handle the feels his giving me after watching ep 12 lol.


OKAY between me and my two other friends, I’m the only one Team Trash Oppa so they were hella harping on me ‘cause there was like NO TRASH SHIT THESE LAST COUPLE OF EPISODES. and now they hate me because this episode was ALLLLLLL TRASH OPPA WOOOOOO.

He was so handsome in this episode like SRSLY. I WAS SWOONING THE ENTIRE TIME. /swoooooons ANNNDD the last scene killed me. I’m just gonna be happy happy happy now 'cause I know something bad’s gonna happen, I JUST FEEL IT. THE WRITERS WOULD NOT ALLOW US TO BE THIS HAPPY SO EARLY ON. SOBSSSS. 

I just want Trash to be the hubby, -sigh-. This drama makes me emotionally unstable.

But I love it FUQQQ. 

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YASSS !! I swear all the wives on SIB are gorgeous. Whenever Moon Jeongwoon appears I can’t get over how pretty she is, if I didn’t know any better I’d think she was an actress or ulzzang.

I AGREE! Moon Jeongwoon is so pretty to the point where I can’t believe that she’s on her late 30’s and a mother of twins ;_____; well, which explain why lancome choose her as their spokesperson ;;

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I can't believe you're losing followers just cause your reblogging Team B. WINNER is definitely debuting, they've just got to work that bit harder in making songs & once that's done they'll be promoting like there is no tomorrow, compare that to Team B where there technically could still be changes in the group in the future - nothing is concrete. Both teams are performing at the concert instead of everyone stressing they should be enjoying it cause for sure all 11 boys will be.

It no big deal~ people follow who they want + I don’t really blame them since a lot of people are probably used to me just reblogging Winner (due to lack of Team B but still). I’m sure I’m getting unfollows for saying the things I’m saying too (since I don’t usually rant) and that’s okay too but if I’ve hurt/offended anyone, i’d like to apologize! I promise those aren’t my intentions and I may have worded many things wrong.
But yeah, I want to enjoy seeing the boys together again too ^^

Ps. guise its like 12:45am here and I have a chem midterm tomorrow so I will go study/sleep now ok, goodnight!!!

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Would love to know what your ideal drama would be like and who you would cast in it :D

Oooooo!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! Your so thought provoking! My perfect drama would contain no abuse of any kind. The main couple will be friends first and slowly over time get to know each other and appriciate each other. The male lead would probably be Gong Yoo or someone of his caliber and the female lead would be Ariel Lin. 


me too! I can’t believe they both are starting to walk on their own and can even communicate little by little with their Appa :“3

and yes, I do think Seoeon is being less dependent to his dad now (in a good way of course), his smiling face is the cutest indeed ❤️

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When the plot twist happened I was like “OH-M-GEE !!!”. Walked out of the cinema more in love with Aamir Khan, I totally understood why he chose to be in this film. It was his all the way.

YES!! I was the same. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see that twist coming because

A) Knowing Aamir Khan and the movies/roles he likes to take on
B) It’s the freaking circus! Of course they would use that method.

I was seriously in love with his acting and this movie had his name written all over it. No wonder he was being so mysteriously cocky when people were asking him questions as to why he took on this movie.


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i’m about to have a breakdown. Park Ye Eun is killing me here, i’m not ready for this yet lol.

I wasn’t prepared for this!!! But I can’t wait any longer! I need it naaooooo >< Park Yeeun will be the death of me.

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*pats your head* I know… I know…

She’s just so perfect. TT^TT

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OMG !! Me too with the fog and Oppa crossing, I was like this better not turn into some tragic melo-drama car crash scene lol. The kiss was perfect and their smiles just got me ... After the kiss I was like "shit just got real" here comes the heartbreak, where we'll all be bawling our eyes out. (I totally feel you on being the only person on "Team Oppa", my friends are either Chilbongie or Haitai lol)

DUDEEEE, my friends are MAJORLY Team Chilbong and they wanna kick my ass right now cause so much Trash Oppa is happening hahaha!! I’m lowkey Team Haitai a bit just ‘cause if it’s not Trash, I’d rather it be Haitai (my Team Chilbong friends would rathe it be Haitai than Trash LOL!). But…I JUST REALLY WANT IT TO BE TRASH. THAT’D MAKE ME SO HAPPY. :)

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O_O .... Who is this fine gentleman Burak Ozcivit ?! ... can't stop staring lol

oh you mean this guy? 

ok i did that on purpose (betcha ovaries never saw that one coming).

Well as far as I know he’s a Turkish actor. He was in the Turkish version of Gossip Girl and is currently doing a period drama. And he’s hot. That’s pretty much all I know from my dear friend Addie, who has been a fan for many years now, so feel free to hit her ask to find out more (because I sure will be). 

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WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Okay leggo Big Bang first.

  • Kiss: like none but maybe like TOP ON THE CHEEK IDK.
  • Hug: Daesung that foo is so squishy.
  • Marry: TOP. TOP.TOP. TOP.
  • Live with: I feel like Taeyang is the most sane and low maintenance.
  • Be the little sister/brother to: GD. :3
  • Bring on a picnic: Daesung. Life of da party.
  • Take a romantic walk with: uhhhhhh TOP??
  • Keep as a friend: Seungri.
  • Hit a lot: Daesung LOL.
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to: MASSAGES ARE UNCOMFORTABLE.
  • Do anything for: TOP LOOK AT HIM I MEAN LOOK AT DAT FOO.

OKAY B1A4. I freaking love B1A4 omgawifjawe.

  • Kiss: Jinyoung. He is so pretty.
  • Hug: CNU. He’s tall. I think he’d be a good hugger.
  • Marry: Sandeul. MY FAVORITE.
  • Live with: Sandeul.
  • Be the little sister/brother to: Jinyoung or CNU.
  • Bring on a picnic: Sandeul.
  • Take a romantic walk with: Jinyoung.
  • Keep as a friend: Baro.
  • Hit a lot: Gongchan maknae abuse
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to: jINYOUNG HE IS SO PRETTY
  • Do anything for: Sandeul. AKA SANDAL. AKA BIAS. WEEEEEEEEE.

That was fun. :D

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I’m curious. Am I the only person who didn’t like the J-drama & K-movie ?!. I just couldn’t buy into the whole premise.

I was/am the same way I feel like they made it TOO vanilla. Like I’m not expecting 50 shades or anything but they presented me with the idea of a women treating a man like her dog then made it too sweet and innocent. I was like DON’T fuck with me man poorly played! Let me just say that this is just my interpretation of the dramas and films and my perception could be wrong but this is what I think of when I see this drama/movie.

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Jung Woo, Kim Woo Bin , G-dragon ?!

omg no no no no no no no no no no no no


okay okay here goes

husband: kim woo bin because uhm look at him wowie wowie wowie

brother: jung woo because lol i think he’d be the most adorable oppa ever the only issue is i’d be like totes in love with him cause it’s JUNG WOO WHICH IS GROSS BECAUSE HE’S MY BROTHER???? unless it’s like some awesome reply 1994 twist (OMG SPOILER) and he’s not my real bro :3

best friend: gd he’d be the best bff ever giving me awesome life advice and making up great raps about me being awesome and swag swag he’d get me into the awesome clubs where i can swag swag yafeel? HUHU

the end wow if this was real life i’d die happy :3