Q: Some people say the only reason you got famous was because you were very lucky. How would you respond to that?
Yixing: Then you try getting famous relying on luck for me to see. Haha.
—  Yixing || Bazaar Men interview

[eng subbed] 160926 Star Show 360 - EXO (yt)

How I see EXO

Kyungsoo - tiny moles. when he laughs real big and he tilts his head back and his eyes disappear. That embarrassed half breath half laugh and his eyes close. Pretty tan. Acne on his cheeks. Bushy eyebrows. His jaw omg. Dad jeans. Chanyeol can’t touch him but everyone else can. Is very accurate. Weirdo sense of humor. Rolled up pants. Gotta show the socks. Easily embarrassed. Feels bad for hurting Chanyeol. Not enough to stop. Would never hurt Minseok. Keeping notes. Gathers evidence. Is waiting.

Sehun - trying to out-sass them all. Too much love for Kyungsoo. In love with all of the hyungs. Biting and being bitten by Baekhyun. Tall noodle. Secretly fat according to Junmyeon. Knows he’s beautiful. Body rolls and roaming hands. Is the baby, milks it. Wants to be good a father. Gets a dog instead. Is taken advantage of. Too dependable. Judges.

Junmyeon - really shiny teeth. Really shiny cheeks. when he smiles with both rows of teeth showing. Sass under his breath. Sass out loud. Dad jokes. Mom jokes. Chicken breasts and rice. Never cleans. Is the only one paying any attention. Stress. EXOs funniest member and Is actually hilarious. Enjoys embarrassing Jongin. Worries.

Baekhyun - when he laughs too hard and his mouth opens wide, his nose scrunches up and his eyes open really weird and wide. Pretty teeth. When someone hits him or he gets surprised and he screams too loud. Over reacting about everything. The way his face drops when someone he loves is upset. Protecting the members by being the distraction. Fucking rockstar high notes and falsetto. Frozen Nutella. Always singing. Too much empathy. Gathers material for impressions. Takes care of Yixing. Doesn’t judge.

Chanyeol - deep voice. The huskiness just under the layer of smooth sound when he sings. Falling on the floor all the time. Living on the floor. Accidentally swearing in English. Always being hurt. Probably likes it. Too tall. Wants Kyungsoo to pay attention to him. Tries to touch him but is too scared. Tries again, gets hit. Pretends it hurts worse than it does. Cries often. Doesn’t remember. Is too romantic.

Jongdae - screaming. Just screaming all the time. Eating chips in the background of everything. Small and powerful. Complaining. aaaAWaaaeEEEeee. Complaining some more. Is married to Minseok, but pretends to not know about it. Is game for most things. Pretty smile. Too many teeth. Is the best part of the song. Loves and supports.

Minseok - Tsundere. Bread and coffee. Never sleepy. Too pretty with makeup. Big eyes. Crooked smile with visible gums. Doesn’t like all the hugs. Unless from Kyungsoo. Is married to Jongdae. Teases Jongdae about their marriage. Takes care of Jongdae in secret. Resistant to couple things with Jongdae. Gives in when he says he won’t. Forever dancing or jumping in the background. Too fast and too small. Is sexy and he knows it. Threatens Baekhyun. Emotions well hidden.

Yixing - slow motion. Probably thinking lots of things in Chinese instead of listening to the Korean. Singing a song in his head right now. Singing a song out loud right now. Likes sexy dancing. Likes being stopped. Dimples. When his forehead shows. Thinks shirts are dumb. Has a question, will ask Baekhyun.

Jongin - 5 million watt smile. Dogs. Forever sleepy. Really really tight jeans. How in the world does he get them on? Laughs too loud without any warning. Weirdo sense of humor. Forever embarrassed by Junmyeon. Wishes Junmyeon would just stop. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Is too lovely for this world.


160928 | Bazaar Men Weibo: “#芭莎男士10月张艺兴# 知道你们等很久,大片来了。他用强大的舞台魅力征服歌迷,用呆萌耿直的个性让无数观众路转粉,又用颠覆形象的“二爷”一角让大众看到了他的更多可能。连芭先生都惊讶于他在这么短的时间内,完成了如此惊人的成长和蜕变。二爷来了,现在的他,是即将推出新专辑的创作歌手,也是初来乍到的灵性演员,是那个一直努力努力再努力的张艺兴。@努力努力再努力x   #张艺兴# 监制/@芭莎男士杨威  统筹、策划/石大昭 摄影@于聪YuCong 车辆提供/ @梅赛德斯-奔驰”

Translation [fy-zyixing]: “#BazaarMenOctoberZhangYixing# You guys have been waiting for a long time for this, and now the final film is here. He conquered fans with his powerful stage charisma, drew in countless audience members to become his fans with his adorkable and straightforward personality, and then, using the contrasting role of “Mr. Er”, showed to the public that he has many more possibilities. Even Mr. Ba is surprised that he was able to complete such a shocking growth and transformation in such a short time. Mr. Er is here; the current him is a composing singer that will soon release a new album, and is a spirited newcomer to the acting field, as well as the Zhang Yixing that always works hard, works hard, and works harder. @努力努力再努力x #ZhangYixing# Supervisor: @BazaarMenYangwei; planner/organizer: Shi Dazhao; photographer: @YucongYuCong; vehicle provider: @Mercedes-Benz”

160928 | Zhang Yixing Studio Weibo: “ #芭莎男士10月张艺兴# #张艺兴# 蜕变源自内心,夜色沉静,眼眸深邃,此情此景,似只待一首好歌来听”

Translation [fy-zyixing]: “#BazaarMenOctoberZhangYixing# #ZhangYixing# Growth and transformation originates from the soul; the night is quiet, your eyes are deep, this scene seems to be missing just one good song”