And once it comes, now that I am wise in its ways, I no longer fight it. I lie down and let it happen. At first every small apprehension is magnified, every anxiety a pounding terror. Then the pain comes, and I concentrate only on that. Right there is the usefulness of migraine, there in that imposed yoga, the concentration on the pain. For when the pain recedes, ten or twelve hours later, everything goes with it, all the hidden resentments, all the vain anxieties. The migraine has acted as a circuit breaker, and the fuses have emerged intact. There is a pleasant convalescent euphoria. I open the windows and feel the air, eat gratefully, sleep well. I notice the particular nature of a flower in a glass on the stair landing. I count my blessings.

Image: Tracey Emin.  My Bed, 1998. mattress, linens, pillows, objects, 79 x 211 x 234 cm

Text Excerpt: . Didion, Joan. “In Bed.” We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live: Collected Nonfiction. New York: Everyman’s, 2006.

Charles Saatchi - Question

There are not too many books out there that can be read and shelved well inside the hour mark. Charles Saatchi’s absurdly-titled 2009 book, My Name Is Charles Saatchi And I Am An Artoholic: Everything You Need To Know About Art, Ads, Life, God And Other Mysteries-And Weren’t Afraid to Ask… is one of them. And now from the same author comes another sub-hour read: Question, the latest paperback bound transcription of a Saatchi Q&A session.

Once again, the ad man turned gallerist submits himself-at his leisure, of course-to a series of questions posed by journalists, art critics and Joe Public. Here, in what the publisher calls “his brutally frank responses,” Saatchi talks art, divorce, the human condition, religion, the royals, money, the press and sex, among other things.

On the improbable success Saatchi & Saatchi, the ad agency he co-founded with his brother, Maurice: “It’s hard to imagine how any client could entrust their advertising account to two pushy youths with silly names, carrying on with a burning righteousness that would have fooled nobody.”

Of the inane, blaringly loud commercials that punctuate modern television programs: “The stupidity of advertisers and broadcasters who take the public a) for granted and b) for mugs is bewildering.” After all, pumping the volume up to “awesome levels” is not only “very irritating” but also “self-destructive because … many people now have the technology to skip past the commercial breaks, and so of course they do.”

As for art, and artists specifically, Saatchi says, “I admire all artists. It’s the cruellest job you could ever take on, particularly if you are gifted, but forever unrecognized.” But for those considering forging a career as an artist, think again. As he says, “The odds are stacked very heavily against making a living out of it.”

Charles Saatchi
174pp. Phaidon

Book and cover image courtesy of Phaidon.


Mixed Media

From wikipedia:

‘Richard Billingham (born 25 September 1970) is an English photographer and artist who is best known for his photobook Ray’s A Laugh which documents the life of his alcoholic father Ray, and obese, heavily tattooed mother, Liz.’


From what I’ve read so far, his work has gained prominence for his exhibition within the infamous 'Sensation’ exhibition that skyrocketed a lot of the YBA’s to fame. 

His photobook 'Ray’s A Laugh’ was shot on the cheapest film he could find, which I love. It gives them a more authentic feel, it strengthens the belief in making amazing work with cheap materials, if its all you can do.

The portraits of his mother and father are incredibly personal, an exposure of his poverty-stricken life growing up and how his parents live.

This is what I love about these photographs, their intimacy. 

At last, the real shark is exposed: As prices for Damien Hirst’s works plummet, pity the credulous saps who spent fortunes on his tosh
RUTH DUDLEY EDWARDS: In decades to come, people will look back and wonder why, in fashionable circles at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, rubbish such as Hirst's was displayed as art.

One of the tragedies of all this is that young people even now are being encouraged by the art establishment to believe that self-promotion and controversy matter more than talent and hard work, and real artists are being ignored or sidelined because they don’t fit the conceptual template. But the tide is turning at last.

Degrees - Rex Ybañez

Celsius or Fahrenheit,
separation or proximity, even
empowered or powerless—
do we read this book together or
are we existing on other planets? Maybe
both: why not? In a world where
“Colorless green grass sleep furiously”
remains grammatical & illogical
I will scoot aside for room to share
this—let’s be on the same page:
where a tragic hero falls & rises within
the same sentence, whether
you are a footnote or I am a verb
intensely infinitive, between the front
& back cover where we space
words to bring them together—“Dover Beach” on
one side as “A Man Once Said to
the Universe” on the other—as we hover
over the text, not concerned how
hot or cold distance is or if there is the
absence of lightness, for we
wonder how the rest writes out, life
in the drafting process, determining
if the journey’s worth it. Let’s
stop thinking & be silent:
let’s be silent &

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SOUND: http://www.ruspeach.com/en/news/8036/

Некоторые россияне предпочитают проводить летний отпуск на даче. Они готовят шашлыки, ловят рыбу и наслаждаются дикой природой.

Some Russians prefer to spend their summer holidays “на даче”. They do BBQ, fish and enjoy the wildlife.

отдыхать [atdykhàt’] - to rest
отдых [òtdykh] - rest
природа - nature
лето [lèta] - summer
летом - in the summer
рыба [r`yba] - fish
дом [dom] - house


“Aslında sana anlatacak çok şeyim vardı ama sesimi hangi kutuya koyduğumu unuttum. ”
Onur Köybaşi

New Post has been published on http://www.sporyorum.com.tr/t/40292/q7li-besiktas-farkli-kazandi.html

Q7'li Beşiktaş Farklı Kazandı

Yeni sezon hazırlıklarını Avusturya’da sürdüren Beşiktaş, 4. hazırlık maçında Slovenya takımlarından Zavrc’ı 5-0 mağlup etti.

Avusturya’da yeni sezona hazırlanan Beşiktaş, bu akşam hazırlık maçında Slovenya 1. Lig takımlarından Zavrc ile karşı karşıya geldi. Ilz Stadı’ndaki mücadeleye siyah-beyazlılar; Tolga Zengin, Andreas Beck, Luiz Rhodolfo, Ersan Adem Gülüm, Dusko Tosic, Atiba Hutchinson, Oğuzhan Özyakup, Jose Sosa, Olcay Şahan, Kerim Frei, Cenk Tosun 11’yle çıktı. Yeni transfer Rhodolfo maça 11’de başlarken, Quaresma ise 73. dakikada oyuna girdi.

Maça etkili başlayan Beşiktaş, 30. dakikada Cenk Tosun ile 1-0 öne geçerken, 45. dakikada Ersan’ın attığı golle siyah-beyazlılar soyunma odasına 2-0 önde girdi. İkinci yarıda da Beşiktaş etkili futbolunu sürdürdü. 70. dakikada Oğuzhan Özyakup, farkı 3’e çıkardı. 88. dakikada İsmail Köybaşı takımının 4. golünü kaydederken, 90. dakikada Mustafa Pektemek skoru belirledi: 5-0.

Beşiktaş daha önce oynadığı hazırlık maçlarında Sturm Graz’a 2-0 mağlup olmuş, Lille ile 0-0 ve Nice ile de 2-2 berabere kalmıştı.

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anonymous asked:

for the would you date me thing; hi i'm tracey and i'm an English artist. I'm part of the YBAs and i love tents, beds, neon signs and drawing.

Anyway, sorry for not inclding a nuanced criticism of the YBA movement within my short personal post that was borne of frustration of someone asking why Fernando Botero paints cats weird.


July 24th, 2015 | Sarah Lucas Venice 2015 

“Her work is as relevant now, as it was when it first appeared”. TateShots talk to Ann Gallagher, Director of Collections at Tate Britain, about YBA Sarah Lucas, who is representing Britain in the 2015 Venice Biennale.