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roxx1407  asked:

Hi!, I' working on a project about a school with spaces open to comunity (library and chapel) but still preserving the privacy and security that schools ground requires. Btw, Your blog is awesome!!!

Thanks! Check out the projects below, all of them take a more extroverted approach to an educational facility with the vision that school and community together empower students and make the community better.

UCSD Price Center East Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

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anonymous asked:

Dear Archy: first, WELCOME BACK!!! So, Im designing an education center in an urban site with topography what should I consider and give me some examples please

My only recommendation would be to engage the site and use the changes in level to create interior/exterior informal gathering spaces. Even if the program does not call for those kind of spaces it would be a missed opportunity in any educational center not to provide them, specially in a sloped site where the resulting terraces and stairs are obvious meeting spaces!

Check out these examples:

Ewha Womans University Dominique Perrault Architecture © André Morin

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anonymous asked:

Dear archy, I am currently choosing the project I will present for my bachelor degree. Right now I love the idea of a healthcare center, which ones would be good references?

The term health care facilities includes a wide range of types, from small and relatively simple medical clinics to large, complex, and costly, teaching and research hospitals. Large hospitals centers may include all the various subsidiary health care types that are often independent facilities. A bachelor project with its time limitations should zero in a smaller scale health center or you run the risk of biting more than you can chew.

I would recommend doing some research and make a short list of potential projects. That way you can probably do a more thought out and better researched project that is an appropriate scale like the Kraemer Radiation Oncology Center by Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign.